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Turning subjects that matter to animal and food production systems into topics of lively conversation with #ScienceHearted experts.

Turning subjects that matter to animal and food production systems into topics of lively conversation with #ScienceHearted experts.


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Turning subjects that matter to animal and food production systems into topics of lively conversation with #ScienceHearted experts.






Combating Enterotoxigenic E. coli in Swine with Dr. Ellen Davis

How can we combat health issues at the microbial level that are constantly evolving? What can we learn from a recent validation study conducted in the South Central United States? What solutions exist to fight current pathogenic threats - and how can we get ahead of rapidly emerging challenges like E. coli F18 in swine production systems? Drawing on her deep expertise in animal nutrition, immunology and gut health, Dr. Ellen Davis, Swine Technical Services Manager, addresses these questions...


Managing Through High Feed Costs with Dr. Joel Pankowski

How can you overcome challenges caused by high feed prices in the dairy industry? What long-term challenges can short-term feed changes cause? What role does consistency play in overcoming these challenges? Drawing on his diverse background in animal nutrition, Dr. Joel Pankowski, Ruminant Technical Services Manager, addresses these questions and more as he offers his expert insights on managing through high feed costs in the latest #ScienceHearted discussion with host Andy Vance.


Achieving Consistency in Transition Cow Rations with Dr. Ruby Wu

What options do dairy producers have to optimize the transition diet in their herd? How do supply chain disruptions influence dietary decisions? What considerations should you be aware of when looking to make ingredient changes in the ration? The ongoing global supply challenges impacting many commodities mean these questions are more important now than ever before. Relying on her extensive experience in transition health and nutrition, Dr. Ruby Wu, Ruminant Technical Services Manager,...


Fighting Mycotoxins at the Cellular Level with Dr. Sangita Jalukar

How widespread is the threat of mycotoxins in animal feed? Is feed testing consistently effective in addressing this ongoing challenge? What other approaches have proven even more successful? Using recent groundbreaking research on cytotoxicity, Dr. Sangita Jalukar discusses the new Prevent-Protect-Resilience (PPR) approach that helps animals battle multiple mycotoxin challenges from the inside out. If you’re interested in defeating mycotoxins you won’t want to miss this #ScienceHearted...


Antimicrobial Economics with Dr. Glynn Tonsor

How much are you “saving” with one antimicrobial over another? What are other costs to consider, including equipment and supply chain challenges? Drawing on firsthand research and his experience as professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University, Dr. Glynn Tonsor discusses a recent report, published by him and his team, on the true cost of equipment ownership when using PAA antimicrobials compared to DBDMH technology in food production. If you’re interested...


Food Safety in Focus with Dr. Jack McReynolds and Dr. Christine Alvarado

How does biomapping help address FSIS standards and reduce pathogen loads at meat processing facilities? Why is understanding the science behind any food safety approach important when planning a multi-hurdle, multi-technology strategy? What are the best applications and synergies for some of the most common antimicrobials? Tapping their extensive hands-on expertise as part of the Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production team, Dr. Jack McReynolds, Director of Research and Development, and Dr....


Addressing Salmonella in Beef Processing with Dr. Angela Siemens

How can the beef industry get Salmonella on the same downward trend as E. coli? What food safety advances show the greatest promise? How can phage technology help as part of a multi-hurdle, multi-technology approach? Tapping her experience overseeing food safety and quality management systems at more than 50 beef, turkey, egg, case-ready and processing facilities, Dr. Angela Siemens, Vice President of Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory at Cargill, discusses best practices for shifting...


Inside the Rumen with Dr. Tom Rehberger

Why is the rumen so important to dairy cattle production and reproduction? What are some practical ways to keep it functioning at a high level? What is feed hygiene and how can it lead to better results on a dairy farm? Tapping his years of experience developing customized microbial products, Dr. Tom Rehberger, Director of Innovation and Product Development at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, discusses optimal rumen function and the role that products like CERTILLUS™ can have on...


Building Resilience in Beef Cattle with Dr. Elliot Block

What are some of the latest, research-proven strategies for helping beef cattle deal with transportation stress and other challenges? How can building resilience in cattle reduce the chance of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD)? Why does the G.I. tract play such an important role in immune function? In this practical, wide-ranging conversation, Dr. Elliot Block, Research Fellow and Director of Technology at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, talks about the role diet can play in helping...


Building Industry Trust with Scott Druker

How can those involved in animal and food production build greater trust in their work and ongoing sustainability efforts? What role does credible research play in sharing that story? How are organizations like the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) advancing the conversation? Drawing on his continuing work as General Manager of Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, as well as his recent appointment as board chair at IFEEDER, Scott Druker shares his take on these and...


Poultry Heat Stress Strategies with Dr. Theresia Lavergne

How can the poultry industry better manage the multimillion-dollar threat of heat stress? What are key signs that indicate your birds could be at risk? Which management practices can help mitigate both the long- and short-term effects of heat stress in poultry? Using her extensive background in academic, research and industry settings, Dr. Theresia Lavergne, Monogastric Manager, Field Technical Services, at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, discusses everything from water and...


Food Safety in Focus with Dr. Mindy Brashears

How can an integrated, farm-to-table approach advance food safety? What bridges can be built between government, industry and academia moving forward? How will performance standards for Salmonella and other pathogens impact the future of food safety? In this in-depth discussion, Dr. Mindy Brashears, former Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food Safety (2019-2021) and currently Associate Vice President of Research at Texas Tech University and Director of the International Center for Food...


Midyear Industry Insights with Ben Towns

What did the first half of 2021 teach us about the state of the global food chain? What were some of the more positive developments after a difficult 2020? What opportunities and challenges lie ahead in Q3 and Q4? In this wide-ranging chat Ben Towns, Global Business Director at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, discusses everything from pricing, consumption and transportation trends to recent developments in microbial technologies. If you want to use learnings from the first half of...


Celebrating Dairy Industry Advances: A Food Chain Chat with Dr. Elliot Block

Which innovations, both in dairy nutrition and elsewhere, have contributed most to the dairy industry’s incredible advances over the years? What industry innovations can we expect to see next? Tapping a diverse background that includes both academic leadership and hands-on experience, Dr. Elliot Block, Research Fellow and Director of Technology at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, leads a celebratory journey through the industry’s past, present and future. If you want to reflect this...


Prioritizing Poultry Food Safety: A Food Chain Chat with Kara Stewart

How can a close evaluation of protocols, procedures, and data help address food safety challenges within the poultry industry? What are some specific points in the system that can make all the difference when it comes to Salmonella and other pathogens? With a background that includes both research and hands-on experience “in the arena,” Kara Stewart, Poultry Business Manager at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, shares insights on taking a multi-technology, multi-hurdle approach to...


Helping Cows Keep Their Cool: A Food Chain Chat with Jeff Kearnan

How can you help your dairy cows beat the heat this summer? What steps can you take to keep them cool, healthy and productive as the temperature starts to rise? Tapping into an advanced degree from Virginia Tech and years of hands-on experience working with cows in California and the Midwest, Jeff Kearnan, Ruminant Account Manager at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, provides practical tips for relieving heat stress—everything from maintenance for fans and soakers to ration...


Managing Gilts for Lifetime Sow Productivity: A Food Chain Chat with Dr. Billy Flowers

How can you manage gilts for improved sow productivity and longevity? What economic considerations should drive the decision-making process? How can data help deliver the best possible results? In this highly informative chat, Dr. Billy Flowers, a leading expert on swine management and reproduction, and a Williams Neal Reynolds and Alumni Distinguished Professor at North Carolina State University, discuss how to manage gilts for lifetime productivity. If you want healthier, more productive...


Protecting Poultry Performance: A Food Chain Chat with Vic Fox

What’s the long-term impact of cutting corners in a poultry nutrition program? Are there better ways to manage costs without putting overall productivity at risk? How do products like CELMANAX™ and CERTILLUS™ help protect poultry performance and increase profitability, both now and down the road? In this chat, Vic Fox, Poultry Account Manager at ARM & HAMMER™, draws on his degree in poultry science and nearly three decades of live production and complex management experience to discuss...


Proactive & Prepared: A Food Chain Chat with Brent Marnin

What processes, systems and technologies help the beef industry stay ahead of pathogenic challenges? What’s phage technology and how has it successfully and safely pinpointed threats before they become issues? In this chat Brent Marnin, U.S. Beef Business Manager at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, draws on his years of relevant industry experience to discuss all things phage technology, including specific examples of how it has successfully worked in real-world scenarios. You won’t...


The Immune System Balancing Act: A Food Chain Chat with Dr. Chris Chase

What’s the key to a healthy immune system in cattle? How do you lay the foundation for a healthy herd? In this chat with Dr. Chris Chase, a professor in the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at South Dakota State University, he draws on research to discuss how it often comes down to one factor — balance. A homeostasis where the immune system isn’t overactive but is also doing enough to fight off invaders. It’s delicate, but doable. If you’re interested in the immune system...