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E41: Expanding SD-WAN Capabilities to Cisco ISR and ASR Devices

Software-defined WANs are continuously upgrading application performance to enable people in branch offices, stores, and clinics to operate at peak efficiency. With the recently announced integration of Viptela software into IOS XE, it’s time to explore how Cisco is expanding Viptela SD-WAN capabilities across the ISR/ASR router family. Listen in as Robb Boyd, TechWise TV Host, is joined by Sumanth Kakaraparthi, Director of Product Management for SD-WAN & Branch Security, discuss why this...


E30: Cisco Managed Security Service – Is It Right For You?

Security threats target companies and organizations big and small alike. The results of a security breech can be enormous, yet the threat landscape is ever changing, ever more malicious. Keeping up with the threats is a challenge that many companies struggle with. Fortunately, Security as a Service offers the opportunity to partner with leading security service providers to keep your business, your employees, and your customers safe. In this episode, Nick Fanelli, Senior Business...


E28: Collaboration - It's How Work Gets Done

What makes for a successful enterprise collaboration platform? It needs to be secure, integrated, simple, and support both real time as well as asynchronous or non-real time communications through one system. Join us as Mike Peek, Director of Sales Business Development in Cisco's Global Service Provider Organization, expands upon these ideas, and provides his insight into how an excellent enterprise collaboration platform is essential to driving business results in today’s global economy....


E29: SD-WAN - An Architectural Shift in Building Networks

SD-WAN is changing the pace of innovation as the functionality is being delivered in software. We're no longer dependent upon a hardware cycle in order to be able to introduce new features and functions. James Winebrenner, Global Lead for SD-WAN Sales at Cisco, discusses how input from customers on the direction they want to see the architecture evolve, drives that innovation very, very quickly into the product development cycle. And because they're consuming the SD-WAN architecture as a...


E27: Taking Network Troubleshooting to the Next Level with Meraki Insight

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! With cloud-hosted applications becoming ever more commonplace, we need richer information to truly understand the factors contributing to network experience. We talk to Meraki customer, Charles Croft, who is using Meraki Insight to better understand factors beyond the LAN to improve efficiency, maintain productivity, and provide valuable business insights to the organization. For more on Meraki Insights, check out the link below: http://cs.co/9003DuGzL


E26: Larssen Champions CMX Business Use Cases

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! Your wireless network can deliver more than connectivity. Forward-looking thinkers such as Cisco Champion Daniel Larsen are exploring the wide-ranging possibilities of wireless when combined with Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences, or CMX. At Cisco Live in Barcelona, Daryl Coon, Product and Solutions Marketing Manager, sat down with Daniel Larssen, network consultant for Tele2, to discuss and live stream about his work with CMX and indoor location...


E25: Threat Correlation Across Endpoint, Network, & Cloud

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! Correlating threats across endpoint, network, and cloud within a single management console allows for faster threat detection and identification as the ability to better protect against future threats by coordinating your threat defense across multiple threat vectors. Cisco AMP Unity enables deep visibility into potential threats, a clear picture of what happened when a threat is detected, and a wide field of view capturing every aspect of what...


E24: How Cisco & ngena Innovations are Changing the Game

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! Understand how Cisco and ngena are creating a game-changing next generation wholesale Service Provider Alliance for global Enterprise SDWAN and many further Services, leveraging virtualization, automation and analytics in an innovative cloud-based business model. Check out these links: Watch the video - http://cs.co/9007DPt0c Connect with ngena - www.ngena.net


E18: Think your business is secure? Ask the Red Team

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! Red Team engagements are an effective tool in understanding the current security posture of an organization or organizational unit. Not only they can identify areas for improvement, but are used to inform the broader strategy for security improvement and provide the clarity necessary to prioritize security improvement initiatives. In this episode, we discuss how a tailored Red Team engagement can be used throughout the security improvement life cycle...


E23: Increase Operational Efficiency with Operational Insights

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! Enterprises are looking to connected devices to help streamline their operations. But, too often, these connected devices are proprietary and don’t talk between themselves. But leveraging the Cisco wireless infrastructure, Cisco Operational Insights can deliver an end-to-end view of the operational workflow. Cisco Operational Insights uses the wireless infrastructure, our industry-leading indoor location services, and a technology-agnostic approach to...


E22: Digitizing Cisco Asset Management

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! Until recently, IT organizations largely flew blind—installing and implementing software without visibility to existing software applications or licenses which wreaked havoc on managing usage and maximizing the investment. Cisco is on a quest to remove that situation from its customers’ experience by implementing what we call Smart Accounts. During this session, Ben Strickland, the head of Cisco's Engineering Licensing Office, will tell us how Cisco...


E21: Solar Secures Infrastructure with Cisco DNA

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! When Solar Group needed to improve infrastructure management and security across their branches and warehouses, they turned to Cisco ONE and Cisco DNA. Of particular interest was to speed time to action between locations and to segment security between devices. Cisco's Candace Inscoe talks to Solar A/S Systems Administrator, Frank Osberg, to find out more. To learn more about Cisco One and Cisco DNA, check out the links below: Cisco One -...


E19: Predictive Technical Services for the Digital Age

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! With the evolution of the network, how are Technical Services adapting to deliver support that meets expanding business needs? Moderator Marie Seredkina asks the experts: Tim Fitch, part of the Cisco Services Enablement team in the UK and portfolio manager for Smart Net Total Care, and John Bollier, a Cisco product manager and engineer with the Digital Presence team. Tim and John explain how Technical Services evolve together with the network and...


E20: Ask the IoT Whiz: The Future of IoT - Connected Cities and Industries

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! The Internet of Things—connected devices, sensors, and automated technology—is revolutionizing nearly every industry. In this episode of #CiscoChat’s Ask the IoT Whiz podcast, Cisco Customer Linz AG describes the effect of IoT initiatives on their city and where they see a potential for impact in the future. Participants further elaborate on how to securely connect and manage an increasing number of devices, how make sure the right policies are...


E17: 2018 - Leave the office routine to AI!

AI will have dramatic impact on driving productivity and digital outcomes, and it is coming to your office first. Every routine task you do today - forwarding emails, logging expenses, planning meetings - will be the responsibility of your own AI assistant. How much more productive would you be? Find out more in this podcast with Sandeep Mehra, MD of Collaboration in Asia Pacific & Japan. Check out these links for more information: AI in Collaboration White Paper - http://cs.co/9008DOiKg...


E16: Dynamic Network Services with focus on Viptela, Meraki, Hybrid Cloud and Security

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! Shaping the future of networks, handling the challenges of security in the cloud, maximizing productivity through collaboration and exciting the digital customer – modern businesses face many opportunities, but how to seize them properly? Camille Houery, BT Cisco Partnership Director, and Anne Gaelle, BT Director of Product Marketing, dive into those topics and look at how Cisco technology, provided by BT as service provider, can support these new ICT...


E15: Take the Complexity Out of Your Network with Software-Defined Access

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! SD-Access takes the complexity and the stress out of your growing network. Built on the principles of Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA), Software Defined-Access (SD-Access) provides automated end-to-end segmentation to separate user, device and application traffic without redesigning the network. SD-Access automates user access policy so organizations can make sure the right policies are established for any user or device with any application...


E14: Meraki Integration with DNA Center

Recorded live at Cisco Live Barcelona! Wondering how Meraki fits into The Network. Intuitive? Look no further. Leaders from the Meraki Business Unit and Cisco Enterprise Networking Group delve into what DNA Center really is, how the Meraki Dashboard integrates into it, and how all this can help customers in their journey to intent-based networking. Check out these links for more information: http://cs.co/9007D3lKf http://cs.co/9007D3lKf


E13: 2018 - Cybersecurity Insights & Predictions

What were the cybersecurity game changers in 2017? Which high profile ransomware attack didn’t have a way to accept the ransom? What was the worst thing to happen to the Internet? Who can consumers trust with their data? Craig Williams from Talos and Stephen Dane from Cisco Security chat with guest moderator Gwendolyn Regina about the latest cybersecurity insights, trends, stealthy attacks, global data breaches, the real meaning of hacker, cryptocurrency, and Star Wars. As cybersecurity...


E12: 2018 - Your Future Workplace

What does the office of the future look like? Will we even have physical offices anymore? How important are humans in the future workforce? Take a peek into your future workplace as Annella Heytens, VP of Human Resources for Cisco in APJC, shares insights on what the workplace will look like in 20 years, flexible working (is it here to stay?) and how to maintain productivity in an always-on world.