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FSCast 174 - Eric Damery previews the first JAWS 2020 public beta, and retired Superior Court Judge David Szumowski previews his new autobiography "Reach for More."

Eric Damery joins John and Larry Gassman to discuss what’s coming in the first public beta of JAWS 2020, and David Szumowski talks about assistive technology and his legal career.


FSCast 173: Software updates Release August 6, John Gassman wins Disney's highest award, and a new book about formatting Word documents using a screen reader

Larry Gassman talks with John Gassman about winning the Walt Disney Legacy award, and David Kingsbury discusses his new book, “Format Your Word Documents with JAWS and NVDA.” Whether your formatting requirements are simple or complex, this book has you covered. Read the transcript at blog.freedomscientific.com


FSCast 172, Archive of the June 2019 FSOpenLine

We report progress on some suggestions made in previous FSOpenLines and take your calls on a variety of issues including: future directions for JAWS, real-time document collaboration, Track Changes in Word, Wireshark Accessibility, and how to decide if the Home Annual License is right for you.


FSCast 171 - Product discounts at the U.S. summer shows, a JAWS byte, and news of the Freedom Scientific APH partnership

Eric Damery is back with news about saving money by purchasing products at the U.S. summer shows, Debee Armstrong offers up a JAWS Byte about using JAWS Speech History to review spelling, and Dave Wilkinson lets us know about the partnership between Freedom Scientific and the American Printing House for the Blind. Transcript available at blog.freedomscientific.com


FSCast 170 - Product Specials for attendees of the July National Conventions for both NFB and ACB, What's new in April Software Updates, And News About American Blind Golf

Eric Damery joins John and Larry Gasman to announce product specials that’ll be available at the ACB and NFB summer conventions, and discuss details of the April software updates. The Gasman’s demonstrate recent improvements to JAWS and Fusion heading navigation when on the web, and Mark Arnold returns to the podcast to talk about American Blind Golf.


FSCast 169 - Interviews from the 2019 CSUN Technology Conference

John and Larry Gasman catch up with Jonathan Mosen and find out about his work with AIRA, Terry Bray talks about being a JAWS beta tester, and Larry Lewis explains how JAWS Inspect visualizes the screen reading experience.


FSCast 168, archive of the March 2019 FSOpenLine

News about our free training webinars and other learning resources, a preview of improvements to student licenses, what's coming in the JAWS April update, and of course your calls. Transcript available at blog.FreedomScientific.com


FSCast 167 - Podcast transcripts, CSUN technology conference history, and previews of features coming in the March updates of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion

Glen Gordon joins John and Larry Gasman to provide the backstory on why we now offer podcast transcripts. Eric Damery remembers some of the early CSUN technology conferences and sets the stage for the one occurring the week of March 11. He also offers a sneak peek at the new Picture Smart feature included in the JAWS and Fusion 2019 March updates. Transcript available at blog.freedomscientific.com.


FSCast 166 - Streamlined installation of Vocalizer Expressive voices, new sounds in Word and Outlook to indicate spelling errors, and the Freedom Scientific CSUN presentation schedule

The January JAWS update brings a more streamlined method of installing Vocalizer Voices, along with sounds to indicate spelling errors in Microsoft Word and Outlook. John and Larry Gassman show these new features in action and chat with Eric Damery about them., They also offer up the Freedom Scientific presentation schedule at the annual CSUN conference coming up the week of March 11th, in Anaheim, CA. Transcript available on February 9 at blog.freedomscientific.com


FSCast 165 - A JAWS Byte from Beta Manager Rosemary Kleske, stories from director of Beyond Vision Loss Elly Du Pre, and the tenacity of Desert Storm veteran George Tice

Rosemary Kleske, Beta Manager, discusses her favorite JAWS feature, “Virtualize Window.” Elly Du Pre is the director of Beyond Vision Loss in Florida, and George Tice is a veteran of Desert Storm who lost his sight and has learned JAWS. Transcript available at blog.freedomscientific.com


FSCast 164 - Archive of December 2018 FSOpenLine

News about December updates, last chance to renew SMAs at 2018 prices, a discussion of Microsoft's upcoming revamp of the Edge web browser, and of course your calls.


FSCast 163, New Hosts John and Larry Gassman Introduce themselves, Eric Damery discusses December Updates, and Gassmans chat with Curtis Chong, innovator and Accessible Technology pioneer

FSCast 163, New Hosts John and Larry Gassman Introduce themselves, Eric Damery discusses December Updates of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2019 releases plus home annual subscription licensing, and The Gassmans chat with Curtis Chong, long time user of Freedom Scientific Access Technology and one of the true innovator and Accessible Technology pioneers.


FSCast 162, Hal Knight with stories from his broadcast radio career, and Rob Santello talks ham radio accessibility

Hal Knight has one of the most familiar voices to people calling the U.S. Freedom Scientific sales department. Most people don't know that before joining Freedom in 2000, he spent 25 years+ on WPOR as one of Maine's most popular country music DJs. Hal is also a great storyteller as you'll hear in his conversation with Glen Gordon. Rob Santello created the Hampod to make ham radio equipment more accessible. What he thought would be a one-off device has turned out to become a project that's...


FSCast 161, archive of the October 2018 FSOpenLine

The October edition of FSOpenLine, Freedom Scientific’s global call-in show, keeps you informed of new developments and answers listener questions from around the world.


FSCast 160, what's new in JAWS 2019 beta 2, a demonstration of our new Home Annual licensing portal for US customers, and Jonathan Mosen says goodbye

Public beta 2 of JAWS 2019 is just around the corner. Eric Damery and Jonathan Mosen discuss and demonstrate the new features. Soon, there'll be a new option for licensing JAWS and ZoomText if you're a home user in the United States. Jonathan demonstrates the new portal for Home Annual licenses as it nears completion. And after producing 160 episodes of this podcast, Jonathan Mosen says goodbye, reflecting on his time behind the FSCast microphone and wishing FSCast every success in future...


FSCast 159, archive of the September 2018 FSOpenLine

The September edition of FSOpenLine, Freedom Scientific's global call-in show, keeps you informed of new developments and answers listener questions from around the world.


FSCast 158, Eric Damery unveils JAWS 2019, Stuart Lawler talks Sight and Sounds expansion to Ireland

The next major release of our screen reading software, JAWS 2019, is about to enter public beta as this podcast is published. Eric Damery takes us through some of the new features available immediately, and those planned for the JAWS 2019 cycle. Jonathan Mosen speaks with Stuart Lawler, who has a new role with Sight and Sound as it expands to Ireland.


FSCast157, archive of the August 2018 FSOpenLine

This episode of FSCast contains a recording of the first FSOpenLine session. If you are listening in a podcast app that supports chapter marks, each question and section is its own chapter, making it easy to skim through to the topics that interest you. Topics covered in the August FSOpenLine include, the move to our new building, some of the new features in JAWS 2019, the accessibility of webinar software, requested Braille improvements, future FS webinars, JAWS with Microsoft Edge, the...


FSCast 156, announcing FSOpenLine, JAWS support for Skype 8, scholarship winner Kenia Flores, and we here again from Cricket Bidleman

We're launching a new global call-in show called FSOpenLine, and we're looking forward to your participation. Learn all about it at the start of this episode. Jonathan Mosen then demonstrates the support for Microsoft's Skype 8 released in the August update for JAWS 2018, and explains how to make sure you have the correct version. We meet Kenia Flores, recipient of our scholarship at this year's National Federation of the Blind's national convention. And in keeping with our theme of...


FSCast155, new software releases, listener comments, and an extended interview with Isaac Lidsky

After news about the latest software releases and some listener comments, Jonathan Mosen speaks with Isaac Lidsky. You may have heard Isaac's Ted Talk already, heard him speak recently at the NFB national convention, or read his book, Eyes Wide Open". Isaac has been an actor, the editor of the Harvard Law Review, and a Supreme Court clerk among other things. He's an entrepreneur, public speaker, and father of four, three of them triplets. We're also very proud to say he's a JAWS user. Hear...