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Normalizing New Tech at Intel, with Mariya Zorotovich

As the Director of Strategy and Incubation for Intel, Mariya give some keen insight to their work on illuminating and ultimately normalizing emerging technologies.


How We Change The Industry, with Joshua Young

As someone who has been at the forefront of digital transformation within the world’s most famous footwear brand, Joshua Young knows what he’s talking about. He joined Fashion Made for an overview of exactly how this industry is changing, and what companies need to do in order to be a part of that change, from concept to consumer.


Founder of Redress, Dr. Christina Dean - The Party of Consumption is Over

Dr Christina Dean, Founder of Redress and the R Collective, lays down the law on circularity and shares some shocking facts about wastefulness in the fashion industry.


Creator of Shudu, Cameron-James Wilson - The Man Behind The Model

When he created Shudu, the first digital supermodel, not only did his life change but he also had a great impact on the world that could be felt for a long, long time. During the PI Apparel conference in New York, David Wilcox spoke to Cameron-James Wilson about how he got started and the vision of digital supermodels for the future, as well as discussing the uproar about a white male creating a black female, whether digital identity has the same importance in the future, and the necessity...


Sustainable Manufacturing and Family Values with Nikhil Hirdaramani

Hirdaramani are well known for their steadfast support of better business practices and as a family run global manufacturer continue to pave the way forward. Nikhil joins us to discuss how to connect key stakeholders, stall order fatigue, enable workers with data and has some sage advice for those looking to be more sustainable in their practices.


Genetics, Design and Marketing with Adam Peacock

Every now and then we break beyond the walls of our fashion technology world and explore the possibilities of the future. This week, we are joined by the post-disciplinary designer, Adam Peacock, to have a speculative discussion on genetics and how this will impact our realms of design and thus the marketing systems that follow. It's important to have these conversations now so that we are ready for what will come.


On-Demand Customization, with Tim Williams at YR

On this week's episode, we are joined by the CEO of YR Store, Tim Williams. They have been doing on-demand customization since 2013, with pop-ups popping up in Macy's, Topshop and other big name partnerships to boot. We hear about their journey, the advent of customization and what this means for brands and consumers, as well as hearing Tim's take on the hot topic of micro-factories.


Footwear Materials, An Honest Conversation with Stuart Jenkins

Stuart Jenkins has worked in footwear for 40 years, and has helped to create and deliver game changing innovation throughout his career. He joins the show to talk about what you have to do innovate, having a ‘reject the herd’ mentality as well as talking us through the materials that are being used across the industry and how this side of things can improve.


Academia and Industry Must Collaborate with Robert Meeder

In its current form, academia is not serving the purpose of generating talent that meet industry requirements without additional training and losing opportunities for collaboration. How can we achieve a complete digital fashion education? Chair and Professor Robert Meeder joins us to highlight these topics and advise on the requirements for a successful pathway from education to business.


How to set up a micro-factory, with Aaron Jackson

On this week's episode features a conversation we had with Aaron Jackson from Clover Group Intl and CEO of Wonhouse. As discussions around micro-studios and factories become more prominent, this is a great time to have this detailed conversation around the possibilities for new ways of production. What are the challenges? What are the benefits?


Becoming Consumer-Centric, with Jan Hilger

On this week's episode we catch up with supply chain expert, Jan Hilger about how to become an agile and consumer-centric organization, as well as getting his views on the changing landscape of apparel and retail across the World. Hosted by David Wilcox.


How Fit is Changing with Ed Gribbin

On this week's episode we sit down with Ed Gribbin, a key authority on product development, sizing and fit strategy and execution. He gives his candid opinions on the future of fit, sizing and the trends that are changing the way we buy our clothes.


Barry McGeough - Technology, The New Social Lubricant

The first episode of season 2 features our discussion with Barry McGeough, the Vice President of Innovation Next at PVH Corp. It's fair to say that a lot of ground is covered over 45 minutes, so if you have an interest in apparel technology and innovation, you're in the right place. Enjoy the show!


A Better Fit with BodyBlock

This week we speak with the CEO of BodyBlock, Greg Moore, in a wide ranging discussion on the nuanced world of fit.


From High Heels to Hiking Boots with Heeluxe CEO

This week we're joined by Dr. Geoffrey Gray, CEO of Heeluxe, who has been spending his time quietly improving the footwear industry via a proved set of tools and methods that give brands the detail they need to make better shoes. Whether it's for fit, comfort, performance, durability or style, they work with everyone so expect to see their name more often. Hosted by David Wilcox.


On-Demand Manufacturing with UNMADE

Hal Watts is one of the co-founders of UNMADE, and speaks to us this week about on-demand manufacturing. Incredibly, they are able to get from factory to consumer in days, cutting industry norms by over a year in some cases. How? Listen to find out. Hosted by David Wilcox.


Better Footwear Manufacturing with Nicoline van Enter

Nicoline van Enter from the Footwearists details the many innovative technologies running through the footwear industry today and how to apply them to your business successfully. An intriguing mix of collaboration, continued development and a sharp focus on the manufacturing process give rise to a better informed design team; a streamlined manufacturing process; a huge increase in sustainability efforts and real stories for your marketing department to relay to engaged consumers. Hosted by...


Going Digital at an SME

Florian Reusch, the Chief Digital Officer at Drykorn, joins the podcast to give more detail on their digital transformation journey. It is testament to their commitment to "Going Digital by 2021" that Florian has been put in place to execute this plan. On the show, we discuss what it really means to 'go digital' ; how you measure progress ; and the importance of communication and agility during this complicated but rewarding process. Hosted by David Wilcox


Meet Global Regulatory Standards with Amber Road

Gary Barraco, Director of Global Product Marketing with Amber Road, joins the show during the PI Apparel conference in New York to talk about how to make sure your innovative products get across the border by passing the ever-changing regulatory standards set by each import destination. They have a global team of over 180 experts who assist their customers with the most up-to-date information. Hosted by David Wilcox


Crocs - Investing in Innovation

Stefano Ferniani, Senior Director of Innovation, joins the show to discuss how Crocs manage their innovation strategy across the product range and their business processes. We cover quite a lot, including how more willing people are to share when their ideas are protected; how to inspire your entire workforce to build positive engagement from the beginning; and how to reward the ideas that your team come up with. Hosted by David Wilcox.