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Evolved Radio Podcast: Interviews with technology experts, industry thought leaders, business leaders, and other interesting minds. Exploring the evolution of business and technology.

Evolved Radio Podcast: Interviews with technology experts, industry thought leaders, business leaders, and other interesting minds. Exploring the evolution of business and technology.
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Evolved Radio Podcast: Interviews with technology experts, industry thought leaders, business leaders, and other interesting minds. Exploring the evolution of business and technology.




ERP042 - Bring Your Brain to Work w/ Art Markman

Art Markman (@abmarkman) is a leading cognitive scientist. Art is a professor of psychology and marketing at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also the author of several books and hundreds of scholarly articles. Today we discuss his new book "Bring Your Brain to Work. Using Cognitive Science to Get a Job, Do It Well, and Advance Your Career." Art also has a podcast called "Two Guys on Your Head."


ERP041 - The Science of Procrastination

Today on the podcast I'm talking to Piers Steel, Professor at the University of Calgary and author of The Procrastination Equation. Piers has spent years researching the reasons for and impacts of procrastination. Today we chat about the reasons why you fail to follow through despite your best intentions. It's a surprisingly complex topic. A fascinating mixed conversation on self-help, psychology, biology, and productivity. I'm sure you'll find the conversation as fascinating as I did. Enjoy.


ERP040: Mergers and Acquisitions with Chris Day

On the podcast, today is Chris Day CEO of Top Down Ventures. Chris is a well-recognized member of the MSP channel, as the founder of IT Glue. IT Glue's remarkable growth curve and industry attention are unlike anything we've seen in the market. He recently exited IT Glue after selling to Kaseya. Now he's working with SaaS application entrepreneurs to provide capital and scaling strategies for their businesses. In our discussion we catch up with Chris on the recent M&A activity of Glue and...


ERP039: Mark Colgate - The Science of Service

Mark is a Professor of Service Excellence at the University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business. Author of "The science of service, the proven formula to drive customer loyalty and stand out from the crowd." Available on Amazon. Mark has done work with the govt. Of British Columbia, Telus, Whistler Blackcomb and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


ERP038 - IT and MSP Industry w/ Kevin Behr

Our conversation is a stimulating discussion on the evolution of the IT industry as we know it today and some exploration of what it may look like in the future. How you can remove bottlenecks in your organization and how you can grow the skills of your team to ensure everyone's commitment and success. Kevin is a co-author on several popular books including The Visible OPs Handbook, The Phoenix Project, and more. His industry expertise and insights are wide-ranging and the discussion is...


ERP037 - Cloudberry Backup w/ Doug Hazelman

Today's podcast is brought to you by Cloudberry. Your #1 cross-platform cloud backup platform. I chatting with Doug Hazelman (@VMDoug), VP of technical marketing with Cloudberry. Backups are an important offering for any IT service provider. Cloudberry is focused on supporting MSPs build a flexible backup offering that protects servers and workstations, as well as cloud app data like Office 365 and G suite. Cloudberry allows a free trial of their software, so why not sign up and give it a...


ERP036 - Advanced Nuclear Energy w/ Canon Bryan

On the podcast today I'm speaking with Canon Bryan, CFO with Terrestrial Energy. Terrestrial Energy is an industry leader in next-generation nuclear energy. Nuclear is a fantastically efficient and clean source of energy, but over the years it's earned a bit of negative reputation. As Canon and I discuss this reputation is really unfair when you examine the facts. Terrestrial Energy is building the next generation of nuclear power. It's much more compact, it's dramatically safer, and could...


ERP035 - Moving from TnM to MSP Model w/ Nigel Moore

Today on the podcast, my guest is Nigel Moore, Founder of The Tech Tribe. Nigel built and sold a successful MSP in Sydney. He now is leading a tribe of MSP owners looking to grow their MSP practice. Nigel and I talk about the evolution of the IT service company to an MSP. The mistakes people make and what makes it difficult. We also explore the idea of if you should do TnM & MSP or just go pure MSP. Nigel is a fantastic guy and is truly passionate about the industry. Resources...


ERP034 - Customer Satisfaction Scoring w/ Simplesat

Today's podcast is brought to you by Simplesat. Your tool for stupidly simple satisfaction surveys. I'm joined by Derek and Cory Brown, the father-son team behind Pronto Marketing and Simplesat. If you're in a service-based industry it's important to know how your customers feel about your service. Traditional satisfaction surveys are terrible and the response rate shows that's the case. Simplesat can increase your client feedback 10 fold. Simplesat also makes the data more actionable. Jump...


ERP033 - Advanced Biometric Security w/ Ian Paterson

Today on Evolved Radio we're talking everyone's favorite IT topic lately. Security! I'm joined by Ian Paterson CEO of Plurilock. His company has a really innovative approach to security. It's an advanced form of user identification that can tell who you are by how you type and move the mouse. We talk about why users hate passwords, security requirements for regulated industries, and much more.


ERP032 - MSP Coaching w/ Richard Tubb

Richard Tubb is one of the best-known experts in the global IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) community. His track record speaks for itself, as he launched and sold his own MSP business before creating a leading MSP media and consultancy practice. Richard is also the author of the IT Business Owner's Survival Guide and the author of the Tubblog. We discuss why you may need a business coach, what business owners tend to struggle with most, and how technology is evolving MSP businesses as...


ERP031 - vCIO Process w/ Alex Markov

On the podcast today, I'm chatting with Alex Markov, President of Red Key Solutions and CEO of Strategy Overview. Red Key is a mature and successful MSP in the New York area. Alex and his team work hard to deliver business value to their clients. One of the best way for MSPs to do that is implementing a QBR/TBR. Alex recognized the value in the system they had built and has created a SaaS product called Strategy Overview to help others deliver effective technology planning to their clients.


ERP030 - Canadian Cannabis Industry w/ Dan Sutton

Dan Sutton is vocal leader in the BC cannabis industry. Dan started Tantalus Labs, a cannabis production company in 2012. Dan has been a strong supporter of greenhouse based production of cannabis. We talk about the social and financial impact of that approach. We also discuss the fast dissolving social and professional stigmas associated with cannabis. Canada is expected to federally legalize cannabis in 2018. The Canadian market alone is expected to be worth about seven Billion. Dan and...


ERP029 - Graphene w/ Dr. Joseph Meany

If you've never heard of Graphene, you can bet you'll be hearing a lot more about it in the coming years. Graphene is a material that quietly holds the keys to many of our next generation of technological advances. Filtering water at an atomic level, creating impossibly lightweight bulletproof material, building a quantum supercomputer, and powering nanobots. This little-known material called Graphene is central to a series of fascinating technical discoveries. Today I'm speaking with...


ERP028 - Kanban for Connectwise Manage

Wim Kerkhoff and I talk lean for devops and IT managed services. Wim built a Kanban system for Connectwise Manage


ERP027 - Offshore Support w/ James Vickery

James built an offshore support team to augment his MSP business. He found the offshore strategy enabled a scaling of his business that he otherwise never could have achieved. As more and more peers asked him how to do the same he recognized a business opportunity and Benchmark 365 was born. James and I discuss his journey, some of the common resistance points around offshoring and how his team integrates with existing MSP businesses.


ERP026 - Desktop as a Service (DaaS) with Ted Hulsy

Ted is the Chief Revenue Officer at Itopia. Itopia's mission is to make it easy to migrate Windows workspace environments to the cloud.We talk about the evolution of Cloud computing, including Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and using the public cloud for rapidly deploying computing infrastructure. This is a rapidly growing solution in the IT industry enabling providers to spin up remote desktop environments in no time at all. Ted and I also talk about the competition between AWS, Azure, and...


ERP025 - Digital Entrepreneurship w/ Tim Kane

Tim Kane is co-founder and CEO of myHSA. myHSA is a technology company that facilitates Insurance brokers with the ability to offer in-house health spending accounts. In my interview with Tim, we explore his evolution from brick and mortar business owner to digital entrepreneur. His journey has been filled with hard lessons about building a software business as a non-technical founder. His passion, determination, and strong focus on customer service have served him well. Tim and his...


ERP024 - Data Science w/ Alastair Woolcock

You have probably heard the term Big Data. What does that mean anyway? Today I'm joined by Alastair Woolcock, to talk about Data Science. We uncover the science of data analytics and how data is unlocking market changing insights at all levels of business. Whether you're a small business trying to understand social media and it's influence on your marketing efforts, or an enterprise organization trying to understand client behavior, data can be a powerful tool. There is a growing industry of...


ERP023 - SOP Culture w/ Raj Goel

Today's podcast I'm joined by Raj Goel, CISSP. Raj is the founder of Brainlink and the creator of SOP Culture. Raj and I explore the benefits and the challenges of creating a SOP driven culture in your business. SOP Culture was formed out of years of Raj standardizing his teams work at Brainlink to ensure a consistency of service that gives him an unusual competitive edge in the market.