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A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.

A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.
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A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.






Episode 404: We’re Never Doing This Ever

Manton and Daniel talk about the FBI's renewed demand that Apple provide iPhone-cracking services. They discuss when it would be acceptable, if ever, for Apple to provide such assistance, and the slippery slope of saying yes even once. Daniel follows up on his growing sureness that he will drop support for Blogger from MarsEdit, and Manton talks a little more about his upcoming book on Microblogging.


Episode 403: I Can’t Do This

Daniel talks to Manton about his ongoing struggle to support Google's Blogger platform in MarsEdit, and his inclination to drop support for it. They talk about weighing the merits of supporting one platform or another, and the virtue in general of latching onto growing platforms instead dying platforms.


Episode 402: A Bespoke Failure

Manton catches Daniel up about his looming book deadline, taking stock of the effect of overworking oneself. Daniel talks about getting past his hangups that might be blocking business success. And in the spirit of the New Year, they revisit a list of Manton’s 2005-era ambitions, and Daniel's 1999 New Year's Resolutions.


Episode 401: It’s Not A Bad Computer

Daniel and Manton talk about the 2019 Mac Pro and the shocking price of high-end configurations. They debate whether the company who makes "the computer for the rest of us" should be selling $50K computers, or if it risks taking focus away on selling products for "everyday people." Finally, Manton takes stock of the challenge of meeting his Microblogging book deadline, and Daniel tries to convince himself to postpone the deadline.


Episode 400: With The Help Of Mark Zuckerberg

Manton and Daniel celebrate episode 400 by inviting Oisín Prendiville to join them for a conversation ranging from Oisín's podcasting app Castro and the virtues of selling it to Tiny, to the state of the podcasting industry, to a story of bicycle theft and recovery.


Episode 399: It Could Be Brilliant

Daniel celebrates the successful launch of Black Ink 2.0, while Manton acknowledges the two year anniversary of's public debut. They talk more about the virtues of setting deadlines, and about setting goals and meeting them as a way of meriting your own work more. Next they consider the difficulty of putting on a confident marketing persona, and the pleasure of being able to honestly claim superiority in some market niche. Finally, Manton gives us a progress report on his goal...


Episode 398: Beat The Boss

Manton talks to Daniel about embracing the power of deadlines as he reviews his success in "meeting with his boss." They compare the strategy Daniel is using to more formalized methodologies such as Agile and their use of "sprints." Manton talks through his excitement and anxiety over meeting the January 2 deadline for his Microblogging book. Finally, they talk about various scenarios where "getting it good enough to ship" helps to both get the job done and edit a potentially oversized...


Episode 397: We Didn’t Make A Decision

Daniel and Manton talk about Manton's newly announced ship date for the Indie Microblogging book, on the anniversary of his original Kickstarter. Daniel looks at refining his plans for Black Ink 2's freemium pricing approach. Findally, they look forward to episode 400 and wonder if they should shake things up with the podcast for episodes 401 and beyond.


Episode 396: It’s Better Than It Was

Manton and Daniel rejoice in Apple's announcement of an all new 16" MacBook Pro, and look forward to a bright future for Mac portables. Daniel catches Manton up on the latest meeting with "his boss", and the resulting deadline he has agreed to in order to get Black Ink 2 shipped. Finally, Manton shares that he has also given himself a deadline to ship the Microblogging book he started writing almost three years ago!


Episode 395: No Strengths Whatsoever

Daniel and Manton try to take stock of long-term personal goals, thinking of how they align with and overlap with money-making goals. Manton reports back after watching Matt Mullenweg's "State of the Word" talk at WordCamp US. Manton reflects on the important of simplicity for in contrast to WordPress, while Daniel considers that MarsEdit also serves as a more complex interface to Finally, they digest the latest Apple announcements, focusing on the merits of the new...


Episode 394: Facing Hard Facts

Daniel reports back after his first meeting "with his boss," deciding he's a little strict, but not too bad. They talk about the goals of trying to be more accountable even if you're working for yourself, and adding structure to an indie business plan. Manton shares details about the new feature supporting easy domain name registrations. Happy Halloween!


Episode 393: Make Up Random Deadlines

Daniel returns from Amsterdam with cookies and Dutch Pokemon magazines, and talks a bit about the work-sponsored trip. Manton helps Daniel take stock of his challenges with Red Sweater, and prioritizing the right work to do given his limited time. Finally, Daniel shares his plans for a strategy to be a more effective self-manager.


Episode 392: A Very Strange Rollout

Daniel and Manton talk about the public release of macOS 10.15 Catalina, question the wisdom of Apple doing it without any warning, and wonder about why they might have done so. They talk about Manton's experience notarizing for Mac, and the importance of notarizing for all Mac developers. Finally, they react to the first crop of Catalyst apps on the Mac, and guess at whether the future of the Mac will be more like iOS, or something of a compromise.


Episode 391: Stuff Just Looming Over You

Daniel and Manton talk about Microsoft's special hardware event, and the new Surface tablets they announced. They compare Microsoft and Apple’s modern approach to multi-platform support. Manton considers adding Search ads for in the App Store, in an attempt to overcome shortcomings of App Store search results. Finally, they talk about Daniel's efforts to fix very long-standing bugs in FastScripts, and strategize a plan for getting Manton out of customer-support debt.


Episode 390: There’s A Communication Problem

Manton finds a workaround to his Sign in with Apple email problems! Daniel argues first that DTS should support pre-release software, and they discuss possible compromise approaches. Finally, they remark on Apple's vigorous marketing push, and the thrill of promoting products we are proud of.


Episode 389: It Feels Like A Big Release

Daniel orders an iPhone 11, while Manton decides to wait for the dust to settle. They touch on strategies for handing down, recycling or selling old phones. Manton prepares to ship an update for iOS 13 to support Dark Mode and Sign in With Apple. Finally, they talk about Apple Arcade’s apparently successful launch, and the subsequent risk to our personal productivity.


Episode 388: This One Dealbreaker Shortcoming

Manton and Daniel talk about Apple's September event, and weigh the allure of new iPhones and Watches. They examine the impact of Apple Arcade on game developers, and whether it foretells a future where Apple creates subscription bundles for other types of apps. Manton shares his experience of adding Dark Mode and Sign in With Apple support to, while Daniel prepares for macOS 10.15 Catalina.


Episode 387: Write The Code And Ship It

Daniel talks to Manton about his decision to open source some Mac software, and making a conscious choice to publish it under the Red Sweater name. They talk about the balance of promoting onself vs. promoting one's company brand. Manton talks about two new features he's added to, and they discuss the fact that the size and impact of features are often unrelated to the amount of time and effort that goes into them.


Episode 386: Just Say The Word Privacy

Manton and Daniel review Apple's updated policies on Siri "grading", how they reflect Apple's values, and the extent to which Tim Cook's personal reputation is on the line. They compare the policies to other companies including Amazon and Faceboo. Daniel catches us up on his further impressions of Amazon's Echo and laments the absence in Apple's product lineup of a "just throw it in your bag" sized HomePod-style speaker.


Episode 385: Have Some Faith In Myself

Danel talks to Manton about his reflections on the merit of seeking to "revolutionize" something with a software product, vs. simply trying to "make a nice thing." They discuss the relatively revolutionary ambition of, and the sometimes non-revolutionary game of catch-up that Daniel plays with MarsEdit. Manton catches us up on his analysis of Tumblr in the wake of the Automattic acquisition, talks about some new features he's building in the wake of that, and takes Daniel mildly...