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21: Backup Solutions

The Coffee & Code Cast is back with a great episode covering all kinds of topics including followup from last episode. Some new show news, new releases of SDK's, court cases, the death of a vehicle giant, stock trading and Google Fi. (00:00:00) - Cold Open (00:00:34) - Intro (00:01:02) - Movember (00:01:47) - What's Old Is New (00:08:53) - Follow Up - Man In The Black Shirt (00:10:49) - We're on Spotify! (00: 13:21) - Shout out to Andrew (00:14:14) - Flutter Official 1.0...


20: Mac OSX Mojave

On this week's episode we talk about Apple's latest OSX release "Mojave". We also discuss the revolving door of todo apps and Kyle's recent trip to Orlando to attend Microsoft Ignite conference as well as Universal Studios, Disney World, and Epcot.


19: New Tech Gadgets

This week we talk about Kyle's new Tesla Model 3 delivery and first reactions. We talk about Elon Musk's latest antics and the SEC lawsuit and wrap up with Kyle's other latest gadget the IPhone tennis (XS).


18: Tesla Model 3

This week we talk about Mike's new meal plan with Mealpal and Freshly. We talk a little bit about the gains Mike has seen in a few short weeks of Crossfit. We discuss the Joe Rogan / Elon Musk podcast episode and the recent order of Kyle's Tesla and wrap up with discussion of the Google Cloud Summit hosted here in Seattle. Bibimbap


17: Online Dating

This episode we get into details of Mike's recent foray's into the online dating world using apps like Bumble. In order to prepare for meeting the ladies he also has joined a Crossfit gym to shape up but also to meet new people and cut down on the time he spends drinking. We also take a little time to talk about dating criteria that people have weather it's income, height, weight, eye color or something else. And we wrap up talking about a lawsuit brought against Match where it's alleged...


16: 2018 Macbook Pro

Mike's newest laptop has arrived and we are back with a new episode of the Coffee & Code Cast. We talk a little bit about why Mike decided to get the new macbook, software we use and some new details on a new endeavour.


15: Diva's

On this week's episode Kyle accuses Mike of being a developer diva and Mike talks about the numerous life changing events he has endured in the past few months. We discuss the recent decline in tech stocks, as well as recent fatal crashes involving autonomous vehicles and finally we discuss podcast apps and many peoples lack of using them.


14: Dead Hamsters

Mike's Satchel & Page bag has arrived so we discuss the product. Today's topic we discuss social media persona's and how to use them for personal and business. This week we debut a new segment the Reddit story of the day. In the news Amazon acquires Ring the doorbell company, General Motors is getting into the peer to peer car sharing business and Fortnite is coming to mobile devices. Movies and TV Shows: Sneaky PeteBetter Call SaulMy Next GuestStranger ThingsReady Player One


13: Over Your Skis

After a short break we catch up a bit before talking about todo/getting things done apps, Apple's HomePod is finally released, the Uber Waymo settlement and getting out over your skis in work and life.


12: Close to the Metal

This episode we switch to a new way of recording the show. We talk about how this show is empowering others as well as what categories does the Coffee & Code Cast fit into? We have a lot of feedback to last weeks episode and we talk about using generic tools rather than fully featured IDE's that help you out a lot. Finally in the news we talk about Uber, Project Fi, Amazon and more.


11: Storytelling

One episode 11 of the Coffee & Code cast we talk about more personal growth projects which is how this podcast started. This time we are talking about becoming better story tellers. We talk about some of the strange and cool products form CES and Kyle discovers Peak Design (@peakdesignltd) for photography products and in particular the Everyday Backpack.


10: Tell All Episode

This week we welcome our first guest to the show and do a deeper dive on net neutrality. We also discuss a number of new products being shown at CES, and our post show turns into a tell all.


8: You Know?

On episode 8 of the Coffee & Code Cast we talk about a great week of feedback on Facebook. In show news we talk about our new domain and a potential guest appearance on the next episode as well as Mike pulling the trigger on a new Dell XPS 13. In the news we discuss rapid prototyping tool Figma and in the news we discuss Google's new calendar refresh, Windows 10 Sets, the Firefox fiasco and in the post show we talk about customer service.


7: Speak With Authority

This week we talk about Mike's big plans for a new project in 2018. We also talk about Kyle's experiences being disappointed by people he looks up to. We look into the net neutrality ruling and discuss Apple's recent battery fiasco.


6: Marathon Episode

We're back from holiday break with a new episode. This week we catch up on happenings from the break and deep dive into Mike's search for a new ultrabook. Get in touch Email Twitter Show TwitterMike’s TwitterKyle’s Twitter Ask us a question on Twitter at #ask3c Visit us at our Website. Subscribe Itunes Google Play MusicSoundcloudStitcherTuneIn Radio


5: Iron My Shirt

This week is Thanksgiving and on the show we are discussing the technology that we are most thankful for as well as a new integration for Roomba. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Segments Sonos Bose Soundlink OE HeadphonesZipcarPlexPhilips Hue Roomba IFTTT support Get in touch Email Twitter Show TwitterMike’s TwitterKyle’s Twitter Ask us a question on Twitter at #ask3c Visit us at our Website. Subscribe Itunes Google Play MusicSoundcloudStitcherTuneIn Radio


4: Firefox Quantum

We're back with Episode 4 of the Coffee & Code Cast and this week we're following up on Mike's Remarkable Tablet, a quick followup in our conversation previously on what happened to Windows 9. We also talk about the recently released Firefox Quantum, and Apple's delayed Apple HomePod. Segments What happened to Windows 9Firefox QuantumFirefox Quantum - Why it's so speedyApple HomePod DelayedDirect TV NOW / Free Apple TV 4K Get in touch Email Twitter Show...


Quick Show Update

Just a quick show update to let you all know we're still here and we plan on publishing more episodes very soon and a new announcement on some cool new things in the works for the next episode! Get in touch Email Twitter Show TwitterMike’s TwitterKyle’s Twitter Ask us a question on Twitter at #ask3c Visit us at our Website. Subscribe Itunes Google Play MusicSoundcloudStitcherTuneIn Radio


3: Sponsorships

This week we follow up on Amazon Trunk delivery and Google's response to the Pixel 2 issues. We discuss a very cool new home automation lighting product called Noon and what home automation products we use at home. We also talk about our favorite tech companies and what would happen if they no longer existed. Segments Amazon TrunkGoogle responds to Pixel 2 XL IssuesNoon"Apple Is Not America's Favorite Tech Company" Get in touch Show TwitterMike’s TwitterKyle’s Twitter...


2: Parental Advisory

This episode of Coffee & Code Cast we are starting to find our groove and we start with some follow up on some things from last episode, talk about the Spinn coffee maker and reMarkable tablet. We also talk Amazon's new Key service and talk Uber's latest changes Segments IPhone Ten, not XSpinn Coffee MachinereMarkable tabletAmazon KeyUber new fee structureUber multi-way trips Get in touch Show TwitterMike’s TwitterKyle’s Twitter Ask us a question on Twitter at #ask3c Visit us at our...