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Chance Godwin is on a mission to solve complex communication problems. Join him as he interviews experts from a variety of industries including marketing, science, education and arts to discover the tools they use to send and receive complicated messages successfully.

Chance Godwin is on a mission to solve complex communication problems. Join him as he interviews experts from a variety of industries including marketing, science, education and arts to discover the tools they use to send and receive complicated messages successfully.
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Chance Godwin is on a mission to solve complex communication problems. Join him as he interviews experts from a variety of industries including marketing, science, education and arts to discover the tools they use to send and receive complicated messages successfully.




Complexity Story EP 19 - Meg Scarborough - Writing for Technical Subjects

Joining us today, Meg Scarborough is a natural communicator with expertise in B2B content marketing and brand messaging. She's have been working as a consultant full-time since 2015, and own a consultancy called Megawatt Content Marketing. She's worked with clients in industries including cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, adtech, martech, education, real estate services, travel, life sciences, and many more to reach new customers and audiences through the art of content. In her spare...


Complexity Story EP 18 - James Shea - Writing that Ranks

On today's episode we welcome James Shea. James is an award-winning author and journalist with over 15 years of communications experience. Today he creates web and SEO content but also write business-to-business and other marketing-related materials. Prior to his communications work, he had the privilege of being employed at some of the best community newspapers in the country. He spent time at the Hendersonville Times-News, which was voted the best small newspaper in North Carolina, and...


Complexity Story EP 17 - Megan Bozman - Content Marketing for Complex Technical Products

Today we are joined by Megan Bozman. A marketing veteran who's been working with technology companies for 20 years. She creates content to drive demand, in particular understanding and translating the value of technology to support go-to-market plans. Her specialty is in interviewing her client's customers to tell success stories through case studies and testimonial videos, and reporting on customer and prospect feedback to guide product roadmaps and marketing initiatives. Learn more...


Complexity Story EP 16 - Angela Patton - Discussing Difficult Social Issues

Today we welcome Angela Patton. As the leader of NPO Girls for a Change, Angela has been recognized in the local Richmond, VA press as a Top 40 under 40, by a coalition of girl serving groups in 2015 identifying Girls For A Change as one of five programs to note, establish a long-term partnership with the NoVo Foundation , and in 2016 by President Obama as A White House Champion of Change for After School programming for Marginalized Girls of Color. Angela is an Ambassador for who she calls...


Complexity Story EP 15 - Scott Hudson - Print Communications in a Digital Age

Today we are joined by Scott Hudson. Scott is a 29-year veteran of the printing Industry. He's a proud employee-owner at Worth Higgins & Associates, Central Virginia's largest sheet fed printer and communications partner where he serves as Director of Corporate Communications. His specialties include: Complete mastery of ink on paper. Print sales and consultation, museum/exhibit, corporate interior, retail and trade show graphics. Learn more about Scott: Linkedin -...


Complexity Story EP 14 - Mitchell Levy - Authoring Books to Open Doors

On today's episode we're joined by Mitchell Levy. Mitchell helps C-Suite Executives, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches & business owners get known as “thought leaders” & the “go to expert” in their field by becoming bestselling authors, providing a platform to help get on stages & generate multiple streams of income. Learn more about Mitchell: Linkedin - Website - Website - Website -...


Complexity Story EP 13 - Holly Buchanan - Earning Credibility in High Sensitivity Environments

On today's episode we're joined by Holly Buchanan. She is the CEO of Buchanan Marketing, LLC. She splits her time between Richmond, VA and the New York City area Holly Buchanan is a popular speaker, trainer, author and consultant. She has spent the last 15 years helping companies understand how to market and sell to different customer segments and decision making styles. Holly also specializes in understanding how professionals win and lose credibility, especially in high trust...


Complexity Story EP 12 - Interview with Mike Milauskas - Creativity Meets Analytics

Today on episode 12 we are joined by Mike Milauskas. Mike's worked in technology, marketing and creativity for over two decades. He's navigated a winding path through a variety of disciplines including web development, graphic design and most recently digital marketing. Currently he's the owner of Burbank Seo Experts where he helps his clients drive more traffic and sales using his creativity to breath some life into the sometimes dry analytics of search engine optimization. Learn more...


Complexity Story EP 11 - Interview with Alex Membrillo - Digital Marketing for Healthcare - SEO - Attribution for Marketing Content

In this episode we chat with Alex Membrillo owner of Cardinal Marketing - an agency that's been on the Inc. 1000 list 3 times. Alex and I discuss some of the unique challenges associated with marketing in healthcare, his philosophy of seo, some of the interesting solutions he's developed to better track and attribute lead generation in the digital marketing pipeline and some other rabbit trails I think you'll enjoy. Learn more about...


Complexity Story EP 10 - Interview with AJ James - IT to Marketing - Brand Voice - Inbound Marketing

In today's episode we chat with AJ James, owner of the Algernon, a firm that helps businesses develop systems for generating inbound leads. AJ has an interesting background starting with IT work in the DOD, Police and Military sectors and eventually evolving into a director of marketing. Join us as we explore his colorful background and learn how he uses his systematic approach to solving problems in the marketing space. Learn more about AJ: Website: Linkedin:...


Complexity Story EP 9 - Interview with Chad Stewart of McClatchy's Creative Lab - Transformation of the Writing Profession

In this episode we're joined by Chad Stewart of McClatchy's Creative lab to talk about his career in the writing profiession over the last 20 years. Things started off with a bang for him with his first day on the job as a professional writer taking place in on Sep 11 2001. We chat about various topics and trace the path of the role of a writer in the emerging internet age. Learn more about Chad: Website: Linkedin:...


Complexity Story EP 8 - Igor Yadgarov - SEO As One Piece in the Total Digital Marketing Strategy

In today's episode we have a conversation with a top search engine optimization provider based in Brooklyn New York. Igor Yadgarov eloquently discussed the function of SEO, how to shop for it, the importance of search intent, and the role video plays in getting found online. Learn more about Igor: Website: Linkedin: Learn More about Chance: Website - Youtube -...


Complexity Story EP 7 - Sam Anderson - Setting Expectations - The Role of Social Media - Brand Building

On this episode our guest Sam Anderson talks with us about being a serial entreprenuer - the exciting challenges that come with starting up a company - the hunt for new clients and the high you get from connecting personally with somebody you can help. Learn more about Sam through the links below: Website - & Linkedin - Email - Learn more about Chance in through...


Complexity Story EP 6 - James Denison - Conflict Mediation - Efficiency - Dealing with Dry Complex Topics

On our interview with James Denison, Marketing Director at HealthSavings Administrators we explored a variety of ideas. James is a poet and a copywriter who started out his academic career in engineering before realizing that his interest is in the craft of words. Some Big Ideas we explored in this conversation: The necessity of getting words down on paper and saving the editing for afterwards Recognizing that no matter how good you are as a communicator, your audience is responsible for...


Complexity Story EP 5 - Joe Doran Interview - How To Let Go of Ego and Advertise With Empathy

Are we trying to say too much at once? Do we really understand what's going on emotionally in the other person's mind? In our conversation with Joe Doran owner Wabash & Lake Advertising, we explore the importance of empathy and letting go of ego if we are going to work as effective tranlsators when solving communication problems. Big ideas in today's episode: > Empathy in Advertising > Letting go of the Ego when Communicating > Acting as translator for differeng groups of people > Data...


Complexity Story EP 4 - Andrew Holliday Interview - How to Narrow Your Audience and the Difference Between Branding and Marketing

How do you boil your brand down into a single sentence? In this episode Andrew Holliday of Special Sauce Branding shares with us how he helps fortune 500 clients down to small businesses keep things simple with a strong strategy that focuses on shrinking your audience down to a manageable size, then really getting to know them. Big ideas from today's episode: > We talk about his experience working with Wendy's to develop their kid's meal program > We talk about Answering tough questions...


Complexity Story EP 3 - With Chance Godwin - Persuasion & Comprehension

On today's epsiode, Chance explores the relationship between persuasion and comprehension. What makes the difference between good and bad persuasion. If you successfully educate someone on your idea, have you persuaded them? We'll tackle these questions and more. Big ideas from today's episode: > What is the role of comprehension in persuasion? > Why how does good education build trust, and why does trust matter? > What happens when you depend on education to do all the work? > Why is...


Complexity Story EP 2 - Interview with Chris Dawson - Communicating Between Different Personality Types and Marketing a Category-Defying Product

On today's episode we are joined by Chris Dawson of the Maple Project. Chris has worked in a variety of complex communication roles involving change managment for large organizations. She shifted her focus in 2007 toward coaching and consulting and in 2017 launched the Maple app, a tool designed to help individuals and coaches manage the personal growth process. We had a great conversation where we discussed... > The challenges of marketing a category defying product > Facilitating...


Complexity Story EP 1 - Chance Godwin - What is Communication?

Communication is complex for a lot of reasons. This show aims to unpack the challenges with effective communication and explore the tools and techniques that can help you get the idea across. In today's episode Chance discusses the scope of the podcast's goals and digs into several interesting problems that arize when we try to share a complicated idea. Today's topic: Defining Communication Big ideas we'll tackle: > What is the Complexity Story Podcast About? > What how did Chance get...


Introduction to Complexity Story

Hello and welcome to the Complexity Story Podcast. I'm your host Chance Godwin, owner of Godwin Media and on this show we explore the topic of tough communication problems. In the following episodes we'll take a look at the factors that make difficult to share ideas effectively. We'll be joined by guests from a variety of disciplines including marketing, education, science and engineering along with many others. I'll also be taking a deep dive into topics that I frequently encounter in my...