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Datacast follows the narrative journey of data practitioners and researchers to unpack the career lessons they learned along the way. James Le hosts the show.

Datacast follows the narrative journey of data practitioners and researchers to unpack the career lessons they learned along the way. James Le hosts the show.


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Datacast follows the narrative journey of data practitioners and researchers to unpack the career lessons they learned along the way. James Le hosts the show.






Episode 76: Modern Data Collaboration and Social Entrepreneurship with Prukalpa Sankar

Timestamps Nanyang Tech UniversityGoldman SachsSocialCopsQuora answerHow Big Data Can Influence Decisions That Actually MatterAtlanDataOps Culture CodeData Catalog 3.0a key value propdata qualitydata governancemodern data platformsthe trendsPeople-as-a-MoatPrukalpa’s Contact Info LinkedInTwitterMentioned Content Atlan (Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Documentation) “Empowering Organizations to Become Masters of Their DataAtlan LabsHumans of Data InterviewsThe...


Episode 75: Commoditizing Data Integration Pipelines with Michel Tricot

Timestamps EPITA — School of Engineering and Computer ScienceSiemens Corporate ResearchFactSet Research SystemsMurexRapleafLiveRamprideOS ride-hail platformAirbytethe pivotthe visionAirbyte’s approach to building a connector manufacturing plantlist of challengesproduct roadmapbusiness modelsMichel’s Contact Info TwitterLinkedInGitHubMentioned Content Airbyte (Docs | Community | GitHub | Twitter | LinkedIn) HandbookRecipesCommunity CallOffice HoursConnector ContestBlog Posts “The Hard...


Episode 74: The Next Generation of Business Intelligence with Cindi Howson

Timestamps University of MarylandDow Chemicalthe Jones Business Schoolher MBA ThesisDeloitteBI ScorecardThe Data Warehousing InstituteGartnerMagic Quadrant for Analytics and BI PlatformsCritical CapabilitiesThoughtSpotdata-driven cultureSearchIQSpotIQThoughtSpot OneThoughtSpot EmbraceA New Era in Analytics and BI6 Top Trends and Predictions for Data, Analytics, and AI in 2021the movement of Data For GoodThe Data Chief Podcastthe challenges that keep women out of techCindi’s...


Episode 73: Datasets for Software 2.0 with Taivo Pungas

Timestamps blog post written in EstonianUniversity of TartuSkypeTransferWiseETH ZurichStarship TechnologiesData Specification ManifestoThe Two Loops Of Building Algorithmic ProductsVeriffdeveloped automation-heavy productsData Loops Are The Bottleneck In Applied AIYour AI Team Needs DataOpsDatasets Carve The Terrain of AITaivo's Contact WebsiteTwitterLinkedInMediumGoogle ScholarMentioned Content Blog Posts Data Specification ManifestoBuilding Automation-Heavy ProductsData Loops Are The...


Episode 72: Folding Data with Gleb Mezhanskiy

Timestamps Carnegie Mellon UniversityAutodeskLyftPhantom AutoDatafoldData Diffdata monitoringthe modern analytics stackData Quality meetupsGleb’s Contact Info LinkedInDatafoldTwitterLinkedInData Quality MeetupsMentioned Content Course Harvard’s CS50: Introduction to Computer ScienceBlog Posts Modern Analytics StackChoosing Data Warehouse for Analytics3 Ways To Be Wrong About Open-Source Data Warehousing SoftwareBuy Not BuildDatafold Raises a $2.1M Seed Round Led by NEADatafold + dbt:...


Episode 71: Trusted AI with Saishruthi Swaminathan

Timestamps Sri Sairam Engineering CollegeTata Consultancy ServicesSan Jose State Universitydisaster managementCenter for Open Source Data and AI TechnologiesDigital Discrimination: Cognitive Bias in Machine LearningElyradata visualization with Pythonwith RSaishruthi’s Contact Info TwitterLinkedInMediumGitHubCourseraMentioned Content Talks “Digital Discrimination: Cognitive Bias in Machine LearningProjects AI Fairness 360AI Explainability 360Adversarial Robustness ToolkitModel Asset...


Episode 70: Machine Learning Testing with Mohamed Elgendy

Timestamps Cairo University3D Business Analyst: The Ultimate Hands-On Guide to Mastering Business AnalysisBusiness Analysis for Beginners: Jump-Start Your BA Career in 4 WeeksTwilioAmazonMachine Learning universitySynapse Tech CorporationRakutenKolenaKolenaMowglyDeep Learning For Vision SystemsMohamed’s Contact Info LinkedInTwitterWebsiteYouTubeGitHubKolenaMentioned Content People Andrew TraskFrancois CholletLex FridmanBooks “Mindset“OutliersNotes My conversation with Mohamed was...


Episode 69: DataPrepOps, Active Learning, and Team Management with Jennifer Prendki

Show Notes Louis Pasteur UniversityParis-Sud UniversitySorbonne UniversityDuke UniversityQuantlab FinancialYuMeAyasdiWalmart LabsReview Analysis: An Approach to Leveraging User-Generated Content in the Context of RetailAtlassianAgile for Data Science TeamsFigure EightAlectioresponsible AIfight biasincrease accessibilitycreate more opportunities in AIJennifer’s Contact Info LinkedInTwitterMediumAlectio’s Resources WebsiteTwitterLinkedInWhat Is Alectio?Is Big Data Dragging Us Towards...


Episode 68: Threat Intelligence, Venture Stamina, and Data Investing with Sarah Catanzaro

Show Notes StanfordCenter for International Security and CooperationCenter for Advanced Defense StudiesCyveillancePalantirMattermarkCanvas VenturesstaminaAmplify PartnersSeries A round for OctoMLApache TVMthe seed round for Einblickseed round for Metaphor DataSeries A round for RunwayProjects To KnowSarah’s Contact Info Amplify PageTwitterLinkedInMediumAmplify Partners’ Resources WebsiteTeamPortfolioBlogMentioned Content Blog Posts Our Investment in OctoMLAnnouncing Our Investment in...


Episode 67: Model Observability, AI Bias, and ML Infrastructure Ecosystem with Aparna Dhinakaran

Show Notes UC BerkeleyEnergy and Sustainable Technologies labTubeMogulUberCornell UniversityMonitorMLEswarY-Combinatorthe acquisition of MonitorML by Arize AIongoingML Observabilityblogseriesdata preparationmodel buildingmodel validationmodel servingin The Amazing RaceAparna’s Contact Info TwitterLinkedInMediumForbes ColumnWebsiteGithubGoogle ScholarArize’s Resources WebsiteMediumLinkedInTwitterMentioned Content Blog Posts ML Infrastructure Tools for Data PreparationML Infrastructure...


Episode 66: Monitoring Models in Production with Emeli Dral

Show Notes Peoples’ Friendship University of RussiaYandex School of Data AnalysisRamblerYandexYandex Data FactoryMechanica AIMachine Learning and Data AnalysisBig Data EssentialsMoscow Institute of Physics and TechnologyYandex School of Data AnalysisHarbour.SpaceGraduate School of Management — St. Petersburg State UniversityEvidently AIPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Emeli’s Contact Info LinkedInTwitterCourseraGitHubMediumEvidently AI’s...


Episode 65: Chaos Theory, High-Frequency Trading, and Experimentations at Scale with David Sweet

Show Notes Duke UniversityUniversity of Maryland, College ParkTopology in Chaotic Scatteringfractal dimensionshigher-dimensional chaotic scatteringK Desktop Environmenta print bookAndamookaThales Fund ManagementLehman BrothersKCG/GETCOTeza TechnologiesGalaxy Digital Tradingoptimization of high-frequency trading systemsInstagram3Red PartnersTuning UpDavid’s Contact Info WebsiteLinkedInTwitterMentioned Content Publications Topology In Chaotic ScatteringFractal Dimension of...


Episode 64: Improving Access to High-Quality Data with Fabiana Clemente

Show Notes the University of LisbonNovabaseVodafoneODYSAIHabit AnalyticsLisbon School of Economics and ManagementNOVA IMS Information Management SchoolYDatadifferent techniques to generate synthetic dataher blog series on generating synthetic tabular datanovel design and optimization techniquesDifferential PrivacyThe Cost of Poor Data Qualitymodel explainabilityWhen Machine Learning Meets PrivacyFabiana’s Contact Info LinkedInMediumTwitterYData’s...


Episode 63: Real-World Transfer Learning with Azin Asgarian

Show Notes a girls-only high school in TehranUniversity of TehranUniversity of TorontoBabak TaatiDavid FleetBarriers to Adoption of Information Technology in HealthcareSubspace Selection to Suppress Confounding Source Domain Information in AAM Transfer LearningToronto Rehabilitation Institutealgorithmic biasesolder adults with dementiaGeorgianinjury prediction modela hybrid instance-based transfer learning postTractable AIAzin’s Contact Info WebsiteTwitterLinkedInGoogle...


Episode 62: Leading Organizations Through Analytics Transformations with Gordon Wong

Show Notes Rutgers UniversityAB Initio SoftwareSmarter Travel MediaClickSquaredCervelloFitbitSnowflakeezCaterZipcaredXHubSpotData Hierarchy of NeedsSnowflakeGordon’s Contact Info LinkedInMentioned Content People Tristan HandyMichael KaminskyAnalytics EngineeringBarr MosesData ObservabilityBook “Start With Why


Episode 61: Meta Reinforcement Learning with Louis Kirsch

Show Notes Hasso Plattner InstituteDifferentiable Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Time Series ClassificationTransfer Learning for Speech Recognition on a BudgetUniversity College LondonDavid BarberModular Networks: Learning to Decompose Neural ComputationScaling Neural Networks Through SparsityCharacteristics of Machine Learning Research with ImpactContemporary Challenges in Artificial Intelligencepart 1 on universal AIpart 2 on active inferenceIDSIAJürgen Schmidhubera very...


Episode 60: Algorithms and Data Structures for Massive Datasets with Dzejla Medjedovic

Show Notes Sarajevo School of Science and TechnologyStony Brook UniversityUpper and Lower Bounds on Sorting and Searching in External MemoryDon’t Thrash: How to Cache Your Hash on FlashThe batched predecessor problem in external memoryundergraduategraduateInternational University of SarajevoAlgorithms and Data Structures for Massive DatasetsDzejla’s Contact Info LinkedInTwitterGoogle ScholarMentioned Content Papers “Upper and Lower Bounds on Sorting and Searching in External Memory“Don’t...


Episode 59: Bridging The Gap Between Data and Models with Willem Pienaar

Show Notes Stellenbosch UniversitySystems AnywhereINDEFFGojekClockworkMerlinFeastTuringCloud Next 2018KubeCon 2019Feastproduct roadmapTecton’s recent backing of FeastWillem’s Contact Info TwitterLinkedInGitHubMentioned Content Feast An Introduction to Gojek’s Machine Learning PlatformIntroducing Feast: An Open-Source Feature Store For...


Episode 58: Deep Learning Meets Distributed Systems with Jim Dowling

Show Notes Trinity College Dublindynamic software architecturethe K-Component modelcollaborativereinforcement learningonline optimization problems in dynamic systemsMySQLRISE Research Institute of Swedensearch algorithmwalk topologyGradientTVGliveDivision of Software and Computer SystemsSchool of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyDistributed SystemsDeep Learning on Big DataKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyDistributed TensorFlowHopsFSHopsworksFeature...


Episode 57: Building Data Science Projects with Pier Paolo-Ippolito

Show Notes University of Southamptonhis final undergraduate projectthe AI SocietyCausal Reasoning in Machine LearningFidessaDigital-DandelionSAS InstituteTowards Data Sciencehis blog postshis Augmented Reality Personal Business CardTensorFlow.jsml5.jsPlotlyR ShinyStreamlitrPier’s Contact Info WebsiteLinkedInTwitterGitHubMediumPatreonKaggleMentioned Content “Alleviate Children’s Health Issues Through Games and Machine Learning“Causal Reasoning in Machine LearningAndrej KarpathyCassie...