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We discuss photography, videography, camera, lenses and more while eating tasty food.

We discuss photography, videography, camera, lenses and more while eating tasty food.
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We discuss photography, videography, camera, lenses and more while eating tasty food.




Episode 07 | The New Mac Pro is Here!

On this week's episode we talk about the new Mac Pro and whether Apple is pricing them too high. New bought a Canon C200 and talks about using it for the first time at a couple of weddings. Dan bought the EF ND filter adapter for his EOS R and talk about how it works. Finally, the Peak Design Travel Tripod has blown up on photo blogs and YouTube. Are any of us planning on buying one? We ate pizza from Akron's famous Luigi's Restaurant. One of the must visit restaurants if you ever visit...


Episode 06 | Should you go to University for Video Production?

Matt, Nick, Dan, and Kylie discuss our school experiences and how beneficial we thought they were to getting started in our careers. We also discuss our first experiences going to B&H photo and the crazy pricing of Canon's new 85mm RF lens. As always, we got dinner before recording. This week, we got sandwiches from Akron's legendary Diamond Deli.


Episode 05 | NAB 2019 and More Tacos

Nick and Matt (Dan mostly listened) talk about the NAB product announcements that they found most interesting. Lots of RGB LED light talk (Aputure, Litepanel Gemini, and Hive), the Zoom F6, the Sharp 8K camera, and a discussion about the Arri LF Mini that quickly devolves into Nick complaining about Apple. We got tacos from Funky Truckeria, which is a super tasty taco joint in Norton, OH.


Episode 04 | Bandersnatch and Using the EOSR and a6400 for Video

We used the Sony a6400 and Canon EOS R for video at a couple of weddings recently and we discuss how we felt about using them and the quality of the video. One we blown away by the quality and the other was a bit disappointing. Which was which might surprise you. Then we talk about Netflix's Bandersnatch, the choose your own adventure interactive movie. What did we think of the story, the cinematography, and how your choices affected the overall story. Finally, we got Raising Cane's...


Episode 03 | Wedding Videography

We go in-depth on how Nick likes to shoot wedding videos. What gear he uses (primarily Canon C100s and Sony A7IIIs with a little bit of GH5 thrown in there), how he got started, what kind of audio gear he likes, and what videos he edits for his clients. Maybe most importantly, we discuss style and Nick (and you) can give you videos a unique look. We had BBQ before the episode but were so excited to discuss weddings that we completely forgot to discuss it. It was delicious.


Episode 02 | Real Estate Photography, Travel Photography, and Tasty Tasty Tacos

Matt gives some tips for doing real estate photography on a relatively low budget. Dan discusses travel photography. What gear he brings, some of the stuff he looks for in a good landscape photo, and how he edits his landscape photos. And Nick made tacos!


Episode 01 | Camera Nitpicks and Pizza

We take a look at our current main cameras and discuss some of the things we like most about them and some things they really need to fix for the next revision. Nick takes a look at his Sony A7III, Matt discusses his Canon 5D Mark 4, and Dan talks about his Canon EOSR. We also eat some delicious pizza from Dewey's Pizza.