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Ghana's leading technology-focused radio show providing insight on technology literacy. Nominated for the World Summit Award 2015 as the best and most innovative solution in Media & News from Ghana.

Ghana's leading technology-focused radio show providing insight on technology literacy. Nominated for the World Summit Award 2015 as the best and most innovative solution in Media & News from Ghana.




Ghana's leading technology-focused radio show providing insight on technology literacy. Nominated for the World Summit Award 2015 as the best and most innovative solution in Media & News from Ghana.






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Cutting through the Digital Marketing Clutter

Digital is leading the marketing space. That is really all you need to know. However, the space is cluttered with so many different voices, so much content and so much noice. How do you make your voice heard (and seen) in all of that. My guest on the show this week is Kofi Ayeh Akrofi, the Creative Director at Social Ghana - a creative agency in Ghana.


The SIM card registration conundrum

In 2021, the Government of Ghana, through the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization, gave a directive that all Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards should be reregistered over a six-month period spanning October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 using the Ghana Card. The process has however, be fraught with a series of challenges including long queues at registration centres, delays during the registration process due to device challenges and many more. Questions have also been raised by...


The Momo Tax: The Good, The Bad and the Alternatives

The Electronic Transaction Levy is a raging issue in Ghana. Opinions are divided on the matter. The government of Ghana in its 2022 budget proposal announced the introduction of an Electronic Transaction Levy which will be a 1.75 percent charge on all electronic transactions, including Mobile Money (Momo). The levy will be waived for transactions that amount to GH¢100 or less in a day or approximately GH¢3,000 per month. What are the good points, the bad and also what other options could...


The Metaverse: Shaping the next dimension of interaction and connectivity

After Zuckerberg unveiled Meta, we got a sense into what his vision was for the company. The reality of the meta verse is both frightening and exciting, all in one. However, what are the prospects of the project for Ghanaians and others in the subregion. We discuss this and more with Maximus Amertogo and and Eyram Tawiah


Before you buy your next mobile phone

Every couple of months, a new phone is released. Folks go out and buy mobile phones for all manner of reasons. But, why should you buy a phone for GHS100 or another for GHc 9650? We discuss all these and more on this episode of the show with Divine Puplampu and Leslie Mills. Enjoy.


The New definitions of computing power for PCs

This episode was all about breaking it down to the barest basics. What personal computers are, how they impact our lives, what you should bear in mind when purchasing one, what goes into the spec sheet... and ultimately why price should be the last factor to worry about. Divine Puplampu (Tech lead at Stimuluz) and Edward Opoku (Head of IT & New Media at Citi FM) joined me for this one. What a show it was!


What does it mean to scale + Building an inclusive digital economy and society

Everyone has their own idea of what it means to scale. At the base of it, it is often about growth. Kweku of MESTAfrica shares his unique perspective on the topic and why it might be important for startups and businesses to reconsider their understanding of the concept. We speak to folks from GIZ about the thorny topic of building an inclusive digital economy and society, its building blocks, policy and its role and the role of the individual as well. Enjoy.


Flood Risk Accra App + The state of the startup ecosystem in Ghana

A packed week deserved nothing less than a packed show. The team from Ghana Meteorological Agency talk to us about their new app which could help dozens and save countless lives. Eric Asuman who is the Deputy Director General at Ghana Meteorological Agency and Maureen Abla Ahiataku who is a meteorologist joined me for the conversation. Andrews Akoto Addo, Daniel Owusu and Jorge Appiah all of the Ghana Tech Lab joined me on the show to discuss the state of the Ghana Startup ecosystem....


Conversations with Ghana's Top Tech Leaders: Derrydean Dadzie

Building a tech business is not for the faint hearted and my guest on the show this week, knows a thing or two about that. Derrydean Dadzie shares his insights from his journey in this tech space and helping to shape the fintech space in Ghana. What it means to go against the grain, always pushing the envelope and charting new paths; all this and more covered in this episode. Enjoy.


Conversations with Ghana's Top Tech Leaders - Eyram Tawia, CEO of Leti Arts

One of the most passionate humans you will meet anywhere who also happens to be the main holding high the flag of Ghana in the world and gaming, GLOBALLY. My guest this week is award winning technology entrepreneur, writer and singer, Eyram Tawia. We speak about gaming in Ghana and Africa, what it takes to succeed in the ecosystem, principles that all technology entrepreneurs should hold on to and his love for Fintech. Enjoy the show.


Conversations with Ghana's top tech leaders - Cecil Nutakor, Founder of E-campus

Straight talking and frank. That is Cecil. He looks back at his life in the tech space and shares lessons from there. So much to learn and pick ups. Enjoy.


Conversations with Ghana's top tech leaders - Curtis Vanderpuije, CEO of expressPay

We continue our series of conversations with Ghana's leading tech talent and innovators and this week, Curtis Vanderpuije (CEO of expresspay) joins us. He speaks about the fintech space, dealing with policy makers, trends within his space, cryptocurrency and so much more. Enjoy the show.


Charting the Ghanaian Agritech Path

Alloysius Attah, Co-founder of Farmerline and one of the most honest talking tech leaders you will find in Ghana. He shares his story of building one of the most recognisable AgriTech brands in Africa and the key lessons he has picked up along the way. He also speaks on policy, pivoting and returning to basics within the agritech space. Enjoy.


Twitter Ban in Nigeria: Understanding the Impact

Nigeria in the last couple of days: - Federal Government bans Twitter. - Federal Government issues an order asking all media outlets to suspend the use of their Twitter handles. - Federal Government set to prosecute ALL Nigerians found tweeting. - Nigeria estimated to be losing over $10M in e-commerce revenue. On the show this week, we try to understand the why, who, what and when of this decision by the Nigerian government. My guests are: Abubakar Idris - Africa Reporter at Rest of...


Conversations with Ghana Top Tech Leaders - Regina Honu

A woman who achieves. That is what i have known the founder of Soronko Solutions to be. She has a compelling story about how she got into tech and what has kept her in it. On the show, she shares these stories and her lessons she has picked up on the way as she charts an incredible path for women in Tech globally. She speaks on the power of partnerships, focus and understanding the market for your tech products. Enjoy.


Conversations with Ghana's Top Tech Leaders - Ato Ulzen-Appiah

A truly dynamic individual with a big focus on using technology to develop others around him and project Ghana to the world. Director of the GhanaThink Foundation and a young man who has dabbled in everything from music, to Google to advocacy to training to everything else in between. Press Play and enjoy the conversation.


Conversations with Ghana's Top Tech Leaders : Kofi Dadzie (Co-founder of Rancard)

He describes himself as an entrepreneurial leader with rich experience building products, teams and international partnerships to deliver innovative technology solutions. He says about himself, "I enjoy tackling complex problems of scale that involve learning and deep analysis towards strategic and significant impact." Kofi Dadzie shares suggest of wisdom about building tech businesses, handling transitions, leadership in a tech environment, handling government agencies and more in this...


Twitter in Ghana + Educating a nation during the pandemic

What a show we have this week. Twitter has established its HQ for Africa in Ghana and the country is buzzing. We establish the details of the move and provide some clarity on the show with Foster Akugri, founder of Hacklab. We continue our series on Tech Pandemic Stories by looking at how education is evolving in Ghana and what needs to be done to propel the sector to the next level using technology. Enjoy the show.


Tech Pandemic Stories: Starting a Tech Business in a Niche Field during the Pandemic

Eno Quagraine, Founder of Talkative Mom, has built her solution from a blog three years ago with readers all over the world into Ghana's First Mom App and motherhood-specific search engine. With a passion for women’s health, she built her audience through her candid, sincere storytelling on motherhood-related issues that wasn’t addressed at the time. It has a host of features including a marketplace with almost 130 businesses and thousands of products, a blog with contributions from...


Tech Pandemic Stories: Building and Growing a tech business in a pandemic

In this new series on the show, we speak to technology entrepreneurs about how they are surviving and have managed to overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, i speak to two female solution providers; one into automotive and the other into fintech. We talk about growing your business and finding ways to survive during a pandemic. Enjoy.