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What is DevOps? We will attempt to answer this and many more questions.

What is DevOps? We will attempt to answer this and many more questions.


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What is DevOps? We will attempt to answer this and many more questions.




DOP 116: Why You Should Choose Boring Technology

#116: Individuals typically love to chase the new bright shiny technology objects. However, most enterprises go in the exact opposite direction and want any "new" technology to be fully proven out, i.e. for years, before that technology has a chance to actually be turned into a live production system. How can we help convince management to think differently? Choose Boring Technology: Go Time – Episode...


DOP 115: How Far Are You From No Touch Production?

#115: Are you still logging in and making manual changes to your servers and applications or have you started on the path to not only no touch production, but to no touch everything? If you aren't moving in that direction, why not? Security Operations, Reliability, and Securing Google with Heather Adkins YouTube...


DOP 114: Solving Multitenancy Problems In Kubernetes

#114: Are you running your Kubernetes clusters by applying the Oprah effect (you get a get a get a cluster) or have you finally realized you have neither unlimited cash nor unlimited compute resources? In this episode, we talk about different multitenancy options that are available that you can use with your Kubernetes clusters today. YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And...


DOP 113: Are Specifications Still Relevant?

#113: Are specifications still relevant in today's software development lifecycle? It depends on who you ask..and how old they are. In this episode, we talk with Luca Ingianni about his experiences ranging from a software tester in avionics to his current role working as a consultant and trainer. Luca's contact information: YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And...


DOP 112: Essential Infrastructure as Code

#112: Are you still clicking around in consoles to create and manage your infrastructure? If so, you'll want to listen to today's episode with Rosemary Wang, the author of Essential Infrastructure as Code. Order your copy of Essential Infrastructure as Code at: and be sure to use the code "podparadox20" to save 40% off of Essential Infrastructure as Code and any other purchases at Manning Publications. Rosemary's contact...


DOP 111: What Are Software Supply Chain Attacks?

#111: Ever since Alex Birsan published his Dependency Confusion article in February 2021, the concept of the software supply chain has come to the forefront. The supply chain should not be a new concept to people, but many seemed to have been caught off guard. Today we talk about Alex's article along with a new project that allows you to manage your supply chain security in...


DOP 110: The Problems With Microservices

#110: It seems that everyone thinks that microservices solves every problem that can be imagined. In fact, there's probably a good chance that you don't even want microservices in your organization due to the new problems that they introduce. YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And Blueprints Kubernetes Chaos Engineering With Chaos Toolkit And...


DOP 109: How to Test Microservices

#109: You've made the decision that you're going to drop your monoliths and move to microservices. Have you given any consideration how you are going to test your microservices? Beyond that, have you thought about how you can make testing easy for the consumers of your microservices? Transcript: YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And...


DOP 108: Why Do We Want to Use Microservices?

#108: If you cannot define a thing, how do you know what it is? Is a microservice a function, a container, a VM, all of the above or none of the above? Today, we give you our definition of what a microservice is and where microservices should fit into your application architecture. Transcript: YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And...


DOP 107: Getting Into the Flow With Value Streams

#107: As a software development community, we're used to hearing the terms sprints, projects, and agile. However, the people that sign our paychecks, in other words, the business people, could care less and wonder why everything is taking so long and why it is so complex. Today, we speak with Steve Pereira, the found of, a consulting firm focused on value streams, and flow engineering, about what he sees when he speaks with his clients. Visible: Steve's...


DOP 106: The Difference Between SRE and DevOps

#106: There seems to be a great debate about what a DevOps engineer is and what a SRE is. Today, we throw our hat in the ring and attempt to dispel the myths that we see running rampant throughout the industry. Viktor's video for "What is the difference between SRE and DevOps?": Transcript: YouTube...


DOP 105: Does History Repeat Itself?

#105: The following quote is attributed to Mark Twain, "History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes." Does this sound familiar? VMs. LXC. Containers. They are all (roughly) the same thing. So why do we keep recreating things that already exist? Transcript: YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And...


DOP 104: Technical Debt Is a Business Decision

#104: When a business decides to release code to production that hasn't been fully tested or is releasing because a date has been promised, that's a business decision and not a technical decision. However, at some point in the future, the debt will come due. Today, we speak with Dan Burns from Testifi about TDD, BDD, and why an organization must apply test automation the correct way or they'll find themselves playing catchup all the time. Dan's contact...


DOP 103: Knative in Action

#103: What is there was a way that you could harness the power of Kubernetes without having to learn all the ins and outs of Kubernetes? Enter Knative. Today with speak with Jacques Chester, the author of Knative in Action, about that at much more. Order your copy of Knative in Action at: and be sure to use the code "podparadox20" to save 40% off of Knative in Action and any other purchases at Manning Publications. Jacques on...


DOP 102: Getting Started With Open Policy Agent

#102: Are you a rule-maker or a rule-breaker? Hopefully we all agree that having guardrails up help us live a better life, whether personally or professionally. However, sometimes those rules get in our way of getting things done. Today, we take an introductory look at Open Policy Agent and Gatekeeper and try to figure out how using Gatekeeper can make not only our lives but the lives of our end users much easier when managing our Kubernetes...


DOP 101: What to Do When Technology Fails

#101: What happens when you're doing a demo and your technology fails? You can get angry and write a blog post that goes viral. Today, we speak with Nicolas Frankel about his move from minikube to Kind, how Gradle is no better than Ant, and how the conference circuit is not meant for people that only want to work from 9 to 5. Nicolas on...


DOP 100: Course Correcting DevOps

#100: In our 100th episode, we bring back Patrick Debois, the GodFather of DevOps (at least we think so), as our "divide by 50" guest. In very Patrick fashion, he turns the tables on us and we go down a number of paths that we didn't see coming. Patrick's info: Twitter: Website: Transcript: YouTube...


DOP 99: Do DevOps Engineers Need to Know How to Code?

#99: In the nineties and early 2000s, it wasn't strange to see operations people copy and pasting "code" from Word documents, also known as runbooks, into their terminals to get their job done. It's now 2021 and we still have people questioning whether or not they should be writing code to do their work. Transcript: YouTube channel: Books and...


DOP 98: Kubernetes Troubleshooting Simplified With Komodor

#98: How many times have you been put into the situation to debug a production issue and you have no idea where to start? Probably more than you can count. Worse yet, your employer expects that you can troubleshoot the issue without having access to all the tools that you need. Today we speak with Itiel Shwartz, CTO and co-founder of Komodor, a startup developing the next-gen troubleshooting platform for Kubernetes. Itiel's contact...


DOP 97: Processing Event Streams With Apache Kafka

#97: A chess player knows to write down their moves so they can replay their matches and learn from them. Having the ability to replay those matches also gives you the ability to start over and see where something goes wrong. In today's episode, we speak with Viktor (Vik) Gamov about Apache Kafka and how it can help you breathe new life into systems that may not have been written in a way to take advantage of events. Vik on...