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Jillian Michaels Rants About the Ketogenic Diet: Is She Right or Wrong? || Live Reaction

Jillian Michaels is a fitness trainer and a TV personality who is most known for her work on NBC's The Biggest Loser show. Recently, she was interviewed by Big Think about the ketogenic diet, where she was highly combative and dismissive about the increasingly popular diet. Eating lots of healthy fat, moderate protein, and very low carbs has helped many people reverse obesity, diabetes, & other chronic diseases in a manner that is sustainable for life. Here's why Jillian is wrong &...


Pillars of Performance: Optimizing Time, Correcting Underperformance, & Habit-Driven Training ft. Matt Dixon || #99

Time. It’s our only limited & non-renewable resource. If you’re an entrepreneur or engineer, it can be tough to set aside time for exercise when there’s always an email to respond to or a feature to write. If you’re an athlete, recovery can often fall by the wayside when your mind is fixed on seeing results. We speak with Matt Dixon, founder of Purple Patch Fitness, a top endurance performance coaching company based in San Francisco. He is an expert in optimizing the lives of both...


Alzheimer's Antidote: Ketogenic Diet, Cholesterol Fallacies, & APOE4 Protein ft. Amy Berger || #98

You’ve felt the crash after a sugar rush. You’ve felt the boost of energy from coffee. If you listen to this podcast, you’ve hopefully felt the steady focus and clarity from being in ketosis. Point is, we all know that food and what we ingest affects our brain function. Amy Berger is the author of the Alzheimer’s Antidote, is passionate about the link between diet and brain health. Her research focuses on how a low-carb, high-fat diet can improve neurological brain conditions like...


Gut Microbiome: Impact of Diet & Intermittent Fasting || Research Roundup

Our Research Lead, Dr. Brianna Stubbs, tends to read a lot of scientific literature...a lot. In this episode of Research Roundup, Dr. Stubbs dives into three papers studying the effects of diet (plant-based, animal-based, & ketogenic) & intermittent fasting on the gut microbiome. 1. Diet rapidly and reproducibly alters the human gut microbiome 2. The Gut Microbiota Mediates the Anti-Seizure Effects of the Ketogenic Diet 3. Intermittent Fasting Promotes White Adipose Browning and...


Performance Adaptability: Succeeding Out of Your Element, Veteran Issues, & Improving Work Presence ft. John Allen || #97

Adaptability is key for so many aspects of life, from running an efficient business to maximizing your own personal talents and growth as an individual. To explore how malleable humans can be and the limits we can push ourselves, we speak with retired Navy SEAL John Allen. He’s the founder and CEO of Elite Meet, a non-profit that assists elite members in our special operations community transition to the civilian world. In this episode, you'll...


The Root Cause: Links Between Insulin Resistance & Disease ft. Dr. Benjamin Bikman || #96

One topic that’s come up often on the HVMN Podcast is insulin resistance. Growing evidence suggests that insulin is an important metabolic driver behind diseases like diabetes, neurological conditions like Alzheimer's, and even some forms of cancer. Today, we speak with Dr. Benjamin Bikman, a professor at BYU who’s an expert in insulin resistance and the interventions in which we can control it. He also personally practices a low-carb lifestyle complete with fasting and functional fitness...


Carnivore Diet: The Improved Performance Case ft. Dr. Shawn Baker || #95

Orthopedic surgeon, world record holding masters athlete, US Air Force veteran, hardcore carnivore...it’s none other than Dr. Shawn Baker. Largely viewed as today’s de facto spokesperson for the carnivore diet, Shawn is an interesting n=1 case study of someone not only following the diet to resolve health issues, but also experience athletic performance gains. In this episode, you'll discover: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Don't miss out...


The CRISPR Controversy: World’s First Gene-Edited Babies Created in China || Unfiltered ft. Dr. Josiah Zayner

Welcome to an Unfiltered episode of the HVMN Podcast. This is a raw conversation centered on a hot and recent topic...breaking news style. In what will probably be known as the most controversial & groundbreaking scientific advancement this year, Chinese scientist Dr. He Jiankui announced last week at the end of November 2018 that he created the world’s first genetically edited babies. Specifically, he used CRISPR to create immunity to HIV in twins, which were born earlier this year. The...


The UCI Hour: Breaking Cycling's Most Prestigious Record ft. Vittoria Bussi || #94

September 13th, 2018. That was the day Italian cyclist Vittoria Bussi set a new record for one of cycling's oldest and most prestigious challenges: The UCI Hour. Unlike outdoor cycling, the Hour is uniquely absent of variables. It's just you, a bicycle, a time clock, and the velodrome - a circular indoor track. For one hour straight, the rider must power through laps and attempt to cover the most distance possible. Boosted from the fuel of HVMN Ketone, Vittoria is now the fastest women's...


Types of Fasting: Results of ADF, FMD, & TRF || Research Roundup

To stay up to date on the cutting-edge of health and performance, HVMN Research Lead Dr. Brianna Stubbs tends to read a lot of scientific literature...a lot. Every month, she will dive into the latest and most exciting research papers by walking us through the experiment process, dissecting the results and implications, and candidly share her own thoughts on the study and subject as a whole. This month, Dr. Stubbs dives into three studies relating to the topic of intermittent fasting....


Cognitive Science: Training Your Brain Like An Athlete Would ft. James Hewitt || #93

James Hewitt is the Head of Science & Innovation at Hinsta Performance. His work and research focus on the holistic wellbeing of knowledge workers, specifically searching for methods to sustain acute cognitive performance without compromising health in the process. From Formula 1 racers to Fortune 500 c-suite executives, James helps high-performers reach and maintain their full human potential. In this episode, you'll discover: Check out James here:...


Meat Heals: The Autoimmune Disease Case ft. Mikhaila Peterson || #92

After years of failed diets & medications, Mikhaila Peterson found the answer to her life-long issues: Meat. "Meat heals" is a popular tagline within the carnivore community. This rings true for Mikhaila, who has suffered from autoimmune disorders & depression for the majority of her life. Simply eating an organic olive could trigger a waterfall of symptoms that could cause the next few weeks to be an ordeal. In this episode, you'll discover: Check out Mikhaila here:...


Ketone Esters 101: HVMN Ketone FAQ || Special

The most commonly asked questions about ketone esters, answered. From inquiries directly from our community, Geoff and Dr. Brianna Stubbs clear the misconceptions, talk data, and explore both proven and potential applications of HVMN Ketone. In this episode, we answer: Save $50 off a 12-pack of HVMN Ketone: https://go.hvmn.com/podcast-offer Offer ends November 30th, 2018. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a short survey that will help us...


Leveling Up Your Game: Biohacking Reaction Time & Cognition ft. Vince Mancinni || #91

The average human reaction time is 284 milliseconds. A professional baseball player, on average, reacts to a 95mph fastball in 150ms. Vince Mancinni, a professional gamer who goes by Noted, has a speedy reaction time going all the way down to 97ms. In Vince's effort to get to the next level, he has recently embarked on a holistic biohacking journey: Experimenting with intermittent fasting, diet, nootropics, hydrotherapy, & more. In this episode, you'll discover: Check out Vince's Youtube...


From Keto to Carnivore: Did Humans Evolve From a Meat-based Diet? || #90

The carnivore diet. Eat meat, drink water. With no vegetables, fruits, or carbs, the carnivore diet is reaching fad/cult status as a nutritional strategy that some swear by...while many wave off as unscientific and unsafe. While it may be easy to glance at the headlines and think "Now, that's just crazy", we remember when intermittent fasting received the same mixed reactions in its infancy. In true HVMN fashion, we will look at the available data, anecdotes, and theories before closing the...


The Human Calendar: Breaking World Records Using Mental Math ft. Yusnier Viera || #89

What's 9 + 10? Hopefully, 21 wasn't your answer *wink*. We always say here at the company that we take a systems approach to the human platform, and mental math achieves exactly that: A systems approach within the brain. Yusnier Viera is a real-life math wizard, known around the world as the “The Human Calendar”. Born and raised in Cuba, Yusnier holds the world record calculating calendar dates, using a mixture of flash math & trained memorization. Along with demonstrating this unique...


Behind the Formulation of Nootropics: HVMN Performance Supplements || Special

Here at HVMN, we take a systems engineering approach to human performance. This ethos, rooted in following the latest science and research, has played a role in how we develop our products. Introducing HVMN Performance Supplements. A culmination of over a year and a half of research and development across the company, HVMN Performance Supplements marks an evolution of our existing nootropics line complete with improved formulations and new ingredients. In this special episode, Geoffrey Woo...


Sex, Metabolism, & Health: The Link Between Insulin Resistance and the Bedroom ft. Dr. Priyanka Wali || #88

Metabolic health, a favorite topic here on the HVMN Podcast, is about much more than just how we metabolize our food. Our metabolic biomarkers can act as a signal to how we perform...perhaps even in the bedroom. This week, we discuss sex health and the links to metabolic health with a listener favorite and returning guest: Dr. Priyanka Wali. She is a San Francisco-based doctor with expertise in applying low-carb, ketogenic diets to combat the root cause of many metabolic diseases. In this...


The Potential of Ketones, NAD, & Youngblood for Longevity || Research Round-up by Dr. Brianna Stubbs

Welcome to the first episode of our brand-new monthly series: Research Round-up. To stay up to date on the cutting-edge of health and performance, our HVMN Research Lead Dr. Brianna Stubbs tends to read a lot of scientific literature...A LOT. In fact, she wants to share all this stored up knowledge with you: Our podcast listeners. Every month, she will dive into the latest, most relevant, and exciting research papers. It's tough to get through a written study, and that's why Dr. Stubbs is...


Making History: The First Woman To Run The Boston Marathon ft. Kathrine Switzer || #87

The Boston Marathon is seen as the ultimate marathon that many runners aspire to achieve and conquer. In 1967, history was made as Kathrine Switzer became the first official woman to run the Boston Marathon. During the race, she was attacked by an angry race official who was so distraught that a woman was running “his” race. Shaken by the incident, she nevertheless went on to not only finishing but also become a historical figure around the world for sports equality. She also later played a...