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#29: Vaidehi Joshi

Today we're talking to Vaidehi Joshi about basecs where she explored the basics of computer science, every Monday, for a year. Basecs also has a new season of the podcast coming out and the basecs video series will be coming out early 2019! Vaidehi's Twitterbasecs Blogbasecs Podcastbasecs Video Series


#28: Helen Durrant

Today we're talking to Helen Durrant about self-care, mental health, music, impostor syndrome, and traveling! We loved interviewing Helen—you can clearly see (err, hear) her energy and enthusiasm as she talks about her work and life. We hope you enjoy this one! Helen's WebsiteHelen's TwitterHelen singing Oma RapetiJess Lee and Helen hanging out in AmsterdamHelen's SoundcloudMental Health in Tech


#27: Jeremy Keith (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of our recording with Jeremy Keith! We talk about the untold stories of people (especially women) who built the Internet, progressive enhancements, and people's struggles with JavaScript. Line mode browserBroad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the InternetCSS GridFlexboxClearbitTurbolinksBrad Frost: My Struggle To Learn ReactPaul Robert Lloyd: Getting to Grips with JavaScriptDave Rupert: My Struggle With Testing Code


#26: Jeremy Keith (Part 1)

Jeremy Keith is a web developer, author, and musician. We talk about the history of computing and his new book Going Offline. Jeremy's Website@adactioCodebar BrightonGoing OfflineResilient Web DesignZX81ClearleftJeffrey Zeldman's Ask Dr. WebHotWiredEric MeyerApple: Thoughts on FlashLine Mode Browser 2013


Minisode: Welcome, Katherine!

I have a co-host now! In this episode Katherine and I talk about our plans, hopes, and dreams for this podcast. Follow Katherine on all the social meads: @KatherraptorWebsiteInstagram


#25: Rachel Nabors

Use FRIENDSTALKFRONTEND to get 10% off books on A Book Apart! Hey, everyone! I'm Jag Talon, and you're listening to Friends Talk Frontend—a podcast where we talk to amazing people about their habits, how they got to where they are now, and what their day-to-day life is like. Today I interview Rachel Nabors who, as you might know, is really big in the web animation world. She's written a book called Animation at Work, and she's also published two online courses on her website: One is Web...


#24: Claudina Sarahe

Hey everyone! I’m Jag Talon, and you’re listening to Friends Talk Frontend—it’s a show where we talk to amazing people about their habits, how they got to where they are now, and what their day-to-day life is like. Our guest today is Claudina Sarahe or CS for short, and she is a creative consultant, speaker, organizer, and teacher. She is currently running Composites Colective as a Chief Experimentation Officer along with Darshana Narayanan. In the past she has co-founded SassConf, worked...


#23: Antoinette Janus

Today we'll be talking to Antoinette Janus who is a web developer and designer at PBS Kids and who's also a co-organizer of CodePen DC. Make sure to listen to this episode because Antoinette has a lot to say about art and how it all mixes in with her work on the web. She also talks about what it's like to work at a non-commercial organization and also her humble beginnings making occasional boyband sites on Angelfire. TwitterWebsiteCodePen DCYoutube PlaylistAudio...


#22: Amber Stickel

Check out our new episode with Amber Stickel! We have a brand-new format as well so tell me what you think! Amber is a designer and developer who was actually working for IBM at the time of this recording. Now, she is a design technologist at Indeed; the job search company. I wanted to talk to her because I was curious how a large company like IBM deals with the web today. What I love most about this interview is listening to her gush over creating designs and bringing them to life. She...


#21: Lara Callender Hogan

Hey, everyone! This is Jag Talon and you’re listening to Friends Talk Frontend. Today we interview Lara Hogan who is the VP of engineering at Kickstarter and the author of three books: Designing for Performance, Building a device lab, and Demystifying Public Speaking. The importance of donutsPeter Pan DonutsFederal DonutsVal HeadDesigning for PerformanceDesigning for Performance presentation + necklaceCodenewbies podcast: Why is my website slowBuilding a device labDemystifying public...


#20: Dave DeSandro

Today, I’m talking to Dave DeSandro who is a designer and developer running Metafizzy. His code is used everywhere, and if you’re a developer you’ve probably run into it already. His code is used by Tumblr, Nasa, Whole Foods, and the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Stick around to learn more about his business and his adventures on the web. Dave DeSandroTwitterMetafizzyBowerIsotopeFlickityInfinite ScrollPackeryHuebeeDeviant Art


#19: Sarah Bray

Our guest today is Sarah Bray. She is on the cover of Offscreen magazine, and spends a lot of time thinking about how our design and marketing choices affect people, including ourselves. So listen up, and stick around! TwitterGather The PeopleOffscreen Mag&yet CommunityIntentionally Tiny Leaders21 Jump StreetBadass: Making users awesomeDeath and Life of Great American CitiesAffectConfHot dates with your websiteCourage to createDeep PlayOn Confidence


#18: Saron Yitbarek

Today we’re talking to Saron Yitbarek of Codenewbies. She’s here to talk about how she started the Codenewbies community and Codeland. We also talk about weightlifting, bootcamps, and her podcast setup on this show. So, stick around! CodeNewbieSaronI don't belong in techShure MicrophoneCodeland ConfMattie Rogers


#17: Monica Dinculescu

Our guest today is Monica Dinculescu and she is an emojineer at the Polymer project at Google and before that she used to work on Google Chrome. She writes and talks a lot about emojis, cats, and web components. So, stick around! Monica's WebsiteWeb components with ottersEmoji: how do you get from U+1F355 to :pizza:NeelixCat winePolymer ProjectChromiumContributing to ChromiumYarnGreen KeeperBowerAtomMeerkat Manor Support my caffeine habits through


#16: Kim Goulbourne

Our guest today is Kim Goulbourne. She is a very productive human being. She has so many cool projects—she is doing all the projects! She is currently working at Thoughtbot doing strategy, design, and development. Listen to her talk about her amazing projects and about her journey towards being a designer and developer. So, stick around! Made By BourneNo Questions AskedPicture of the partyThoughtbotReact NativeWes Bos' React for Beginners4 Hour ChefBitter RenterRuby on RailsElection...


#15: Jess Lee

Our guest today is Jess Lee, and she talks about her work at—it’s a place where programmers share ideas and help each other grow. She is the J in’s PB&J. Listen, as she talks about building a community for developers, and running a website. Stick around! AMA ElaconfDev.toJess's StickersBen HalpernPeter FrankSaronThe Practical Dev's InstagramRemote BookPsychological IssuesUntouched Issue 2Greg Baugues Support us on Patreon:


Better Late Than Never, Friends Talk Frontend Trailer!

Better late than never, right? I needed a way to easily share the gist of this show to people, so I made a trailer from all the past episodes. Enjoy!


#14: Dan Mall

Our guest today is Dan Mall and he is a creative director and founder of SuperFriendly, and also the co-founder of a new service called SuperBooked. Listen to him as he talks about his origin story, how he started his companies, and maybe talk a little bit about super heroes and cooking. So, stick around! TwitterWebsiteSuperFriendlySuperBookedBig SpaceshipDan’s CalendarUnsubscribe book Support us on Patreon!


#13: Mat Marquis

Our guest today is Mat Marquis and he’s also an author, a boxer, and a pretty good baker. Listen to him as he talks about how he got into tech, how he started boxing, and maybe a little bit about his brief stint on TV. TwitterBlogJavaScript for Web DesignersMat punching his bookBocoupChrono TriggerThe Future is NextIMDBMBMBAM BurlesqueMBMBAM


#12: Nicole Dominguez

Nicole Dominguez is a freelance developer, mentor, and digital nomad. In this podcast we talk about her travels, the conferences that she’s been to, and all her future ambitions. It’s a pretty cool episode so sit back and listen! Nicole DominguezNicole's TwitterVenezuelan ArepaNeopetsTulumStartup BusDjango ConCSS ConfElaconfStartup IslandMarie Kondo Support my terrible eating habits at Patreon!