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Developing Mental Toughness in Professional Sports ft. John Baker || Episode 69

In 2018, the Major League Baseball Organization employed a record number of mental coaches. A former MLB player himself, John Baker has been involved with mental training in professional sports for the last few years, guiding the minds of the Chicago Cubs as they championed the 2016 World Series. John joins us this week to discuss how invaluable mental skills, healthiness, and happiness are for elite athletes to stay on top of their game. Being away from home for months, living in an...


Pushing the Limits of the Body and Using Data Effectively ft. Tim Don || Episode 68

A day before the Hawaii Ironman World Championship, Tim Don was hit by a vehicle, breaking his C2 vertebrae...an injury known as the hangman's fracture. His only option for continuing his athletic career was to wear a halo, something he compares to a "medieval torture device". One look at it and you'd agree. 5 titanium screws were forced into his skull, severely limiting his movement so his neck could heal. Six months later, he completed the 2018 Boston Marathon in under 2:50. After...


The Military Development of Ketone Esters for Enhanced Performance ft. Joe Bielitzki || Episode 67

Before there was HVMN Ketone, there was the "Metabolic Dominance" program. This program, initiated by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), was spear-headed by Joe Bielitzki. The goal? To enable superior physical and physiological warfighter performance by controlling energy metabolism on demand. The result? 15+ years of research that led to the creation of the world's first ketone ester. Joe, who was also NASA's Chief Veterinary Officer, joins us this week to share a...


An Audio Journey Into the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber || Special Episode

Welcome to a Dr. Scott Sherr's Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Lab, a cutting-edge technology that uses high-pressure oxygen to help treat a variety of health conditions and diseases. Join Geoffrey Woo as he undergoes a treatment in the chamber. Each cell in the body needs oxygen to preserve, repair, and enhance cellular function. Breathing 100% oxygen at pressures greater than sea level can help various medical conditions, along with preliminary data showing positive effects on cognitive and...


Ketosis Fundamentals: Diet, Fasting, Exogenous Ketones, and More || Episode 66

If you had one hour to teach a friend all about ketosis, press the play button and sit back. In previous conversations, host Geoffrey Woo has touched on many aspects of ketosis: The research that has been done, the metabolic pathways that are activated, how burning fat for energy affects physical performance, and the different interventions used to reach a state of ketosis. This episode acts as the source of truth. Geoff and Dr. Brianna Stubbs sit down to lay down the fundamentals, look...


Building a Business and Finding Purpose Through Tragedy ft. Andy Hnilo || Episode 65

We all have a passion for self-improvement. For Andy Hnilo, a former athlete and actor, it nearly meant life or death. After a car accident that left Andy unconscious with 7 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken jaw, and multiple gashes across the body, his life changed. His ER doctor told him, You have the worst facial injury I have ever seen." For a year, Andy became obsessed with accelerating his recovery. Through self-research, Andy made radical changes to his nutrition, exercise...


Using A.I Music to Enhance Cognitive States ft. Daniel Clark || Episode 64

Focus, relaxation, sleep...what if we can scientifically use music to achieve these mental states in 15 minutes? This is the ambition of Brain.fm, a service that uses A.I. music to get your brain in a cognitive state that you want at any given time. Different from binaural beats, Brain.fm's music utilizes the technology of neural phase-locking, which keeps your brain waves synchronized for long periods of time. We discuss the technology and potential of enhancing performance through the...


How the Brain Influences Metabolism and Weight Loss ft. Dr. Jason McKeown || Episode 63

Dr. Jason McKeown, CEO of Modius, joins us this week to discuss an interesting area of neurology: How the hypothalamus influences metabolism. He believes that the hypothalamus plays a crucial role in how lean you are, your ability to train harder, your hunger levels, and, ultimately, weight loss. This is why he created the Modius, a headset that sends a low-level electrical pulse to the vestibular nerve, tricking your brain into believing your body is moving. He lost 19 pounds and...


Making Intermittent Fasting a Viable Lifestyle ft. Sumaya Kazi || Episode 62

Change your life, fast. In our last episode, we had Dr. Jason Fung dive into the deep science of the effect intermittent fasting has on metabolism and its potential to reverse diabetes. This week, Sumaya Kazi joins us to provide another perspective. With her recent appearance on the Today Show with Megyn Kelly and her Medium article reaching over 600,000 views, Sumaya is the face of the everyday person who has fallen in love with intermittent fasting. After losing 55 pounds in 7 months,...


The Application of Intermittent Fasting in Medicine ft. Jason Fung || Episode 61

Intermittent fasting activates many biological pathways in the human body, namely autophagy, ketosis, and cellular repair. These effects could be just what many patients need to reverse diabetes and overcome obesity, and forward-thinking doctors have taken note. One such doctor is Dr. Jason Fung, who is a pioneer of intermittent fasting in the clinical setting. He returns to the program after first appearing 2 years ago, and we both agree that we have seen the practice soar to popularity,...


Living An Experimental, Active, and Functional Lifestyle ft. Ben Greenfield || Episode 60

An author of a New York Times bestseller, a Top 100 "Most Influential People In Health And Fitness" member, an experienced Ironman Triathlete, and a stem cell penis enhancement advocate. It's Ben Greenfield. Ben's science-based approach to discovering a potent balance between health and performance has revolutionized the way thousands of people around the world live, train, and eat. Two worlds collide in this episode as HVMN CEO Geoffrey Woo and Ben Greenfield discuss the broad spectrum...


Understanding Ketone Supplementation and Human Longevity|| Dr. Brianna Stubbs Interview from "LLAMA Podcast"

It's time to switch things around! In this special episode, HVMN Research Lead Dr. Brianna Stubbs is put on the hot seat as Peter Bowes interviews her about biohacking, ketone supplementation, and moving to another country to work at a growing start-up. Original episode description below: Brianna Stubbs has been a competitive athlete all her life. At the age of 12, in 2004, she became the youngest person to row across the English Channel. She went on to win a gold medal with the GB...


Experimenting with Ketogenic Fat Sources ft. Chris Bair || Episode 59

Chris Bair, founder of Ketochow, recently completed a month-long experiment in which he survived on only the liquid food he produces and sells (ala popular meal replacement Soylent). Every week he would switch out the source of fat, utilizing coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, and heavy whipping cream to see how different fats affected biomarkers such as his LDL, HDL, triglycerides, and ketone levels. Out of sheer curiosity, during the last week of his experiment, he swapped in a copious...


Beyond a Simple Sleep Tracker ft. Petteri Lahtela || Episode 58

As wearables increasingly rise in popularity (the market is expected to double in 2021), users will have to choose carefully what they decide to invest in and for what reason. You only have enough human "real estate" for one smartwatch, for one pair of smart glasses, and for one set of smart earphones. The Oura Ring, in contrast, takes up only one finger and is capable of continuously tracking your heart rate, breathing variance, and body temperature in order to bring you longitudinal data...


The Science Behind Omega Fatty Acids ft. Brianna Stubbs || Episode 57

Omega fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, has been well-known to play a crucial part in the human ecosystem. In fact, the human body can't make Omega-3's internally and must rely on foods to get it. The problem is...the majority of us aren't getting enough. Nearly 100,000 American deaths are caused by this key nutritional deficiency. There's more to getting enough Omega fatty acids than ensuring you aren't deficient. What are the studies behind its benefits on human health, how does...


Personalized Probiotics for Gut Health ft. Sunny Jain || Episode 56

Optimizing the gut microbiome (the system of microorganisms living largely in our intestines) is increasingly being thought of as a crucial lever for many aspects of our health: Preventing metabolic disorders, reducing negative heart conditions, and even improving brain health. This novel area of the human platform is gaining a robust body of research, and Sun Genomics CEO Sunny Jain joins us this week to demystify the importance of gut health. Sunny believes microbiome science has...


Biohacking to Live a Healthier, More Productive, Longer Life || Geoffrey Woo Interview from "LLAMA Podcast"

It's time to switch things around! In this special episode, Geoff is put on the hot seat as Peter Bowes interviews him about biohacking, fasting, and nootropics. Original episode description below: The enhancement of the human body is the main goal of Geoffrey Woo, a biohacker and entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He sees the human body as a quantifiable and manipulable system, and the next platform for innovation and growth. The evolving science behind nootropics, which are legal...


State of the Art in Human Performance ft. Geoff Woo, Michael Brandt, Brianna Stubbs, Alexandar Krongard || HVMN Panel

We had a full house join our recent panel on elite human performance with Navy SEAL Admiral (ret.) Alex Krongard, Dr. Brianna Stubbs, and Michael Brandt. Thank you all for those who came! It's always humbling seeing the faces of our tight community. The variety of people at the event, from athletes to doctors to techies, all bonded over one common goal: To improve human performance in tangible and quantifiable ways.


Paving the Way for Personalized Medicine ft. Dr. Molly Maloof || Episode 55

Dr. Molly Maloof is on a mission to radically extend healthspan and maximize human potential using scientific wellness, technology, educational media, & lifestyle medicine. Her iterative programs take the quantified self to the extreme through comprehensive testing of clinical chemistry, metabolomics, microbiome, genetics, & biometrics (e.g. heart rate variability & continuous glucose monitoring). A well-known private doctor in Silicon Valley, Dr. Maloof now works for Sanos, a biotech...


Will Humans Become Able to Regenerate Organs and Tissue? ft. Ira Pastor || Episode 54

Will the future of human enhancement include the ability to naturally modify the state of human tissues and organs in order to cure degenerative diseases and affect complex regeneration? We discuss this controversial field with Ira Pastor, the CEO of Bioqark, a biotech company that develops combinatorial biologics that aim to reverse underlying disease, degeneration, and the aging process.


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