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76. Climate Change, Mass Extinctions and the Doom of the Dinosaurs | Peter Brannen

Peter Brannen (@peterbrannen1) is an award-winning science journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Wired, Aeon, The Boston Globe, Slate and The Guardian among other publications. His book, The Ends of the World, about the five major mass extinctions in Earth's history. Peter is a 2018 Scripps Fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder, was a 2015 journalist-in-residence at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center at Duke University,...


75. Designer Babies, Reviving the Neanderthals and Funding Fundamental Science | Prosanta Chakrabarty

Prosanta Chakrabarty (@preaux_fish) is a systematist and an ichthyologist studying the evolution and biogeography of both freshwater and marine fishes. His work includes studies of Neotropical (Central and South America, Caribbean) and Indo-West Pacific (Indian and Western Pacific Ocean) fishes. Prosanta is an Associate Professor and Curator of Fishes at the Museum of Natural Science and Department of Biological Science at Louisiana State University and is also a Research Associate at the...


74. Megashifts, AI and Why the Future is More Unknowable than Ever | Gerd Leonhard

Gerd Leonhard (@gleonhard) is a futurist, keynote speaker and author and listed by Wired Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in Europe (2015). Gerd’s work focuses on the future of humanity, technology and digital transformation; including big disruptors like artificial intelligence, robotics, the future of content and media and much more. Gerd addresses topics such as what it means to be human in a world of machines and algorithms, the coming redefinition of human-machine...


73. How to Live Longer, Healthier Lives and Rewrite the Rules of News | Peter Bowes of Live Long and Master Aging Podcast

Peter Bowes (@peterbowes) is BBC Correspondent, biohacker and hosting of the Live Long and Master Aging Podcast where he explores the science and stories behind human longevity. On the podcast Peter interviews world-renowned scientists, future thinkers and biohackers focused on how we can live longer and healthier lives and talks a great deal about food, fasting, exercise, brain science and human performance. As a reporter, Peter has interviewed many Hollywood celebrities, including Cher,...


72. Seth Shostak on SETI, Space and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life | Big Picture Science

Seth Shostak (@sethshostak) is a Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute and host of the popular weekly science radio show Big Picture Science which connect the latest research to identify emerging trends - and why they matter. Seth has degrees in physics and astronomy from Princeton University and Caltech and a long history of research in radio astronomy and in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI. He has written more than 500 popular articles on science and technology and...


71. Solving the Hard Problem of Consciousness with a Mathematical God and Messed Up Perception of Reality | Donald Hoffman

Donald Hoffman (@donaldhoffman) is a cognitive scientist, popular author and Professor of Cognitive Science at UC Irvine. He studies how our visual perception, guided by millions of years of natural selection, authors every aspect of our everyday reality. Don has co-authored two technical books: Observer Mechanics: A Formal Theory of Perception which offers a theory of consciousness and its relationship to physics and Automotive Lighting and Human Vision which applies vision science to...


70. The End of Oceans and Life as We Know It? | Carl Safina

Carl Safina (@carlsafina) is author of various books and many other writings about how the ocean is changing, lives of free-living animals, and the human relationship with the natural world. His books include among others the award-winning Song for the Blue Ocean and Eye of the Albatross, as well as The View From Lazy Point; A Natural Year in an Unnatural World and Beyond Words; What Animals Think and Feel. Carl is founding president of the Safina Center, and an endowed research professor at...


69. Bio Inspired Robotics, Drones on Battlefield and Building Realworld C3PO? | Auke Ijspeert

Auke Ijspeert is a professor at the EPFL (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne), and head of the Biorobotics Laboratory (BioRob). Auke is interested in using numerical simulations and robots to get a better understanding of animal locomotion and movement control, and in using inspiration from biology to design novel types of robots and locomotion controllers. His popular TED Talk of the robot that runs and swims like a salamander has been viewed nearly 2M times and he has...


68. Hillary Clinton’s Top Advisor on Technology, Innovation, Biotech and Future of Politics | Alec Ross

Alec serves as an advisor to investors, corporations and government leaders to help them understand the implication of factors emerging at the intersection of geopolitics, markets and increasingly disruptive network technologies and is on the board of directors (or advisors) for companies in the fields of technology, media, telecommunications, education, health care and cybersecurity. He recently served for four years as Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and...


67. The Future of Digital Health, Personalized Medicine and Possible Immortality | Bertalan Meskó – The Medical Futurist

Dr. Bertalan Meskó (@berci) is The Medical Futurist, one of the world’s leading biotech thinkers and keynote speakers. A self-described geek physician with a PhD in genomics, Bertalan is an Amazon Top 100 author and host of the popular Youtube channel The Medical Futurist (TMF). Bertalan envisions the impact of digital health technologies on the future of health, and helps patients, doctors, government regulators and companies make it a reality. With 500+ presentations including courses at...


66. Inventing TV on the Internet a Tad Bit Too Early | Scott Klososky

Scott Klososky (@sklososky) is a technologist, entrepreneur and thought leader that specializes in helping leaders see the world in new ways. He has built and sold multiple companies, the largest being which was ultimately acquired by iBEAM for approximately $115 million in stock in April of 2000. After the acquisition, he served as VP of Production for iBEAM and led a 150-person team that had innovations including being the first music CD to launch to the Internet, the first...


65. Artificial Intelligence for Good | XPrize Adivsor Oliver Christie

Oliver Christie (@oliverchristie) is the founder and CEO of Artificial Intelligence consulting firm Foxy Machine. He works across multiple industries to help integrate Artificial Intelligence into companies and organizations, leveraging data for smarter outcomes. Foxy Machine also has a research arm that looks into the future of Artificial Intelligence and how it can have a positive global impact. Oliver works closely with the X Prize as their AI Advocate, Heads Data Science for OpusAI and...


64. The Dangers of AI and Safety of Mutually Assured Destruction | George Dvorsky

George Dvorsky (@dvorsky) is a Canadian futurist, science writer, and ethicist that has written and spoken extensively about the impacts of cutting-edge science and technology—particularly as they pertain to the improvement of human performance and experience. He is also a senior staff reporter at the popular tech blog Gizmodo, a contributing editor at io9 where he writes about science, culture, and futurism and blogs at George is a founding member of the Institute...


63. Understanding the Adoption Curve of VR and Mixed Reality | Sam Watts

Sam Watts (@vr_sam) is one of the foremost thinkers on VR and the Director of Immersive Technologies at MakeReal, a company that believes that immersive digital products are transforming the way we work, play and learn. MakeReal makes virtual reality experiences, augmented reality devices, collaborative ‘serious games’ and other tools that support new types of work, play and learning. Sam's passion for VR shows throughout his previous work with BBC, Channel 4, Sky and PlayStation. He has 20+...


62. Combatting Climate Change 2M Subscribers at a Time | Alex Reich of MinuteEarth

Alex Reich (@alexhreich) is the co-founder of MinuteEarth, an incredibly successful Youtube channel with over 2M subscribers focused on sharing bit-sized science and stories about our amazing planet. He helped start the channel and today serves as writer, editor and director because he believes (as do I) that science communication is a powerful tool for building awareness about how the world works and how we fit in. He is also editor of the popular channel Hot Mess, a show about how climate...


61. Arduino Co-founder David Cuartielles on the Open Source Movement and Future of Education

David Cuartielles (@dcuartielles) is the co-founder and co-creator of Arduino the open hardware platform Arduino, which has become a leading platform for DIY electronics and which earned the team an Honorary Mention at the Ars Electronica Digital Community Prix 2006, the SER price 2015, the FIUM price 2017, and an Ashoka Fellowship 2017, among others. David's work spans the fields of programming, education, research and product development and since the late nineties he has developed...


60. The Future of Commerce, Customer Service and Personalization | Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan (@blakemichellem) is an author, keynote speaker and customer experience futurist currently working on her second book with HarperCollins on customer experience technology. Her first book is More is More: How The Best Companies Work Harder And Go Farther To Create Knock Your Socks Off Customer Experiences. Blake is adjunct faculty at the Rutgers executive education MBA program, contributes to Forbes, the Harvard Business Review and Hemispheres Magazine and is the host of The...


59. Why the US Has the Worst Voting System in the World | Aaron Hamlin of The Center for Election Science

Aaron Hamlin (@aaronfhamlin) is the executive director of The Center for Election Science, a non-profit focused on advancing better voting methods so the people can more meaningfully impact and benefit the world through democracy. Guess what, the US voting system was recently declared an oligarchy by a reputable Princeton study, meaning the people at large didn't actually influence policy, even though they're voting. We'll get into all this and more. Aaron's written articles for publications...


58. Glenn Loury on The Intellectual Dark Web, Affirmative Action and Social Policy

Glenn Loury (@glennloury) is the Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of Economics at Brown University. He has published mainly in the areas of applied microeconomic theory, game theory, industrial organization, natural resource economics, and the economics of race and inequality and hosts The Glenn Show on Glenn has been elected Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the Econometric Society, Member of the American Philosophical...


57. The Bluezone Secrets to Health, Happiness and Longevity | Jason Prall of Human Longevity Project

Jason Prall (@jasonprall) is an anti-aging expert ad the co-founder of The Human Longevity Project, an upcoming documentary film series filmed over 2 years, in over 50 locations, in 9 countries, on 3 continents that will take you on an exciting journey around the globe, on a mission to discover the secrets of the longest-lived and healthiest populations on Earth. Due to 20 years of health challenges, Jason dove into the reality behind his symptoms and through the process, he began working...