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What is DevOps? We will attempt to answer this and many more questions.

What is DevOps? We will attempt to answer this and many more questions.


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What is DevOps? We will attempt to answer this and many more questions.




DOP 159: When to Use Kubernetes

#159: In the age of microservices and containers, Kubernetes has become one of the most popular ways to manage application deployment and lifecycle management. However, it can be difficult to know when it's necessary or appropriate to use Kubernetes. In this episode, we attempt to answer the question "when should I use Kubernetes?" We also talk about the right and wrong ways to use Kubernetes. YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog,...


DOP 158: Powering Zero Trust With OpenZiti

#158: Security is a paramount concern for many organizations today due to remote work. The typical starting point is a VPN client is installed on workers devices. But is using a VPN really that secure? In this episode, we talk with Mike Guthrie from NetFoundry about an alternative approach to security that is not only Zero Trust, but also open source. OpenZiti is an open source project focused on bringing Zero Trust not only to network connect, but also to the communication between...


DOP 157: How to Create a Startup

#157: You're sitting at home and all of a sudden, you have a new business idea. You message a few of your friends and they agree that it is a great idea. You take out a few pieces of paper and start brainstorming. But then you have a bad feeling. The idea is too vague or too complicated to explain or you cannot decide whether to pursue it any further. How do you decide what to do? In this episode, we speak with Aharale Batonia about what it's like to create and work in a startup and how...


DOP 156: Validate Your API Specifications With Cherrybomb

#156: When you are writing an API, do you first create an OpenAPI document and then generate code or do you create your code and then generate an OpenAPI document? Regardless of how you create it, how do you know that when your API is running that it is actually doing what you’ve said it will do? In this episode, we speak with Guy Levinger, CTO of BLST Security, about all things API and about their open source tool named Cherrybomb. Guy’s information: Twitter:...


DOP 155: The Difference Between Projects and Products

#155: Do you know what the difference is between a project and a product in your day job? After years of working with clients as well as working in open source, we've figured out the differences between a project and a product, why it's important to know the differences, and how you can use this knowledge to build better products. In this episode, Darin and Viktor walk you through what they are and why they're different, as well as provide insight into how these concepts can impact your...


DOP 154: Reducing Developer Friction

#154: What are the right and wrong ways organizations help their application developers be more productive? Should those organizations have the mentality of my way or the highway or should they allow the application developers they’ve hired to run the shop? Interestingly, the answer is somewhere in the middle. YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And Blueprints Review the...


DOP 153: Eliminate Cloud Chaos With Firefly

#153: Cloud has been around in an organization for a number of years and has had many, many employees and contractors managing the cloud assets. These assets have been created in numerous ways. Sometimes Terraform was used. Other times, a script was written that used the CLI provided by the cloud vendor. Finally, other assets were created by pointing and clicking in the console. You’ve been recently hired into this company to fix the mess that they are in. Where are you going to...


DOP 152: An Internal Developer Platform Story

#152: Many companies are seriously starting to look into creating an internal developer platform for their developers. However, how many of those companies really understand what it takes to create a developer platform that is going to be used by those developers. We speak with Diogo and Ragnar from Pipedrive to see how they are using the open source project DevSpace as the basis for their internal developer platform. Diogo’s contact: LinkedIn:...


DOP 151: What Is OpenTelemetry?

#151: As an application developer, you know you need data about your application. Usually, that data starts with logs. Over time, you add in metrics. At some point, you might add traces. With OpenTelemetry, you get all three with one tool. In this episode, we speak with Ramon Guiu about the OpenTelemetry landscape and how as an application developer you might want to start using OpenTelemetry in your projects. Ramon’s info: Twitter: LinkedIn:...


DOP 150: Diagrams As Code

#150: Patrick Debois joins us for his almost-annual divide by 50 episode. We talk about items ranging from digital twins to diagrams as code to everyone’s current favorite topics, NFTs and blockchain. Patrick’s info: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Sites discussed: YouTube...


DOP 149: What Is FinOps?

#149: You might just be starting out using cloud and your credit card is doing just fine. However, after a few months, you notice that you need to add multiple credit cards to your account in order to pay your cloud bill. What do you do? You start looking for a better way. In this episode, we speak with Roi Ravhon, the CEO at Finout, about why a DevOps team should care about their cloud costs. Roi’s information: Twitter: LinkedIn:...


DOP 148: Is Kubernetes Ready to Run Databases?

#148: The Kubernetes ecosystem continues to mature, but one area is still a challenge. That area is managing storage for stateful applications. In this episode, we speak with Nic Vermandé from Ondat to discuss the challenges with StatesfulSet applications and the items you've got to get right first before you can even think about scaling your applications to multi-region or even multi-cloud. Nic’s contact info: Twitter: LinkedIn:...


DOP 147: Should You Use a Recruiter When Looking for a Job?

#147: In the pre-internet days, you would look through the newspaper when you wanted to get a new job. However, if you wanted to get to a job faster, you would hire a recruiter to help pitch you to multiple companies. In 2022, obviously everything has changed and the value of a good recruiter is move important than ever. In this episode, we talk with Erin Lovern, the founder and CEO of Grove Talent Group, about how a good recruiter can not only help a person looking for a job, but how a...


DOP 146: Context Means Everything in Security

#146: Who owns security? Is it the Development team? Is it the DevOps or Shared Services team? Is the the Security team? In this episode, we with speak with Dean Agron from Oxeye to determine what happens when you actually have all the context you need and how that can make the call on what security issues are important to remediate immediately and which ones can wait or even be ignored. Dean's contact info: Twitter: How insecure application tracing...


DOP 145: What Does a DevOps Engineer Do?

#145: In this episode, we discuss a blog post from that analyzed 29 DevOps engineer job postings from a number of the large technology companies. The overlap of the job requirements wasn't very surprising. However, some of the requirements seemed pretty silly. What does a DevOps Engineer do? We analyzed 29 job postings to find out. YouTube...


DOP 144: Is Open Source Sustainable?

#144: Filippo Valsorda recently wrote a blog post titled “Professional Maintainers: A Wake-up Call" in which he discusses his thoughts about the sustainability of open source. Where do you think open source will be in the coming years? YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And Blueprints Kubernetes Chaos Engineering With Chaos...


DOP 143: How to Get Started With CI/CD

#143: When you are first starting with CI/CD, where should you start? That’s the question that Ahmed asks us in this episode. Should it be tools? Should it be pipelines? Should it be Kubernetes? Actually, the answer is none of the above. YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And Blueprints Kubernetes Chaos Engineering With Chaos Toolkit And...


DOP 142: Do We Need Coding for DevOps?

#142: We answer a new variation on a question that we get a lot. Sure, we all know we need to know how to code if we are doing DevOps, but do we also need to know how to use development frameworks and potentially even how to connect to and use databases? YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And Blueprints Kubernetes Chaos Engineering With Chaos Toolkit And...


DOP 141: Five Reasons to Leave Your Job

#141: In this episode, we attempt to answer Stan's question "name five things we should gauge with current employer if they are still doing that would make you leave." What do you think those five things are? YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And Blueprints Kubernetes Chaos Engineering With Chaos Toolkit And Istio Canary...


DOP 140: What Every DevOps Should Learn in 2022

#140: Have you decided what you're going to be learning in 2022? Darin and Viktor attempt to answer a question from Konstantin about what a DevOps person should be learning this year. Guess what? It's not just technology that you need to be learning. YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Catalog, Patterns, And Blueprints Kubernetes Chaos Engineering With Chaos Toolkit And...