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Ep. 3: Brainstorms are Bad for Business

The idea of putting a bunch of intellectuals in a room to throw out ideas like Don Draper in an episode of Mad Men is a thing of the past. As discussed in our last episode, focus is key in channeling our creative energy in ways that align with the goals of our potential end-users. This week Jonathan invites Drew Boyd, author of "Inside the Box," to discuss how we can leverage focus to drive powerful, collaborative creative-sessions and workshops; ones that rely less on the direct expertise...


Ep. 2: The Freedom Of Focus

Host and human-centered designer Jonathan Morgan invites researcher, Indi Young, author and co-founder of Adaptive Path, to discuss the concept of focus. Join us in exploring the limitations of designers and their deep interest in the people who will be using the things they create. Through the lenses of focus, Empathy and Opportunity, Jonathan and Indi delve into the world of design with mastery, precision and… well, great focus. *Editor's note: There is a clarification for the 17:20...