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#39 Harry Roberts and his journey toward freelancing

Harry Roberts is an award-winning Consultant Performance Engineer from the UK. With a client list ranging from the United Nations to Google, the BBC to the Financial Times, he has helped some of the world’s largest organisations make their websites faster. He also holds positions as a Google Developer Expert, where he shares web performance research and findings, and as Performance Ambassador for SHIFT Commerce, where he aims to make ecommerce faster from the inside out. He writes about all...


#38 Ryan Latta from one extreme to the next

Ryan Latta has been building software and teams for nearly 10 years now. He currently works as an agile coach and scrum master with a mission of creating teams that change the world. As a developer he maintains a belief that writing code is the least responsible thing he can do. When he isn't spending time with his family, he is mentoring new developers in starting their careers, playing games, and learning to play the fiddle. Ryan brushed over the dark passages of his career. From Game...


#37.5 Special Episode on what we learned in 2018

Listen to (almost) all the 2018 guests answer the same question: what is the most important thing you learned in 2018? In order of appearance: Something ElatedJingle Bell SwingYour host Software Developer‘s Journey...


#37 Darren Hoehna, "That Programming Guy", on getting experience no matter what!

Darren is a software developer, currently working for Microsoft, and the founder of the "That Programming Guy" company through which he does the two things that he loves most: helping people and tutoring in programming. When he's not working, he either plays video games, or does chores. Together we talked about the detours Darren took in order to become a developer, like working for U-Haul and not finishing his college degree. Then we talked about the interviews he lived through and how he...


#36 Rob Allen on persuasion instead of authority

Rob Allen is a software consultant and developer with many years experience and writes code in PHP, Swift and other interesting languages. He leads Slim Framework's development team and contributes to Apache OpenWhisk and other open source projects. Rob is a published author and based in the UK where he runs Nineteen Feet Limited, focussing on API development, training and consultancy. In his spare time, Rob blogs at and can often be seen with a camera in his hand. Rob briefly...


#35 Emily Bache on maximizing career for family, hobbies and making a difference in the world

Emily is a Technical Agile Coach and a very experienced one. In her career, she has embodied pretty much all the positions our industry has to offer and built a polyglott bagage that definitely makes me blush... from Python and Scala to Ruby and C++. Emily is the author of "the Coding Dojo Handbook", a few video classes on Pluralsight and she also regularly speaks at international conferences and panels with none other than "Robert C. Martin". Emily told us her story. How she discovered...


#34 Richard Rodger on software development as a resource allocation problem

Richard Rodger was co-founder and CEO of his previous company, nearForm, where he helped take the company from scratch to an annual turnover of €17 million. Previously, he was CTO of FeedHenry, a mobile application platform provider that was acquired by RedHat for €63.5m in 2014. For several years, Richard has been an active member and influencer of the open source software (OSS) community. He is the creator and maintainer of, a microservices framework for Node.js. Richard is...


#33 Markus Harrer on being open for new things

Markus Harrer has developped an expertise in software analytics, "software restoration" and clean code. As a freelance trainer and consultant, he shows his clients how software products can be sustainably improved with the help of a datacentric and comprehensible analysis. Together we talked about the basics of data analytics, how Markus got into it and how and why you also should try it. We talked about the standard tools and mindset required to strive in this branch. Here are the links...


#32 Katharine Jarmul on being driven & focused on what you can do

Katharine Jarmul is co-founder of KIProtect, a data security and privacy company for data science workflows in Berlin. She's been using Python since 2008 to solve and create problems. She helped form the first PyLadies chapter in Los Angeles in 2010, and co-authored an O'Reilly book along with several video courses on Python and data. She enjoys following the latest developments in machine learning, natural language processing, data privacy and ethics and workflow automation infrastructure....


#31 Mario Rogic on absorbing and communicating as much as you can

In this episode I talk to Mario Rogic. Mario is a technology aficionado with a particular love for the web. Among many other things, Mario believes technology should make life simple and joyful, and he enjoys being able to prove so. He lives in London, works as Head of Technology for and he organises and runs the Elm London Meetups. We first discussed about public speaking and how it helps us prepare content and communicate better in our everyday life. And of course, Mario...


#30 Adrian Bolboaca on choosing the appropriate tool for the job at hand

In this episode I talk to Adrian Bolboaca. Adrian is a programmer, trainer and a coach. His passion is helping teams produce high quality software. Adrian is a supporter of Deliberate Practice, experiments, and experiental learning. In 2016 he published a book about hosting and facilitating a coderetreat, a one-day deliberate practice concept for programming. We touched on the topics of learning theory and university curriculum. We spoke about polyglot programing, about full stack...


#29 Steven Schwenke on soft skills that one cannot "simply download"

In this episode, I talk with Steven Schwenke. Steven is a software craftsman, mentor and mentee aus Braunschweig in Germany. Together we discussed CS-degrees, mentoring, communication, hard- and soft-skills, motivation, purpose and much more. Here are the links of the show: http://www.stevenschwenke.de Something ElatedYour host Software Developer‘s Journey is hosted and produced by Timothée (Tim) Bourguignon, a crazy...


#28 Arnaud Porterie on putting the right people together in the right context to see the right things happen

In this episode I talked to Arnaud Porterie. Arnaud is VP of Engineering at Vente Privée, a french eCommerce Business. Previously, he managed the open-source group at Docker, which radically changed his views on managing software development at scale. Together, we spoke about the parallel between managing engineering teams and building communities. We touched on open source software and culture, and the ways to make engineering teams strive. Here are the links of the...


#27 Jessica Kerr on public speaking, networking and the problems of mentoring

In this episode, I speak with Jessica Kerr. Jessica makes software to help others write software to help themselves build software at Atomist. Her adventures include advocating for functional programming and systems thinking at software conferences around the world, but also keeping two children alive and podcasting on "Greater Than Code". We touched on her introduction to public speaking. We talked about balancing a family life and traveling for work. We segwayed into networking and the...


#26 Anne Cahalan on moving out of Junior-Developerness

In this episode, I interviewed Anne Cahalan. Anne is an iOS developer at Detroit Labs, where she is constantly delighted by the niftiness of Swift. Anne told us her story. From the Bootcamp she went to and the apprenticeship program she followed, up to her "moving out" of "Junior-Developerness" and all its implications. We finally touched on the topic of mid-career development, which was the topic of her talk at the London SPA-Conference where we met. Here are the links of the...


#25 Sia Ghassemi on segways that lead exactly where you needed to be

In this episode, I talk to Siavash "Sia" Ghassemi, software achitect and developer. He is a Microsoft Azure and Xamarin expert. We discussed how he discovered his passion for software development and how he came to becoming the well know speaker and prolific developer he now is. We touched on the career segways that he lived through and how it helped him later in his life. We finally touched attending conferences and speaking at them as a medium to grow for developers. Here are the links of...


#24 Daniel Marbach on failure, remoteness and mentoring

In this episode I talk with Daniel Marbach, software engineer, architect, evangelist, family man, father, public speaker and so much more. We touched on how his first failure shaped his career and made him much stronger. We discussed the remote-ness of his current company and how this makes them a very "particular" (pun intended) company. We talked about mentoring and how it helps Daniel become a bit better everyday. Finally we talked about hiring for culture, and how it is done at the...


#23 Laura Savino on languages and public speaking

The guest this week is Laura Savino. Laura is a freelance iOS developer whose non-tech passions include foreign languages and teaching. We started talking about languages, how we learn them, and how kids books could help us there. We diverged toward public speaking and how you structure a talk. We finally touched on being on stage, playing music and how this relates to public speaking. Note: Skype unfortunately had a couple hiccups during the call. I managed to edit most of them. Two moments...


#22 Rob Napier on interviewing and asking questions

In this episode I talk to Rob Napier. Rob has been a developer for a few decades and now earns his living developing for iOS. We touched on our respective interviewing processes, asking questions, being inclusive, reflecting on your own way of doing etc. We also discussed about being a "Conditional Breakpoint" and how a music band might approach including newcomers. We finally touched on Mentoring and just "listening". Enjoy! Here are the links of the...


#21 David Tanzer on craftmanship and the need for coaching

In this episode I talk to David Tanzer. David is a Freelancer based in Linz, Austria. We talked about what David does for a living. We touched on the SOLID principles and the 4 rules of simple design. We continued talking about the SoCraTes conference and the need for technical coaching beside agile coaching. Here are the links of the...