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Tune in for a weekly dose of commentary on technology, privacy, and Internet freedom in the digital age. Hosted by Derek E. Silva.

Tune in for a weekly dose of commentary on technology, privacy, and Internet freedom in the digital age. Hosted by Derek E. Silva.


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Tune in for a weekly dose of commentary on technology, privacy, and Internet freedom in the digital age. Hosted by Derek E. Silva.




Building the Future of Web3 and the Internet of Things with Eliott Teissoniere

Host Derek E. Silva joins Eliott Teissoniere, Chief Blockchain Officer for Nodle a crowdsourced decentralized IoT network. A great conversation on stepping into the future with Web3, decentralized governance, and unlocking the power of the Internet of Things.


Digital Trust and Protecting Human Rights with Jonathan Dotan

Host Derek E Silva joins Starling Lab's founder Jonathan Dotan and producer of HBO's Emmy Award-winning series Silicon Valley. A great conversation on the original promise of the Internet, restoring digital trust and protecting human rights with Web3.


Biggest Privacy and Tech Stories of 2021 with Anne Ahola Ward and Dragana Kaurin

Host Derek E. Silva joins Founder of the Localization Lab, Dragana Kaurin, and futurist and CEO of CircleClick, Anne Ahola Ward, for our annual privacy roundup discussion. We take a deep dive into ​​the biggest privacy and technology stories of 2021. Dragana and Anne share their perspective on the Facebook effect, how content moderation affects human rights, and how we can reimagine the Internet in 2022.


Free Speech and Censorship Online with Glenn Greenwald

A special podcast episode features best-selling author and former constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald's keynote presentation from Priv8's digital summit. Glenn joins Orchid's CEO, Dr. Steven Waterhouse (Seven), and journalist Naomi Brockwell to talk about the importance of protecting free speech and the impact of censorship online.


Anonymous Connections and Onion Routing with Paul Syverson

Host Derek E. Silva joins computer scientist Paul Syverson, inventor of Tor’s onion routing and a mathematician at the US Naval Research Laboratory. Paul shares how he created and deployed the first research designs and prototypes of onion routing with David Goldschlag and Mike Reed. We take a deep dive into the rising concern over abandoned domains, why data privacy is a moving target, and how anonymous you really are online.


Kings of Crypto and the Big Tech Monopolies with Jeff John Roberts

Host Derek E. Silva joins Jeff John Roberts, Executive Editor for Decrypt and author of the 2019 book about Coinbase, Kings of Crypto: One Startup's Quest to Take Cryptocurrency Out of Silicon Valley, and Onto Wall Street. They take a deep dive into the impact of big tech monopolies, new crypto regulations, and Facebook’s metaverse dream.


Protecting Human Rights in the Age of Surveillance with Matthew Guariglia

Host Derek E. Silva joins Matthew Guariglia, a historian and Policy Analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They take a deep dive into the origins of modern policing, combating weaponized information, and protecting human rights in the age of surveillance.


Cybersecurity, and the New Era of Data Privacy with Dimitri Nemirovsky

Host Derek E. Silva joins Dimitri Nemirovsky, Co-founder of Atakama, a multi-factor encryption software company. A great conversation on #Bitcoin maximalism, power politics in cybersecurity, and the new era of data privacy.


The Politics of Bitcoin and Facebook's Metaverse with Gian Volpicelli

Host Derek E. Silva joins Gian Volpicelli, Senior Editor at Wired UK and author of Cryptocurrency: How Digital Money Could Transform Finance. They take a deep dive into the politics of Bitcoin, decentralized governance, and Facebook betting its future on the metaverse.


China's Social Credit System and Ban on Crypto with Jeremy Goldkorn

Host Derek E Silva joins Jeremy Goldkorn, the editor-in-chief of SupChina, a New York-based, China-focused, news, information, and business services platform. They take a deep dive into China’s regulatory reform, the recent ban on crypto, and the complicated truth about their social credit system.


Constitutional Privacy Rights and the Third Party Doctrine with Amie Stepanovich

Host Derek E. Silva joins cybersecurity expert Amie Stepanovich, Executive Director at Silicon Flatirons, a research law center at UC Boulder. They take a deep dive into constitutional privacy, the third-party doctrine, and the changing dynamics of data collection.


Building an Open, Decentralized, and Inclusive Internet with Julian Zawistowski

Host Derek E. Silva joins Julian Zawistowski, Director of Golem Foundation, a decentralized marketplace for computing power. A great conversation on the power of decentralized governance, breaking corporate data silos, and empowering individuals to put privacy first by controlling their own data.


Digital Rights and Censorship's Impact on Society with Brett Solomon

Host Derek E Silva joins Brett Solomon, Executive Director and Co-founder of Access Now, where he leads the organizations to defend and extend the digital rights of users at risk around the world. They take a deep dive into tracking global Internet shutdowns, censorship’s impact on society, and how to protect freedom of expression online.


The NFT Art and Music Revolution with Jason Rieff

Host Derek E. Silva joins Jason Rieff, Co-founder of Noizd, a music-based NFT marketplace that allows fans to buy and sell the full rights to amazing unreleased collectible music. A great conversation on the NFT revolution, how Noizd is empowering artists to control their music and helping listeners discover new talent.


Creator Economy and the Future of NFTs with Alexander Klus

Host Derek E. Silva joins Alexander Klus, Founder of Creaton, a new decentralized content sharing platform. A great conversation on where the creator economy is headed next, how NFTs unlock value for artists, and the future of digital media content.


Privacy by Design and Making Your Mark in the World with Sonny King

Host Derek E Silva joins Sonny King, Executive Technology Director for frog, an award-winning design studio. A great conversation on best practices for achieving privacy by design, the importance of building a more sustainable future, and how startups can make their mark in the world.


Digital Rights and Facebook's Supreme Court with Julie Owono

Host Derek E. Silva joins Julie Owono, Executive Director for Internet Without Borders, and an inaugural member of the Facebook Oversight Board. A great conversation on how we can work together to protect digital rights, the true power of social media restrictions, and why Facebook created its own Supreme Court.


Freedom of the Press and Censorship Around the World with Leo Schwartz

Host Derek E. Silva joins Leo Schwartz, a reporter for Rest of World, an international nonprofit media organization. We take a deep dive into press freedom around the world, the spyware threat to journalists, and how social media affects the news.


New Privacy Laws and the Digital Disruption of Human Rights with Dr. Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna

Host Derek E. Silva joins Dr. Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna, Director for the Future of Privacy Forum, a Washington, DC-based think tank and advocacy group focused on data privacy issues. They take a deep dive into the digital disruption of human rights, how the culture of surveillance dictates our daily lives, and new privacy laws from around the world.


Internet Shutdowns and the Rise of Digital Authoritarianism with Berhan Taye

Host Derek E Silva joins digital rights activist Berhan Taye, a senior advisor at Internews, a nonprofit supporting independent media in 100 countries. We take a deep dive into the rise of digital authoritarianism, combating misinformation online, and what happens to countries when the Internet shuts down.