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Datacast follows the narrative journey of data practitioners and researchers to unpack the career lessons they learned along the way. James Le hosts the show.

Datacast follows the narrative journey of data practitioners and researchers to unpack the career lessons they learned along the way. James Le hosts the show.


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Datacast follows the narrative journey of data practitioners and researchers to unpack the career lessons they learned along the way. James Le hosts the show.






Algorithms and Data Structures for Massive Datasets with Dzejla Medjedovic

Show Notes Sarajevo School of Science and TechnologyStony Brook UniversityUpper and Lower Bounds on Sorting and Searching in External MemoryDon’t Thrash: How to Cache Your Hash on FlashThe batched predecessor problem in external memoryundergraduategraduateInternational University of SarajevoAlgorithms and Data Structures for Massive DatasetsDzejla’s Contact Info LinkedInTwitterGoogle ScholarMentioned Content Papers “Upper and Lower Bounds on Sorting and Searching in External Memory“Don’t...


Episode 59: Bridging The Gap Between Data and Models with Willem Pienaar

Show Notes Stellenbosch UniversitySystems AnywhereINDEFFGojekClockworkMerlinFeastTuringCloud Next 2018KubeCon 2019Feastproduct roadmapTecton’s recent backing of FeastWillem’s Contact Info TwitterLinkedInGitHubMentioned Content Feast An Introduction to Gojek’s Machine Learning PlatformIntroducing Feast: An Open-Source Feature Store For...


Episode 58: Deep Learning Meets Distributed Systems with Jim Dowling

Show Notes Trinity College Dublindynamic software architecturethe K-Component modelcollaborativereinforcement learningonline optimization problems in dynamic systemsMySQLRISE Research Institute of Swedensearch algorithmwalk topologyGradientTVGliveDivision of Software and Computer SystemsSchool of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyDistributed SystemsDeep Learning on Big DataKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyDistributed TensorFlowHopsFSHopsworksFeature...


Episode 57: Building Data Science Projects with Pier Paolo-Ippolito

Show Notes University of Southamptonhis final undergraduate projectthe AI SocietyCausal Reasoning in Machine LearningFidessaDigital-DandelionSAS InstituteTowards Data Sciencehis blog postshis Augmented Reality Personal Business CardTensorFlow.jsml5.jsPlotlyR ShinyStreamlitrPier’s Contact Info WebsiteLinkedInTwitterGitHubMediumPatreonKaggleMentioned Content “Alleviate Children’s Health Issues Through Games and Machine Learning“Causal Reasoning in Machine LearningAndrej KarpathyCassie...


Episode 56: Apprehending Quantum Computation with Alba Cervera-Lierta

Timestamps The University of BarcelonaOperational Approach to Bell Inequalities: Application to QutritsUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Madridmaximal entanglement and the fundamental symmetries of high-energy physicsMultipartite Entanglement in Spin Chains and The HyperdeterminantQuanticQuantum Computation: Playing The Quantum SymphonyExact Ising Model Simulation On A Quantum ComputerTeach Me QISKit challenge from IBMQuantum Circuits For the Maximally Entangled StatesData Re-Uploading For...


Episode 55: Making Apache Spark Developer-Friendly and Cost-Effective with Jean-Yves Stephan

Timestamps Ecole PolytechniqueStanfordMachine LearningMining Massive DatasetsLiveRampDatabricksData Mechanicsthe launch blog postPros and Cons of Running Apache Spark on KubernetesSpark on Kubernetes Made EasyData Mechanics Delightcustomized Spark UIopen-sourced how to be successful with Apache Spark in 2021the Y Combinator program in summer 2019His Contact Info TwitterLinkedInData MechanicsHis Recommended Resources Jure LeskovecJeff BezosMatei Zaharia“Designing For Data-Intensive...


Episode 54: Information Retrieval Research, Data Science For Space Missions, and Open-Source Software with Chris Mattmann

Timestamps University of Southern CaliforniaNASA Jet Propulsion LabDr. Nenad MedvidovićSoftware Connectors For Highly-Distributed And Voluminous Data-Intensive SystemsApache Software FoundationApache TikaJérôme CharronTika In ActionJukka ZittingUSC Viterbi School of EngineeringSoftware ArchitecturesInformation Retrieval and Web Search EnginesContent Detection and Analysis for Big Datathis USC articleInformation Retrieval and Data Science groupMEMEXXDATAObject-Oriented Data...


Episode 53: Algorithms and Data Structures In Action with Marcello La Rocca

Show Notes Universita di CataniaEvolutionary Randomized Graph EmbedderINPSSwiftIQTwitterMicrosoft ZurichApple ZurichAlgorithms and Data Structures in ActionjsgraphrHis Contact Info TwitterLinkedInGitHubBlogHis Recommended Resources Algorithms and Data Structures in ActionAndrew NgGeoffrey HintonFrancois CholletScalability RulesThis is the 40% discount code that is good for all Manning’s products in all formats: poddcast19. These are 5 free eBook codes, each good for one copy of...


Episode 52: Graph Databases In Action with Dave Bechberger

Show Notes Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteExperoGene by GeneA Practical Guide to Graph DatabasesA Skeptics Guide to Graph DatabasesDataStaxDataStax’s enterprise solution called Customer 360AWSGraph Databases In ActionApache TinkerPopGremlinHis Contact Info WebsiteTwitterLinkedInGitHubHis Recommended Resources Graph Databases In ActionCode RepositoryMartin FowlerMartin KleppmannDesigning Data-Intensive ApplicationsAndrew NgPragmatic ProgrammerThe Five Dysfunctions Of A TeamHow To Observe...


Episode 51: Research and Tooling for Computer Vision Systems with Jason Corso

Show Notes Loyola College in BaltimoreJohn Hopkins UniversityTechniques for Vision-Based Human-Computer InteractionUCLAbrain tumorsSUNY-BuffaloBayesian VisionIntro to Pattern RecognitionActive ClusteringGeneralized Image UnderstandingISTARE: Intelligent Spatio-Temporal Activity Reasoning EngineAction BankLIBSVXUniversity of MichiganElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceFoundations of Computer VisionAdvanced Topics in Computer Visionvideo captioningvideo...


Episode 50: Reducing Data Downtime with Barr Moses

Show Notes Israeli Air ForceStanfordBain and CompanyGainsightThe Rise of Data DowntimeClosing The Data Downtime GapMonte Carlothe five pillars of data observabilityWhat We Got Wrong About Data GovernanceData MeshMeasuring the ROI of Your Data Organizationfive practices for designing a platformHer Contact Info TwitterLinkedInMediumMonte CarloHer Recommended Resources Mathematics and Magic TricksPersi DiaconisThe Biggest BluffSnowflakeDJ PatilMonte Carlo's Customers


Episode 49: Computational Neuroscience, Quantitative Finance, and Churn Prediction with Carl Gold

Show Notes Electrical Engineering at StanfordNYUKing’s CollegeComputation and Neural Systems at CalTechBiophysics of Extracellular Action PotentialsHBOMorgan Stanley Capital InternationalSparkedZuoraZuora AnalyticsSubscription Economy Index2019 Data Council San Franciscothe 2020 Subscribed Online ConferenceFighting Churn With DataHis Contact Info LinkedInTwitterGitHubGoogle ScholarMediumHis Recommended Resources Fighting Churn With DataKonrad KordingKate CrawfordCassie...


Episode 48: AI Ethics, Open Data, and Recommendations Fairness with Jessie Smith

Show Notes California Polytechnic State Universityhow why - Changing The Engineer’s MindsetGoDaddyEthics and Emerging Sciences GroupThe Truth About Open DataHow To Use Data Science For Social ImpactInformation Science at the University of Colorado, BoulderThe Trolley Problem Isn’t Theoretical AnymoreHow Tech Shapes SocietyInvestigating Potential Factors Associated with Gender Discrimination in Collaborative Recommender SystemsMasoud MansouryHiman AbdollahpouriExploring User Opinions of...


Episode 47: Math and Machine Learning In Pedestrian Terms with Luis Serrano

Show Notes the University of WaterlooMathematics at the University of MichiganSchubert CalculusPh.D. dissertationUniversity of Quebec at MontrealLaCIMGoogleYouTubeUdacityMachine LearningDeep LearningData ScienceYouTubeMachine LearningMathYou Are Much Better At Math Than You ThinkRestricted Boltzmann MachinesA Friendly Introduction to Machine LearningMy Story with the Thue-Morse SequenceAppleZapata ComputingGrokking Machine LearningHis Contact Info WebsiteTwitterLinkedInYouTubeGitHubGoogle...


Episode 46: From Building Recommendation Systems To Teaching Online Courses with Frank Kane

Show Notes University of Massachusetts - DartmouthAmazonIMDBSelf-Employment: Building an Internet Business of OneSundog SoftwarePythonScalaSpark StreamingThe Ultimate Hands-On HadoopElasticSearch 6ElasticSearch 7His Contact Info WebsiteLinkedInTwitterFacebookYouTubeHis Recommended Resources Amazon Leadership PrinciplesSundog SoftwareSelf-Employment: Building an Internet Business of OneBuilding Recommender Systems with Machine Learning and AIJose PortillaKirill EremenkoAndrew NgLean...


Episode 45: Teaching Artificial Intelligence with Amita Kapoor

Show Notes AsimovModeling, Design and Applications of Optical Amplifiers and Long Period GatingsUniversity of DehliKarlsruhe Institute of Technology full paper hereTensorFlow 1.x Deep Learning CookbookTensorFlow Machine Learning ProjectsHands-On Artificial Intelligence for IoTDeep Learning with TensorFlow 2 and Keras - 2nd EditionNASA Centennial Space Robotics ChallengeAcute Myeloid Leukemia detection systemblog postNeuromatch Academywriting science fiction storiesHer Contact...


Episode 44: Computer Systems, Machine Learning Security Research, and Women in Tech with Shreya Shankar

Show Notes Advanced Topics in Operating SystemsCS198SHE++FacebookGoogle BrainAdversarial Examples That Fool Both Computer Vision and Time-Limited Humansthe blog post on her decision-making processViaducther reflection on one-year of making ML actually usefulthe challenge of recruiting female engineersGPT-3 SandboxOpenAI can be the AWS of modelingmental illness Her Contact Info WebsiteTwitterLinkedInGitHubGoogle ScholarMediumHer Recommended Resources Designing Data-Intensive...


Episode 43: From Economics and Operations Management to Data Science with Francesca Lazzeri

Show Notes LUISS Guido Carli UniversitySant’Anna UniversityHarvard Business SchoolCloud and Enterprise divisionThe Data Science Mindset: 6 Principles to Build Healthy Data-Driven OrganizationsCloud AI Advocates teamAzure Machine Learning Deployment WorkflowAutomated Machine Learningmodel interpretabilityInterpretML packageResponsible AI principlesFairlearn packageMachine Learning for Time Series Forecasting with PythonHer Contact Info TwitterMediumLinkedInHer Recommended Resources People...


Episode 42: Privacy-Preserving Natural Language Processing with Patricia Thaine

Show Notes International Network of Street PapersJohn Abbott CollegeConcordia UniversityMcGill UniversityMcGill Language Development LabUniversity of TorontoMedStoryNicole SultanumVowel and Consonant Classification through Spectral DecompositionWhy is Privacy-Preserving NLP Important?Privacy-Preserving Character Language ModellingHomomorphic Encryptionfor BeginnersEfficient Evaluation of Activation Functions over Encrypted DataExtracting Bark-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients from Encrypted...


Episode 41: Effective Data Science with Eugene Yan

Show Notes Singapore Management UniversityCompetition Improves PerformanceMinistry of Trade & IndustryIBMLazada Groupgo back to schoolGeorgia Techhis journey from getting a degree in Psychology to leading data science at LazadauCare.aiHow to Give a Kick-Ass Data Science TalkAmazonAmazon KindleCommando, Soldier, Police, and Your Career Choicesread hereread herefirst 100 days as a Data Science LeadAlibaba Group’sacquisition of Lazada Groupa summary of his talk on Asia’s Tech GiantsBuilding a...