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Digital Roughnecks is the podcast for oil & gas professionals who use technology to achieve autonomous operations. In particular, we focus on the impact that AI (artificial intelligence) on oil & gas operations.

Digital Roughnecks is the podcast for oil & gas professionals who use technology to achieve autonomous operations. In particular, we focus on the impact that AI (artificial intelligence) on oil & gas operations.


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Digital Roughnecks is the podcast for oil & gas professionals who use technology to achieve autonomous operations. In particular, we focus on the impact that AI (artificial intelligence) on oil & gas operations.







We sit down with Shawn Martens, the co-founder of, who call themselves the "Uber of Oil Field Services." connects oil & gas producers with oil field services suppliers using a SaaS platform. The entire process of connecting jobs with suppliers can be automated, including ticketing, billing, and smart contracts. In this episode, we demonstrate an AI-solution for tank-level monitoring that initiatives a smart contract for a pumper truck to pickup oil...


Remembering 9/11 - A Tribute and a Wakeup Call

On this 20th anniversary of 9/11, Digital Roughnecks & Energy Strong want to pay tribute to the victims and the heroes of 9/11. It's also a wake-up call for Digital Roughnecks, whose mission is to use technology to grow our energy independence, so that we’re NOT dependent on any countries who ultimately want to harm us. I believe it's our calling to create energy independence that is secure, safe, clean, dependable, and enables us to defend ourselves against all future threats.


Blockchain for Energy

In this episode, I interview Raquel Clement, the Chairperson for the Blockchain for Energy consortium. Through industry collaboration and market innovation, Blockchain For Energy is reinventing the oil and gas industry’s workflow process by building a forward-thinking community that creates inventive ways of leveraging blockchain technology to maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, improve timelines, and drive industry transformation through collective synergies. In this episode we...

Duration:00:10:08 EPA Methane Technology Workshop Video

8/25/2021 was given the opportunity to participate in the August 2021 EPA Methane Technology workshop. As part of our virtual exhibit, we provided a 5-minute video to the EPA summarizing how our continuous OGI methane monitoring solution helps operators monitor & manage their methane intensity. Inside the video, we demonstrate how we use OOOOa-certified OGI cameras + AI software to: In addition to continuous VOC gas leak detection, we provide a suite of visual AI machine...


Software is eating the world

My guest, Jay McBain, is the Principal Analyst - Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems, for Forrester Research. In this episode, Jay expounds on ideas:


New Colorado Regulation: Visual ECD monitoring

In this episode of Digital Roughnecks, we sit down with Mark Smith and David Conley of Clean Connect ai to discuss a new Colorado Regulation: Visual ECD monitoring. The new regulation will require Weekly ECD Visual Inspections.


How to prevent ransomware

In this episode of Digital Roughnecks, we sit down with Steve Rutkovitz, President of Choice Cybersecurity to discuss:


Canadian Regulations

In part 4 of our regulation & ESG series, I interviewed Darwin Graff from West Country Energy Services, who outlines the latest updates to Canadian EPA and Alberta Provincial regulations. Inside this episode, we discuss:


How operators achieve autonomous operations with edge computing

In this episode, Mark Smith interviews John Kalfayan, VP of Energy at Hivecell, to discuss using intelligent edge devices in the oil & gas field operations. We discuss: How to deploy and scale your edge devices, even if you're not an IT or networking expertHow intelligent edge devices enable autonomous operations for oil & gas operators


New Proposed Federal EPA Regulations Part 3

In this episode, Mark Smith outlines 3 new proposed US legislation that will impact EPA regulations for all US operators. I give you the summary of each bill and what I think will be the impact on operators in the coming months/years: These include:


ESG & Regulatory Impact Part 2

In part 2 of our "new regulations that impact every oil & gas company" series, we focus on OGMP 2.0 (Oil & Gas Methane Partnership). OGMP 2.0 is a global, voluntary, association of 66 oil & gas companies that currently produce 30% of the world's oil & gas. In this episode, we cover:


ESG & Regulatory Impact Part 1

Episode 27 Inside this episode: David Conley and Mark Smith of sit down to discuss ESG & Regulatory impact in upstream oil & gas operations.


EP25 - How to use Energy AI to turn your SCADA data into money

In this episode, Sarah Tamilrasan, the co-founder of SotaOG, shares how they use Energy AI to optimize existing real-time data to:


EP24 – The Future of Autonomous Control Room Operations

Inside this episode: Vicki Knott, P.Eng, the president of CruxOCM shares how her SaaS company is enabling the autonomous control room of tomorrow. • Vick shares how our software helps midstream companies dramatically reduce the number of steps to start a pipeline by up to 99%. • She also explains how operators can squeeze more throughput from their pipelines, which could add $100 million in new revenue per midstream company! You can get all the links to our show notes by clicking...


6 Stages of Autonomous Operations

In this episode of Digital Roughnecks, Shirley Marquardt, Emerson’s Director of Digital Transformation, discusses the six stages of autonomous operations for oil & gas operators. You can see the video interview here: Emerson has helped hundreds of operators with automation, both offshore and onshore. This gives them some unique insight into the steps required to go from manual to autonomous operations.


Intro To Deep Learning With Mehdi Korjani

In this episode, we sit down with Mehdi Korjani, Director of AI at Clean Connect, to go through the basics of deep learning. Mehdi uses his experience and expertise in AI to explain what deep learning is, how it is different from machine learning, and how it is changing oil and gas. So if you want to learn more about deep learning, tune into this week's episode.


Using Python To Become The Next Digital Roughneck

In this episode, Hoss Belyadi describes his journey from roughneck to Digital Roughneck. Hoss uses AI & machine learning to solve problems in the oil & gas industry, such as preventative maintenance and extraction optimization. And his programming language of choice? Python. Hoss believes learning Python is one of the first steps to becoming a Digital Roughneck because you can take advantage of powerful machine learning algorithms to solve real problems. This is all broken down in his...


Creating Holistic Energy Intelligence With AI

In this week's episode, I sit down with the CEO of Sourcewater, Josh Adler. At the start, Sourcewater aimed to map and market the water needed in hydraulic fracturing. Today, Josh and his team have created AI and machine learning technologies capable of mapping nearly every commodity and process involved in hydraulic fracturing. In fact, Sourcewater can even detect drilling operations months before operators file permits. So if you want to see how Sourcewater's solutions can increase ROI...


How To Get Started As A Digital Roughneck

In this episode, Digital Roughnecks interviews Ryan Davies, a Network Engineer from Ryan is a true Digital Roughneck, starting his oil and gas career on the drilling side and now adding a computer science degree. Ryan talks about his journey to become a Digital Roughneck and provides specific recommendations on how to get started as a Digital Roughneck. Also, Ryan provides insights into the future role of the Digital Roughneck in the oil & gas industry plus the career...