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005| Demystifying Hardware Security, with Andrea Barisani

With the disclosure of Meltdown and Spectre early this year, hardware security has come into focus. What are the special challenges of securing hardware versus software? What about securing high-risk industries like aviation and automotive? In this fascinating episode, Andrea Barisani, head of hardware security at F-Secure, shares why we should be thankful for Meltdown, why security problems do not equal safety problems, the one piece of advice he would give hardware manufacturers, and...


004| Security, Privacy and the IoT, with Steve Lord

The Internet of Things promises futuristic smart homes, energy savings and efficiencies, and improvements to health and well-being. But the IoT still has a long way to go before we can safely enjoy these benefits - currently, it threatens our security and privacy. Steve Lord, a 20-year industry veteran and director at Mandalorian, joins the show to talk about the IoT, from smart cars and TVs to Amazon Alexa and Apple Health. You'll learn why companies love your data, the biggest...


003| Data Breaches: Bridging the Gap

Data breaches. They're every organization's worst fear. Why are companies so ill-prepared, and what are companies missing in their approach to data breaches? Host Janne Kauhanen is joined by Marko Buuri, Principal Risk Management Consultant at F-Secure, and Tuomo Makkonen, Principal Security Consultant, to give you the lowdown on breaches and what you need to know. Links: Episode 3 blog post


002| Breaking Into Infosec: Advice from an Ethical Hacker

Between zero day news flashes and stunt hacking reports, there are a lot of false conceptions about what it's like to be an infosec professional. So what should you focus on to get into the world of infosec testing or to become a security consultant? What background do you need? How valuable are conferences and certifications? These are just a few of the questions our guest Tom Van de Wiele answers to help you on your way in this rewarding field. Tom is a principal security consultant at...


Episode 1: Antivirus in the Hot Seat, with Mikko Hypponen

The recent allegations against Russian antivirus vendor Kaspersky have prompted wider questions about antivirus in general - how it operates and what sort of data it collects from customer machines. In the first episode of Cyber Security Sauna, F-Secure's chief research officer Mikko Hypponen joins host Janne Kauhanen to answer these questions. You'll also hear his thoughts on Kaspersky and why it's important to trust your vendor. Links: Episode 1 blog post Episode 1 transcript FAQ:...


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