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This is Fix This. A bi-weekly podcast of bites-sized stories from Amazon Web Services (AWS). We talk to leaders from around the globe about how they use technology to fix some of the world’s most pressing issues.

This is Fix This. A bi-weekly podcast of bites-sized stories from Amazon Web Services (AWS). We talk to leaders from around the globe about how they use technology to fix some of the world’s most pressing issues.


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This is Fix This. A bi-weekly podcast of bites-sized stories from Amazon Web Services (AWS). We talk to leaders from around the globe about how they use technology to fix some of the world’s most pressing issues.






Season Two of Fix This

The team returns for season two of Fix This to explore how tech ideas and solutions are changing the world. Stay tuned for bi-weekly episodes on financial inclusion, bridging the digital divide, and more. Subscribe to hear the latest from Fix This.


#30 - 2020 in review

From COVID-19 research to fighting climate change, the Fix This team spent the year chatting with inspirational Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers who use the cloud to solve some of today’s largest challenges. Tune in for a recap of 2020.


#29 - To the stars, through the cloud

The Fix This team chatted with retired General Clint Crosier, the director of aerospace and satellite business at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Clint shares his thoughts on how the AWS Cloud will help customers approach challenges differently in order to deliver on their missions. From being customer obsessed to discovering more about life on Earth through space exploration, Clint discusses how AWS will help customers explore the new frontier. Next, the team talked to Payam Banazadeh, founder...


#28 - Streamlining fundraising for nonprofits

In honor of Giving Tuesday, the team sat down with an Amazon Web Services (AWS) subject matter expert and Copalana, a Switzerland-based startup, to learn how nonprofits can streamline fundraising efforts with the cloud. Mike George, an AWS senior solutions architect for nonprofits shares how organizations use AWS to reduce the burden associated with fundraising activities, so they can focus more on their mission. Next, the team chatted with Paul Ryatt, founder at Copalana. Paul discusses how...


#27 - Veterans Day

From high school students to US Veterans, AWS Educate is a global initiative by Amazon to provide students and educators resources to learn about the cloud. In honor of Veterans Day, the Fix This team sat down with two Amazon Web Services (AWS) employees to learn how AWS Educate can help transitioning Veterans learn cloud-based skills. First, the team talked to Hannah Buffington, AWS Educate marketing manager, to learn about the basics of the program. Next, the team heard from Caleb Jarrett,...


#26 - Democratizing education

Organizations are building new ways to engage and reach underserved learners around the world with Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this episode of Fix This, the team sat down with two education technology (EdTech) organizations to hear how they use AWS to make learning more accessible. First, we chatted with Tariq Fancy, founder of the Rumie Initiative. Tariq shares how he envisioned a learning experience that could fit in the palm of anyone’s hand, virtually anywhere in the world. Rumie’s...


#25 - From clouds to climate change

In the quest to better understand and address climate change, machine learning (ML) can help researchers investigate massive Earth observation data sets, build predictive models, and better understand how the world around us is impacted by increasing temperatures. Clouds play an intricate role in Earth’s climate, and they are changing due to human behavior. To better understand these changes and their effects, the team chatted with Dr. Philip Stier, professor and head of atmospheric,...


#24 - Building a resilient organization

Is your organization ready for anything? In this episode of Fix This, the team dives deep with Edgar Haren, Amazon Web Services (AWS) product marketing manager, and Shonte’ Eldridge, executive government advisor at AWS, to uncover the importance of business resiliency. From universities to local governments, our latest eBook, A Guide to Building Organizational Resilience, explains how public sector organizations can use the cloud to navigate emergencies and disruptions to maintain business...


#23 - National voter registration day

In honor of National Voter Registration Day, the team sat down with two nonprofit leaders to hear how they are using cloud technology to educate and encourage civic engagement. First, we checked in with chief education officer of iCivics, Dr. Emma Humphries. Emma explained how iCivics began and how they have used the AWS Cloud to create a platform dedicated to teaching K12 students what it means to be actively involved in our nation’s democratic process. Next, the team heard from #iVoted...


#22 - Back to school

Education institutions around the world are in a period of rapid digital transformation. Some students are returning to the classroom, some are learning remotely, and some now rely on a blend of in-person and remote options. To learn how the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud is helping to power this shift, the team chatted with two professors from the University of Notre Dame, Sharif Nijim and Chris Frederick. Sharif and Chris shared their lessons learned from teaching in a blended and an...


#21 - Livestreaming nature

Livestreaming powered by the cloud is a valuable tool to help us understand nature and protect it. The team sat down with Charlie Annenberg, founder of, to discover all of the ways livestreaming natural scenes from around the globe—elephants in Africa, bears in Alaska, and more—can foster a deeper appreciation and knowledge of nature. Next up, we talked with Peter Girgis, chief technology officer of Bigmate about their livestreaming solution built for the Australian Capital...


#20 - The future of work

Cloud computing is changing the future of work. Dive into today’s episode to learn how Mount Sinai Health System in New York built a multilingual chatbot using Amazon Web Services (AWS) that has streamlined the patient experience and changed the way their staff works. The team sat down with Benjamin Maisano, chief technology officer and head of application engineering for consumer digital at Mount Sinai Health System to learn more. Next up, we chatted with Cas Holloway, head of public...


#19 - COVID-19 diagnostics research

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Disaster Response team launched the AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative (DDI) to support organizations in diagnostic research in rapid and accurate patient testing for COVID-19. AWS DDI provides technical support and AWS Promotional Credit for organizations. Hear directly from Maggie Carter, head of the AWS Disaster Response team on the importance of funding diagnostic research. Next, listen to our conversation with Dr. Duncan Ferguson, a resident in the...


#18 - Keeping students on the right track

The team dives into how cloud-based solutions are helping students from grade school to higher education stay on track. First up, the team sat down with Patrick Craven, the director of The Center for Cyber Safety and Education, to learn about their global program to educate young children on internet etiquette and personal safety rules. Then, the team chatted with Dennis Gilbert, enterprise architect in the Office of Information Technology at Portland State University, to discuss their new...


#17 - Mission critical cloud: Healthcare

In the final episode of the Mission Critical Cloud series by Teresa Carlson, vice president of the worldwide public sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the team focuses on healthcare. The first interview features Dr. Christopher Longhurst, the chief information officer and associate chief medical officer at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Health. Dr. Longhurst talks about UCSD’s research using artificial intelligence to analyze lung images for signs of pneumonia—a common...


#16 - Mission critical cloud: Federal government

Part four of the Mission Critical Cloud series explores how federal government customers use the cloud to reduce costs, think big, and find new ways to deliver on their missions. Teresa Carlson, vice president of the worldwide public sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS) is joined by Dave Levy, vice president of the US government business at AWS, to guest host the episode. First up, the team chatted with Deron Burba, chief information officer at Smithsonian Institution and Effie Kapsalis, a...


#15 - Mission critical cloud: State and local government

In part three of the Mission Critical Cloud mini-series by Teresa Carlson, vice president of the worldwide public sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the team explores how state and local government customers use the cloud to deliver services to citizens. Teresa is joined by Kim Majerus, a leader within the state and local government business at AWS. First up, an interview with Joshua Spence, chief technology officer of the State of West Virginia, and Robert Groat, executive vice president...


#14 - Mission critical cloud: Remote education

In part two of the Mission Critical Cloud mini-series by Teresa Carlson, vice president of the worldwide public sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the team explores remote education. Teresa is joined by Ann Merrihew, a director within the education business at AWS. This episode begins with an interview featuring Dr. David Baca, chief of schools of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second largest K12 district in the United States. Next, we talked to Jennifer Schaeffer, vice...


#13 - Mission critical cloud: A chat with AWS leaders

Teresa Carlson, vice president of the worldwide public sector, Amazon Web Services (AWS), guest hosts. Join Teresa for a deep dive discussion with other AWS leaders, including Sandy Carter, vice president of partners and programs; Maggie Carter, global lead for the disaster response team; Blair Anderson, director within AWS public policy; and John Dancy, director of professional services. Teresa and guests explore how technology helps public sector organizations continually deliver on their...


#12 - Happy Earth Day

Explore how the AWS Cloud can increase an organization’s sustainability. Pierre Lussier, director of Jour de la Terre, a Canadian nonprofit, shares how Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps them deliver on their mission to make the world a “greener” place. Nat Sahlstrom, director of energy at Amazon, talks about a 2019 study that shows how migrating enterprise workloads to the AWS Cloud can reduce an organization’s IT carbon footprint by upwards of 88 percent.