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David McCourt billionaire entrepreneur, author of Total Rethink, founder and chair of Granahan McCourt Capital

David McCourt is an Irish-American entrepreneur and founder of Granahan McCourt Capital. McCourt speaks about his new book "Total Rethink: Why Entrepreneurs Should Act Like Revolutionaries." McCourt is one of the world’s most successful, award-winning business people, widely recognized for using technology and innovation to improve the lives of underserved communities by deploying new revolutionary ways of thinking. Over the last thirty years he has founded or bought twenty companies in nine...


Shafer Minnick founder of Pulse House of Fitness

Today's guest is Shafer Minnick, owner and founder of PULSE House of Fitness which features DC’s first and only VersaClimber fitness studio. Shafer is a former SoulCycle instructor who discovered the VersaClimber when he was undergoing physical therapy after a work-related injury and is betting big that people in the District will love the experience—not to mention the brief, half-hour workouts that take place at PULSE. Shafer also discusses his own personal fitness journey from achieving...


Dr. Joesph Cardillo author of Body Intelligence: Harness Your Body's Energies for Your Best Life

In this episode we catch up with Dr. Joseph Cardillo, PhD, an inspirational speaker and sought after expert on personal energy with a conversation about how entrepreneurs can stay energized and avoid burn-out. Dr. Joe is a nationally best-selling author of several books in the fields of health, mind-body-spirit, and psychology. His books include Body Intelligence – Harness Your Body’s Energies for Your Best Life; Can I Have Your Attention- How to Think Fast, Find Your Focus and Sharpen Your...


Hannah Olson CEO and co-founder of Chronically Capable

After getting diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Hannah Olson's mind was intact, but the physical demands of a traditional 9-5 job were not compatible with her treatment—nearly forcing her out of the workforce. Rather than accept this fate, Hannah founded Chronically Capable on the simple belief that no one should ever have to decide between their health or their ambitions. Over 133 million Americans suffer from a chronic illness and have to sacrifice their dreams to accommodate their illness....


Martin Ditto President and CEO of Ditto Residential

Martin Ditto, President and CEO of Ditto Residential, a leading-edge urban design and development company, is guest on this episode of DC Entrepreneur. Ditto is looking to make his mark in "wellness real estate" and build out a co-living concept in the District.


Kestrel Linder, CEO and co-founder GiveCampus

George speaks with Kestrel Linder, CEO of GiveCampus on this episode of DC Trep. GiveCampus is a digital fundraising and volunteer management platform for educational institutions which is used by more than 600 leading schools around the country. Kestrel talks about the need to modernize philanthropy for the next generation and how technology can help higher ed institutions keep their alumni engaged by making fundraising an enjoyable and social experience.


Chad Hall, founder and CEO of remodelmate

George speaks with Chad Hall, the founder and CEO of remodelmate, a marketplace for buying, selling, and managing home renovations online. Prior to founding remodelmate, Hall worked in sales and growth at Washington, D.C.-based, online daily deals company LivingSocial and as a product specialist at regional general contracting powerhouse Long Fence and Home.


Andrew Dana, co-owner Timber Pizza and Call Your Mother deli

Andrew Dana, is guest on today's episode. He's the co-owner of DC's highly successful, Timber Pizza Co and buzzed-about new sister restaurant, Call Your Mother (a Jew-ish deli.) From the "Boca Raton-meets-Brooklyn" interior at the deli to serving up delicious pies from their mobile wood-fired pizza truck, this native Washingtonian is bringing something new to the DC food scene.


Jason Fudin, CEO of WhyHotel

George speaks with Jason Fudin CEO and co-founder of WhyHotel, an alternative lodging service that operates pop-up hotels in newly built, luxury apartment buildings. His startup recently secured $10 million in Series A funding from Highland Capital Partners after scoring $3.9 million in seed funding earlier this year. WhyHotel has properties in DC and Baltimore and is expanding into Ballston Quarter, Centro Arlington and The Boro in Tysons.


Justin Antonipillai, CEO WireWheel, former Under Secretary at the U.S. Department of Commerce

This episode's guest is Justin Antonipillai CEO of WireWheel, a cloud-based data privacy and protection platform that helps companies manage compliance with global privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA. Justin is the former acting Under Secretary at the U.S. Department of Commerce working under Secretary Penny Pritzker during the Obama administration. There, he led the Economics and Statistics Administration, which includes two of our nation's leading information agencies: the Census...


Byron Reese, CEO Gigaom; Author of The Fourth Age, Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity

Author, futurist, and entrepreneur Byron Reese speaks about robots, AI, and the future of technology and humanity. Find out about the differences between general AI and narrow AI, the ethics of technology and innovation, and if robots will take all our jobs through automation. Byron is a great thinker and thought leader about technology, and his vision of the future is generally an optimistic one. We talk about his book The Fourth Age, which give a history of the evolution of tools in our...


Melanie Charlton and Julie Weber, partners at Brllnt

George speaks with Melanie Charlton and Julie Weber, the partners of Brllnt on this episode. We talk about the stark realities of running a marketing agency, the art of compromise in entrepreneurship, and their journey of keeping a marketing design firm afloat during a rough patch. They also talk about what they've learned working for some of their clients, and how they lead their company with both candor and compassion.


Casey Berman, Managing Director of Camber Creek venture capital firm

In this episode you'll hear from Casey Berman the Managing Director of Camber Creek, a strategic venture capital firm with offices in DC and New York. Their portfolio includes local start-up companies Fundrise, GoCanvas, and WhyHotel. Casey talks about the real estate technology market, Camber Creek's approach to "de-risking" investments, and what he looks for in a start-up as a venture capitalist.


Toya Gavin, founder of Legally Bold and the Toya Gavin virtual law firm

George speaks with Toya Gavin the founder of Legally Bold, a consulting business designed to help women lawyers find a path to career satisfaction. She's also the founder of Toya Gavin Law a virtual law firm set up to help entrepreneurs with business formation, contracts, and IP law. Toya has a J.D. from George Washington University Law School and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Rutgers University and is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey.


Eric Kozlik, CEO of Modern Bar Cart, Embitterment DC

Eric Kozlik of the Modern Bar Cart podcast and Embitterment Bitters stops by and talks shop about entrepreneurship, podcasting, cocktails, and poetry. [Radio edit] (Full length episode available on 12-14.)


Gareth Lewis, CEO and founder Sekoyia eco-friendly subscription box

George speaks with Gareth Lewis, founder of Sekoyia, a subscription box company that offers environmentally friendly products. We talk about how he is helping build an eco-impact movement empowering subscribers to make a positive environmental difference. Gareth also speaks about why we need to focus on sustainability and creating green-collar jobs.


2018 Timmy Awards Winners and conversation with Peter Korbel StoreMe, Blender Workspace, Fojol Bros.

This episode features the Fourth Annual Timmy Award Winners from the event that took place on October 25 in Washington, DC. Featured are Andrew Aragon, Melissa Theiss, Theresa Hebert of Best Tech Startup Quorum; Best Tech Manager Rochelle Sanchirico of mHelpDesk; Mitch Phillips and Nazanin Ramezani of Whereowhere, Best Tech Work Culture; and Grant Elliot, CEO Ostendio, Best Tech Workplace for Diversity. Also featured is a conversation with Peter Korbel founder of StoreMe an app-based...


Marcus Bullock, CEO Flikshop

Marcus Bullock, CEO and founder of Flikshop talks about his journey into entrepreneurship as a returned citizen after he served a prison sentence in his youth. Flikshop is a tech startup that allows users to communicate with an incarcerated family member or friend via a mobile app which prints their digital message out as a postcard and mails it for 99 cents. The idea came from when Bullock remembered how meaningful it was to hear from the outside world while in prison. Bullock also talks...


Sheena Franklin, CEO and founder Well-Kept Beauty

Sheena Franklin, former lobbyist and creator of Well-Kept Beauty is this week's guest on DC Entrepreneur. We talk about how she changed her career path, the state of the FDA's regulations of the cosmetics industry, and how the app she created helps people learn about expiry dates for their makeup and skincare products.


Sahaj Sharda, author of Extinction of the Price Tag, CEO and Founder Dynos

Sahaj Sharda, CEO and founder of Dynos and author of the book Extinction of the Price Tag is guest on this episode of DC Entrepreneur. Sharda speaks about his book, which he published with New Degree Press as part of his studies at Georgetown. He speaks about how companies are benefiting from dynamic pricing, who is using it, and how he became interested in the topic. Sahaj also talks about his company Dynos and how he applied the concept of dynamic pricing to drive customers to the the...