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This blog is written primarily by Daimler employees from all over the Daimler Group. It also includes contributions and opinions from guest authors outside the Group. The views and opinions expressed on the Daimler Blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the company.

This blog is written primarily by Daimler employees from all over the Daimler Group. It also includes contributions and opinions from guest authors outside the Group. The views and opinions expressed on the Daimler Blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the company.
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This blog is written primarily by Daimler employees from all over the Daimler Group. It also includes contributions and opinions from guest authors outside the Group. The views and opinions expressed on the Daimler Blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the company.




Daimler in Wörth: Junior reporters visit the truck production

Here we are again: Milena and Alex. Working as junior reporters for Genius, the Daimler knowledge community, we go out on various assignments and get to know the fascinating world of Daimler. Every time, the topic we’re sent out to report on is a big surprise. For this assignment, we knew only one thing ahead of time: It would be a really big topic, because it would take us to the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth, where trucks are produced.


Safety at Daimler: Why do we need all these rules?

“No headphones on the plant site!,” shouts the porter. I’m surprised that so much fuss is being made about a little music — and on a Monday morning, at that. And this is just the beginning. Don’t glance at your smartphone when going up the stairs, don’t step into the production hall without protective shoes, and don’t put burning candles on birthday cakes. It seems that companies like Daimler have more safety regulations than there are working days in the year.


The Mercedes-Benz EQV – A milestone for the sector

This doesn’t happen very often… No, this time I really mean it! For me, it’s a natural thing to frequently sprinkle my writing with superlatives and to season my articles, tweets, and comments with words like “sensational,” “great,” and “fantastic.” But how often does a person have the opportunity to write about a world premiere that affects not only our Group but also the entire automotive sector?


The technology behind the new Formula-E car of the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula-E Team

At Mercedes, we’re experts when it comes to motorsports. The Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) and Benz & Cie companies were among the participants in the first auto race in history, which was held in 1894 on a route between Paris and Rouen. We’ve participated in the Formula 1 races since 1954, and in 2019 we entered the ABB FIA Formula E championship. Some might suppose that this isn’t much of a challenge for us after 125 years of making motorsports history. But the fact is that Formula E...


Mobility in the 21st century: Driving safely on the data highway

If you ask people on the street what the Mercedes-Benz brand stands for, their answers are fairly unanimous. In addition to comfort, luxury, and elegance the attribute that people ascribe most often to our vehicles from the A to the S-Class is their focus on their occupants’ safety.


Daimler Trucks & Buses Podcast: Transportation Matters

Daimler Trucks & Buses own podcast “transportation matters” deals with truck-related topics. In conversation with guests from all over the world, Martin Daum, board member of Daimler AG, trys to find answers to thrilling questions. How do I get a truck to drive autonomously? What does training a basketball team have in common with the business world?


“Hello, environment” — Plastic-free catering at Daimler in three steps

"As a native of the North Sea coast, I’ve always had an emotional connection with the sea. I like to remember certain moments from my childhood and youth: Sunday walks along the beach, cold breezes, and greedy seagulls.And that’s why I’m appalled whenever I hear about floating islands of garbage in the ocean that are as big as Mexico or whenever I have to walk along polluted beaches."


#thisisdaimler: MBition Berlin

How much code is inside a Mercedes-Benz vehicle? In 2010 a Mercedes contained about 10 million lines of software. Today that figure is already far more than 150 million. In the automobile sector, the software is becoming increasingly complex.


Premium and environmental protection: Can luxury be sustainable?

Let’s be honest: There have been times when it was easier to say “You’ve got to live a little” than it is today. That’s because, at least at the emotional level, we suspect more strongly than ever before that many products in the premium or luxury segment are not good — for the environment, for the ecological balance sheet or at least for our own health.


Mercedes-Benz and SK Gaming – The daily life of an eSports-Pro

Because we at Mercedes-Benz love sports, we have our own Formula 1 team, sponsor professional tennis and golf players, and have lent the stadium in Stuttgart our name. Since January 2019, we also have an esports team. Admittedly, we don’t own all of it, but we do have shares in the Cologne-based esports organization SK Gaming.


Premium MPV Hits the Road — The Launch of the All-Electric EQV

It’s big, spacious, and electric. Following up on the eVito, our all-electric full-size MPV is now hitting the road: the Mercedes-Benz EQC (Stromverbrauch kombiniert: 27,0 kWh/100 km; CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 0 g/km, Angaben vorläufig) .


Dual mechatronics studies at Daimler: Career entry in a large group

Studying and working simultaneously in a large corporation like Daimler and also earning money? I think that sounds like the perfect deal for many young people to start their studies. When I was accepted to study dual mechatronics at Daimler, my decision was quickly made.


New Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrids: The technology behind the compacts

The press driving presentation of the A 250 e (fuel consumption, combined: 1.5–1.4 l/100 km, power consumption, combined: 15.0–14.7 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions, combined: 34–32 g/km) and the B 250 e (fuel consumption, combined: 1.6–1.4 l/100 km, power consumption, combined: 15.4–14.7 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions, combined: 36–32 g/km1) marks the end of a development phase that began for me in 2014, when I helped to define the requirement specifications for the hybrid drivetrain. During this time,...


Daimler ProCent: Help for people in remote areas in Nepal

As you probably know from experience, there’s often a certain gap between theory and practice and between the effort expended and the results. In my case, the “gap” was the distance of almost 6,500 kilometers that separates Germany from Nepal. I work for Govinda, a volunteer organization for sustainable development cooperation in Nepal. Daimler ProCent helps fund our cooperative development projects for severely disadvantaged people in Nepal.


Lie down! – Fighting motion sickness

Kinetosis is a very common ailment. According to an internal investigation, around half of the population has had a personal experience of nausea when travelling by vehicle. At Daimler, I am working at the possibilities of improving the wellbeing of all passengers in our vehicles – and reducing the occurrence of kinetosis.


Canoeing competition in Spain: A festival for the people of Asturias

Descenso del río Sella is an international canoeing competition on the Sella River in Asturias in Northern Spain. Oscar Sánchez works in the Service Department at Mercedes-Benz Vans España and tells us what happens on August 3 at this very prominent festival in Spain.


Formula 1 Hungary 2019: New races, new chances

Until lap 25 of the Grand Prix, Hockenheim had been a fantastic weekend. We had met thousands of colleagues in and around the circuit; enjoyed the incredible sporting history of our brand at the Fan Zone; celebrated 125 years of amazing motorsport; and rolled out our own commemorative touches with a special livery, paddock decoration, retro-themed garage and ‘50s style team clothing. As some of us joked going into the weekend – it was almost like we were tempting fate…!


Mercedes-Benz eCitaro: Production of an all-electric city bus

Since the fall of 2018 the eCitaro has been rolling off the production line in Mannheim. Here you can find out how, with the help of a lot of machines and several robots, around 3,500 employees produce an all-electric city bus from up to 30,000 parts within five weeks.


#thisisdaimler in: Tel Aviv

My name is Adi Ofek. I am the CEO of our Mercedes-Benz Tech Hub in Tel Aviv. I joined Daimler almost 19 years ago - employee number 1, when we set up Daimler Financial Services in Israel.


STARTUP AUTOBAHN: How cooperations with startups can help us to move forward

Mike Massimino (a professor at Columbia University and former NASA astronaut), Armin Pohl (CEO of Mackevision), and Cem Özdemir (a politician from the German Greens party) — what may sound like a list of guests for the German talk-show host Markus Lanz in his better days is, in fact, the illustrious group of speakers on the stage of the STARTUP AUTOBAHN.