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Blockchain, geopolitics, innovation




Blockchain, geopolitics, innovation






Alex Chitea - Managing Partner @ Funston Capital

"A lot of ethical, if you will, or moral questions are being asked already. Most American companies promote American values and protect democracy, and things like freedom of speech. But for example in countries like Malaysia Facebook had a major problem with freedom of speech, because the First Amendment does not apply there." A relaxed talk about startups, macro economics, blockchain, tech diplomacy, late stage investing and San Francisco with Alex Chitea - Managing Partner @ Funston Capital.


Her Excellency Ms. Laurence Auer - French Ambassador to Romania

"At this stage, the conventional war is what we see. Conventional media as well. But what we have to handle now are the consequences of this situation. So as we know, the economy is at stake, but also the social cohesion in Europe. And it is true that it's a communication war, it's an opinion war." An interesting conversation with Her Excellency Ms. Laurence Auer - French Ambassador to Romania about geopolitics, blockchain, digital diplomacy and NFTs.


Vladimir Oane - Founder & CEO @ Deepstash

"...a lot of our systems are fundamentally based on the threat of violence. I'm not saying that people will not do horrible things, but now we have a system that is built on the idea of violence. Money, taxes, regulations, inflation, all of these things are imposed on you. There's no contract, you have no saying in it, you cannot opt out. So if you disagree, there's always the threat of being thrown in jail or bad things happening to you. So a system that is based on the threat of violence creates major issues in our society and blockchain at least offers a way out." A great talk with Vladimir Oane - founder and CEO @ Deepstash - about libertarianism, crypto, history, a better society and blockchain.


His Excellency Mr. Doru Costea - Romanian Ambassador to China

"Fake news and disinformation pose a threat to democracy. They pose a threat to the functioning of democratic institutions, which is something we've seen already. But more more serious than that, they attack the very essence of democracy. It is a very paradoxical thing, if I may put it that way." An interesting conversation with His Excellency Mr. Doru Costea - Romanian Ambassador to China about geopolitics and technology, fake news, digital diplomacy and blockchain.


Mircea Pașoi - Engineering Manager @ Facebook (Novi Financial)

"Most people don't beat the market. But that's exactly what you make with these individual bets. So if you want to buy individual stocks, I would consider that a medium risk. How much you put in high risk is a personal choice, you can put zero in high risk and that's great or you can add 50% in high risk. And that also ends up being a very personal perspective. Yeah, crypto's definitely high risk." Mircea worked for Twitter, Coinbase, Novi (Facebook) and Clubhouse. We had an interesting talk about security, wealth management and investing, crypto adoption and doing good with blockchain.


Paris Nikolopoulos - General Manager @ Coca-Cola Romania

"...most importantly, enable the curation when we are talking specifically about this area of NFTs. They are enabling the best out of people if they want to curate and to really help the fans achieve their own interest and purposes. So this could be a little bit of a paradox if we're talking about blockchain, about decentralisation and then here I come to say that this is how it should be done. I think that this could be a paradox." An interesting talk with Paris Nikolopoulos - General Manager @Coca-Cola Romania about how big brands may use blockchain to add transparency within their organisations and better engage with their clients, and why not use NFTs.


Antonio Éram - Founder and CEO @ Netopia Payments

"So the point is that we have for the first time in the history of the humanity a system of storing and transferring value that cannot be controlled by anyone and that is very transparent, very easy to use, very easy to understand once you get it and that it's free. Basically the technology is free because if you look a little bit back, the first implementation of of blockchain was Bitcoin." A great discussion with Antonio Éram - Founder and CEO @ Netopia Payments about blockchain, Bitcoin and sound money.