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The Potential of Ketones, NAD, & Youngblood for Longevity || Research Round-up by Dr. Brianna Stubbs

Welcome to the first episode of our brand-new monthly series: Research Round-up. To stay up to date on the cutting-edge of health and performance, our HVMN Research Lead Dr. Brianna Stubbs tends to read a lot of scientific literature...A LOT. In fact, she wants to share all this stored up knowledge with you: Our podcast listeners. Every month, she will dive into the latest, most relevant, and exciting research papers. It's tough to get through a written study, and that's why Dr. Stubbs is...


Making History: The First Woman To Run The Boston Marathon ft. Kathrine Switzer || #87

The Boston Marathon is seen as the ultimate marathon that many runners aspire to achieve and conquer. In 1967, history was made as Kathrine Switzer became the first official woman to run the Boston Marathon. During the race, she was attacked by an angry race official who was so distraught that a woman was running “his” race. Shaken by the incident, she nevertheless went on to not only finishing but also become a historical figure around the world for sports equality. She also later played a...


How Biohacking & Detoxing Saved My Life ft. Josh Macin || #86

Anthony Bourdain. Kate Spade. Robin Williams. The news of a celebrity suicide is always shocking & brings mental health to the forefront of discussion. More than a few of us wonder how someone who seemingly "has it all" can reach such a low point where they decide to end their own life. It's a sad reminder that shows how little we know about mental health issues & the prevalence it has within society. Josh Macin, our guest this week, was at the top of his world: He was a recently minted...


What You Don't Know About Rowing: Mindset, Training, & Olympics ft. Mike di Santo || #85

Rowing as a sport is incredibly nuanced. While not perhaps as popular as other sports, the technique, teamwork, training, nutrition, the combination of aerobic and anaerobic exertion requires a high-level skill set. This week, we have on Mike DiSanto to really dive into the life of an active Olympian rower and learn more about the sport. Mike has unique insight: He represented America at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, balances a full-time job with a full-time athletic career, and was an early...


Hydrating the Body: Electrolyte Replenishment, Combating Cramps, & Sweat Testing ft. Andy Blow || #84

Hydration is more than just drinking "enough" water. There's room to optimize according to your own biology, needs, and goals. Andy Blow, a triathlete and sports scientist, suffered from serious cramps throughout his athletic career. There are many reasons why people cramp, and a key mechanism is through dehydration and poor electrolyte replenishment. All athletes sweat, yet there's a huge variance in sweat and sodium losses, which can lead to sub-optimal performance and a terrible feeling...


Why We Run: Culture, Community, & Connection ft. Samuel Robinson || #83

Many of our conversations center around actionable interventions for peak physical performance, but something we’ve been wanting to dive into is the more philosophical side of fitness and how it ties in with our society. We explore these topics with Samuel Robinson, who holds a Ph.D. in history and is a centerpiece in the endurance community here in the Bay Area. His writing, published on outlets such as Outside Magazine, focuses on the culture, experience, and inner lives of endurance...


Serving Smart: How a Tennis Legend Was Ahead of His Time ft. Pat Cash || #82

Tennis is commonly dubbed the “sport of a lifetime”. This is true for none other than Pat Cash, a legend of the sport who is a Wimbledon Men’s Champion and 5x Grand Slam Finalist. A force to be reckoned with throughout the 80’s, Pat dominated the court by seeking out the cutting-edge of training, nutrition, and recovery…even when no one else was. Pat’s philosophy of following the science extends into his coaching career, in which he is currently coaching top players like Coco...


Human Endurance & The Mind-Body Connection ft. Alex Hutchinson || #81

With data as the backbone, athletes are looking for new ways to train, fuel, recover and even think. After years of research on these topics, Alex Hutchinson has become an authority on the limits of human endurance. His newest book, Endure, is a New York Times bestseller; his Sweat Science column in Outside magazine is wildly popular; he received a National Magazine Award for his technology coverage in Popular Science. With an unbiased, balanced outlook, Alex has been especially interested...


Genetic Engineering and the Evolution of Biohacking ft. Dr. Josiah Zayner || #80

The heart of all life is DNA. What possibilities open up when one can directly manipulate and alter this fundamental building block…in humans? Josiah Zayner, who holds a PhD in Molecular Biophysics and previously worked with NASA on engineering bacteria to terraform Mars, was drawn to explore the applications genetic engineering could bring to humanity. So much so, in fact, that Josiah performed multiple self-experiments, attempting to genetically engineer the color of his skin and becoming...


How to Start Running: Tips, Tricks, & Motivation || Special [Video]

As a new runner, it can be daunting to look at the miles ahead and know the only way to get there is with your own two feet. You hear about runners who are completely enamored with the sport... they run every day, they run fast, and they run far. But really, they’re not that different from you. Let’s talk about how you can achieve your own personal running success. Michael Brandt (HVMN co-founder) will be going through 10 valuable tips that have helped him and other runners get started,...


How to Start Running: Tips, Tricks, & Motivation || Special

As a new runner, it can be daunting to look at the miles ahead and know the only way to get there is with your own two feet. You hear about runners who are completely enamored with the sport... they run every day, they run fast, and they run far. But really, they’re not that different from you. Let’s talk about how you can achieve your own personal running success. Michael Brandt (HVMN co-founder) will be going through 10 valuable tips that have helped him and other runners get started,...


The Science of Reaching Your Physical Prime At Any Age ft. Jeff Bercovici || #79

Who are you calling old? When you look at the world's greatest athletes, past and increasingly present, you'll notice that many of them are past what we would consider "prime age" for peak sports performance. One example is NFL quarterback Tom Brady, who is over 40 years old. Despite already winning multiple Super Bowl championships and being the fifth-oldest player in the League, Tom shows no signs of slowing down and proves he can still improve his performance. How can one maintain or...


How to Invest In Your Knowledge & Success ft. Jason Calacanis || #78

Angel investing, which is backing and investing in companies at the earliest stages, is a high-risk, high-reward game. Jason Calacanis, who was one of the first investors for billion dollar startups Uber and Robinhood, came from a difficult beginning. As a scrappy kid from Brooklyn who lost out on a $20 million buyout offer for Silicon Alley Reporter when the dotcom bubble burst, Jason refused to give up and made his fortune as an angel investor. Still not satisfied, Jason is setting his...


How Military Leadership Fosters Cognitive Excellence ft. Alexander Krongard || #77

How does one perform at peak capacity in life or death situations on an ongoing basis? This is the life of a special operator in the military, where an unbreakable mind and body is imperative for survival and success. In his podcast debut, we sit down with the person responsible for founding Seal Team 7: Ret. Navy Seal Admiral Alexander Krongard. Between reaching one of the highest ranks achievable in the Navy, serving in President Barack Obama’s National Security Council Staff, and now...


More Than Just A Race: How The Tour de France Pushes Tech Forward

The Tour de France is a tense, three-week long cycling race between a total of 176 riders covering more than 2,000 miles. It truly is one of the greatest athletic tests in all of sports. There’s a great deal of history here, with this year being the 105th race. With any world-class competition that spans decades, you end up seeing continued innovation to not only keep up with the times, but also to push the limits of competitors. The Tour de France is a textbook example of this. In this...


Altered Consciousness: Ayahuasca for Mental Therapy || #76

Can psychedelic therapy transform the way we approach mental health issues? The discussion around psychedelic therapy has started to move from the niche and hippy into the mainstream in recent months with people like writer Michael Pollan opening up the conversation around the potential of psychedelics through the lens of scientific potential. One interesting psychedelic is ayahuasca, a South American tea that contains the chemical DMT. This week, we have on Jesse Gould and Yuriy Blokhin,...


Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Women: Gut Microbiome, Insulin Sensitivity, & More ft. Dr. Molly Maloof || #75

How does a doctor approach intermittent fasting for the first time? Dr. Molly Maloof is the Head of Medical Science at Sano Intelligence, a continuous glucose monitoring startup. But she also runs a private practice serving the Silicon Valley. We last spoke with Dr. Maloof about a year ago and since, she has started experimenting with intermittent fasting. In this discussion, you’ll discover: You can follow Dr. Maloof's work on Instagram:...


The Rise of Adventure and Obstacle Course Racing ft. Ian Adamson || #74

You’ve heard of Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, and the popular TV series Ninja Warrior. They all fall under the umbrella of obstacle course racing, which originates from military training. The sport gained such a following that, in 2014, the World Obstacle Course Racing Federation was formed as the international governing body. The goal? Supervise, sanction and hopefully bring obstacle course training to the Olympics. In this episode, we speak to the President of the World OCR Federation,...


Training in the NFL: Life of a Linebacker & Evolution of Sports Science ft. Connor Barwin - #73

Football is part of the fabric of American culture. We know the game; we know the athletes; but do we know about the hours of training that went into a victorious touchdown? Undeniable is the training NFL athletes dedicate to making themselves elite performers. It’s not all physical; the mental aspect is equally important. NFL players are some of the best athletes on the planet, but they’re also some of the smartest humans around. Connor Barwin, an outside linebacker (who has played for...


Defining COPD and Using Ketones to Manage Disease ft. Russell Winwood - #72

Imagine yourself breathing through a straw as you run a marathon. Would you be able to finish? That’s an experience Russell Winwood, an athlete who has been diagnosed with COPD (an obstructive chronic lung disease), has dealt with for years. Instead of being at the mercy of his condition, Russell used his diagnosis to turn his life around and continue pushing himself to the next level. Russell incorporates many strategies, such as following a ketogenic diet, supplementing with ketone...