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The CEDIA Podcast 1924: Guide to Denver, On and Off the Expo Floor

Two parts again in this one: David Thomas (Momentum Group) and Carol Campbell (Technology Insider Group, among others) tell us all about stuff to do, see, eat, and drink in and around Denver, and Brian Pagel of Emerald Expositions tells us what's new and different on the CEDIA Expo floor in 2019. Early Bird Special pricing for CEDIA Expo 2019 has been extended through June 21. REGISTER HERE: https://www.cediaexpo.com/ For more on Thomas and...


The CEDIA Podcast 1923: Report from Display Week

Michael Heiss just attended the Display Week show in California, and he’s got the skinny on display technology that’ll be impacting us in the near future. He also took a look at a show called “Digital Hollywood,” and he has info on those presentations, too. http://www.displayweek.org/ https://www.digitalhollywood.com/ https://michaelheiss.com/ For more on CEDIA, go to cedia.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1922: Leadership Conference Preview

Three presenters from CEDIA’s upcoming Leadership Conference have info you can use right now: Mark Boud (Metrostudy) on the direction of the housing market and timelines for potential downturns, David Rendall (co-author of the book “Pink Goldfish”) on how your perceived businesses weaknesses can be leveraged as strengths, and Peter Romaniello (Conceptual Lighting, LLC) on integrators getting in on the lighting conversation early in the...


The CEDIA Podcast 1921: All About Cabling

As the home network grows more complex — and we get closer to the adoption of technologies such as 8K video — cabling will become more critical. Is it time to become expert with fiber so your projects are “future-ready”? We dig into this and many other issues (including shielding, cable certification, and more) with Eric Bodley of the very aptly named Future Ready Solutions. https://futurereadysolutions.com/ Find info on the White Paper on cabling here: ...


The CEDIA Podcast 1920: Business Model Transformation for RMR

As EVP of Consumer Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at 20th Century Fox, John Penney has seen a great many companies move from purely transactional businesses to hybrid businesses: making money from both transactions AND recurring monthly revenue. He’s got advice on strategies for implementing that change. For more on CEDIA, check out CEDIA.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1919b: Munich High-End Part Two

The second report from the Munich High-End audio show, features our takes on the show's top gear. Walt Zerbe is joined by: Christiaan Beukes, http://spherecustom.com/ James Chen, https://www.kordz.com/ and Peter Aylett, https://www.archimedia-me.com/ https://www.highendsociety.de/index.php/en/home.html For more on CEDIA, check out CEDIA.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1919a: Munich High-End Part One

Gear, gear, gear! In this first report from the Munich High-End audio show, Walt Zerbe is joined by: Christiaan Beukes, http://spherecustom.com/ James Chen, https://www.kordz.com/ and Peter Aylett, https://www.archimedia-me.com/ https://www.highendsociety.de/index.php/en/home.html For more on CEDIA, check out CEDIA.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1918: Two-Parter — Recapping a Steve Wozniak Talk; Remodeling Stats

CEDIA's Ian Bryant, Anastasia Tate, and Ed Wenck all went to see Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak speak at Purdue University — here's their recap. Plus, Walt Zerbe just attended a conference on remodeling trends at Harvard, and he's got info. Want to learn more about CEDIA? CEDIA.net is the place.


The CEDIA Podcast 1917: Award Winning Profiles

Here's a chat with Stephen Nevison (Intuitive Homes) and Oliver Hall (Ultamation) on their Global Award-winning project for Best Integrated Home (EMEA), plus a talk with Michael Sherman (Henri) and Thanh Lepinaux (Lutron) on the work that went into Henri's award-winning showroom. www.intuitivehomes.co.uk www.ultamation.com/ www.henri.fr http://www.lutron.com/europe For more on CEDIA, check out cedia.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1917a: Business Advice from the Tech Summit

This episode highlights some key takeaways from two business classes at the CEDIA Tech Summit in Irvine, CA. Susan Sipe (Salez Toolz) covers "Job-Costing for Contractors Who Don’t Like Accounting" and long-time CEDIA instructor Frank White covered “5 Ways to Get What You’re Worth.” (Both will be offered at CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver; register at www.cediaexpo.com.) www.saleztoolz.com For more on CEDIA: cedia.net


The CEDIA Podcast 1916: Report from NAB

Michael Heiss (M Heiss Consulting) attended the annual NAB (formerly called the "National Association of Broadcasters") Show in Vegas earlier this month. Besides the usual suspects — as in 5G and 8K — there was a lot of chatter about IP. https://michaelheiss.com/ Fore more on CEDIA, check out cedia.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1915: Understanding High-Net-Worth Clients

David Hunt is with a wealth management firm called Bernstein, and he speaks with high-net-worth individuals every day — which means he has vast insights at to what makes them tick. Learn about the three different types of rich folks, what they're worried about, and the fact-finding technique called "deep discovery." https://www.bernstein.com/ For more on CEDIA, head to cedia.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1914: "Human-Centric" Really Means Custom

You've heard the term "human-centric" in regard to lighting, right? What if we took that notion and applied it to literally everything we do? Rich Green of Rich Green Ink and Peter Aylett of Archimedia talk about designing custom systems for clients with a technique that requires you to think more like an anthropologist and less like an engineer. www.archimedia-me.com For more on CEDIA, check out cedia.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1913: Wellness Tech at SXSW

Mike Maniscalco (Better Living Technologies) surveyed the tech offerings — mainly in the health and wellness space — at South By Southwest 2019, and reports on what he saw and its potential impact on integrators. betterlivingtech.net For more on CEDIA, check out CEDIA.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1912: The Tech in the New HQ

There's an "experience center" demonstrating residential multiple systems (and interfaces) from kitchen to living room to bed and bath, a state-of-the-art training facility, and much more in CEDIA's new Indiana headquarters. Guest Ian Bryant, who oversaw a lot of the integration, takes us on a tour of the building. Want to know more about CEDIA? Check out cedia.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1911: The Coming Impact of 5G and Edge Computing

John Penney, EVP of Consumer Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for 20th Century Fox, attended the Mobile World Congress in Spain in late February, and brought back a ton of info on what's happening in the connected worlds of 5G and edge computing. Want more info on CEDIA? Check out cedia.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1911a: Tech Summit Keynote Panelists

Today's keynote from a VERY hectic CEDIA Tech Summit covered everything from service contracts to concerns about 5G to the benefits of 8K displays. Guests include Eric Bodley from Future Ready Solutions, CEDIA’s Giles Sutton, and Legrand’s Chris Kovacek. (Also on the panel, but not on the 'cast: Access Networks’ Bryce Nordstrand, and IC Realtime’s Dean Morgan.)


The CEDIA Podcast 1910: A Pair of Project Profiles

We had a chance to talk to several CEDIA award-winning firms and manufacturers on the Main Stage at ISE 2019, and here's a pair of deep dives into projects by SONA (with help from Artcoustic) and The Next Level (with an assist from Crestron). We'll have more of these profiles on future episodes. You can find SONA's project on page 76 of the 2018 CEDIA Awards Yearbook, and The Next Level's winner is on page...


The CEDIA Podcast 1909: Education and Legislation

We've got a two-parter this episode: CEDIA's Darren Reaman (Director of Government Affairs) tells us about the legislation that can impact member firms (and what he's doing about it), and our Samantha Ventura (Senior Director of Education) and Derick Abshire (Director of Curriculum) fill us in on the new classes coming to CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver. Need more info? Check out cedia.net.


The CEDIA Podcast 1908: The Web 3.0

Call it the Spatial Web, Web 3.0, or Mirrorworld (as it was dubbed by Wired magazine) it will be "the single most important development in the history of technology, and will change human evolution" -- not to mention your CEDIA business, says Rich Green of Rich Green Design. And it's just three years away. Here's the article Green references in the podcast: https://www.wired.com/story/mirrorworld-ar-next-big-tech-platform/ And here's a link to Peter...