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James Mackler | 2020 Candidate Profile and Global Affairs Perspectives

Episode 28 of "Global Tennessee" opens our conversations with candidates for Federal office in 2020. We talked with Mr. James Mackler, candidate for U.S. Senate and the Democrat nomination. Mr. Mackler's web site: "Global Tennessee" host Patrick Ryan talked with Mr. Mackler about his background, education, military service and family. Then they discussed the role of the U.S. Senate in foreign policy -- war powers, advise and consent, military appropriations. Then...


Global Nuclear Arsenals, Strategy & Modernization | Dr. Susan Haynes | EP 027

Tick Tock... The "Doomsday Clock" is set at two minutes to midnight, a "new abnormal" according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. You should understand the fundamentals of global nuclear proliferation and the expansion and modernization being undertaken by the major nuclear powers. Dr. Susan Haynes talked with the "Tick Tock Project" of our "Global Tennessee" Podcast about nuclear weapons strategies and concepts as well as a review of Chinese and Russian nuclear forces. Haynes also...


Nuclear Weapons Proliferation in Dangerous Times | Joe Cirincione & "Know Now" | EP-25

Joe Cirincione, President of the Ploughshares Fund talked with TNWAC's President Patrick Ryan for an edition of "Know Now" presented by the World Affairs Councils of America. There is a high risk that someone will use, by accident or design, one or more of the 17,000 nuclear weapons in the world today. Many thought such threats ended with the Cold War, but they remain an ongoing nightmare. Author of the books Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late, Bomb Scare: The...


Janet Napolitano Former DHS Secretary on "How Safe Are We"? | EP-26

Former Homeland Security Secretary and current University of California President Janet Napolitano talked with Patrick Ryan at "Global Tennessee" about her new book, "How Safe Are We: Homeland Security Since 9/11?" She talked about the mission of DHS, what DHS got right, where DHS needs to improve and homeland security in the current era. Napolitano described some of the challenges she faced as Homeland Security Secretary: aviation security; natural disasters; environmental catastrophes like...


Dr. Neda Khodaverdi and the H.H. Humphrey Fellowship in Nashville | EP-24

Recorded: June 13, 2019 Iranian scholar Dr. Neda Khodaverdi is completing a year as a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow at Vanderbilt University. Global Tennessee spoke with her about her year in Nashville as a fellow. The purpose of the fellowship, how she got involved, what was her experience with the fellows from around the world and what she has seen and done in Nashville and the United States. Dr. Khodaverdi was joined in the Podcast with her husband Saed Sahebjamee, who runs the SAED Cultural...


Rear Admiral Brian Pecha | Global Nashville with Karl Dean | EP-22

Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean hosts a conversation with Rear Admiral Brian Pecha of the U.S. Navy along with TNWAC President Patrick Ryan. They discussed Navy Week in Nashville, Admiral Pecha's career in the Navy and the Navy's operations in support of national security around the world. “Global Nashville with Karl Dean” Podcasts present leaders from Nashville and other specialists who are connected with global issues or an aspect of the city and region that contributes to the...


From Nashville to Brookings: A Conversation with Sam Denney | EP-21

Global Tennessee talked with Nashville native Sam Denney and the road he took from Montgomery Bell Academy and Vanderbilt University to the fast-paced environment of the Brookings Institution, a world-renowned public policy think tank in Washington, DC. We discussed his work in Germany at the Budestag (Parliament) and scholarship at the Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service. Learn about the path from Music City to Massachusetts Avenue and the inside workings of one of the premier...


Renata Soto Interview | Global Nashville with Karl Dean | EP-20

“Global Nashville with Karl Dean” Podcasts present leaders from Nashville and other specialists who are connected with global issues or an aspect of the city and region that contributes to the international flavor. The conversations, with former Mayor Karl Dean, touch on their roles, experiences, and accomplishments in the city and region and their insights and perspectives on all of the things that make Nashville a “global city.” Global Nashville with Karl Dean Renata Soto Director,...


Tennessee Champions - Academic WorldQuest Team Conversation | EP-19

We talked with the 2019 winners of the World Affairs Council's Anne Smedinghoff Academic WorldQuest Challenge championship match about their experiences visiting international organizations in Washington and competing in the national title match. The team -- Sarah Matthews, Gillian Sjoblom, Libby Riddle and Christine Li with their teacher/coach Philip Lovell -- represented TNWAC this year and were back to back champs. The team (w/o Gillian) talked about the highlights of the Washington visit...


On Building Peace, U.S. Institute of Peace Public Education Director Ann-Louise Colgan | EP-18

Blessed are the peacemakers! Global Tennessee's Pat Ryan talked with Ann-Louise Colgan, Director of Public Education at the United States Institute of Peace. They talked about her visit to Centennial High School in Franklin, TN to visit one of four USIP "Peace Teachers" in the country and about the mission and function of USIP in fostering peace in numerous international potential conflict, current conflict and post conflict zones. Ann-Louise Colgan U.S. Institute of Peace, Director of...


Matthew Wiltshire | "Global Nashville with Karl Dean" | EP-17

"Global Nashville with Karl Dean" A Conversation with Matthew WiltshireDirector, Nashville Mayor's Office of Economic and Community Development Recorded: April 4, 2019 at Belmont University "GLOBAL NASHVILLE WITH KARL DEAN" is a regular feature of the Global Tennessee Podcast from the Tennessee World Affairs Council. It explores business, culture, education, politics, New American's issues and more -- all in an effort to highlight the people, places and things that make Nashville a global...


Michael McClellan | Kurdistan Today: No Friends But the Mountains | Ep-16

What's going on in Kurdistan in northern Iraq? Who are the Kurds? What is their status within Iraq? Michael McClellan, career American diplomat and current President of the American University of Kurdistan Foundation was at the Tennessee World Affairs Council for a standing room only Global Town Hall on March 20, 2019 to talk about these questions and about AUK and its exchange programs with Tennessee Universities. This topic plays on a common Kurdish saying, but leaves open the possibility...


Roundtable with Karl Dean, 68th Mayor of Nashville | EP-15

Global Tennessee host Patrick Ryan talked with Karl Dean, 68th Mayor of Nashville (2007-2015) and 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate in Tennessee, John Scannapieco (TNWAC Board) and Logan Monday (TNWAC Staff). Dean discussed his post-mayoral experiences including running for Tennessee Governor and his views on international affairs and global affairs awareness and education. The Roundtable talked about Nashville as a Global City and the relations through Sister Cities and organizations like the...


Japanese Amb to US | Project C.U.R.E President | EP-14

Today Global Tennessee presents an interview with Ambassador of Japan to the United States H.E. Shinsuke J. Sugiyama and in our second segment an interview with Project C.U.R.E. President Dr. Douglas Jackson. TNWAC President Patrick Ryan and Board Member John Scannapieco (and Chairman of the Japan-America Society of Tennessee) talked with Ambassador Sugiyama about U.S.-Japan relations, Japan-Tennessee commercial relations and foreign direct investment and people to people connections --...


Nuclear Weapon Proliferation - Joe Cirincione | EP-13

Joe Cirincione is the preeminent voice on the existential threat to life on earth posed by nuclear weapon proliferation. He heads Ploughshares Fund, the preeminent group working to reduce and eliminate this threat. Join us for a conversation with Joe during his Nashville speaking tour to hear about the top 5 issues and what is happening in the US government and elsewhere to address the scourge of nuclear weapons, the "new arms race" and the situation with Iran and North Korea. Notes: "The...


Nashville Sister Cities & TNWAC Alumnae Spotlight | EP-12

Roundtable with TNWAC Alumnae We kick off this episode of “Global Tennessee” with a conversation with Ali Humbrecht and Colleen Ryan about their World Affairs Council experiences as interns and volunteers and representatives to the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA) National Conferences. We also talked about their extensive international travel as students in study abroad programs. Ali Humbrecht is a 2018 graduate of Belmont University. She worked as an intern with TNWAC as the liaison...


Global Tennessee - Episode 011 - The Wide World With Dick and Pat #1

GLOBAL TENNESSEE The Wide World With Dick and Pat #1 This episode launches a new “Global Tennessee” program in which Ambassador Dick Bowers, USFS (Ret) and LtCdr Patrick Ryan, USN (Ret), will occasionally discuss current issues in global affairs. Their experience across 50 years of service and travel in about 120 countries between them will be applied in analysis, commentary and entertaining discussion of current events, hot topics and international affairs trends. Today they open their...


Global Tennessee - Episode 010 - Ralph Schulz from the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

Global Tennessee co-hosts Patrick Ryan and Jim Shepherd talked with Ralph Schulz about the Nashville Chamber's role in international business, why global companies are finding good homes in the region, how Nashville makes itself attractive to foreign trade and investment, the impact of the Japan-Tennessee relationship on the city's and state's economic well-being, the "Big Stories" of 2018 in Nashville and a glimpse into the year ahead for Nashville businesses. Don't miss this episode....


Global Tennessee - Episode 009 - Legendary Photog Ron Modra | The Sweet Lizzy Project

Global Tennessee brings you a special Podcast featuring renowned photographer Ronald Modra, 25 years with “Sports Illustrated” and a whopping 70 “SI” covers! In our second segment we talk with Lisset Diaz, lead singer of the Sweet Lizzy Project, a band with its roots in Havana, Cuba that is now working hard to make it big in Music City in the process making some great sounds. LEGENDARY LENSMAN Mention any legendary athlete from the last four decades and there’s a likelihood that she or he...


Global Tennessee - Episode 008 - Six EU Consuls General - Special Interview

European Consuls General based in Atlanta from UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, and Greece talked to Global Tennessee about business to business relations -- trade, foreign direct investment, tariffs; government relations and politics -- issues between the current US Administration and EU partners; and developments in Europe. Check out this special report interview for a snapshot of US-European relations and analysis of current issues. Interview conducted by TNWAC's Patrick Ryan and...