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060 - Get A Second Opinion

In this episode, Zach breaks down the concept of accepting a coach or mentor for your career. In this case, maybe it should be more than one. The audio medium is one of the most creative in the world, as it relies on a listener's 'theater of the mind.' And you're living inside thousand's of theaters with the same message. So why not get insight from more than one 'theater manager?' Zach breaks it down. Get your free gift now at


059 - 3 Easy Steps To Being A Great Storyteller

In this episode, Zach breaks down how to tell a story in an efficient way that is still super entertaining. Many times, people either let a story drag on too long OR they have no concept of story structure. Zach lays out a three-step process to making any story more listenable to your consumer. Get your free gift now at


058 - How To Create A Live Call-In Show

In today's episode, Zach brings a client's question to the podcast regarding the creation of a live call-in show. Plenty of options are out there and Zach gives out his recommendations. Get your free gift now at


057 - iTunes Is Cracking Down On Titles

In today's episode, Zach breaks down the latest actions from Apple to purge podcasts from iTunes that are doing things that aren't up to Apple's code. Zach tells you how to avoid being a part of the purge. Get your free gift now at


056 - Audio Is Not The Only Medium

In this episode, Zach breaks down the opportunities show hosts have to replicate the content they've already produced into other media that can possibly be consumed by people who prefer something other than audio... at very extra little cost/time to you, the show creator. Get your free gift now at


055 - Use Your Will

In this episode, Zach uses a recent career accomplishment in his life to let others know that it's not necessarily what how smart or gifted you may be to achieve what you want to achieve. It just comes from within. And everyone has it. Go to for your free gift.


054 - Don't Give Away Valueless Crap

In this episode Zach explains the difference between giving just anything away for free and giving away something of value for free. Zach reminds hosts the importance of respecting their listeners and explains how giving away something with no value doesn't do much for your listeners. He also reminds hosts to always give their listeners something of quality even if they are giving that something away for free. Get your free gift now at


053 - Show Respect To Your Listener Through Your Intro

Today's episode deals with intros, outros and where to place bumps and advertisements. Zach talks about why you shouldn't repeat information that has already been stated in your intro or will be stated in your outro. He also explains why you should provide content before you ask something of your listener. Get your free gift now at


052 - How To Achieve The One Big Thing

Today's episode focuses on setting and achieving goals. Zach suggests setting one main goal, big or small and focusing solely on that one thing. Next, make a list of everything you think you would have to do to complete that goal. Zach explains that by completing the easiest things on the list first you can create momentum and help yourself stay motivated to reach your final goal. Get your free gift now at


051 - Be Vulnerable

In this episode, Zach talks about how being open and honest helps people find you relatable. Often the things we are insecure or embarrassed about are things that everyone worries about. If you come across as someone who is relatable people are more likely to want to listen to what you have to say. Get your free gift now at


050 - Pay At Least A Little Attention To Your Data

In this episode, Zach *slightly* backtracks on an old omen having to do with paying way too much to your podcast downloads and recommends trying a new trick when it comes to your data. It's a good way to use the data to your advantage for future episodes of your show. Check out this quick, but effective episode for a quick podcast (or radio show) hack. Get your free gift now at


The Foolproof Way To Always Keep In Touch With Your Followers

In this episode, Zach takes a recent national news story and relates it to the platforms we use ourselves to relay our content to the people that follow us. Podcasts are a pretty safe way to get your message out to your audience, no matter what the content may be. But, if you are using other platforms, that may not always be the case. Zach outlines the ways in which you can always be ready for when a platform makes a change that could cripple how you get your content out there. Get your...


048 - Just DOCUMENT

In this episode, Zach goes through a dead-simple way to create content for your show--just documenting what you love to do. Sometimes we get so caught up in throwing out our own opinions and advice on things, which is totally fine. But, so many listeners are interested in not just what you are doing, but HOW you are doing it. This episode describes how just documenting what you are doing and turning it into content might work for you. Get your free gift now at


047 - How To Increase Listener Loyalty In ONE Step

In this episode, Zach talks about how a show host can build a relationship with their audience by being open about themselves. He explains how telling your listeners a bit about your own personal experiences makes you more relatable to them. If you are not the most entertaining or informative show host, creating a personal connection with the audience is a good way to get people to listen. Get your free gift now at


046 - How To Overcome Burnout

Todays epiosde is about an idea Zach and a friend had for a new podcast about accountability. Zach talks about his recent weight loss journey and the difficulties that can often come with long-term goals. He reminds listeners that the small, continuous step are what lead to bigger goals in the future. Get your free gift now at


045 - How To Have A Remote Guest Co-Host When Podcasting From Your Phone

In today's episode, Zach talks about making a quality podcast using limited resources. Zach explains how you record a podcast with a co-host or guest who is in another location using the 'Ringr' app. You can test the app for yourself by using the promo code Get your free gift now at


044 - How To Not Get Stale

In this episode, Zach discusses how podcasters can get too comfortable with the formats of their shows and how this can become boring for listeners. Zach also talks about how to grow while also staying on brand. If you're not happy with your results, its 'insanity' to think the same continued approach will produce better ones. Get your free gift now at


043 - Your Disinterest In A Topic Can Be Great Content

In this episode, Zach talks about how all the effort that goes into podcasting may eventually lead you to feel bored and a bit stagnant. He also talks about discussing topics that you may not be that interested in, but may be popular and or time-sensitive subjects. Zach goes on to explain how by presenting the topic with a good energy and your own take on it you can create interesting content. Get your free gift now at


042 - How Important Is Podcast Episode Title

In this episode, Zach talks about the importance of the podcast name and episode titles and how keywords can help drive traffic to your podcast. Zach explains how coming up with niche titles can increase the chances of your podcast appearing in internet search engines. By crafting episode titles that read similar to the way you would type in a Google search, you increase the likelihood that people will discover your podcast when they Google something similar. Get your free gift now at...


041 - How Podcasters Can Get On The Radio

In this episode, Zach talks about taking your podcast and using it to transition into a career in radio. Zach explains how by first providing the value of the podcast you set your self up to hopefully see money in the future. This can allow you to have your podcast and also offer segments or edited episodes to local radio stations. Get your free gift now at