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Uniting dataphiles and dataphobes one podcast at a time. Listen as the Gagnons interview industry leaders and startup founders, review new tech trends and products, and examine how data and technology drive our professional and personal worlds.

Uniting dataphiles and dataphobes one podcast at a time. Listen as the Gagnons interview industry leaders and startup founders, review new tech trends and products, and examine how data and technology drive our professional and personal worlds.


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Uniting dataphiles and dataphobes one podcast at a time. Listen as the Gagnons interview industry leaders and startup founders, review new tech trends and products, and examine how data and technology drive our professional and personal worlds.






Tesla: 100 Years Too Early

Summary: In this episode, Brian and Malinda discuss a man whose work is still only starting to be understood today - Nikola Tesla. Who was he, and how did he become an inventor? What kinds of technology did his inventions include? We take a look at some of his creations and uncover why his name is not always associated with them. We also discuss his history with Edison, the battle for powering New York City, and why Tesla had so much trouble with his patents. Join us as we look into this...


The Rapid Shift to a Remote Digital World

Summary: Get ready to dive into how current events are changing the landscape of technology, supply chains, and how we conduct business. We take a look at different ways to set up organizations for success with remote work and how our demand is putting strain on the internet. We talk about how businesses are going to have to innovate to provide for their customers and how all of this will impact our supply chains. Join us as we explore how business and technology are rapidly changing to...


Talking Trash: The Data and Technology Behind Garbage

Summary: Get ready for some trash talk in this waste-focused episode. Hosts Brian and Malinda look at the business of recycling and the ways in which companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. While Malinda drops staggering facts about the state of our oceans and the plastics that litter it, Brian shares how technology can alleviate some of our waste issues. From single use plastics to food waste, this episode expertly explains the data and technology behind trash and...


Raiders of the data archive: Is our legacy safe?

Summary: In an increasingly digital world, how do we make sense of ephemeral content and how do we preserve it for posterity? Episode 23 is a data-driven deep dive that looks at the evolution of digital archiving. Hosts Brian and Malinda Gagnon discuss digital storage and how things like digital availability and digital durability affect the ways we store and share information. An important episode for anyone who’s wondered how the internet affects the ways we document and share ideas. What...


Don’t Cross the Streams: A Closer Look at Streaming

Summary: We’ve all toyed with the idea of cutting cable, but how many of us have officially pulled the plug? In this episode, Brian and Malinda explore the world of streaming. Using their wayback machine, they discuss streaming in its infancy (looking at you, MP3 files), and how it’s evolved over time to suit our content needs. Looking at major streaming players and assessing what might be next for them, our cord cutting hosts expertly catch us up on this ever changing landscape. What we...


CES 2020 Recap: Impossible Pork Strikes Back

Summary: It’s been a minute, but we’re back! Fresh from his trip to CES, Brian chats with Malinda about the highs and lows of this year’s show. From digital sky writers and ping pong playing robots to parallel reality and biomimetic pleasure devices, it was a year for the books. What better way to kick off Data Myths Season Two than a recap of what we saw at CES 2020 and what we can expect to see in the future. What We Covered: 5:45 Brian recaps a few of his favorite things at CES...


Is Hi-Fi Audio Dead in a Digital World?

Summary: Sure we’ve seen a major uptick in vinyl record sales, but what does that mean for the future of sound? Will higher quality audio beat out convenience? What is the difference between AM and FM radio? Will Malinda reunite with her iPod shuffle? Will Bose engineers everywhere be buying Brian voodoo dolls? Brian and Malinda discuss audio industry trends as well as their own experiences with audio technology in their everyday lives. Listen to this week’s episode to hear more. What We...


Romancing the Blockchain: Are We Ready?

In this special episode of Data Myths, Brian and Malinda travel virtually to Liechtenstein to host Thomas Nägele and Alexis Esneault. Thomas is a blockchain expert and managing partner of NÄGELE Attorneys at Law. Alexis is an attorney at the firm and also specializes in blockchain and distributed ledger technology. With blockchain and cryptocurrency being relatively new, it’s important to think about what practical uses are. How will it affect how we do business? What are its potentials? And...


Capturing Attention in a Busy World: Is it Possible?

Summary: In today’s digital advertising landscape, it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and grab a consumer’s attention. So what’s a company to do? In this episode of Data Myths, Malinda walks us through the complex and evolving world of digital advertising. Reviving the “Data Myths Leaders and Losers” segment, Malinda breaks down everything from Google’s dynamic advertising to the future of cashing in as an influencer. Is traditional advertising dead? Can anyone take over...


Clouds on the Horizon: To Cloud or Not to Cloud

Summary: Gone are the days of stashing servers under your desk. In this week’s episode, Brian guides listeners through a brief history of cloud computing. From the early days of mainframes to today’s hybrid cloud resources, learn how both people and companies have benefited from advancements in cloud technology. Your hosts share how the cloud has reduced the barrier to entry for technology startups and how larger organizations must assess their needs before committing to one cloud solution....


The Amazon Effect: Love to Hate It, or Hate to Love It?

Summary: Will Amazon’s smart doorbell replace your local neighborhood watch? How is Amazon fighting the stigma of the Amazon effect? Brian and Malinda discuss how Amazon is eating Google’s lunch by ramping up its ad business, how AI bias could affect Amazon’s AI services, and how Amazon is used for search. While Malinda examines the implications of one company controlling your entire customer journey, Brian weighs the pros and cons of insourcing vs outsourcing cloud services. Tune in for an...


Welcome to the Age of Assets: Brokers vs. Owners

Summary: Is the gig economy on its way out? Will Airbnb suffer from Marriott’s latest play? To stay competitive, how are traditional companies repositioning their value in the marketplace? In this week’s episode, Brian and Malinda consider what it means to be a broker versus an owner. Drawing comparisons between companies like Airbnb and Marriott, Tesla and Uber, and Disney and Netflix, your hosts look at who is offering more value to the consumer. Tune in to learn how companies that once...


A Brief History of the Internet and Website Development: The Good, The Bad, and Everything In Between

Summary: This week on Data Myths, Brian and Malinda take a trip down memory lane. Considering the evolution of the Internet, they explore how technology has changed the way we live, communicate, and build websites. Looking for a brief and fun history of website development? Ready to reminisce about home row keys and 90s flash sites? From ‘fun buttons’ to responsive design, episode 14 examines the highs and lows of website development. Subscribe and listen for a satisfyingly fun history...


A Podcast about Podcasts

Summary: Thinking about starting a podcast but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry—Data Myths has you covered. In this unapologetically honest episode, Brian and Malinda share their personal podcast highs and lows. From why they started Data Myths, to their top five podcast tech tips, Brian and Malinda get real about life behind the podcast. For those considering the podcast-host life, episode 13 will serve as a great reference point for getting started. What We Covered: 1:00 - Does it...


The E-Commerce Equation: To Prime or Not To Prime—That is the Question

Summary: Where will e-commerce be in five years? Will Brian and Malinda find another great deal on a TV before then? This week’s episode focuses on e-commerce—the major players, the trends, and the future of main street shopping. Today, e-commerce platforms are empowering brands to sell directly to consumers; closing the gap on third-party retail sellers; and reducing the cost of production. On this week’s e-commerce-focused episode, Brian and Malinda consider how Amazon factors into the...


The Business of Gaming

Summary: Who will be the Netflix of gaming? How do you make a gaming platform stickier? How do you keep users engaged and entertained? Brian and Malinda discuss changes in the gaming industry, what new platforms are coming to market, and how these competitors may disrupt the gaming industry. Brian breaks down some need-to-know acronyms and helps listeners wrap their heads around the business of gaming. An episode that is sure to make both dataphobes and dataphiles question where is gaming...


Shopify vs. Mailchimp - An E-Commerce Data Dispute

Summary: This week we’re catching you up on all the dirty data details of the recent Shopify and MailChimp breakup. Before you decide whether you’re team MailChimp or team Shopify, listen to Brian and Malinda weigh in on what ultimately led to the split. Who are the casualties? What does the split mean for other platforms? Is your data really in jeopardy? Brian and Malinda explain how this e-commerce drama is affecting small businesses and start up companies. If you’re a small business owner...


How to Win at Pitching: A SXSW Recap

Summary: How do you make the most of your pitch time? What are the most important things to mention, and what are the most important things to avoid mentioning? Brian and Malinda serve up a SXSW recap and share their personal startup pitch strategies. From what to wear and how to speak, to being a present pitch audience participant, Brian and Malinda reflect on how they made the most of SXSW’s concentration of innovative go-getters. What We Covered: 1:00 - What we look for in startups, how...


The Rise and Fall of Robots

Summary: Can companion robots change how society interacts? How did iRobot become a success in the robot field? Will we see lawn mowing robots in the not-too-distant future? Brian and Malinda host Jon Morgan, product manager at Google, to discuss all things robot-related. In this episode, we take a closer look into robot fails, the statistics, and why the surgical board still considers these “fails” as a success. Jon and Brian discuss the numbers on autonomous driving and how insurance...


Don't Get Left Behind by The Network Effect

Summary: What will it take for companies to show value to their users through their network? Why do some companies die out while others continue to thrive? In this episode, Brian and Malinda consider the network effect and the challenges companies face when trying to create continued value on their platform. While Malinda takes listeners on the value barrier journey, explaining what companies need to build up their network and provide value to the customer, Brian explores the turning point...