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E49: Evolved Peering Architecture for New Traffic Patterns

The ever-increasing surge of unicast video traffic and the strong adoption of public cloud services drive a new form of Peering – Private Network Interconnection (PNI). Learn how to design a simple, efficient and future-proof Peering solution that delivers the best end-user experience? Phil Bedard and Bruce McDougall of Cisco discuss with Greg Ferro of Packet Pushers. For more on today's topic, visit http://cs.co/9005E18hV


E48: Trusted Network Infrastructure

Discover why it is important to establish a chain of trust across your hardware and software to guarantee device integrity and build out a secure network infrastructure. Dan Backman and Kaarthik Sivakumar of Cisco discuss with Greg Ferro of Packet Pushers.


E47: A Conversation with Cisco Japan President Dave West

How are we helping Japanese technology companies achieve economic growth and productivity gain? In this new #CiscoChat podcast, we ask Dave West, President of Cisco Japan, what's on top of his mind regarding business, Cybersecurity, and building a digital ready workforce.


E46: New Voice of IT Podcast Episode 1: Cybersecurity 102 – As Read by a Wise Old Cowboy

Think hackers won’t bother targeting your little old business? Or that your off-the-shelf firewall and malware solutions will keep the bad guys out? Time for some tough love. Smaller businesses are the prime target for today’s cyberattackers. And these guys are nasty – very sophisticated and looking to extort you for a boatload of cash. Check out this New Voice of IT podcast for real answers from a real Cisco expert about today’s real security challenges and solutions – as read by a Wise...


E45: Cisco Unscripted E1 - Bridging the Skills Gap with Augmented Reality

Imagine being able to wear something that makes you more efficient and productive at your job. Smart Glasses may have missed the mark for consumers, but now they are saving jobs. Upskill is a company that provides augmented reality solutions for the industrial workforce. As part of our Cisco Investments series, we talked with CEO Brian Ballard about augmented reality and the shortage of high-skilled labor. Join us and learn how they do it. Learn more Cisco Investments at...


E44: Driving A New Data Culture

Adapted from #CiscoChat Live. As AI and machine learning rapidly transform how we live and work, many of the companies accelerating this transformation are at a crossroads. Innovations like self-driving cars require auto makers to rethink their data usage and policy. The introduction of new, autonomous vehicles, and the issues this raises, underscores the risk and responsibility that comes with this new technology. So, how are companies navigating this brave new world? What is their...


E43: Talking Cybersecurity For Small & Mighty Business

Small to medium businesses (SMBs) are the economic engines of the Asia Pacific region. They account for half of the region’s GDP; 70% of the total workforce; and a whopping 90% of all enterprises. So what are their top business priorities, and what challenges do they face? In this episode TechWise TV host, Robb Boyd, interviews Cisco’s Vice President for Commercial in Asia Pacific, Japan and China (APJC), Bastiaan Toeset; and the Managing Director for Security in APJC, Stephen Dane, about...


E42: Tame Your IT Jungle

Recorded Live at SpiceWorld! With the increasing complexity of technology lengthy configurations, dealing with multiple vendors, constant updates and maintenance –it can feel like you are navigating an unruly IT jungle. Join Cisco's Amy Blanchard as she talks to Lambert Tomeldon, Head of IT at Barkley, and Tanner Gardner of ConvergeOne, a Cisco Partner Lead, simplified Barkley's IT environment and realized numerous benefits like a 40% increase in IT team productivity. Check out this link...


E41: Expanding SD-WAN Capabilities to Cisco ISR and ASR Devices

Software-defined WANs are continuously upgrading application performance to enable people in branch offices, stores, and clinics to operate at peak efficiency. With the recently announced integration of Viptela software into IOS XE, it’s time to explore how Cisco is expanding Viptela SD-WAN capabilities across the ISR/ASR router family. Listen in as Robb Boyd, TechWise TV Host, is joined by Sumanth Kakaraparthi, Director of Product Management for SD-WAN & Branch Security, discuss why this is...


E40: DNA Center Assurance

Recorded live at Cisco Live U.S. Cisco DNA Center was introduced as a seamless tool for network automation, including everything from designing your network, setting up application policies and provisioning features like software-defined access. But how do you gain feedback on what your automation tool is actually doing? Put your data to work. DNA Center Assurance offers 360-degree contextual insights across users, devices, and applications to detect problems before they happen. Tim...


E39: 802.11ax – The 6th Generation of Wi-Fi

Recorded live at Cisco Live U.S. Join us for a conversation on the latest wireless standard, 802.11ax For more visit http://cs.co/9008DS4pq


E38: Digital Manufacturing - Trends, Tips & the Multiplier Effect

Manufacturing has the highest multiplier effect of any major sector. For every dollar spent on manufacturing, another $1.81 is added to the economy. For every employee hired, four jobs are created in other areas such as retail or logistics. As manufacturers turn to digital to increase efficiencies, safety or productivity, they not only accelerate this value chain, they also create a whole new level of personalization from the power plant to the customer by harnessing the power of data. Catch...


E37: 360 Intergration with DNA Center Platform

Recorded live at Cisco Live U.S. Learn the comprehensive new capabilities offered by DNA Center Platform that allow integrations with external applications that make networks more agile and align closely with business priorities. Justin Cohen, Cisco Toronto Innovation Center, leads a conversation with Cisco DNA Center's Prakash Rajama and Sharmila Phadnisni as well as Raakhee Mistry, Sr. Director of Marketing for DNA. For more, check out this link: http://cs.co/9006Dm6lp


E36: An Open Network Platform

Recorded live at Cisco Live U.S. To realize the full potential of intent-based networking, you need an open platform that can exchange information and intelligence with applications and systems outside of the network domain. Intent needs to be communicated to the intent-based network controller in order for it be acted upon networkwide. Intent needs to be applied and maintained across multiple technology domains. An intent-based network needs to communicate beyond its own operational...


E34: Cisco Aironet 4800 & DNA Center Assurance

Recorded from our live #CiscoChat on 5/31/18. Wireless network complexity is on the rise, increasing with each new device that’s added. IT teams need solutions that streamline their maintenance and troubleshooting processes. Cisco’s DNA Center Assurance and the Aironet 4800 provide an easier approach to troubleshooting and issue resolution that maintains the user experience while ensuring reliability. And by adding 360-degree contextual insights across the network, users, devices, and...


E35: Cisco’s Strategy for the Multicloud World

Recorded live at Cisco Live U.S. Cloud is getting complicated! Most companies are dealing with a multicloud scenario, with more getting added as new apps and processes are brought online. Network engineers, developers, and IT departments each have to manage their part of the puzzle. Justin Cohen, Innovation Engineer, is joined by Fabio Gori, Sr. Director of Cloud Solutions Group, and Pete Johnson, Principal Solutions Engineer - Cloud Center, to discuss how Cisco Cloud Center helps simplify...


E33: DevNet Design Thinking

Recorded from #CiscoChat Live - DevNet Design Thinking. Before you build it, you should ask the right questions to make sure you are making the most of your resources and your ideas. That's the idea behind Design Thinking, an approach used widely at Cisco, and particularly by #TeamDevNet. DevNet Community Manager Silvia Spiva asks our expert panel, Adrian Iliesiu, Aleksandar Vujovic, Ashutosh Malegaonkar, Edwin Zhang, Shubha Govil, and Thomas Taylor, to introduce and share examples of Design...


E31: BroadSoft Cloud UC Security

Security is a high-priority functional requirement at every stage of the unified communications product development lifecycle. What are some of the specific issues related to cybersecurity that teams in the UC ecosystem must prioritize upon? What should be the best approach towards securing critical UC infrastructure, systems and services fundamental to nation states? Join us as Ed Amoroso, former chief security officer of AT&T provides his insights into how together with a robust foolproof...


E30: Cisco Managed Security Service – Is It Right For You?

Security threats target companies and organizations big and small alike. The results of a security breech can be enormous, yet the threat landscape is ever changing, ever more malicious. Keeping up with the threats is a challenge that many companies struggle with. Fortunately, Security as a Service offers the opportunity to partner with leading security service providers to keep your business, your employees, and your customers safe. In this episode, Nick Fanelli, Senior Business Development...


E28: Collaboration - It's How Work Gets Done

What makes for a successful enterprise collaboration platform? It needs to be secure, integrated, simple, and support both real time as well as asynchronous or non-real time communications through one system. Join us as Mike Peek, Director of Sales Business Development in Cisco's Global Service Provider Organization, expands upon these ideas, and provides his insight into how an excellent enterprise collaboration platform is essential to driving business results in today’s global economy....