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Bringing you all the insider news on everything affiliate- related, powered by Wewe Media.

Bringing you all the insider news on everything affiliate- related, powered by Wewe Media.




Bringing you all the insider news on everything affiliate- related, powered by Wewe Media.








EP13 : 4 Steps to Landing Page Success with Oliver Kenyon

A pretty landing page isn’t going to get you sales without the right strategy, and that’s where Oliver Kenyon, founder of The Landing Page Guys comes in. Get yourself set up for landing page success in this episode as the man behind the largest affiliate marketing community - AffiliateFix.com and numerous online ventures in the affiliate space shares his exciting entrepreneurial journey and useful tips. Learn why his 4 step funnel will help your landing pages convert and how he drove cold...


EP12 : An Insider's Look To Your 5 Mins News with Emanuel Cinca

Looking for your 5 mins affiliate news covering only the real deal? WHAT THE AFF is your gem. Join us for an enlightening peek into how WTAFF Founder, Emanuel Cinca, started his journey to launch a now widely subscribed affiliate marketing email newsletter with bite-sized yet impactful content. What’s more, get yourself equipped with his personal recommendations on running affiliate marketing campaigns, all in this episode. So make sure to tune in and if you haven’t signed up to WHAT THE...


EP11 : Push Ad Creatives that Convert with RichPush

Creatives are key to creating Push Ad campaigns that convert, but are you doing it right? Join Yan Gorbach, Head of Customer Success at RichPush as he dives into valuable tips that you will want to test out immediately. What’s the best number of creatives to use for a good A/B testing? What kind of creatives work best in Sweepstakes, Nutra and Dating? What are some mistakes you should avoid? Find out all you need to know about push ad creatives in this value-packed episode and put them in...


EP10 : From 8 Figure Affiliate to E-commerce Agency with Tony Wang

When a sudden illness sent Tony to the emergency room for 2 weeks, it became a turning point that made him reconsider his life goals. Abandoning his chemist path, he found his way into the affiliate marketing industry and never looked back, working his way up from an intern to earning a successful 8 Figure sum. Now the founder of his own E-commerce Agency, he’s on his way to fulfil his vision as the #1 E-commerce agency for health products - an agency that doesn’t just produce pretty...


EP09: Affiliate Mastermind - Your Shortcut to Success?

As Richard Oki, COO of Deberoo says "There's a reason why 5% or less make all the money- they have information you don't". We couldn't agree more. The shortcut to success is not just working harder, but smarter. Finding the right guidance could propel your success in ways you can't imagine. We excited to have Richard Oki join us today to share his journey from newbie to a super affiliate making 5 figures and a deeper look into why a Mastermind is what you need right now.


EP08 : How to make Push Ads your Winning Channel

Are you jumping on the push bandwagon without doing it right? We’re happy to have Joshua Briggs, Director of Sales at Pushnami to share some great tips on maximizing push to generate revenue in this episode. What’s the optimal number of notifications to send before you become a nuisance? How long is a subscribed user most valuable? Get all your questions answered in today’s episode. Even better, you can now download their 5 steps to push success checklist to make sure you don’t miss out any...


EP07: A Decade in the Affiliate Network Space with Mike Semira

Sometimes life takes you on an unexpected journey, as we’ll find out with today’s special guest Mike Semira, former SVP of Supply & Strategy of Mundo Media. From car magazine salesman to leading a global team at Mundo Media and now VP of DMS Group, you can say that this guy has gone through it all. Also the man who propelled our Podcast Host Darren into the AM industry, we’re excited to have him on our show to talk about his ups and downs throughout the journey, his time at Mundo Media and...


EP06: Super Affiliate Secrets to Success with Benjamin Yong

“The reason why a lot of people can’t be successful, is that they think too much. What if this happens, what if that happens … Eventually there will be no execution. So execution, execution execution first.” - Benjamin Yong Why am I not successful yet? While affiliate marketing can make you rich, it is never an easy path. We’re lucky to have Benjamin Yong with us today to share about his life journey , what’s up and coming for him and some great tips that contributed to his success. Now a...


EP05: TheOptimizer - Affiliate Marketing Optimization Made Easy

Are your affiliate marketing campaigns keeping you up late at night? If the repetitive tasks of pausing ads, changing landing pages, optimising bids etc... sounds familiar, this episode is definitely for you. Today we’re excited to have Losid Berberi, Chief Marketing Officer of TheOptimizer join us for an insightful talk on how automation can make running any affiliate marketing campaign much easier. It's even possible to create more than 65 campaigns with 5-6 creatives each under 20 mins!...


EP04: Zorbas Media Insiders View: What's Trending?

Looking for quality affiliate news? There's a good chance you're already following Zorbas Media, the up and coming news resource site for all things affiliate related. Today we're delighted to have Stan Semenov, Head of Growth at Zorbas Media to share with us an insider's view on how they started, exciting updates on their future plans, what's trending and a valuable tip that you don't want to miss! (Hint: This might just be the future of forums )


EP03: Affiliate World Europe Review (Live Exclusive)

In this exciting episode, Wewe Media is here to bring you an exclusive podcast episode recorded live at our booth! Join us as we discuss our thoughts on Affiliate World Europe 2019 and listen to what everyone had to say about their biggest challenges in affiliate marketing for 2019. Do you face these challenges too? Let us know your thoughts!


EP02: From Zero to Hero - How a Lone Russian Affiliate Became an Established CTO

We're excited to have our guest, Mikhail Novikov, established CTO of Fasttrack joining us for this episode! Listen on as he shares how he entered the affiliate marketing scene, how he found the key to success after multiple failures, how he built his company and even his dream home, the challenges he faced in the process and his valuable advice on how to build an asset out of affiliate marketing. Mikhail is also an active speaker in the tech community in Moscow with the goal of helping other...


EP01: The Wewe Story

In our very first episode, join us as Ronny Lua, co-founder of Wewe Media, share with us about his journey into the affiliate marketing world, how he transitioned from a solo affiliate to starting a global performance marketing network as well as tips and mistakes you should avoid if you are thinking about starting your own network.


EP00: All About The Am-Brella

Welcome to the trailer episode of Everything Under The AM-Brella brought to you by Wewe Media. Find out what we're all about and discover snippets on what to expect in upcoming episodes. It's going to be an exciting dive into the affiliate world by your very own insiders from the industry!