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ChannelPro Weekly Podcast is an audio program for channel professionals, focusing on topics of interest as related to the recent week in news, as well as other information, guest interviews, and more.

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast is an audio program for channel professionals, focusing on topics of interest as related to the recent week in news, as well as other information, guest interviews, and more.
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ChannelPro Weekly Podcast is an audio program for channel professionals, focusing on topics of interest as related to the recent week in news, as well as other information, guest interviews, and more.




ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #096 - For the Bottom Feeders

Joined by MSP Vince Tinnirello, of Anchor Network Solutions, Matt and Rich dive deep into the Datto-Autotask merger one year later, operational efficiency best practices, and marketing fundamentals. All of that’s preceded by a quick trip through some news from Zyxel, ID Agent, Lenovo, Scale Computing, and Schneider Electric, and accompanied by some shade-throwing at the folks—some might call them bottom feeders—who whine about vendors on Reddit all day. You know who you are. Subscribe to...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #095 - Tinder for Business

In this episode, Matt and Rich chew over the news from Tech Data’s latest partner conference, two “office-in-a-box” solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a new EDR offering from Sophos, and an alliance agreement between D&H and SaaSMAX before sharing an interview segment with Cytracom CEO Zane Conkle about “voice continuity.” Swipe right if you like it! Subscribe to ChannelPro Weekly! Look for us in your favorite podcast app. If you don't see us (yet) then you can subscribe via...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #094 - Meet Alfred Applebaum

Joined by consultant extraordinaire and MSP Foundry chief Ronnie Parisella, Matt and Rich dive into the news about Kaseya buying Spanning, Hewlett Packard Enterprise refreshing its secondary storage portfolio, Microsoft refreshing its hardware lineup and Windows OS, best practices for selecting RMM platforms, and more. They also introduce you to some guy named Alfred Applebaum. And no, we’ve never heard of him either. Subscribe to ChannelPro Weekly! Look for us in your favorite podcast...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #093 - For Donut-Level Partners Only

Don’t try and fool us. We know you haven’t attained donut-level status in the ChannelPro Weekly partner program yet. We’ll let you listen in anyway, though, as Matt, Rich, and guest host Karl Palachuk discuss Continuum’s analysis of the managed services market, Microsoft’s new VDI solution, StorageCraft’s new partner program, CloudJumper’s single-server WaaS solution, USB extenders old and new, and more. Consider it our enticement to get you bought into pursuing unobtanium...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #092 - What Sandwich are YOU?

What kind of sandwich do you see when you look in the mirror? Something to ponder while you listen to Matt, Rich, and guest host Joshua Liberman rap about the news from IT Glue’s GlueCon event, SolarWinds MSP’s outsourced SOC offering, a new cloud management platform from Linksys, a review of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Generation), and more. Oh, and the correct answer is “foot-long Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt.” Not sure why, but it is. Subscribe to ChannelPro Weekly! Look for...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #091 - Sitting in a Bowl of Jello

What’s your retirement dream? Does it involve bathing on the beach in a big bowl of bright red gelatin? If you answered yes, you have something in common with Manuel Palachuk, managed services expert extraordinaire and Matt and Rich’s guest co-host this week. Listen in as the three of them discuss Kaseya’s blockbuster acquisition of RapidFire Tools, a new IoT solution from Ingram Micro, new SMB storage arrays from Dell EMC, a free forthcoming data retrieval service from Buffalo Americas,...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #090 - GreenLake Is Not for Boating

Joined by veteran channel pro and all-around industry expert Dave Seibert, Matt and Rich chew over the news about Kaseya’s acquisition plans, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s partner program updates, Dell’s new IoT surveillance solution, a documentation product from RapidFire Tools, and Microsoft’s new rules for Cloud Solution Provider program members who bill direct. Then your three hosts pay a visit to Dave’s tech museum, instead of Matt’s, for a reunion with a classic Silicon Graphics O2...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #089 - Mimeographs Are Extinct. Are You?

This week, Matt and Captain Serious Rich are joined by Continuum CEO Michael George for a live discussion about the “M&A frenzy” sweeping the managed services market and why delivering security services will be the difference between success and extinction for MSPs in the years ahead. Plus, your hosts have news for you about StorageCraft’s latest solutions, Arcserve’s updated partner program, an enhanced dark web scanning tool from Breach Secure Now!, a composable infrastructure solution...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #088 - What Is That Guy DOING?

Two’s company, but three’s…even better company! Matt and Rich are joined this week by guest co-host and managed services guru extraordinaire Erick Simpson, of SPC International, for a look at Carbonite’s evolving partner strategy; the secrets to building an IT business capable of thriving for decades; clauses every MSP should have in their contracts; how to select small business storage technologies; new products from Lenovo and Intel; and…wait a minute, what exactly is happening in that...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #087 - NGaaS is Aggregatastic!

Sure, Matt and Rich have plenty to say about CompTIA’s 2018 ChannelCon show; the latest news from ConnectWise, Axcient/eFolder, Pax8, and D&H; the importance of ecosystems in the Internet of Things; and the value of gamification as an employee motivation tool. But they also have a great new as-a-service market opportunity for you (hint: it involves Nerf guns) and a brand-new word of their own invention to share (hint: it’s “aggregatastic,” and we don’t know what it means either). But the...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #086 - It'll Never Be Better than 56K

Ready for a red-hot episode of ChannelPro Weekly? Like 56K modem hot? Then settle in as Matt and Rich discuss WatchGuard’s new multifactor authentication solution, The 20’s adoption of Deep Instinct’s endpoint protection software, Chargifi’s intriguing wireless device charging solution, and two new port-packed switches from NETGEAR. That’s followed by an update on the latest at Tech Data from its Americas president, a recorded interview segment with The 20’s Tim Conkle on what it means to...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #085 - Behold! Checklists and Chicken Fingers

Did you attend this year’s Microsoft Inspire partner conference? Bet you didn’t eat as many chicken fingers there as Rich did. Find out what else he snacked on during meetings, not to mention what he and Matt have to say about Microsoft’s slow but steady progress toward the big partner program and sales process changes it announced last year. Then stick around for discussions about the latest news from IT Glue, Sophos, BitTitan, and Pax8, Intel’s 50th birthday, the merits of integrated...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #084 - Hooray for Titles! I Guess.

If you like industry news you’ll love this week’s episode of ChannelPro Weekly, in which Matt and Rich explore announcements from Microsoft on the eve of its annual partner conference, Lenovo’s recently launched “channel transformation” initiative, a new threat detection solution from SolarWinds, some affordable wide-format printers from Epson, and more. They also discuss Matt’s picks for the year’s top hardware products, each of which he likens to a summer blockbuster movie, and the...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #083 - MMRMM

What kind of name is MMRMM? Exactly the kind ChannelPro’s resident marketing genius Matt Whitlock would have choosen for the RMM system actually named Pulseway if he had had the chance. Alas, this episode of ChannelPro Weekly is the only place you’ll ever hear that can’t-miss idea, not to mention your hosts’ thoughts on SonicWall’s big push into the mid-tier enterprise, Tech Data’s new family of niche security services, the winners of this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards, and more. Unlike...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #082 - Rubber Ducky, You're the One

Bet you didn’t how to turn rubber ducks into money-makers, did you? Well, you will after you’ve heard ChannelPro managing editor Colleen Frye chat with Matt and Rich about her recent profile of marketing guru Robin Robins. And that comes after a recap of everything important from this week’s ConnectWise Automation Nation show, Datto’s DattoCon 2018 event, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Discover conference. Listen in! It’ll make bath time lots of fun. Subscribe to ChannelPro...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #081 - A Phenomenon Called Fun

Games. Heard of ‘em? Neither has Rich, who’s a stranger to this whole fun thing. Matt, on the other hand, knows all about games and has a rundown of all the cool ones just announced at this year’s E3 gaming conference. He and Rich also have thoughts to share about Continuum’s blockbuster acquisition of CARVIR, Tigerpaw’s all-new UI, Sophos’s first cloud-based email security system, and more. Listening in may not be as fun as a bracing round of Fallout 4, but you’ll probably enjoy it just the...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #080 - Middle-Aged Processing

Mmm, chips. Tasty, tasty chips. Matt and Rich have plenty to say about them this week as they discuss the 40th birthday of Intel’s 8086 processor, which though greying around the temples a bit remains a silicon legend just the same. You’ll also hear their thoughts about the forthcoming SolarWinds IPO, Barracuda’s new security awareness training solution for midsize businesses, Symantec’s ongoing push into cloud security for SMBs, and a new model for pricing managed services, not to mention...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #079 - Cecilia Gives Again

Gone but never forgotten, former ChannelPro executive editor and one-time ChannelPro Weekly co-host Cecilia Galvin is back on the podcast again, in a manner of speaking. Only this time, it’s because Matt and Rich want the world to know about the scholarship named in her honor that CompTIA will bestow later this year to help a deserving young woman launch a career in IT. (Get your nominations in here by June 15th folks!) Your hosts then discuss Tech Data’s new online Cisco ordering tool and...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #078 - Do Dolphins Press A?

Matt and Rich are joined this week by special guest and managed services consultant extraordinaire Manuel Palachuk to explore “agile service delivery” and its benefits for MSPs. That’s followed by discussions of today’s complex, sometimes confusing security product landscape, the possibility that GDPR might not be as big a problem for U.S.-based channel pros as we thought, and Lenovo’s new leadership team and future direction. Then be sure to stick around as Matt discusses the vintage ASUS...


ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #077 - One is Done

There’s more than one thing to like about this episode, which covers more than one topic. In fact, it’s the one show to listen to for information about the latest solutions from Kaseya, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Secure Now!; Tech Data’s investments in next-generation technologies; the pros and cons of IT franchising versus master MSPs; and much more. Just don’t get Matt started about products that have “one” in their name. He’s really, really had enough of it. Subscribe to ChannelPro...