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Hosted by two former federal agents who investigated computer crime, this is a technology Podcast covering Computer Security, Computer Crime and Computer Forensics Topics.

Hosted by two former federal agents who investigated computer crime, this is a technology Podcast covering Computer Security, Computer Crime and Computer Forensics Topics.


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Hosted by two former federal agents who investigated computer crime, this is a technology Podcast covering Computer Security, Computer Crime and Computer Forensics Topics.




HackerNinjaScissors - Lauren Pearce - Journey of a Malware Analyst

HackerNinjaScissors -- With Bret Padres. Today we talk with Lauren Pearce - a member of the IR team and a malware analyst for Los Alamos National Labs. Lauren shares with us her journey to become a malware analyst and talks about the importance of flailing and mentorship. I have a few free tickets to give out, so let me know if you want free tickets to the 2017 Incident Response Forum on April 4th, 2017, at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. More info here ->...


HackerNinjaScissors - Robert M Lee - Cyber Threat Intel

New show in the Feed! HackerNinjaScissors -- With Bret Padres. New CyberSpeak Podcast reboot in the works. In the mean time check out this new show. In the inaugural show of HackerNinjaScissors, Bret Padres interviews Robert M Lee. Robert M. Lee is the CEO and Founder of the critical infrastructure cyber security company Dragos where he has a passion for control system traffic analysis, digital forensics, and threat intelligence research. He is also a non-resident...


CyberSpeak Aug 31 2015 - SRUM

CyberSpeak is BACK and we hope to publish a monthly podcast (more if I'm lucky). This episode on CyberSpeak we briefly discuss possible implications to U.S. forensicators with the release of the Ashley Madison database (hopefully not). We also have a great interview with Yogesh Khatri, an assistant professor at Champlain College and a security researcher about the SRUM or System Resourse Usage Monitor forensic artifact. Website of the week: Has your email been Pwned? Check it out here ->...


CyberSpeak Feb 18, 2013 - Recon Mission

This episode of CyberSpeak we conduct recon on Mark Spencer and his new Windows registry analysis tool Registry Recon. Mark is the President of Arsenal Consulting. This new registry tool could change the way we analyze the Windows registry. No longer will you be satisfied just looking st the current/active registry.


January 2013 CyberSpeak - Solid State Hard Drives Interview w/James Wiebe

Happy 2013! I'm back and going to try to start getting some more shows out for you. This show we talk to James Wiebe, Director of Foensic Business Devleopment at WiebeTech about solid state hard drives, his research and the forensic implications. Email me at cyberspeak at gmail dot com if you have some suggestions for future show topics you want to hear.


CyberSpeak May 7, 2012 - Volume Shadow Copies

This episode we discuss running AV and malware detection software on your forensic workstation and have an interview with Corey Harrell and discuss analyzing Volume Shadow Copies.


CyberSpeak - Special New Tool Release

This special episode of CyberSpeak is an interview with Ken Privette with NUIX about their new tool release this morning called Proof Finder. They are releasing 1,000 copies for $100 each of this new tool. Go get a copy before they are all gone at This special limited edition tool is limited to 10G of data. What does 10G of data look like, Nuix says it is an average of 241,165 Emails or 20333 Documents or 7069 Spreadsheets or 25514 Images. It can ingest all major...


CyberSpeak Sep 26 2011 Registry Decoder

This week on CyberSpeak I interview Andrew Case, one of the developers of Registry Decoder, a National Institute of Justice sponsored application. Find it at


CyberSpeak August 28 2011

This week on CyberSpeak, a quick thanks to everyone for pitching in on the ForensicsWiki - I saw over 100 new entries on everything from Sticky notes, mounting images, jump lists to people's BIOS. Jim Emailed asking who the mystery voice was in out CyberSpeak Sweepers - Karl over from CyberCon Security Solutions said wrote in to say he just ran across this site today and thought it might be a great resource for the listeners. It is not focused on Cyber Security but the concepts are the...


CyberSpeak August 21, 2011

CYBERSPEAK Notes - Aug 21st, 2011 Administrative I attended a nice Apple Forensic Event this week in Reston VA - Saw a lot of friends and had a good time. Ryan gave a great presentation on Apple forensics. Ryan runs the Paraben's Forensic Innovation Conference PFIC is fast approaching and you know, it's becoming one of the the must attend conference each year for digital forensic and eDiscovery professionals. This year, there are seven pre-conference bootcamps that...


CyberSpeak August 15, 2011

This week on CyberSpeak, Luby and Jared Save the GMail Planet, Detective Garcia uncovers Fraud on Sesame Street. Congrats to the Secret Service and FBI on a great investigation of a 26 year old Brooklyn man who plead guilty in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, VA for his role in managing a credit card fraud operation that operated throughout the East Coast of the United States. California Prosecutors will not file charges against Gizmodo for its purchase of an iPhone 4 prototype (boo)....


CyberSpeak August 8 2011

Chris Hanesn caught cheating...on his mistress Launch of the CDFS, DFirst starts this week and more.


CyberSpeak July 18, 2011

A quick show with George Starcher discussing his experience with password cracking using Access Data’s DNA and Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud. Check out his video tutorials at We also discussed his Crowbar tool,, Web picks of the weeks are and


CyberSpeak-Forensics and the 4th Amendment

This week on CyberSpeak, a listener alerted me to my faux pas with the names on the Casey Anthony case, the two that testified about computer forensics were Sandy and Kevin (not Steve) and of all things, I called the Bresident of Access Data Brian Carrier instead of Brian Karney. Sorry guys! This weeks interview of Josh Goldfoot, an attorney and author of the recent paper titled ”The Physical Computer and the Fourth Amendment” published in the Berkley Journal of Criminal Law. This paper...


CyberSpeak June 20 2011

This week (OK, this quarter) on CyberSpeak, FTK 4 coming out using Postgres database rather than Oracle. During listener email we discuss if special language is needed for search warrants when collecting volatile data, imaging RAM or conducting on scene triage. Imaging SSD drives using the WinFE boot disk solution ( and a shout out to Sandy and Steve for their great testimony in the Casey Anthony trial. Check it out at on Day 24 segment 4-6. In the news, A...


CyberSpeak April 5, 2011 Watch out, Here Comes the Garbage Collector

Interview with Scott Moulton, leading forensic authority on Solid State Drive Forensics


CyberSpeak Jan 16, 2011 - Prefetch Yourself

FREE 16Gig IPADs for everyone!!! Have I got a deal for you. Have you experienced a feeling of inadequacy? Feel like you're not in the "In Crowd"? When sitting at a Starbucks, on the metro or just lounging around the house, do you feel like you could be so much more productive but something's missing. Don't despair, SANS is coming to the rescue. That's right, book your SANS 408, 414, 560 Class or ANY 4-5-or 6 Day course offered via ONDEMAND now through February 2, and receive a FREE 16GB WiFi...


CyberSpeak November 16, 2010

Last show for two weeks. I'm traveling to Bangkok and Singapore. See you in 2 weeks. Send me Email.


CyberSpeak November 8, 2010

This week we have interview with Kristinn Gudjonsson, developer of Log2TimeLine. Kristinn gives us an update on what is on the road ahead for Log2TimeLine. In Listener Email Joe from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College wrote in to say that blanking the password or even cracking the password is possible without the LiveView LE version. Luby Wrote in to tell how much he enjoyed SANS 508 and learning about SuperTimelines. Luby also explains how open wireless access points can eliminate the...


CyberSpeak November 1, 2010

This week on CyberSpeak we have listener email, an interview with Raphael Bousquet, CTO and Co-Founder of ADF Solutions , Web site of the week is a real productivity app called Rescuetime. P.S. Sorry for the slight audio problem, I accidentally turned up my gain knob on my mixer. George did his usual magic to fix it. One, last thing, Rob lee and SANS provided a 50% discount code for LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY, good on any SANS training class. Listen to the show for the code....and no, they...