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Meet the gamechangers in money and technology

Meet the gamechangers in money and technology
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Meet the gamechangers in money and technology






Dominic Venturo_Internal Disruptor_Episode 93

Dominic Venturo, the Chief Innovation Officer at U.S. Bank, is one of those industry legends who floats under the radar somehow. Those of us in the industry consider him to be one of the best in the business, someone who pretty quietly just gets things done. More importantly, somehow I missed in my research how talented his daughter Sophia Venturo is. She just released her first EP - listen to the song "Denver" - the talent shines through.


Devika Thapar_Meta Scaler_Episode 92

I finally met someone who can explain "cognitive banking" to me! Devika Thapar, IBM Watson's Chief of Staff for Financial Services, is one of those rare techies who can explain deep AI concepts in simple English, or Hindi for that matter. We lift up the curtain a bit on Watson and where IBM is headed with their industry solution.


Stephen Ufford_The Dapper Tech Founder_Episode 91

I immediately hit it off with Stephen. We were introduced by Kim Hong from Trullio and we spent must of the interview cracking jokes and riffing off each other. Therefore, for this write-up, I'm going to continue giving Stephen a hard time. He is one of those younger, hip, good looking, in shape, well-dressed, successful founders you'd expect to find on the cover of a magazine. Well done Stephen. And he's smart too. Damn it Stephen.


Ohad Samet_Financial Rehabilitator_Episode 90

Ohad Samet describes himself this way on this Twitter profile: "One of the best Ohad Samets in the world." That one sentence pretty much sums up Ohad. He is funny as hell, smart as hell, sharp witted as hell, and he is the founder of one hell of a product in TrueAccord.


Richard Crook_Innovating Bank Ledgers_Episode 88

Richard leads a team of engineers and innovators looking at emerging technologies and their application across RBS. His current focus is on the application of distributed ledger technology including blockchain across RBS. Or as Richard puts it, I've been focused on innovating banking ledgers way before this was cool. Yes, it's cool now. Stop your sniggering.


Dion Lisle_Rosetta Stone_Episode 85

There are several reasons I'm friends with Dion. 1) He's smart as hell; 2) he heads up fintech for CapGemni so we basically have the same job; 3) he has less hair than I do; and 4) he is a huge Arsenal football fan. What more could you ask for in a friend?


Matthias Kröner_The FinTech Bard_Episode 84

At this point Fidor Bank is a fintech dinosaur, which is actually a compliment. Matthias Kröner, the CEO of Fidor, founded the bank in Germany back in 2009. Many of the current concepts and themes of "Neo" and "Challenger" banks have their roots in the Fidor ethos. Matthias has, and continues to be a true revolutionary when it comes to banking and fintech solutions. I loved interviewing him.


Danielle Guzman_The Strategic Marketer_Episode 83

This one is simple. If you have any interest in marketing and/or insurance, then you should be following Danielle Guzman. Danielle the global solutions marketing leader for Mercer. She has over 20 years of experience as an insurance marketer and is quickly becoming one of the top voices in the space. She was recently ranked #2 in the InsTech Power 100 leader board and #5 in the Women in Finance 100.


Steve McLaughlin_The Dealmaker_Episode 81

"We were fintech before there was fintech!" I hear this claim all the time and it usually is BS. Not so with Steve McLaughlin, the founder of FT Partners. Steve left a successful career at Goldman Sachs, where he led what today would be called an internal fintech team, and started FT Partners back in 2002. For the past decade and a half FT Partners, an investment banking firm focused exclusively on the financial technology sector, has been recognized as one of the top firms to partner with.


Gemma Godfrey_The Money Guru_Episode 80

I'm not sure what's left for Gemma to accomplish in her career. She is a successful company founder (her company Moola just launched as we were doing the interview), has a new show on "Eat, Shop, Save" on ITV, has been an advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger on The New Celebrity Apprentice, has a degree in quantum physics, and the list goes on and on. And she was a lot of fun to interview. A true renaissance woman.


Norris Koppel_Banking Migrants_Episode 79

I first learned about Monese, the company founded by serial entrepreneur Norris Koppel in an article profiling the company and Norris in TechCrunch back in 2016. I immediately reached out to Norris and invited him as a guest on the Breaking Banks podcast. I love everything about the company, especially because I lived through the experience of attempting to setup my financial life when I was an expat in the UK back in 2006. It ain't easy folks...


Bryan Claggett_FinTech Funny Man_Episode 76

Bryan Claggett is the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Collaboration Officer (great title) at Geezeo, a successful U.S. banking PFM solution company. He is a highly respected SME when it comes to fintech and marketing/communication. But more importantly, Bryan is the funniest man I know if fintech (sorry Ron Shevlin, you run a close second). Bryan's posts across all social media channels continue to crack me up on a daily basis. He is the master of the Instagram post and proves you...


Katryna Dow_Digital Rights Evangelist_Episode 75

I've been friends with Katryna "digitally" now for several years. Few have her passion when it comes to an individual's digital identity and the challenges facing us in the digital age. Katryna has focused this particular passion into Meeco, the company she founded in 2012. This isn't the first time I've interviewed Katryna either. During our interview for the series she stood under an umbrella in the driving London rain and wind; and despite these conditions she...


Michael Kent _Remittance Reimaginer_Episode 74

I'm a big fan of Azimo, the international remittance company founded by Michael. I've been to their office in north London (in Islington, not from from my favorite football club in the world), have already interviewed his company partner Marta Krupinska for FinTech5, and they even partnered with Arsenal legend Kanu as a spokesman for their company. What isn't there to love about Azimo? Michael & Marta with Arsenal Invincible legend Kanu.


Yolande Piazza_The Change AgentEpisode 73

Ever questioned why one of the biggest global banks would choose a 30 year bank veteran to be the CEO of their internal fintech program? That's exactly what Citi did when they selected Yolande Piazza to take over the Citi FinTech CEO role after Heather Cox moved on to USAA. It's so easy to knock this choice - but let me caution you on being quick to judge. Take a few minutes to listen to and get to know Yolande Piazza and you'll agree with me; she's the perfect fit. This was one of my...


Mike Sigal_Repeat Entrepreneur_Episode 72

Mike's a bit of an under achiever when it comes to being an entrepreneur (yes, this is sarcasm). He's founded seven (7!!) companies, three of which had a successful exit and one with an IPO. Very few people fall into this category which probably explains why Mike is a partner with 500 Startups and helps runs the 500 Fintechs fund for the company. I've seen Mike in action as a mentor to fintech startups. You simply couldn't ask for a more seasoned and insightful champion.


Susanne Chishti_FinTech Angel_Episode 71

Ever get a little bit tired of all the hype, buzzwords, egos, etc. that come with the fintech territory? My cure - spend five minutes chatting with Susanne Chishti. Her energy and passion for the space will jump start your own enthusiasm for digital disruption (I had to throw in a buzzword phrase). Susanne's career covers the full gamut of financial services. She's been a highly successful consultant, banker, angel investor, author... take your pick. Her latest ventures, FinTech Circle and...


Oliver Bussmann_The Innovation Orchestrator_Episode 70

Oliver Bussmann earned his stripes when it comes to financial services innovation. He has a long career in banking and technology leading digital and innovation transformation projects as Group CIO at UBS; and leadership roles Allianz, Deutsche Bank, and IBM. Oliver is recognized globally as a fintech influencer and thought leader. His blog on the Bussmann Advisory site and frequent posts on LinkedIn and other media outlets are a must read for those interested in the financial services...


Natasha Kyprianides_FinTech Maestro_Episode 69

I'm always interested in the career arc of folks in the fintech space. Natasha's story is a great example of how much the financial services space is changing. If you would have asked Natasha what she'd be doing for a career when she was young she would have said "Musician". Banker or technologist would have never, ever come to mind for her. Fast forward a decade or so and Natasha is a highly recognized and respected digital banking innovator for Hellenic Bank. As Robert Frost said "she...


Laurent Nizri_ Entrepreneur Fintech français_Episode 68

Laurent Nizri is the founder and CEO of Altéir Consulting, created just after he helped launch Zebank in 1999, the first big internet bank in Europe. For the last 15 years, Alteir and Laurent have worked on projects and advised organizations of all sizes across the payment & digital finance industry. He is a recognized digital/mobile payments, digital/mobile banking, digital/mobile commerce & Fintech expert with a focus on strategy, business development, & innovation. He also founded the...