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Targeting Customers Without Being Creepy with Craig Crawford

It's always fun chatting to Craig Crawford. His natural charisma is infectious, but he's also incredibly knowledgeable on a vast range of topics concerning apparel and retail. This week, we spoke about location based marketing, chat bots, ai, machine learning, and even squeezed in a few words about men wearing dresses. Why the hell not? Hosted by David Wilcox.


Invention and Usefulness at an Innovation Consultancy

Sean Lane and Tim Devlin join us this week to discuss the much-used term 'innovation'. As two guys that have gone from working with apparel and footwear brands such as Nike and Columbia Sportswear, they have been involved in their fair share of innovation projects. Now working for Kaylpso as innovation consultants, they share some key insights as to what is required, when it's required and how to go about your innovation journey. Hosted by David Wilcox.


"What can 3D do for you?" with Gail Beban

Gail Beban joins Fashion MADE for an in-depth discussion around the various ways 3D can help a company, placing great importance on the fact that companies must always focus on what they want 3D technology to do for them. She has been developing and implementing lean methodologies in apparel and footwear companies, most notably at a rather large sportswear manufacturer, so she knows what she's talking about. Hosted by David Wilcox.


Turning Product into Brand with Soon Yu, author of Iconic Advantage

We sat down with Soon Yu to dissect what it really takes to create an iconic brand. Rest assured, this doesn't have to mean global domination like Nike or Apple, we can all apply this strategy to our current product range, not to mention in our personal lives as well.


Mixed Reality: Bridging The Unreal with Matthew Drinkwater, London College of Fashion

In his role as Head of the Innovation Agency at LCF, Matthew has the mandate of managing the experimentation and development of new ideas and advanced technologies within the fashion world. In this week's episode, we discuss some of the exciting applications of mixed reality and virtualisation technology that he has been involved with. A very informative discussion, hosted by David Wilcox.


3D Printing's Bioplastic Utopia with Sylvia Heisel

In this week's episode, we catch up with Sylvia Heisel who runs a consultancy on 3D printing within fashion and apparel. On the agenda is how the apparel industry can utilise additive manufacturing to complement the other advanced technologies emerging within the industry, like sewbots and AI. Also, how people will use 3D printing once the machinery has evolved and how bioplastics will counteract the environmental damage of fast fashion. Hosted by David Wilcox.


Diversify your Business Model for a Better Planet - with Anderson Lee

A deep discussion on sustainability with Anderson Lee, Board Member at Sustainable Apparel Coalition. We cover how fashion can stop the fast route to becoming the no.1 polluting industry globally, as oil & gas move towards more renewable energy, highlighting how changing business models make a difference on the planet today. Hosted by David Wilcox.


Hyper-Real Digital Fashion at The Fabricant, with Kerry Murphy and Amber Jae Slooten

In this week's episode, we speak to two Co-Founders from The Fabricant. Based out of Amsterdam (in the Netherlands if you didn't know) and positioning themselves as The World's First Digital Fashion House, they provide great insight to the world of digital fashion design and product development. We chat about their experiences in the first year of operation and consider what may lie ahead if only the players in this field were more open and collaborative. Hosted by David Wilcox.


Will Design Survive Digital with Anne Prahl, PhD

In this episode, we discuss the impact of 3D technology on design, how replacing mundane tasks changes the understanding of a design, as well as what we can expect when consumers lead the design process. Hosted by David Wilcox


Upskill and Reshore - The New Factory with Jen Guarino, VP at Shinola

Jennifer Guarino is the VP Manufacturing at Shinola, as well as a few other roles, and has been advocating the reshoring of production for a long time. She joined us to discuss both reshoring and upskilling of the workforce to create an inclusive, enjoyable work environment for everyone, highlighting the great atmosphere at their open-plan office within the factory in Detroit. Hosted by David Wilcox.


Wearable Tech or Techable Wears - with Muchaneta Kapfunde of

Founder of the wearables specialist website - Muchaneta Kapfunde - shares the latest insights from the wearables market and we chat about the future of communication in general, whilst always keeping one ear on how that affects the fashion industry. Hosted by David Wilcox


Conserve and Prosper - Tentree's unique story with Arthur Kononuk

The Creative Director at Tentree, Arthur Kononuk, gives us the lowdown on their unique set-up as an environmentally focused apparel brand. We delve into the opportunities for technology to aid their progress in the future and the rewards of working towards positive and meaningful change within society. Hosted by David Wilcox.


Right Product, Right Place, Right Time with José Chan, Professor at Parson's and Founding Member at Celect

This week, we speak with José Chan, Professor at Parson's School of Design and Founding Member of Celect. Topics covered are the huge opportunities in the area of inventory management for brands big and small, as well the state of retail in general and what we can expect when AI and Machine Learning start to mature and become commonplace, thus running in the background of our consumer lives. Hosted by David Wilcox.


Blockchain in Apparel with Janett Liriano, CEO of LOOMIA

It was only a matter of time until Blockchain was applied to the world of apparel. Janett Liriano, the CEO of LOOMIA, speaks to us about this phenomenon; what are the opportunities; where are the risks; and how taking a philosophical approach to business is the way forward when adapting to future technologies that will change the world.


Materials: From zero to HERO with Founder and CEO of Swatchbook, Yazan Malkosh

Swatchbook is a cloud platform revolutionizing the exploration, visualization & sharing of materials. Their founder and CEO, Yazan Malkosh, joined Fashion Made to discuss how this all works and why it's so important for the industry to adopt these new approaches.


The Need for Bespoke Sustainability with Tabea Soriano of FUTUREMADE

As companies try and position themselves as socially responsible, sustainable, transparent and ethical, it can be hard to cut through the noise and see the wood for the trees. Tabea gives us her take on what it really means to be sustainable and how every company is inherently different, and thus must take a balanced and planned approach to the future.


The Convergence of Experiences, Design and Technology with Harry Allen, Anne Slowey and Craig Crawford

Bringing together three incredibly respected and experienced minds from fashion, design and technology, this week's episode highlights the incredible New York Design Pavilion, the World's largest pop-up in Times Square - designed by Harry Allen, how the experience of people walking through can be applied to fashion and retail. As well we come up with some innovative ideas for future projects! Hosted by David Wilcox


Empower the people to embrace automation, with Sarah Krasley of Shimmy

Sarah and her team of great people at Shimmy are helping to transform the art of designing and manufacturing clothes by empowering the local workforce with new skills and a revolutionary way of learning them, whilst leaving the hard manual labour to our evermore allies, 'The Machines'.


The digital materials evolution in footwear and beyond with Chris Hillyer, Director of Innovation at Deckers Brands

How has innovation in materials rejuvenated the footwear industry? The jump from mountaineering to shoe design ; and how creating a digital materials library will bring about a revolution for the entire global textile eco-system. Hosted by David Wilcox.