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#26 - Mico Yuk: Founder of BI Brainz (Part 1/2)

“In the data field there’s so much opportunity and there are people that try to be everything to everyone. I can tell you right now that that saying ‘the riches are in the niches,’ for lack of a better term, is true. You need to really find that passion by trying a bunch of different things. When you find it, become the best at it.” - Mico Yuk Mico Yuk is the founder of BI Brainz (the leader in enterprise visual solutions), and the BI Dashboard Formula (BIDF), where she has personally...


#25: Laura Noren: The Ethics of Data Science

Laura Noren is a data science ethicist and researcher currently working in cybersecurity at Obsidian Security in Newport Beach. She holds undergraduate degrees from MIT, a PhD from NYU where she recently completed a postdoc in the Center for Data Science. Her work has been covered in The New York Times, Canada's Globe and Mail, American Public Media's Marketplace program, in numerous academic journals and international conferences. Dr. Norén is a champion of open source software and those...


#24: Brian McFee: Music and Data Science

Dr. Brian McFee develops machine learning tools to analyze multimedia data. This includes recommender systems, image and audio analysis, similarity learning, cross-modal feature integration, and automatic annotation. As of Fall, 2014, he is a data science fellow at the Center for Data Science at New York University. Previously, he was a postdoctoral research scholar in the Center for Jazz Studies and LabROSA at Columbia University. My conversation with Brian today was focused on...


#23: Wes McKinney - The Creator of Pandas

Wes McKinney is the creator and "Benevolent Dictator for Life" (BDFL) of the open-source pandas package for data analysis in Python, and has also authored two versions of the reference book Python for Data Analysis. Wes is also one of the co-creators of the Apache Arrow project, which is currently his main focus. Most recently, he is the founder Ursa Labs, a not-for-profit open source development group in partnership with RStudio. He describes himself as a problem-solver, and is...


#22: Mike Tamir: Identifying Fake News with the Head of Data Science at Uber ATG

Mike Tamir is the Head of Data Science at Uber ATG. He is a leader in data science, specializing in deep learning and distributed scalable machine learning, and he’s also a faculty member at UC Berkeley. Mike has led several teams of Data Scientists in the San Francisco Bay Area as Chief Data Scientist for InterTrust and Formation, Director of Data Sciences for MetaScale, and Chief Science Officer for Galvanize, where he oversaw all data science product development. He also created an MS...


#21 Frank Diana- The Future of AI - Predicting Preparing Thriving in Our Changing Future

Frank Diana is a recognized futurist, thought leader and frequent keynote speaker. He has served in various executive roles throughout his career and has over 30 years of leadership experience. Currently at Tata Consultancy Services, he is focused on leadership dialog in the context of our emerging future and its implications on business, society, governments, economies, and our environment. He blends a futurist perspective with a pragmatic, actionable approach, leveraging horizon scanning...


#20: Kyle Polich: Skepticism and Simplifying Complex Topics with the Host of the Data Skeptic Podcast

Kyle Polich is the co-host of the incredibly popular Data Skeptic podcast, which he has been churning out since 2014. He studied computer science and focused on artificial intelligence in grad school. His general interests range from areas like statistics, machine learning, data viz, and optimization to data provenance, data governance, econometrics, and metrology. The Data Skeptic Podcast features conversations on topics related to data science, statistics, machine learning, and...


#19: Emily Glassberg Sands: Equalizing Access to Rewarding Careers as Head of Data Science at Coursera

Emily Glassberg Sands is the Head of Data Science at Coursera - the largest online learning platform for higher education with 35M learners from around the world. Her team leads the quantitative measurement, experimentation, and inference that informs Coursera’s product and business direction. Emily received her Bachelor's’ degree in Economics from Princeton University, and then moved on to complete her Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University. At Harvard, her research focused on...


#18: Dan Hammer: Democratizing Environmental Data at the White House, NASA, National Geographic, and More

Dan Hammer is an environmental economist and winner of the 2017 Pritzker Prize for the Environment. Currently he serves as a National Geographic Fellow and the co-founder of Earthrise Media, and throughout 2016, he was the Senior Policy Advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer, Megan Smith, as part of the Obama Administration. Before arriving at the White House, Dan was the Presidential Innovation Fellow that released the first API listing for NASA. Prior to NASA, Hammer was the...


#17: Decoding Healthy Meals & Learning the World of Food with Sivan Aldor-Noiman and Erik Andrejko @ Wellio

In this episode of the Data Journeys podcast, we have not one, but two guests! Sivan Aldor-Noiman and Erik Andrejko join me from Wellio: an intelligent platform that uses machine learning and behavioral science to help people plan, shop, prepare and enjoy healthy meals at home. Wellio is on a mission to decode how meals are prepared and enjoyed at home, both on an individual-level in terms of people’s preferences and on a global-level in terms of semantic & nutritional understanding of...


#16: Jim Guszcza: Chief Data Scientist at Deloitte Consulting

Jim Guszcza is the US Chief Data Scientist at Deloitte Consulting. Deloitte is the largest professional services network in the world in terms of revenue, with over 263,900 professionals globally. Jim has been with Deloitte since 2001, where he took the lead on using behavioural nudge tactics to effectively act on model indications and prompt behavior change. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in applying predictive analytics to a variety of public and private sector...


#15: Travis Oliphant: Creating, Evolving, & Funding Open-Source Software

Travis Oliphant is the Founder & CEO of Quansight: a company that bridges open-source communities and innovative companies by growing talent, building technology, and discovering new products. For years Travis has been an indispensable contributor toward data science’s open-source movement through so many different outlets: Founder, Director, & Former CEO @Anaconda, Inc:a free and open source distribution of over 250 popular data science packages for Python and R, used by over 6 million...


#14: Drew Conway – Applying Data Science to Where It’s Needed Most

Drew Conway is a world-renowned data scientist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker, perhaps most well-known for his infamous 2010 “Data Science Venn Diagram”. Today, Drew is the Founder & CEO of Alluvium: a company using machine learning and AI to turn massive streams of data produced by industrial operations companies into insights that bridge the gap between big data and human expertise. Designed with the goal of helping industrial operations become safer, more efficient and more...


#13: Anthony Scriffignano: Developing Cultural Awareness & Global Perspective Through International Data Science

Anthony Scriffignano is the Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet: a publicly traded company that provides commercial data, analytics and insights about businesses through their database of more than 290 million business records worldwide. Most commonly known as D&B, the company was originally founded 176 years ago in the horse-and-buggy days of 1841, and today, is headquartered in Short Hills, NJ, with over $2.5 billion in assets. Anthony has been at D&B since 2002 and, with over 35...


#12: Favio Vázquez - Data Science Polymath

Favio Vazquez is the Principal Data Scientist at OXXO: Mexico’s largest convenience store chain with over 17,500 locations. In addition to his work at OXXO, Favio brings new meaning to the term “polymath” by simultaneously holding 5 other related positions at AI companies in Mexico: Senior Data Scientist @ Raken Data GroupChief Data Scientist @ Iron AICreator of the Ciencias y Datos online courseData Science Lecturer @ Afi Escuela de FinanzasCollaborator @ CosmoSIS With such a wide-ranging...


#11: Dan Wulin: International E-Commerce, Price Optimization, & Home-Good Product Recommendations

Dan Wulin is the Director of Data Science at Wayfair: an international e-commerce company specializing in home goods. Wayfair is a $5B company growing 40% year-over-year, with 10 million products and over 8,700 employees around the world. Their data science team is 80-people strong and growing fast, using econometrics to optimize prices, biostatistics to boost marketing, and computer vision to personalize product recommendations. Prior to joining Wayfair, Dan studied Math & Physics as an...


#10: Jure Leskovec - Chief Scientist of Pinterest

Jure Leskovec is the Chief Scientist of Pinterest, an $11 billion dollar company hosting over 75 billion idea “pins” from it’s 175 million monthly users worldwide. Jure originally arrived at Pinterest in 2014 when his company, Kosei, was acquired after starting a “recommendation revolution” through smarter, personalized mobile ads. When Jure is not “turning cameras into keyboards” at Pinterest -- Fast Company’s “2nd most innovative AI company” -- he can also be found fulfilling his...


#9: Daniela Huppenkothen – Astronomy, Cosmology, & The Study of Space

Daniela Huppenkothen is the Associate Director at the DIRAC Institute of University of Washington, home to a diverse team of researchers in astrophysics and cosmology. Before arriving at DIRAC, she has studied space & data science as a: Moore-Sloan Data Science Fellow of NYU - a multi-dimensional and independent research programs with impact in several scientific domainsPhD recipient at University of Amsterdam- where she researched high & low energy astrophysics and the relationship...


#8: Chris Albon – Connecting Africa to the Internet & Defending Public Discourse

Chris Albon is the Chief Data Scientist of BRCK: a Kenyan startup building a network dedicated to connecting Africa to the internet, and author of the Machine Learning with Python Cookbook. For years he’s been contributing to the data science world through so many different outlets: Cofounder of New Knowledge AI - an social media platform focused on protecting companies from disinformation, fighting fake news, and defending public discourse Partially Derivative- a popular podcast mixing...


#7: Fernando Perez — Creating IPython, Founding NumFOCUS, & The Stories Behind It All

Fernando Perez is best-known as the creator of IPython and co-founder of Project Jupyter: a set of open-source data science tools that some may consider to be the equivalent of the bat & ball to the sport of baseball. Today, you really can’t play the game of data science without Jupyter Notebooks and our guest today is one of Jupyter's leads and originators (see here for the rest of the amazing team). Fernando is also an Assistant Professor in Statistics at UC Berekely, Researcher at the...