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CSS-Tricks Screencasts is focused on showing you tips, tricks, techniques about web design.

CSS-Tricks Screencasts is focused on showing you tips, tricks, techniques about web design.
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CSS-Tricks Screencasts is focused on showing you tips, tricks, techniques about web design.




#164: Basic WooCommerce Walkthrough

WooCommerce is a powerful and flexible eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Wanna sell subscriptions or memberships? WooCommerce can do that? Digitial downloads? Yep. Appointments and bookings? Sure. But the meat and potatoes of eCommerce, so to speak, is selling a physical product and shipping it and WooCommerce does that great as well. That's exactly what we do on CodePen's store. We aren't exactly in the eCommerce business as our primary thing, so we wanted something easy to …


#163: First Steps with Serverless

David Wells, from Netlify, and I take some baby steps into building things with Serverless. We'll mostly be looking at cloud functions here and how using them from an otherwise static hosting environment means you've unlocked all sorts of possibilities. Links from the video: WebtaskCode.xyzNetlify's support of cloud functionsThe Power of Serverless for Front-End Developerscreate-react-app-lambdanetlify-faunadb-exampleReact…


#162: What the Heck is Serverless?

David Wells, from Netlify, and I take a crack at answering this question in an understandable way. Are there still servers involved? Of course, but you don't manage them, scale them, or pay for them when you aren't using them. It really is a different model that deserves a new name. Better yet, they enable front-end developers like us to do more than we ever thought we could. We'll cover a variety of use cases that might get you …


#161: Jetpack

Jetpack sponsored this video, which goes into what Jetpack is and can do for your site. These are my words though! I'm a big Jetpack fan and I run Jetpack on all my self-hosted WordPress sites. It does a ton both feature-wise and performance-wise. In this video, we look at a WordPress site I recently spun up where Jetpack was essentially the first plugin I installed. …


#160: The All-Powerful Front-End Developer

The internet is, without metaphor, just a bunch of servers tied together with wires. Without servers, we'd have no way to share our creations with the world. Yet, in a bit of a paradox, servers are less essential to our work than they've ever been. We can now do things on the front-end that used to require a back end. When we do need a backend, our front-end skills can be put to work, giving us some surprisingly powerful new …


#159: Learning Vue

Sarah Drasner and I dig into Vue! Vue is a very popular JavaScript framework that is absolutely exploding. Sarah is on the core team and is about the most passionate fan of Vue I've ever known. …


#158: An Expando Button Menu

I saw a Dribbble shot the other day by Eli Brumley that had a cool interactive effect. A simple circular blue button, when clicked, expands into a small menu itself. I fired up Professor Mode on CodePen to let people watch as I built, but I also recorded it so I could talk my way through it and publish it here.…


#157: A Tale of Four Properties

This is a talk I've given at a couple of conferences recently. It's about four different properties in CSS: shape-outsideoffset-pathclip-path…


#156: Let’s Talk About Webpack

Sean Larkin joins me to talk about Webpack! I doubt I'm alone in being a bit confused about what the heck Webpack is and does. Even if you're actively using a project that uses it! We're just going to scratch the surface here, but hopefully while talking it out in a way that will make sense to you. One thing that helps me think about (a little, anyway, I'm no expert) is that while you do need to configure …


#155: Responsive Images, WordPress, and Cloudinary

Eric Portis joins me to dig into the world of responsive images. We start at the basics. Responsive images are specifically images in HTML and exist because of a desire for better performance. Images are probably the biggest culprit in the overall weight of websites. If we can avoid sending too many pixels across the network, we should. After all, a screen that is only 720 pixels wide doesn't need a 2000 pixel wide image, even if it's a 2x …


#154: A Poster Child WordPress Site

CSS-Tricks itself is a WordPress site, and one in which WordPress is a perfect fit for. Between things like the login and permissions system, blogging, pages, custom post types, forums, eCommerce, and more, CSS-Tricks makes use of a huge swath of what WordPress is capable of.…


#153: Getting Started with CSS Grid

It feels like CSS Grid has been coming for a long time now, but it just now seems to be reaching a point where folks are talking more and more about it and that it's becoming something we should learning. I started reading a few posts and playing around with the syntax the past couple of weeks, but asked my fellow CSS-Trickster Miriam Suzanne to grok through it with me on a video hangout.…


#152: Font Loading with Zach Leatherman

Time for another pairing screencast! This time I have Zach Leatherman on, from Filament Group. Zach has done a lot of research, writing, and speaking about web font loading the past few years. He's got a comprehensive guide on it! There are some problems with the default way that custom fonts are loaded. As in, just linking up a font in some CSS through @font-face. Even the way Google Fonts provides you to use their fonts Zach calls …


#151: The First Few Minutes with Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a pretty darn popular code editor. Despite its popularity and all the good things I've heard about it, I still lean heavily on other editors (Coda being my go-to for most projects) and have never given Sublime Text the time of day. Call it sheer laziness or whatever, but I'm a creature of habit. However, I saw Chris had posted an idea for a new article going over how to create a project in Sublime Text and …


#150: Hey designers, if you only know one thing about JavaScript, this is what I would recommend

Sometimes, to start a journey into learning something huge and complex, you need to learn something small and simple. JavaScript is huge and complex, but you can baby step into it by learning small and simple things. If you're a web designer, I think there is one thing in particular that you can learn that is extremely empowering. This is the thing I want you to learn: When you click on some element, change a class on some element. …


#149: A Quick Intro to Pattern Lab Node with Brian Muenzenmeyer

In this screencast I pair up with Brian Muenzenmeyer who, among other things, works on Pattern Lab. Specifically, the Node version of Pattern Lab, along with Geoff Pursell. I should point out: this screencast barely scratched the surface of what Pattern Lab offers. It's not a comprehensive overview. Brian said a recent 8 hour workshop couldn't even cover it all. The topics covered in this screencast are: …


#148: Laying Things Out (HTML & Flexbox) with Dee Gill

In this pairing screencast, I hang out with Dee Gill. We take a look at some layout stuff for a new app she's working on: Tinge. She had a design mockup she was working from, so we peak at that and try and build it out in HTML and CSS. We start at the top and focus on the navigation, using flexbox heavily to do what we need to do. …


#146: Getting More from Google Analytics with Philip Walton

I pair with Philip Walton (who works for Google on Google Analytics) in this screencast. It complements the case-study we put together: Learning to Use Google Analytics More Effectively at CodePen. I learned a ton about how Google Analytics works during all this. In a sense, it's dumber than you think. You can track whatever you want, you just need to send the right data. In another sense, it's super smart. By giving it just a smidge more information, …


#145: WordPress Child Themes with Lara Schenck

In this video Lara Schenck and I pair up, and she teaches me all about child themes in WordPress. It's like a podcast that you watch too! We straight up create one, starting from the Twentysixteen theme, which provided a pretty nice basis for a child theme (not all themes are created equal in that way). We discuss things like how to import the existing stylesheet and do your overrides. We look at the functions.php file and how we can …


#144: Building a JavaScript/Canvas Game with Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson, partly in an effort to rejuvenate his enthusiasm for working with JavaScript at all, started building a game. He's not really a "game developer" (or at least, wasn't at the time!) but tackled this anyway for the fun and the challenge. In this video I pair with him while he walks me through his game Cloud Sweeper. It was all very interesting to me, as someone with far less experience in this kind of thing. My …