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Natalyia Hearn of Crypto Chicks on Crypto Clothesline

This week, in our interview with the dynamic and ground-breaking Nataliya Hearn of Cryptochicks, we learn about the myriad of ways that Nataliya and her committed female (and male) crew, are bringing blockchain technology and related technologies to the front for women all over the world from the US and Canada, where Cryptochicks first started, to Hackathons for women from Asia, Africa and beyond. Nataliya truly resonates with us being a mother of three boys, an engineer, a dancer and...


Tone Vays - Crypto Trader and YouTube Influencer on Crypto Clothesline

Tone Vays is a well versed crypto trader and influencer with nearly 80,000 YouTube subscribers and is a former Wall Street trader and vice president of JP Morgan Chase. We are absolutely honoured to have Tone on the show to chat with us about the skills everyone needs in crypto trading to minimise risk and to grasp the fundamentals to stay safe in the space. We try not to stop at the basics of crypto trading as the pressing question on the lips of many women in crypto lingers – What...


Naomi Brockwell (Bitcoin Girl) on Crypto Clothesline

Naomi Brockwell, our guest this week, is like a crypto-chameleon, moving through life metamorphoses with amazing projects including: working as an actress, musician and dancer; co-founding The Soho Forum where there are monthly debates on topics of interest to libertarians; emceeing various international events including Consensus18 and traveling the world; creating Bitcoin Girl and other funky pop takes on the crypto world from Bitcoin Girl to Satoshi’s whitepaper; having her own...


Roger Ver of discusses the Free Ross Campaign on the Crypto Clothesline - Part 3

In the third installment of our three part series on the Free Ross Campaign ( we chat with Roger Ver about Ross Ulbricht. This 3 part series is dedicated to Ross Ulbricht, the man behind the Silk Road eCommerce website who is serving a double life sentence plus 40 years for victimless crimes. Roger Ver is the founder of, he is a libertarian and a loyal supporter of the Free Ross campaign. The interview with Roger revealed that the fundamental reasons behind...


Lyn Ulbricht & Roger Ver Discuss the Free Ross Campaign on the Crypto Clothesline - Part 2

In the second installment of our three part series on the Free Ross Campaign ( we share the second half of our interview with Lyn Ulbricht and we rally further momentum with the support of Roger Ver revealing the physical effects the campaign is having on Lyn and her family. Our conversation deepens almost immediately when we ask about the emotional, financial, psychological and mental impact on her life. “Mental. Yes, absolutely. You're right. I mean literally I almost...


Lyn Ulbricht mother of Ross Ulbricht discussing the Free Ross Campaign on Crypto Clothesline - Part 1

In the first instalment of our three part series on the Free Ross Campaign ( we introduce Lyn Ulbricht, the dedicated mother of Ross Ulbricht. Lyn’s heartbreaking and tragic journey with her son began when Ross was convicted of seven charges and a double life sentence plus 40 years condemning Ross to die behind bars. We chat to Lyn about the site created by her son – ‘Silk Road’ once found on the dark web (and which is no longer online). We discuss the extreme sentencing...


Luigi Antonuccio & Jitender Soodan of Refueler on Crypto Clothesline

One thing in life we accept however disgruntled is the price is fuel while we kick ourselves for missing that "low" day for filling up and continue to pay the premium regardless. This week we jump back in our time machine to the Block Conscious summit where we held live interviews with Luigi and Jitender from Refueler. Refueler is an app putting fuel on the blockchain. Thanks to these guys we are about to have an app that lets us see the prices of fuel in real-time before being able to...


Jerry Farsoun of Leelou on Crypto Clothesline

This week we interview Jerry Farsoun the founder of Leelou, an app designed to keep our kids safe. Brace yourself as we travel through the conversation with some warm and fuzzies as well as some reality shocks around the story behind this incredible new application. Ironically, this episode was recorded on R U OK day in Australia, a day in which we recognize the need for a conversation and the necessary support required for those considering suicide. The story unfolds as Jerry speaks...


Katrina Donaghy of Civic Ledger on Crypto Clothesline

This week we chat with Katrina Donaghy Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Civic Ledger about blockchain applications and everyday life. With a buzzing Brisbane airport in the backdrop of this interview Katrina explains her journey into blockchain technology and her call to action: "If we're going to realise this potential, got to look back and start educating... How do we actually put this technology into schools so kids can start understand solidity programming?" Katrina is a mother, business...


Kieran Mesquita: Early Bitcoin Developer on Crypto Clothesline

TRUE or FALSE? Bitcoin (with thanks to blockchain) is unbreakable, unhackable and without fault because blockchain technology is the next biggest thing since sliced bread and the internet. False. This week we interview Kieran Mesquita, a Blockchain developer at Blockboxx and an early adopter of cryptocurrency. Kieran was one of the few developers with the skills to tackle a recently found bug in the Bitcoin source code. Kieran being a first mover has an insight into the world of Bitcoin...


Ladies on the Lounge: Women to the Front! on Crypto Clothesline

This week we head back in time to the greatest fun we have had together at the BlockConscious Summit 2018, in Brisbane. Here we were blessed to have seen over 50 speakers during the course of three days. We enjoyed amazing after-parties and rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in the industry BUT the best part was the Clothesline Couch hidden away at the conference centre. Our little lounge room was walled with banners and softened with a coffee table and magazines: just like...


Shireen Yip from Travel By Bit on Crypto Clothesline

Shireen Yip. COO of Travel By Bit is a kite surfer and traveller... She found that one of the problems with travelling was the complexity that comes with exchanging currencies. Shireen and her partner Caleb built Travel By Bit from the ground up and have made travelling with crypto easy using their technology. Join us for for this inspiring episode with Shireen as we learn all about the town of 1770, paying for our holidays with crypto and how this incredible woman is paving the way for...


Zia Word of Chozun on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

This week is a biggie, we interview Zia Word from Chozun. We have two sides of this coin where Abheeti is a travel bug and Amy-Rose needs to be pried out of the country if you want her to travel. Chozun was created by two amazing women Zia Word and Teresa Truda who are two friends who share a love of travel and blockchain. This week take a journey of your own with us as we hear how Chozun is disrupting the travel industry.


Chris Dorian of Buildsort on Crypto Clothesline

The building and construction industry is riddled with points of failure from the speed with technology adoption, environmental sustainability all the way to lack of communication between key players in a project. This week we interview Chris Dorian the co-founder of Buildsort and the man behind the software. On the clothesline we promote projects that are going to positively impact on the planet and women who are making waves in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Buildsort is set...


Alex Tinsman - Regional Head of NEM North America on Crypto Clothesline

This week we interview the brilliant Alex Tinsman who is the Regional Head for NEM North America and the mother of three brilliant crypto kiddies. Alex has had a career many would be envious of - from creating the Inside NEM YouTube series (which quickly became the official channel of NEM) and online gaming. In this episode, we dive into how NEM works and although we are slightly confused we know that projects like Travel By Bit (one of our favorites) are using the NEM platform and two of...


Stevie Ghiassi of LegalerAid on Crypto Clothesline

Stevie Ghiassi is the CEO of Legaler: a secure online law communication platform, and LegalerAid: a platform for crowdfunding on the Blockchain. LegalerAid is a new model that brings unprecedented transparency, using Blockchain technology to deliver legal services to the disadvantaged in our communities by incentivising lawyers to do pro bono work. In addition, there's a token element: a bit like a frequent flyer point system. You can now raise funds for social justice cases through smart...


Deryck Graham of First Digital Capital on Crypto Clothesline

Today we met with Deryck Graham of First Digital Capital, who’s sponsoring the live community event ‘Blockchain Economy’ happening next week in Perth, on Tues 21st August with a view to attracting crypto enthusiasts, blockchain professionals, investors and those simply wanting to learn more about all of the above. The main purpose of the event being education and networking. Guest speakers include a veritable New York line up starting with Dr Scott Stornetta, Co-Inventor of the Blockchain,...


Angela Wright of Noble ICO on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

This week we were honoured to have Angela Write from Noble ICO on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast. Angela is focussed on humanity plus businesses that are profitable for people, planet and the greater good. When describing Noble ICO as a business Angela explains that “Life is too short to be involved in anything that isn’t true to your values” and goes on to say that crypto and blockchain are like business x1000 because things happen so fast in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We also...


Comedian Michael Connell on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

What a breath of fresh air speaking to Australian Bitcoin comedian Michael Connell. Michael first heard about cryptocurrencies and digital alternatives to Fiat cash money when he worked as a copywriter in an investment firm back in 2015/16. Lucky Michael! He learnt then, with some surprise and possibly a little dismay, that the current monetary paper cash-based system was backed up by…absolutely nothing! He learnt that the digital money he saw on the screen when ‘banking’ or withdrawing cash...


Dr Jane Thomason of Digital Transformation on Crypto Clothesline

This week on the clothesline we interview Dr Jane Thomason an inspiration to women and men everywhere. Dr Thomason - CEO Blockchain Quantum Impact, has been traveling since she was 14, dedicating much of her life to the wellbeing of others at home and abroad. Jane explains her experience aiding in the reconstruction after the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 which was believed to be the deadliest tsunami in history, killing more than 230,000 people across 14 countries. Jane went on to say that she...