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Perspectives from construction business owners, heavy construction equipment experts and construction technology providers.

Perspectives from construction business owners, heavy construction equipment experts and construction technology providers.


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Perspectives from construction business owners, heavy construction equipment experts and construction technology providers.






Ep. 119: Building a Growth Mindset with Brian Hess of The Pavement Group/Top Contractor School

Brian Hess, founder and president of The Pavement Group and Top Contractor School is shaking things up when it comes to sales, marketing and client relations in the asphalt and concrete paving industry. At The Pavement Group, Brian’s team takes a data-driven approach to solving customer problems and maintaining the highest level of service. He’s taken what he’s learned and helps other contractors build more successful businesses through Top Contractor School – a training, coaching and...


Ep. 118: The Cornerstones of Culture with Mikel Bowman of Bowman Legacies

Mikel Bowman has been a life coach, pastor, mentor, and culture guru. He has devoted his life to helping others realize their true potential. In this episode Mikel and host Missy Scherber dig into leading with joy and humility, as well as building a culture based on honesty, ethics and respect. Mikel's straightforward approach to everyday problems will help organizations of all sizes usher a great work environment for those in blue collar professions. They discuss:


Ep. 117: A Fresh Approach to Leading Construction Teams with Alicia Brentzel of Brex Enterprises

Based in Irwin, Pennsylvania, Brex Enterprises is a WBE certified pipeline maintenance and services company founded in 2012 by Alicia Brentzel and her husband AJ. Alicia joins host Missy Scherber to talk about business growing pains and how leaning into your core values and unique strengths can help accelerate growth and build stronger teams. They also discuss:


Ep. 116: Salvaging the Industry with Ryan Priestly of Priestly Demolition Inc.

While Priestly Demolition is in the business of tearing things down, the crew’s first job onsite is hunting for treasure. Salvage and sustainability has always been a cornerstone of the business for Vic Priestly, the company’s founder. Today, the King City, Ontario-based company has grown into one of the largest demolition contractors in Canada, under the leadership of Vic’s son Ryan Priestly. The company has a staff of about 300 people and a fleet that includes around 100...


Ep. 115: Doing the Work with Mary Katherine Harbin of Maymead Inc.

Mary Katherine Harbin caught the attention of the industry when she established the nation’s first all-female paving crew. The area manager and equal employment opportunity officer for Tennessee-based, Maymead Inc., has worked her way up the ranks and built a successful career in construction. As a nationally-recognized speaker on workforce development, Harbin joins host Missy Scherber to share expertise on mentoring employees, mitigating bias and discrimination and taking a progressive...


Ep. 114: Building Strong Relationships with Matt Stanley of American Pavement Specialists

Growing up, Matt Stanley and his three brothers were "raised on blacktop", working alongside their parents from the time they could hold a shovel at their Danbury, Connecticut-based paving business, American Pavement Specialists. Since then, the small company has grown into a big name in the paving world, starting their own clothing brand and sponsoring NASCAR driver Spencer Boyd. Matt runs everything from field operations to marketing, and he shares how building strong relationships with...


Ep. 113: Maximizing Your Technology Investment with Britton Lawson of Veit & Company

You may know him on Instagram as “Technology Sandbox” --- and Britton Lawson’s day-to-day job is just that ---- working with current and emerging construction technologies from grade control to telematics to bring efficiency to the jobsite. As director of construction technology at Veit & Company, Britton is the internal technology champion. He helps the organization get the best technology return on investment and evolve their processes for the future. Britton joins host Missy Scherber to...


Ep. 112: Successfully Running a Family-Owned Construction Company with Stacey Tompkins of Tompkins Excavating

Under Stacey Tompkins’ leadership, Tompkins Excavating out of Putnam County, New York has grown from a lawn mowing service provider to a woman-owned and family-operated, full-service commercial and residential excavation and landscape construction company. When she’s not dealing with dirt, she’s an active volunteer and mentor in her community and has been honored with numerous business and leadership awards. Stacey and host Missy Scherber discuss: - Investing in machine control...


Ep. 111: Creating a Turnkey Experience with Chris Lane of Ronald Lane Inc.

While Chris Lane’s company employs more than 430 West Virginians and Pennsylvanians, he says their goal isn’t to be the biggest, just the most complete pipeline contractor in the region. The 27-year-old of vice president, Ronald Lane Inc. say creating a turnkey experience for clients has been the secret to their success. The company has 13 locations, over 500 pieces of equipment and handles every aspect of pipelaying including clearing land, processing trees, directional drilling, painting,...


Ep. 110: Telling Your Story with Aaron Witt of BuildWitt

He goes by “Chief Dirt Nerd” and he’s taking the construction world by storm with his unique ability to tell stories about the hard-working men and women mining for our materials and building our communities. While Aaron Witt hasn’t taken a traditional path into the industry, it’s one he loves, and one he thinks others should love too. His goal as President of BuildWitt Media Group is to inspire others to think about construction and mining as a way of life through his photography, videos...


Ep. 109: Mastering Your Interpersonal Skills with Don Swasing of Schlouch Inc.

With more than three decades of heavy civil construction experience, Don Swasing knows a thing or two about building high performance teams. As Chief Operating Officer at Schlouch Incorporated, Don has developed safety and leadership training programs and built a culture of open communication. Don will be presenting three education sessions at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 on profitability, conflict resolution and fleet management. Don and Host Missy Scherber dig into the topic of “crucial...


Ep. 108 – Inspiring the Next Generation of Equipment Operators with Scott Colclough of PushySix®

Armed with a Blackberry and mad operating skills, Scott Colclough started PushySix® in 2012 as a YouTube channel affectionately named after his Caterpillar D6. Scott has grown PushySix® into a globally recognized brand with a mission of inspiring the next generation of heavy equipment operators. Scott joins host Missy Scherber to talk about his passion for equipment and technology, as well as his vision for workforce development. They also dig into:


Ep. 107 - Game Changing Construction Technology with Ryan Goodfellow of Rock Structures

Are your legacy operators hesitant to use machine control? Are you worried the barrier to entry is too high? Ryan Goodfellow, owner of Rock Structures Utility & Excavating, joins Host Missy Scherber to talk about what technology to take advantage of now to increase productivity for your business. They also cover:


Ep. 106 - Getting Aggressive with Your Business with Keaton Turner of Turner Mining Group

Are you losing bids or struggling to recruit new employees? Is new technology passing you by? It’s time to channel your energy into the right areas to supercharge your business. Keaton Turner, president of Turner Mining Group, joins Host Missy Scherber for the inaugural episode of “Contractor Conversations” on CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio. They discuss:


Ep. 105 - Wireless Connectivity Drives Construction Digitization with Marc Eisenberg of ORBCOMM

With the emergence of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics, wireless connectivity is the foundation that is needed to make all these connected strategies successful. Host Peggy Smedley and Marc Eisenberg, CEO, ORBCOMM, discuss how the industry is continuing to evolve, the different types of wireless connectivity available today and still emerging for the future, and trends that will continue to drive automation...


Ep. 104 – Improving Safety & Compliance with Telematics with Fred Fakkema of Zonar

Fred Fakkema, vice president, compliance, Zonar, joins CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio to dive into the topic of telematics—and how it can help improve safety and compliance on construction projects, answering if digital records do in fact help with audits. Fakkema and Host Peggy Smedley dig into the top areas that telematics can help a construction fleet become safer, as well as the barriers to adoption. They also identify what a construction company should look for when investing in a telematics...


Ep. 103: Moving to Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance with Christine Zeznick of Terex AWP

No matter the size of your aerial fleet, managing equipment is a priority. This podcast digs into how telematics can help monitor how equipment is performing, how often a piece is being used, where each unit is located, and if it is ready for maintenance. Host Peggy Smedley and Christine Zeznick, Genie Senior Product and Business Development Manager, Terex AWP, talk about telematics and the company’s new Genie Lift Connect. They also discuss how we are moving from a world where information...


Ep. 102 - Artificial Intelligence Opportunities for Construction with Ganesh Bell of Uptake

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are here and they are changing the way businesses operate. Host Peggy Smedley and Ganesh Bell, president, Uptake, talk about what exactly they will look like for construction—and the drivers and big opportunities that exist. They also provide key advice for executives who are considering emerging technology, while also addressing the results AI can provide and the main risks at play.


Ep. 101 - Solving Supply Chain Hurdles with Technology with Alexander Schuessler of SmartEquip

This episode identifies some of the biggest obstacles for contractors when it comes to supply-chain management—and how it has evolved in the past few years. Peggy Smedley and Alexander Schuessler, founder of SmartEquip and president of its International Group, talk about how technology can help increase efficiency from parts ordering to building materials delivery to equipment rentals —both today and in the future. They also offer tangible advice and strategies for contractors who are...


Ep. 100 – Choosing the Right Machine Control for Your Needs with Max Winemiller & Richie Snyder of CASE Construction Equipment

Learn practical strategies for how to choose the right machine control on equipment such as bulldozers. Host Peggy Smedley and guests Richie Snyder, solutions marketing manager, CASE Construction Equipment, and Max Winemiller, director of CASE’s Road & Site Prep Division, talk about if it is best for contractors to invest immediately in more advanced systems and go all in—or if there are ways to take a more entry level approach and build from there. They also discuss what dozer owners and...