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Differential shares the stories of artists and innovators from the Midwest.

Differential shares the stories of artists and innovators from the Midwest.
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Differential shares the stories of artists and innovators from the Midwest.




Special Episode: Ask Drive Anything

We've started a new project called "Ask Drive Anything". We're asking people like you to ask us questions about... anything! It could be related to startups, venture capital, Drive Capital, a past episode of Differential, or anything else you'd like me to take a stab at answering! Submit your question to askdriveanything@drivecapital.com Thanks everyone!


Lisa Ingram is growing White Castle with a culture of innovation

The iconic White Castle restaurant chain has been around for almost 100 years, but recently -- under our guest Lisa Ingram's leadership -- the company has done a complete 180 when it comes to its culture of innovation. What used to be a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach has been transformed into a truly experimental, creative culture. And it’s paying off as White Castle has experienced a roaring resurgence in the last decade. -- twitter.com/drivecapital sponsor:...


Matt Scantland built CoverMyMeds into a juggernaut that people love

Our guest this episode is Matt Scantland, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Columbus Startup, CoverMyMeds. Matt Scantland started CoverMyMeds in 2008 to improve the process of prescribing and obtaining prescription drugs. Fast forward to 2017, and Matt sold the company to McKesson for 1.3 BILLION dollars. And as someone who’s deeply invested in growing massive tech companies in the Midwest, this outcome was music to our ears. twitter.com/drivecapital sponsor: integritypowersearch.com


Anthony Hughes' company is world class at transforming lives

Our guest this episode is Anthony Hughes, who is the CEO and co-founder of Tech Elevator. As many of you probably know, there are a lot of coding boot camps out there, but Tech Elevator is truly a world class performer in the space. This was one of our all time favorite interviews. I think you're going to enjoy it! -- drivecapital.com twitter.com/drivecapital -- sponsor: integritypowersearch.com


Kat Wilson is writing the playbook for non-technical founders

Kat Wilson is the Founder/CEO of The Minte, a Chicago startup that makes it easy for property management companies of luxury apartment/condo complexes to offer cleaning services similar to what you’d experience when staying at a hotel. In this episode, Kat shares her learnings on how to build out a tech team as non-technical founder. Kat is an incredibly impressive founder, and we're excited to share our conversation with you. -- follow: twitter.com/drivecapital -- our sponsor:...


Pelotonia CEO Doug Ulman has seen some incredible highs and lows

Doug is the President and CEO of the massively successful non-profit, Pelotonia, and the former President and CEO of another massively successful non-profit, Livestrong. In our conversation you’ll hear about how Doug handled adversity that came from the brutal news that Armstrong had been using performance enhancing drugs during his seven Tour De France victories. You’ll also hear how Doug used that experience to grow as a person and now leader of Pelotonia, which is a Columbus based...


Chris Gladwin built a billion dollar company after reading a book about cryptography

Chris Gladwin is the current Founder/CEO of Chicago startup Ocient, and the former Founder/CEO of\ Cleversafe, which he sold to IBM for $1.3B in 2015. We're excited to share this conversation with you because it’s a great example of an entrepreneur who had to take multiple swings before all the stars aligned in order to have the kind of outcome most entrepreneurs dream of. -- This episode is brought to you by Integrity Power Search...


SXSW's Hugh Forrest knows that building a movement takes time

Today, Southby Southwest is a massive, annual event in Austin, Texas. It’s part music festival, part film festival, part tech conference, and Hugh Forrest is now one of the most influential people in the world of entertainment. But it was not always that way. drivecapital.com twitter.com/drivecapital


Sean Lane knows that the twenty-seventh time's the charm

Our guest this episode is very special to person to us because he is one of the first entrepreneurs we partnered with when we started Drive, and he has proven to be an incredible investment. That person is the founder and CEO of Olive, Sean Lane. drivecapital.com twitter.com/drivecapital


Ben Milne raised $30M and then pivoted his business.

Our guest this episode is Ben Milne, the founder and CEO of the startup Dwolla. Ben Milne grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa and has been running his own business his entire working career. While running his first business, he noticed how much money he was paying out in credit card fees, so he started a new company to fix that problem. That idea for improving the way money flows would become Dwolla. twitter.com/drivecapital drivecapital.com


Gordon Gee doesn't want to know about your successes if you don't have failures.

Our guest this episode is the President of West Virginia University, Dr. Gordon Gee. Dr. Gee is the former two-time president of Ohio State, and he’s also been the president at Vanderbilt, Brown, and the University of Colorado. In fact, he’s been president of more universities than any other American, and TIME Magazine has described Gee as one of the top university presidents in the United States. twitter.com/drivecapital


Jason Mars is taking a break from the classroom to build a massive company

Jason Mars and is the co-founder and CEO of Clinc, a startup out of Ann Arbor that is leading the charge in conversational AI technology. In our conversation with Jason, we learn about his journey from Jamaica to his childhood growing up in the inner city of Detroit, and how he has become one of the world's most prolific computer science researchers. The day prior to the release of this episode it was announced that Clinc has raised a $52 million series B investment. It's an exciting time...


Hannah Powell built a new culture of learning from the ground up

Hannah Powell was set on being a lawyer and enjoying a comfortable career practicing law, but after a stint in TFA (Teach for America), she fell in love with educating. In just her mid-twenties, Hannah was given the opportunity to take over a new and struggling charter school, KIPP Columbus. After years of hard work and absolute grit, KIPP Columbus is on an incredible upwards trajectory. Hear the awesome story of how Hannah helped lead that turnaround in this episode of...


Luis von Ahn and Duolingo are on a mission to provide free education for all

Luis von Ahn grew up during the 1980s in the war torn country of Guatemala. Thanks to his mother's encouragement to play on a computer over of a Nintendo, Luis learned to program at an early age. He would go on to study at Duke and then Canegie Mellon, where he would develop the technology for the human verification tool, reCAPTCHA. Luis sold reCAPTCHA to Google and is now building the language learning app, Duolingo, which was voted "App of the Year" by...


Jason Day treats his body like a business

We're lucky to have on the show this week the world class golfer, Jason Day. Jason grew up in Australia, but at 17 he met his now wife at an Irish Pub in Ohio. Jason moved to Ohio soon thereafter and has been taking the United States and the golf world by storm ever since. We cover a lot in this episode. From athletics, to personal challenges, to business, we touch it all in our first episode for the second season of Differential. http://twitter.com/drivecapital


Intro to Season Two!

It is SO GOOD to be back. Similar to our first season, the second season of Differential will focus on sharing the success stories of people from the Midwest. But while Season One focused on success stories in business, in Season Two we'll hear from folks who've done well in an assortment of other fields. Check back every Tuesday for a new episode. Please subscribe to make sure you're keeping up with us! Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/drivecapital


Sebastian Siemiatkowski is taking on the banks -- and winning.

Our guest this week is Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Founder and CEO of the Swedish bank and payments company, Klarna. Sebastian is one of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs -- his company, Klarna, today processes upwards of twenty BILLION dollars in payments annually. When I met Sebastian, he was just 28 years old, with almost no experience as a CEO, but it was very clear to me that he was a talented entrepreneur and someone who a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs can learn...


Alex Frommeyer is a young CEO who won't give up

Alex Frommeyer is the founder and CEO of Beam Dental. Beam is a startup that uses a smart toothbrush to more efficiently price dental risk by measuring brushing behavior. Fro's first challenge in his entrepreneurial career was coming up with an idea that he could "be obsessed about". Once he had that obsession, it was finding a product-market-fit before cash ran out. In this episode, you'll hear how the former undersized linebacker tackled tackled both of those...


Tanisha Robinson has always made her own path

Growing up in a small town in Missouri, Tanisha Robinson felt like a fish out of water from an early age. It wasn't until she dropped out of college and joined the military that she began to realize that what made her different were strengths, not weaknesses. Today, Tanisha, or "T", is the CEO of BrewDog USA, and she's leading the charge of bringing the UK's largest craft brewery to the US.


Scott Dorsey nailed the product and culture

It's one thing to build one of the largest startups the Midwest has seen in the last few decades. It's another thing to do it with a thriving culture of teamwork and transparency, but that's what Scott Dorsey did with his Indianapolis startup, Exact Target. http://twitter.com/_differential_