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Home Brand Remedy- CBD Brand Hits $1Million

On this episode we speak with the Founder's of 'Life Elements'Martha and Curt Van Inwegen. Since launching 'Life Elements' CBD products in 2018, the brand has achieved two consecutive years of triple digit growth of its nature-based skin and body products.


Financial Advice with Richard Fransen

On this episode we speak with G. Richard Fransen, a career financial, insurance, estate, and business succession planner and former national sales director for a Fortune 500 company who still conducts training and manages his personal practice in the insurance and investment profession, has completed his new book “So, You Want to Be a Financial Advisor… Why Not Be One of the Best?”: an encyclopedic resource containing all the basic concepts needed to become a good financial advisor.


Encore: The Art of Negotiation with Randy Kutz

On this episode we speak with Randy Kutz. For Randy, the path to negotiation was one of dire necessity. As a realtor in Arizona, a region particularly hard hit by the 2008 housing crisis, he found himself in a position of having to negotiate for clients who were losing their homes to foreclosure. “It was a very challenging and emotional business environment,” he recalls.


Finding Your Earth Frequency With Author Mary McNerney

On this episode we speak with Mary McNerney Mary talks about her attune to Earth’s voice and vibration, and how to work together co-creatively with Earth and the Angelic Realm. She also talks about her book "Earth Speaks Up".


Kevin Miller. Author. Heart of Steel

On this episode we speak with Kevin Miller. Kevin is an U.S. Air Force veteran, accidentally discovered in an old yellowed newspaper clipping that his real last name isn’t the All-American Miller, but the very Polish Puchalski. Kevin’s continued research helped unearth that his grandfather Stanley Puchalski was a man with many secrets, including a grisly murder, and they were all buried with him.


AYO Almond Yogurt

On this episode we speak with Matt Billings, founder of AYO Almond Yogurt. Happy almonds make for better yogurt. From farm-to-spoon, each almond on the Billings family land is nurtured sustainable and organically, seed to shell. The result?


How IP Can Provide REVENUE And Create WEALTH

On this episode we speak with JiNan Glasgow George, a former USPTO patent examiner and engineer turned patent forecast software developer, who asserts this is a realm not being fully explored, exploited nor certainly comprehended by the corporation, entrepreneur and investor masses.


Epidemiology and Biostatistics with Dr. J Shah

On this episode we speak with Dr. J Shah. Dr. Shah is a board-certified Cardiologist and Epidemiologist in Boulder, Colorado. For more than 20 years, he has worked at hospitals in Marietta OH, Ashland KY, Duluth MN, Des Moines IA, Fort Wayne IN, Morehead KY, and Ethiopia. Dr. Shah has trained at Harvard Medical School, the University of Louisville and the State University of New York at Syracuse.


Finding Your Empath Frequency

On this episode we meet with Stephanie. With Stephanie you can find your tribe of evolutionary empaths, heart, centered spiritual seekers dedicated to their inner work, evolving consciousness, and living their soul's purpose.


Amadio Ranch, keeping traditions of rural Arizona life alive

On this episode we speak with Eric Amadio. Eric talks about his local farm here is Arizona. Amadio Ranch is a heritage farming venture in Laveen, AZ on the outskirts of Phoenix. Established in 2010, Amadio Ranch brings back the style of small family farming that was common in the Phoenix area in the 1920’s thru 1950’s. As with many farms of that era, the farm is exclusively worked and maintained by the Amadio Family.



On this episode we speak with Scott Ballin. Scott D. Ballin has worked tirelessly for over four decades as a health policy consultant, to bring Government regulatory agencies, National health organizations, Public Health experts and industry stakeholders to the table for rational discussion about tobacco harm reduction. He is committed to this approach as the best way to enable government agencies to make informed policy decisions about tobacco use.


Pause. Business. Wellness. Stress.

On this episode we speak with Dr. Ivaniski. Dr. Cheryl Ivaniski is a Branded Wellness Authority and Thought Leader in the field of Diabetes. What is unique about Cheryl is her Holistic Approach to Diabetes Wellness which embraces Health, Healing and Hope. She focuses on giving her clients at the Academy of Holistic Diabetes Education, new leading edge solutions to prevent, restore and even reverse the complications of Diabetes where possible in a whole new way. Her clients include...


Finding Life and Career Planning Frequency

On this episode we speak with Alex Plinio the president of Life and Career Planning, LLC. In addition to his prior position as a faculty member of Rutgers Business School and currently as president of Life and Career Planning, LLC, a consulting firm that coaches and advises students, managers, and leaders on life and career planning and executives and their boards on organization and board development, Alex is the cofounder of the Institute for Ethical Leadership and the Center for...


Make a Change With Ronda Macrory

On this Episode we speak with Ronda Macrory. After 14 years in a management position for a large corporation in the same industry, Ronda decided to make a change. She wanted to explore something besides what her insurance background offered. The benefits of self-employment certainly interested her. Today we learn how Ronda Found her Frequency on this special Friday live show.


Business 101 With Allan Dib

On this episode we speak with Allan Dib all about business. Allan is a serial entrepreneur, rebellious marketer, technology expert and bestselling author. He has started, grown and successfully exited multiple businesses in various industries. One of his previous businesses was in the hyper-competitive telecommunications industry, where he faced heated competition from multibillion-dollar, multinational competitors.


Finding Your Good Side with Danielle Fuhrman

On this episode we speak with Danielle Fuhrman, a Bestselling author, she also has 30 years’ experience as a Color, Style and Image Expert. She is the founder of Reflections of You, a full service image consulting company.As a Certified YCG Life Coach, Danielle is using The Ultimate Life Tool (ULT) to successfully coach clients in their image bringing authenticity to her clients. No other tool taps into one’s natural gifts and supports the new ways of success and manifest personal...


SHAPESHIFT with Lorenzo Hickey

On this episode we speak with Lorenzo Hickey. Lorenzo's company SHAPESHIFT World is a place where small and large businesses create a fast path to cash through automated technology stacks, sales funnel development, and social media engagement. He also has helped form 18 leading-edge startup companies. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting & MBA from Pepperdine University, and experience growing an organization of over 20,000 employees, he is an expert at all facets of running a...


Hackathon Jr: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Creativity

On this episode of Finiding Your Frequency we talk with CEO of Hackathon Jr. about the newest event in Phoenix Arizona where kids code apps to solve real world issues!This wonderful learning competition encourages children ages 9-13 years old to engage in STEM education.


Special Blockchain and Crypto Currency Edition

Tune in to this Special Blockchain and Crypto Currency Radio Edition as Jeff and Ryan bring on two great guests to talk about the newest exciting tech trend in the world. We will talk tech and how open, distributed ledgers record transactions between two parties efficiently to create the basis of Crypto Currency and how that drives Bitcoin and Alt coin technology. VoiceAmerica friends and serial entrepreneurs, Kevin Young and Joby Weeks will join the discussion live. Call in live and ask...


Finding Your Voice with Megan Dalla-Camina

On this episode we speak with Megan Dalla-Camina. Megan is a best-selling author, women’s mentor, founder and speaker. Passionate about women’s empowerment, leadership and well-being. We speak to Megan about her work as a Women mentor and public speaker. We also discus her best selling book "Lead Like a Woman: Your Essential Guide for Career Clarity, True Confidence, Vibrant Wellbeing and Leadership Success" and her New book, Simple Soulful Sacred.