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FNO: InsureTech by Alacrity Solutions is a place where movers and shakers from all points within the insurance ecosystem gather and discuss all things insuretech. Industry veterans Lee Boyd and Rob Beller talk technology and innovation and how it affects and drives change in the industry. We sit down and talk with CEOs, Thought Leaders, Venture Capitalists, Carrier Execs, Innovators, Startups, Founders, and other high-profile experts. New episodes air every Friday, with occasional bonus treats in between. FNO: InsureTech is a production of Fourseventy Claim Management.


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FNO: InsureTech by Alacrity Solutions is a place where movers and shakers from all points within the insurance ecosystem gather and discuss all things insuretech. Industry veterans Lee Boyd and Rob Beller talk technology and innovation and how it affects and drives change in the industry. We sit down and talk with CEOs, Thought Leaders, Venture Capitalists, Carrier Execs, Innovators, Startups, Founders, and other high-profile experts. New episodes air every Friday, with occasional bonus treats in between. FNO: InsureTech is a production of Fourseventy Claim Management.




Ep 249: Co-Founder and CEO of Whisker Labs, Bob Marshall

Rob and Lee welcome in Bob Marshall, Co-Founder and CEO of Whisker Labs. Bob talks about their flagship solution, Ting, which draws on decades of electromagnetic and atmospheric sensor technology to protect communities and prevent electrical fires, while also monitoring the resiliency and safety of the U.S. electrical grid. Bob shares more about the many ways Ting is taking the relationship with insurers to a new level while also gaining valuable insights. He highlights some real case studies where Ting has helped to save homes, and explains the rewarding impact of their work. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Whisker Labs Bob Marshall LinkedIn What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [8:16] Bob joins the show to talk about his background in engineering and how Whisker Labs came to be. [10:00] The unfortunate fire in Bob’s family that served as inspiration to take engineering and apply it to the common issue of electrical fires. [14:00] How the TingFire technology works and monitors the home wiring. [17:06] Closing the loop and delivering the best experience possible to the customer. [18:10] Ting does not replace, but instead compliments fire alarms. [18:54] How Ting uses AI to analyze data and detect issues anywhere. [20:00] Providing documentation and data in great detail. [25:01] Ting’s partnerships with insurers that offer the service for free to customers. [30:51] Ting is currently saving 15 homes from fires per day on average. They've notified homeowners of 8,000 potential fire risks so far. [38:16] Contributing to water losses as well. [44:13] Providing compassion, education and support for the customer. [44:58] Older homes are more likely to have issues, but not as much as one may think. [47:44] Ting has over 100 employees, and is growing at a great speed.


Ep 248: Co-Founder and President of Chrp Technologies, Chin Ma

This episode features Chin Ma, Co-Founder and President at Chrp Technologies, a fascinating technology that allows underwriters insight into the home of the insured and to reduce losses. Chin talks about how Chrp was created and explains how the technology helps to underwrite accurately and get the insured involved in the process, providing help where it’s needed. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Chrp Chin Ma LinkedIn What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [6:40] What is Chrp, and how did they build the technology? [9:32] What was the problem that Chin’s partner and Chrp founder Micah set out to solve? [11:27] Testing their hypothesis. [13:08] Are homes more complicated now? [15:06] How is what Chrp does in underwriting different from what is typically done? [18:00] How Chrp can provide a more comprehensive view using AI. [19:14] Chrp provides homeowners repair insights and connects them to contractors for help. [23:37] The process of getting homeowners involved. [29:20] What Chin means when he says the program should demonstrate a level of “teeth”. [31:29] A new way to look at customized premiums. [32:14] The reports they the underwriters are seeing. [36:14] Chrp’s repair network, working with the best contractors in the country. [38:26] The company’s growth and future.


Ep 247: CEO and Co-Founder of SnapRefund, Cody Eddings

Rob and Lee are joined by Cody Eddings, CEO and Co-Founder of SnapRefund. Cody first shares the story of founding SnapRefund in Philadelphia and taking the company through accelerators like TechStars. Cody also reflects on the validation of winning the State Farm pitch competition at ITC, and details how SnapRefund’s technology works to streamline and simplify the insurance claims process through automation and digital payments. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com SnapRefund Cody Eddings LinkedIn What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [9:29] Cody shares the origin behind SnapRefund. [9:48] The growing startup scene in Philadelphia. [11:02] Cody met his co-founder at a pitch workshop. [12:09] Great life lesson: you get the best out of people when you help them accomplish whatever it is they truly want to accomplish. [12:37] SnapRefund helps insurers send outbound payments with automation and analytics to improve customer retention, and operational efficiency. [18:46] The rising trend of cash apps. [20:01] How SnapRefund’s technology works to connect to clients’ existing bank accounts. [23:43] SnapRefund’s mission to financially empower people and give them greater control over their money. [24:07] Bringing visibility for both the insured and the adjuster. [28:19] The two startups Cody built before SnapRefund. [31:36] Overcoming challenges in the fundraising process. [41:03] The experience of being with Techstars. [45:08] What it meant to win State Farm’s ITC pitch competition.


Ep 246: CEO and Founder of Charlee.AI, Sri Ramaswamy

It’s all about AI this week as Rob and Lee welcome Sri Ramaswamy, Founder and CEO of Charlee.AI. Sri talks about her journey into artificial intelligence, and how it’s evolved over the course of a decade and growing interest in AI within the industry. She shares more about the capabilities of Charlee, a trained model for insurance, and highlights the significance of using data in the right way to get accurate results. Sri talks more about Charlee’s technology and how it can help identify and prioritize fraudulent claims. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Charlee.AI Sri Ramaswamy LinkedIn What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [5:50] Sri, a self-described “data lover” joins from Silicon Valley and talks about her upbringing in India and Australia before coming to the United States. [9:19] How Charlee.AI came to be. [10:54] Sri discusses working for a software company in Boston. [11:18] What unstructured data means in insurance claims. [18:05] The three triangle points in your expenses, reserves, and the actual indemnity. [19:22] More about how Charlee AI’s technology works. [24:33] How Charlee AI both compares and contrasts with Chat GPT. [25:43] The claims language model. [28:55] Charlee has analyzed more than 55 million claims. [30:43] How Charlee works with the claim department. [33:54] Charlee AI helps identify and prioritize problematic claims. [34:57] Claims litigation. [39:57] What is Charlee’s secret sauce for success? [41:24] Who are their customers? [43:00] How Charlee AI helps with claim reserving.


Ep 245: CEO and Co-Founder of Betterview, David Lyman

The cat is out of the bag! Nearmap acquired Betterview, and Rob and Lee have brought Co-Founder and CEO David Lyman on to tell us all about the big news. David talks about the critical pivot that led Betterview to where they are today, and the lessons learned about falling in love with the problem instead of the solution. David shares more behind the details of the acquisition, and what we can expect as the capabilities of both companies come together. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Betterview Nearmap David Lyman LinkedIn Episode with Patrick Quigley What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [5:42] David walks us down memory lane on his background in technology, how he met the other David, and how Betterview came to be. [9:49] Reaching out to the folks at Nearmap. [10:46] What exactly does Betterview do? [11:40] A software platform that allows for a combination of automated and manual workflows. [12:30] Giving scores in addition to providing data. [14:58] Betterview’s first customers were RSI customers, David Tobias’s family inspection business. [15:14] Falling in love with the problem, and not the solution. [17:01] Breaking the news to investors about the pivot, and getting immediate support. [19:35] David walks us through what happens after the decision to pivot is made. [21:36] What was the secret sauce that made them stand out from their competitors? [26:14] The reason they’ve gotten more into claims. [27:08] More about the partnership. [31:10] What can we expect in the future with Betterview and Nearmap? [34:35] Does David think the future holds more data consolidation companies? [38:06] Computer vision is a subset of AI. [42:46] How will David celebrate the big win?


Ep. 244: CEO and Founder of Loveland Innovations, Jim Loveland

Rob and Lee welcome the luminary InsurTech legend, Jim Loveland, CEO and Founder of Loveland Innovations. In this episode, Jim takes us on a journey through the genesis of Loveland, sharing the evolution of both their software and cloud-based technology, and how they have evolved over the years in their solar, roofing and insurance verticals. Jim talks about pivotal moments throughout the way, including when Loveland realized the true potential of drones and new technologies in inspections, the importance of proper AI model training, and what’s next for Loveland in 2024 and beyond. He also shares some sage advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of truly understanding the industry before taking the leap into business. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Jim Loveland LinkedIn Loveland Innovations What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [7:21] Jim talks about his upbringing in Wyoming and how he inherited the entrepreneurial spirit from his parents. [10:21] How a reconstruction business turned into a software company in 1986. [11:01] Throw back to the days of CompuClaim. [14:15] Landing State Farm Insurance. [17:41] Creating Xactware and transforming from software to analytics in the 1990’s. [21:03] The decision to sell to ISO in 2006. [25:35] Starting Loveland Innovations in December 2015. [28:21] The genesis of Loveland, including both the software and the cloud based technology. [31:35] The pivotal moment in which Loveland realized the potential of drones and new technologies in inspections, beyond just a new way to get up on the roof. [32:35] How Loveland has grown and evolved over the years, including over 1.3 billion square feet of roof inspected, over 3 million images captured, and over 550 predictions made across their AI engine. [40:00] How Loveland’s focus on software has allowed them to adapt to changing technologies. [41:09] A teaser of 2024: automatically creating the estimate based upon AI! [46:58] The importance of proper training of AI models. [48:20] we're in the solar space, the roofing space and the insurance industry. [52:42] What’s next for Jim and Loveland Innovations in 2024? [57:24] The potential benefits and ethical concerns of AI. [1:01:31] Advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs, including truly understanding the industry before you try to tackle it.


Ep. 243: General Partner at Brewer Lane Ventures, Martha Notaras

Rob and Lee are joined by the insightful Martha Notaras, General Partner at Brewer Lane Ventures. Martha goes into detail about her eight predictions for InsurTech in 2024. She talks about leveraging technology to enhance efficiency within the insurance industry and how we can best explore the benefits and challenges posed by AI. Martha discusses cutting-edge innovations surrounding data and sheds light on the profound impact of climate change on the dynamic landscape of the insurance sector. At the end of the episode, Martha talks about what InsurTech 3.0 would look like to her, and what else excites her about the year ahead in our industry. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Brewer Lane Ventures Martha: LinkedIn What to Expect: 8 InsurTech Predictions for 2024 What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [7:22] What kind of response does Martha get from the general public regarding her 8 InsurTech Predictions for 2024? [9:13] What’s cooking over at Brewer Lane? [11:31] #1: The Word of the Year is AI. [14:32] InsurTech has been working on AI for years, but Chat GPT put it on everyone’s radar. [17:01] #2: Data Finally Gets the Attention It Deserves. [20:04] Whoever owns the data wins. Does Martha agree? [21:44] #3: Embracing Brokers. [23:04] Where the insurance industry has been neglecting data. [25:25] #4: Technology Innovation, Yes. But Make it Painless and Profitable. [27:03] How the appetite for APIs has grown. [31:57] #5: Embedded Everywhere All At Once. [35:09] An embedded play that Martha thinks is terrific. [39:25] #6: Climate: Extreme Insurance. [41:02] The concept of insuring aggregate attritional loss. [44:00] #7: Quality, Not Quantity. [49:05] #8: InsurTech + Incumbent = Delivering Innovation at Scale. [53:57] Martha’s thoughts are that we are somewhere between InsurTech 2.5 and 3.0. [54:55] Is Direct to Consumer passe?


Ep. 242: From the Vault: AM Best Interviews FNO: InsureTech

We wish our listeners a wonderful and prosperous new year! As Rob and Lee continue their holiday break, we bring you another episode from the FNO: InsureTech audio vault. Hosts Rob and Lee had the pleasure of speaking with AM Best TV's Lee McDonald earlier this year, discussing the founding, growth and development of the FNO: InsureTech podcast. With over 200 episodes and counting, Lee and Rob are excited to continue the journey of sharing insuretech with listeners. Check out the interview in video: https://lnkd.in/gnXP-z97


Ep. 241: From the Vault: VOOM Insurance Co-founder & CEO, Tomer Kashi

The FNO: InsureTech team is enjoying a well-deserved holiday break. Before taking off to spend time with their families, Rob and Lee select some great episodes from the FNO: InsureTech Vault to share with you over the next few weeks. VOOM is a pioneering insuretech company developing advanced insurance products for emerging mobility segments. They offer digital, on-demand insurance for a wide range of vehicles from drones and light planes to motorcycles, e-scooters, and contemporary fleets. Rob and Tomer Kashi, CEO and Co-founder of VOOM Insurance, delve into the journey of VOOM over the past six years in the insuretech space, thoughts on pay-per-mile and usage-based models, the data advantage that VOOM possesses, and much more. Check out VOOM Insurance: https://www.voominsurance.com/


Ep 240: CEO & Co-founder of Clearcover, Kyle Nakatsuji

This week, Rob and Lee welcome back Kyle Nakatsuji, the insightful CEO and Co-founder of Clearcover Insurance. Kicking off with some football banter, Kyle shares some great life lessons drawn from his playing days. Exploring more of the “why” behind Clearcover's approach, Kyle discusses the notable changes the company has undergone in recent years. He provides a deeper understanding of the market dynamics and the significance of maintaining boldness and courage, detailing how calculated risks contribute to building something extraordinary in a challenging environment. Then, before the episode comes to a close, there’s a little bit more football talk, of course! Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Clearcover Kyle: LinkedIn Episode 210 with Kyle The Farmer from Merna Insurance on the Side blog piece What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [7:30] What will it take for Rob and Lee’s wives to listen to this show? [9:01] Kyle’s backstory playing football in high school and college. [11:48] Kyle kept on playing football despite a torn ACL, even having surgery after the season. [14:25] Some of the lessons Kyle learned from his up-and-down journey in football. [18:58] How the last 18 months have been challenging for entrepreneurs, particularly in the insurance industry. [20:26] How has Clearcover felt this impact? [24:18] Taking bold risks in a challenging market and making adjustments to adapt to changing market conditions. [25:02] Balancing risk and caution. [27:39] Some of the cool things coming out of this time for Kyle and Clearcover, include a partnership with Experian. [29:30] What we can learn from a story about Jeff Bezos requesting the light bulbs get taken out of vending machines. [30:48] Kyle goes more in-depth about his belief that embedded is not a channel, but a strategy. [41:54] AI’s impact on how the industry will change, will still be driven by the behavioral needs of buyers. [45:13] Clearcover’s approach to claims from a customer and cost perspective. [49:11] Why bundling is important. [51:19] Finding the right combination of convenience, value, and affordability in insurance, particularly in a tricky market like California. [54:29] Kyle dishes on Aaron Rodgers!


Ep 239 - CEO of Pinpoint Predictive, Scott Ham

This week, Rob welcomes on Scott Ham, the visionary CEO of Pinpoint Predictive, a groundbreaking AI-driven deep learning product. Scott provides insights into his career journey and the pivotal moments that led him to spearhead Pinpoint. He sheds light on the remarkable capabilities of Pinpoint's AI-powered platform, showcasing its prowess in solving complex real-world problems by harnessing billions of data points within expansive datasets. Scott also shares some of the glowing testimonials that attest to Pinpoint's transformative impact, illustrating how seamlessly it collaborates with underwriters to revolutionize decision-making processes. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Pinpoint Predictive Scott Ham What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [4:18] Where o’where has Lee been? [9:01] How Scott’s background at Transamerica and McKinsey led him to Pinpoint and influenced his approach. [13:45] Pinpoint uses behavioral data from 250 million US adults to predict insurance losses. [15:04] The importance of preducing claim severity, frequency and loss cost at the beginning of the insurance process to improve solvency and fairness. [18:24] Why underwriters are not threatened by Pinpoint’s technology. [21:16] Pinpoint currently focuses on PNC. [23:09] How the legal community has responded to Pinpoint. [25:07] The importance of addressing fairness and bias in AI models, particularly in the insurance industry. [27:00] Proactively addressing regulatory concerns by conducting audits. [30:04] Using Pinpoint at renewal. [31:51] What is a deep learning platform? [34:47] Using AI to improve insurance risk assessment and loss ratios. [37:03] What response has Pinpoint seen by actuaries? [38:42] How and why Pinpoint is easily deployed and reduces client onboarding time from months to weeks. [43:43] Growing and expanding Pinpoint in a thoughtful manner. [45:29] Pinpoint’s future and that they are made up of a team of technologists and the best insurance executives.


Ep 238 - Managing Director at IA Capital Group, Andy Lerner

Rob welcomes back Andy Lerner, Managing Director at IA Capital Group, one of the longest running VCs in the InsurTech space. Andy talks about IA Capital Group’s structure, and what positive things he sees in the future state of the Insurtech industry. Andy and Rob also discuss AI in Insurtech, including both its potential impact for good and the limitations. Towards the end of the conversation, Andy and Rob discuss how traditional education has changed, and their predictions in the industry for the next 5-10 years. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com IA Capital Group Andrew Lerner LinkedIn What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [6:22] Andy talks about IA Capital Group and their primary focus on FinTech InsurTech over the past 23 years. [8:49] What kind of companies does IA Capital Group work with? [12:40] Who in the industry has had a challenging year? [14:40] The process of moving to their 10th fund and the reception in the market to their work. [15:00] How IA Capital’s investment process works. [17:09] Insurance companies prioritize long-term relationships over quick decisions, valuing loyalty over speed. [20:11] Investments typically have a 5-6 year holding period. [21:51] The relationship between venture capital and private equity, where they often work together on investments but may have different strategies for selling companies. [25:23] The three major categories: distribution, newer more innovative products, and the service providers to the industry. [33:32] AI in InsurTech and its potential impact. [39:36] Frontier Risk and investing in cannabis. [43:57] what effect does it have when a war breaks out in the middle of a business opportunity? [46:50] As a Wharton graduate, Andy shares his thoughts on how the need for education has changed in the industry. [49:37] Where does Andy see the industry 5 years from now?


Ep 237 - CEO and Co-Founder of Clearspeed, Alex Martin

This week, we have the pleasure of being joined by Alex Martin, the CEO and Co-Founder of Clearspeed. Alex shares a glimpse into the interesting founding story of Clearspeed and its journey, transitioning from delivering outstanding results in the military sector to expanding into the realm of insurance. Alex explains the intricacies of how Clearspeed operates, emphasizing its role in swiftly establishing trust to expedite clearance processes and enable more informed, scalable decision-making. He sheds light on the significance of the insurance sector, highlighting it as a pivotal focus in every business decision made, and talks about going into a new industry with humility and the desire to always learn more. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Clearspeed Alex Martin Linkedin What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [3:30] Alex dials in from the Property Insurance Conference. [4:18] What is Clearspeed? [5:15] How Clearspeed has evolved since starting in 2016 as a mostly military-founded group. [9:46] The magic in Clearspeed’s functions and technology as a voice analytics technology company. [10:14] What are they listening for in the 5-minute phone call? [11:55] Using AI to analyze answers to questions and categorize individuals as low, possible, or high risk for fraud. [16:10] Why did Clearspeed evolve into the insurance industry, and what has that journey been like for Alex? [18:58] The revolution of voice technology and AI in insurance. [22:44] Clearspeed has won multiple awards. What is their philosophy on entering a new market, such as insurance? [24:04] Finding Clearspeed’s first adopters. [27:21] Balancing trust with caution, and having tools that can strengthen our gut intuitions to weed out those who are bad vs. those who are just trying to do the right thing. [37:56] Clearspeed’s multiple arms still includes the military, and branching out to many industries, including the world of sports. [42:41] What keeps Alex motivated and excited about Clearspeed and what the company is doing?


Ep 236 - SemperVirens General Partner and Co-Founder, InsureTech Connect, Caribou Honig

Caribou Honig, our most frequent guest and honorary chairman, returns to get us excited about ITC Vegas and the state of InsureTech in general. In our chat, we go down memory lane about how the conference started and how it’s grown throughout the years to now be the Super Bowl of events in the insurance space. Caribou talks about the importance of scalability and sustainability, why you should hug your local regulator, and the importance of finding and focusing on your niche. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Caribou Honig LinkedIn ITC Vegas What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [2:12] It’s the Super Bowl of InsureTech - the ITC! [5:18] Why did Caribou choose Santa Fe? [7:50] Launching and selling InsureTech Connect. [9:06] The growth of the conference over time. [10:15] Caribou’s appreciation of the emotional feedback from in person conferences. [10:40] Does Caribou fancy himself an insuretech professional, conference professional, or both? [11:50] This year, the ITC Vegas conference expects over 9,000 people. [13:07] What insuretech is today, and how it has developed over the years. Also, how it is similar to FinTech. [14:55] The importance of finding and focusing on your niche. [17:32] The maturation of the industry. [20:57[ How the M&A market has been over the past several years, and how that has affected InsureTech. [30:44] How the energy has shifted from the customer facing InsureTechs over to the B2B. [32:50] Caribou discusses his interest in regulation. [36:43] Caribou’s advice: hug a regulator when you see them! [36:44] What can we expect for the conference, and what if someone wants to hang with Caribou while there? [38:30] Caribou’s two day jobs right now: launching and growing conferences and working as a general partner at the VC Fund SemperVirens.


Ep 235 - Co-Founder and CEO of Encircle, Paul Donald

In this episode, we're diving into the world of technology and innovation with special guest Paul Donald, co-founder and CEO of Encircle. Paul shares his journey from riding the wave at Research In Motion during the Blackberry era to co-founding Encircle, a company with a vision to bring top technology companies together and create a holistic solution. Join us as Paul discusses the fascinating work his company is doing, from driving efficiency to serving customers by harnessing clean data and simplifying the claims process. He talks about the restoration software system itself, what it offers to the marketplace, and how the technology can give simple, clean results that save time and energy. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com EnCircle Paul Donald LinkedIn What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [6:54] Intro to Encircle, a software platform focused on field documentation. [9:51] How the camera and the phone got together. [11:21] What Encircle offers to the marketplace. [13:02] The positive attributes of Encircle’s visual and tactile-oriented process. [13:06] Driving efficiency through their digital format. [16:56] How Encircle’s technology can remove bias and human errors. [20:17] Involvement in the restoration field and what Paul learned after spending 4 months in the field. [22:33] How does Encircle eliminate or streamline some of the many technologies that are out there? [23:07] How fragmented the property claims industry is, particularly from a technology standpoint. [26:28] Encircle’s partnerships with data scientists. [28:48] Trusting data integrity. [32:12] The software provides educational and remote coaching opportunities. [32:36] How are the videos stored? [38:55] What does Encircle do to stand out? Paul talks about their exciting partnerships. [41:12] Research In Motion. [43:10] Where can we find Paul and the Encircle team this year?


Ep 234 - Co-Founder and CEO at Rhino, Benjamin Lantos

In this episode, we welcome Benjamin Lantos, the CEO and co-founder of Rhino, joining us from sunny Santa Monica to discuss how they're revolutionizing the world of property management, renting, and deposits. Rhino’s innovative approach challenges the status quo, exploring how to modernize the entire renting experience for all parties involved. They've harnessed the power of insurance products to address the security deposit dilemma, providing risk mitigation for property managers and renters alike. By seamlessly integrating its technology into various platforms, Rhino is taking the financial burden off management companies and renters, ultimately creating a more flexible and customer-centric landscape for both landlords and property managers. Tune in to learn how Rhino is disrupting the market and reshaping the future of property technology. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Rhino Benjamin Lantos LinkedIn What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [1:38] Be honest…how many of you have a game room? [6:42] What is Rhino and what do they do? [7:19] Fun fact: there's almost $45 billion trapped in security deposits across the country. [8:30] How did they come up with the idea for Rhino? [12:01] What is the process for a renter interested in using Rhino? [15:41] More about the most common arrangement that a renter opts for, the deposit insurance program. [19:24] What does Rhino do with all the data they have been collecting over the past 7 years? [20:39] How Rhino works to democratize renting. [24:21] What differentiates Rhino from others in the space? [24:39] Is Rhino an MGA? [26:01] Rhino also offers renters insurance. [27:33] How does the rising price in rentals affect Rhino? [32:02] Developing an ongoing relationship with their customer and building brand loyalty. [33:12] How Benjamin made his way to co-founding Rhino by way of financial background. [37:19] Benjamin identifies Rhino as a property technology company, working to enable a seamless move-in experience for owners and renters. [38:41] What does it mean to be the Chief Risk Officer? [40:40] How does Rhino’s claims area work? [45:37] Accounting for what Ben calls the “moral hazards” of claims.


Ep 233 - Chief Growth Officer at Coterie Insurance, Bobbie Collies

We sit down with the insurance powerhouse, Bobbie Collies, the Chief Growth Officer at Coterie Insurance where the grasp of her role, her business, and her clients shines through. Bobbie takes us on a journey through Coterie's model, offering insurance agents lightning-fast quotes through automated self-service capabilities, a technology that's continually getting smarter. She unveils exciting plans for 2024 and proudly wears her title of an "insurance nerd." With two decades in and around underwriting, she reflects on how technology has transformed the industry and shares her current perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of disruption in the insurance world. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Bobbie Collies: LinkedIn Coterie Ep 183 with David McFarland And I Quote podcast What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [6:28] Why is there so much insurance based out of Wisconsin? [8:40] Bobbie gives her elevator pitch on Coterie and their mission. [10:02] Of all the many companies that offer insurance to small businesses and startups, why should they choose Coterie? [10:58] What will automated self service capabilities look like, and what is My Digital Agency? [12:32] Who is a good insurer for Coterie? [13:42] Who is the distribution channel? [18:42] Bobbie proves that she is an insurance nerd, through and through. [21:11] Bobbie talks about her role overseeing the underwriting side as well. [24:47] The push and pull between tech and insurance. [28:19] For Coterie at the present moment, the demand is greater than the supply. [30:54] Going to the target market. [31:19] Coterie’s recent deal with ZestyAI. [33:33] What seems to be the number one concern from carriers? [34:26] What has changed in underwriting? [36:03] Is there really disruption in the industry, or is it just meaningful change?


Ep 232 - Founder and CEO of Roof Marketplace, Will Bazeley

Get ready to address the YES this week with guest Will Bazeley, the Founder and CEO of Roof Marketplace, a technology company that’s changing the way insurance is done when it comes to roofing and roof estimates. In the conversation, Will talks about the ways carriers are using Roof Marketplace, and how they are working to solve a big problem to bring some order to an otherwise potentially crazy area. Will talks about the emerging tech in the roofing industry, and how Roof Marketplace is providing a solution to make the customer experience easier, all while helping roofers get their job done easier and more efficiently. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Will Bazeley: LinkedIn Roof Marketplace What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [7:03] Will joins the show and talks about the path that led him to Roof Marketplace. [8:00] Is Roof Marketplace a venture backed organization? [8:32] Roof Marketplace was part of Creative Destruction Lab’s first entrance of companies, and a lot of good came out of it. [9:15] The decision to rebuild Roof Marketplace’s whole platform from scratch. [9:39] So, what exactly does Roof Marketplace do? [12:07] Why 94% of the insurance carriers that use Roof Marketplace give it a thumbs up. [16:33] Annually, carriers spend about $20 billion on roof related claims. [21:14] How much the average roof costs in America. [24:22] Will talks about their (trademarked) motto “address the yes”! [26:30] The work stream for a carrier and how the technology fits in. [27:52] Will talks about where the revenue for Roof Marketplace comes from. [31:08] Making sure Roof Marketplace has the right roofers and partnering with leading industry partners to make sure they are getting the highest quality professionals. [35:09] Who makes the decision on which roofer is going to be used? [45:03] How the service helps homeowners get things done easier and in less time. [44:26] Will talks about how Roof Marketplace is less a contractor network and more a technology and InsureTech platform. [46:53] Does Roof Marketplace effect Loss Adjustment Expense?


Ep 231 – Homee CEO & Co-founder, Doug Schaedler

In the latest episode of FNO: InsureTech, host Lee sits down with Doug Schaedler, CEO and Co-Founder of Homee. As a leader in the industry, Doug Schaedler brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is sure to benefit all listeners. Tune in to learn more about Homee's unique approach to insurance, their services and network; and how they're shaping the way property claims are completed. This episode promises to offer another unique perspective and view into the world of insuretech.


Ep 230 - Senior Director at Simon Kucher, Michael Nadel

This week, Lee welcomes Michael Nadel, Senior Director at Simon Kucher and Partners, where he works on the insurance vertical and guides carriers of all sizes through the intricate landscape of insurance. In this episode, Michael talks about some of the hot topics in the insurance world now, including the evolving role of AI in sales and how we can keep that human element alive, along with the strategies insurers employ to tackle the challenges posed by climate change while ensuring profitability. Michael also talks about the importance of listening to your customer base to make sure you are providing the right type of value. Learn More: www.fnoinsuretech.com Michael Nadel: LinkedIn Simon Kucher What You’ll Hear In This Episode: [5:02] Michael joins the show and talks about his role at Simon Kucher and what they provide for their clients. [7:01] The two primary levels at which Simon Kucher helps Insurtech. [7:53] Michael talks about the importance of listening to your customers and making sure that what you are offering adds value. [11:35] Are the big carriers still focusing on innovation? [13:15] Michael covers some hot topics in the insurance industry, starting with how we keep things personalized while AI rapidly evolves. [18:02] The use of chatbots in the insurance industry. [20:18] How AI will change the insurance landscape. [29:33] The current conversation around climate change and insurance. [33:53] The impact of personalized marketing on the insurance industry. Does a birthday card from our carrier really make a difference? [37:41] How does a personal carrier compare to a commercial carrier?