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Global Nomad Hacks share stories and tips on life as a global nomad, digital nomad, expat, remote worker and supporting third culture families and global mobility. We highlight great finds of products and services that support this growing demographic as the world moves to remote work.

Global Nomad Hacks share stories and tips on life as a global nomad, digital nomad, expat, remote worker and supporting third culture families and global mobility. We highlight great finds of products and services that support this growing demographic as the world moves to remote work.


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Global Nomad Hacks share stories and tips on life as a global nomad, digital nomad, expat, remote worker and supporting third culture families and global mobility. We highlight great finds of products and services that support this growing demographic as the world moves to remote work.






Episode 201: Global Nomad Hacks Anniversary Compilation - On Spring Break, Be Back Soon

Welcome back to Global Nomad Hacks. Wow, what a year it's been. I can't believe we are actually on our first anniversary, and we launched this show about global nomads being global citizens and living a life that really embraces the world community and being part of it on so many different levels during a pandemic, when no one could travel and we've had an incredible year. We've covered everything from identity theft and cyber security, to resilience in divorce, as a divorce love refuge,...


Episode 111: Sabriye Tenberken & Paul Kronenberg: Intrinsic and Ethical Social Change

Dr. Heidi talks with Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg, founders/directors of Braille Without Borders and Kanthari. SabriyeTenberken (German): Knowing what it is to be marginalized, she developed an intrinsic interest to create ethical social change. She studied Tibetology / Central Asian Sciences at Bonn University and to be able to take notes in Tibetan, she developed the Tibetan Braille Script. Traveling on horseback through the Himalayas in 1997, she discovered that Tibetans who in...


Episode 111: Most Downloaded Episode - Kristin Engvig, Founder of Women’s International Networking

On today's episode of Global Nomad Hacks, we are sharing the most downloaded episode since the launch of the podcast. Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste chats with Kristin Engvig, Founder & CEO of WIN. A pioneer and thought leader in the field of creativity, feminine and authentic leadership. Kristin Engvig is the pioneering founder of WIN (women’s international networking). She embraces global responsibility through innovative leadership events and personal speaking engagements to inspire women...


Episode 110: Raj Malhotra

Dr. Heidi interviews Raj Malhotra, CEO, InvenTrust. My sense of the possibilities of a peripatetic life began as a child growing up in a family that traveled more than most. As a journalist who featured the lives and challenges of prominent women leaders, my mom's range was unusual for most women in the traditional Indian society where we lived. As a result I never associated home-making with a particular gender role. My dad ran an aviation industry business and his own regular travels...


Episode 109: Lauren Cohen - Immigration through Investment and Real Estate

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste interviews Serial entrepreneur Lauren Cohen is an International Lawyer, Realtor and Cross-Border Expert. Lauren is also a best-selling author and sought-after speaker and is a globally-acclaimed legal and real estate business advisor. Lauren’s passion for protecting the heart and soul of businesses shines through in all aspects of the services that she and her team provide. A graduate of York University and Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Lauren is a dual citizen....


Episode 108: Brewer Stone - Influence of Growing Up as Child of Diplomat

Dr. Heidi talks with Brewer Stone, Partner of Nfluence Partners, and growing up in the diplomats world. Born to a diplomatic family in Washington DC, moved to England at 4, India at 6, lived there 7 years. Parents then went to France, Austria, and Cyprus, where I spent extended holidays, while attending boarding schools. Then studied Rhetoric at UC Berkeley for BA, MA at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and PH.D. at Harvard focused on comparative political economy,...


Episode 107: John McGarvey - Dao Labs, Accessible Chinese Medicine

Dr. Heidi talks with John McGarvey, Co-Founder and CEO, DAO Labs creating accessible Chinese medicine. DAO Labs is an herbal medicine and lifestyle company that is changing the way western consumers approach health, by embracing the 2,500 year-old formulas and practices of Chinese medicine in sustainable, easy-to-understand formats. John’s career started on Wall Street, but after two years of working at an international NGO in Lhasa, Tibet, John shifted his career to the natural products...


Episode 106: David McNeill - Expat Empire

Dr. Heidi talks with David McNeill, Founder of Expat Empire. As the founder of Expat Empire, David is focused on inspiring people to move abroad and showing them how to do it. In addition to producing books, podcasts, blog posts, meetup events, and more, Expat Empire offers personalized consulting services to give everyone the opportunity to achieve their international dreams. David started Expat Empire because he has a genuine passion for living abroad. He left the United States in 2014...


Episode 105: Sandra Näsström - Dressing in Luxury with Chambres Sweden

Dr. Heidi talks with Nomadic fashion designer Sandra Näsström. Sandra travels the world and proselytizes kindness. She’s on a mission, and she doesn’t care who knows it. Stylist and designer, she owns a Swedish fashion brand called Chambres Sweden. As an avid traveler, she fashions light on the skin, multifunctional and elegant clothes. With many rooms to dream, she creates collections worth touching over and over again. And in her world, “It’s all about the feeling.” It’s all about the...


Episode 104: Amber Trueblood, Parenting on the Fly

Dr. Heidi talks with Amber Trueblood, licensed marriage and family therapist. Traveling with four kiddos (and her husband) through 60 cities across the US and Canada... while writing a book and touring with the cast and crew of a Broadway Musical = Road Warrior (in her book!). One of Amber's boys had the opportunity to play a role in a musical and they decided to make it an adventure for the entire family. They pulled everyone out of school, packed up skateboards and scooters and books and...


Episode 103: James Ellsmoor - Virtual Island Summit

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste interviews James Ellsmoor, Director, Island Innovation. James Ellsmoor, CEO & founder of Virtual Island Summit (VIS). VIS is an annual online conference with interactive sessions connecting 10,000+ attendees and 100+ speakers from 500+ island communities around the world. February 9th: Adapting Tourist Destinations for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads Digital Nomad Conference - hospitality industry and remote workers alike:...


Episode 102: Melinda Wittstock - Future of Workplace and Interactive Podcasts

Dr. Heidi talks with Melinda Wittstock is a 5 time serial entrepreneur, award-winning journalist, podcaster and the CEO and Founder of Podopolo, the world’s first socially interactive podcast app and network. Melinda Wittstock is a 5-time serial entrepreneur who has built 4 businesses in media and tech to 7- and 8- figure success. She’s the CEO and Founder Podopolo, the world’s first socially interactive and “gamified” podcast network where people gather to discover their favorite podcasts,...


Episode 101: Heidi & Alden Global Nomads kickoff 2021

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste and her new team member, Alden Forbes share their kickoff to 2021 episode of Global Nomad Hacks. With an exciting year ahead, Dr. Heidi brings on her GenZ niece to join the Global Nomad Hacks team to provide a wider perspective for the coming year. They announce the launching of the “hacks” space on for finding resources for global nomads. They also talk about greater integration of the Evolving Digital Self and Global Nomads Hacks shows. Looking forward to an exciting...


Episode 042: Staff Pick: Victoria Vives Khuong, Divine Sexuality and Healing Teacher

Please enjoy a replay of our staff's pick with Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste chatting with Victoria Vives Khuong, Divine Sexuality and Healing teacher. Victoria Vives is a leading expert in Divine Sexuality, Shamanism and Energy Healing. Descending from renown lineages in the healing and spiritual arts, Victoria started practicing in 2000 and is a highly accredited teacher, having trained thousands of practitioners internationally. Singer songwriter, dancer choreographer, martial artist stunt...


Episode 041: Kick Off 2021 With Financial Security For Mobility

Encore presentation of interview with Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste and her guest Lisa R Mitchell, MBA. Principal of Living A Global Lifestyle. Lisa is an innovative, Global Executive and Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Lisa has held Senior Leadership roles in the Banking, Financial Services, and Global Education industries within Fortune 500 global organizations. Currently, through her Living A Global...


Episode 040: Miles Clark - Pro Skier on the Road

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste interviews Miles Clark, pro-skier, mountain guide and host of the Snowbrains podcast (featured in January’s Podcast Magazine). Miles spends his Winters in search of snow across hemispheres and the in between time surfing in the middle. He discovered his passion for snow sports while studying molecular biology at University of California at Berkeley, where he fell in with members of the ski team. After several seasons in Tahoe, he committed to pursuing a career in...


Episode 039: Madeline Jhawar - Travel Beyond the Obvious

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste interviews Madeline Jhawar, the founder and owner of Italy Beyond the Obvious and of Travel Beyond the Obvious. She grew up in Canada, but after 11 moves, she now lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her British-Indian husband and their two children. Madeline grew up in Edmonton Canada in a family that prioritized other cultures and languages. She did her elementary schooling in French immersion, then took German in high school. After high school, Madeline spent a...


Episode 038: James Roberts - Global Paralympic Athlete and Motivational Coach

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste interviews James Owen Roberts an entrepreneur, podcast host and international speaker with over 15 years of experience in exercise, diet and mindset as both a coach, 2 x Paralympic athlete and alum of both Swansea University and the University of Chester. In addition to running James Owen Roberts Coaching, James also serves as a consultant for Wheelchair Rugby League Ireland. James was born to military parents at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (S.H.A.P.E) in...


Episode 037: Amy Schuber - Clearing Chaos and Anxiety

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste interviews Amy Schuber, an Energy Healer, Intuitive Business Strategist and Podcast Host of Inspired Conversations. For over a decade, Amy has been successfully coaching, business owners, entrepreneurs & individuals on building, growing and sustaining a prosperous life, career or business while staying grounded and connected. Through her healing work she helps individuals remove inherited blocks that might stifle their growth. Clearing the inherited blocks helps...


Episode 036: Mercedes Benz Vans USA Cross Country Roadtrip

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste interviews Rich Webber, General Manage of Product and Marketing for Mercedes-Benz Vans USA & Nicolette Lambrechts, General Manage of Sales Operations for Mercedes-Benz Vans USA after the cross USA road trip. This past year during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been faced with unique challenges that have fundamentally disrupted our daily life and necessitated a variety of creative solutions from our working life to our time off. Mercedes-Benz Vans has jumped in to create...