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Reversing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Through Low-Carb Nutrition · #120 ft. Dr. Terry Wahls

This week’s episode is truly the embodiment of the popular motto, “Taking your health into your own hands”. The story of Dr. Terry Wahls is a fascinating, deeply personal dive into the tie between nutrition and disease management. Dr. Wahls, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa, has struggled with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis for more than a decade. In the year 2000, Wahls was jogging every morning. Just three years later, she found herself confined to a...


JUUL Gets Banned, Pentagon Eyes Keto Diet, & Metformin's Effect on Exercise · Geoff Talk #2

Earlier this week, San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to ban e-cigarettes in San Francisco. It will be the first city to do so. In the game of "which one is unlike the others," it's really not obvious that amongst alcohol, chewing tobacco, marijuana, tobacco cigarettes, and e-cigarettes, that you'd pick e-cigarettes as the one with the highest danger and harm potential. A blanket vape ban feels like a rash, politicized, and overly emotional policy making...and I'll be...


Peak Carnivore: The Ironman Champ Who Only Eats Meat · #119 ft. Pete Jacobs

In the world of sports nutrition, a constantly evolving field, more and more athletes are adopting low-carbohydrate diets. Especially in the case of long distance endurance racing, an aerobic-heavy activity, wouldn't it make sense that athletes could benefit from being fueled by fat vs. carbohydrates? This is a popular debate with conflicting evidence and anecdotes presented from both sides. In this podcast, we capture the personal story from a former Ironman Champion: Pete Jacobs. He's not...


Are Beyond Meat Burgers Actually Healthy? · Geoff Talk

Vegan replacement meats has been a huge trend in recent months. There's a ton of press around Beyond Meat due to it's massive IPO and Impossible Burger getting high profile distribution deals with popular fast food chains. Here are my honest thoughts around the popular sentiment that these vegan replacement burger patties are healthier than meat patties...let's look at the actual ingredients. In addition, I talk about the recent FDA study which found that the chemicals in sunscreen are...


Intermittent Fasting When Stressed & Understanding Blood Sugar Spikes · #118 ft. Dr. Molly Maloof

Feeling stressed out? Your metabolism may be sharing the burden. This episode, featuring returning favorite Dr. Molly Maloof, revolves around stress. An essential facet of human function, how we perceive and respond to the stressors in our lives is key for our well-being. It’s not all simply in your mind, and even if the source of a stress IS mental, there can be physical and metabolic downstream effects. Intermittent fasting is an example of direct physical and metabolic stress. Yes,...


Why Your Brain Feels Smart on Ketones · Evidence, Mechanisms of Action, & More

Ketones are a brain fuel. They cross the blood brain barrier and can be used by brain cells. It's no surprise that many people in ketosis feel a boost of mental clarity and focus. How and why? Geoffrey Woo shares the current evidence and muses over potential mechanisms of action. Potential Mechanisms of Action: Studies: Intermittent Running and Cognitive Performance after Ketone Ester IngestionNovel Ketone Diet Enhances Physical and Cognitive Performance ...


Mental Flexibility: How a Tour de France Cyclist Adapted to Silicon Valley · #117 ft. Dylan Casey

You've heard the popular saying, "You can do anything you set your mind to." This mantra was key to Dylan Casey's success. Dylan is a retired professional cyclist who rode alongside Lance Armstrong on the US Postal cycling team. After winning multiple championships, Dylan then switched career paths and began working up the Silicon Valley tech chain. From joining Google when they only had a few hundred employees to becoming a Senior Director of Consumer Platforms at Yahoo, Dylan not only...


Optimal Nutrition Made Easy: Behind Ketogenic Meal Replacements · #116 ft. Connor Young

Meal replacements. It’s an arm of the food industry that has exploded in the last few years. As more & more of us are on-the-go or trying to maximize office productivity, quick & easy nutrition climb higher in demand. The problem is, most of these products are not exactly what we’d call “healthy”. Connor Young is the founder and CEO of Ample, an up-and-coming leader in science-based meal replacement drinks. With formulations consisting of whole-food ingredients, Ample creates specific...


Ketone Esters Prevent Overtraining · Research Roundup

One of the greatest challenges of training is successfully attaining "functional overreaching". Pushing your maximal capacity results in stress that leads to beneficial adaptations...making your body stronger, faster, & better. What happens when you do it wrong? Aptly named, "non-functional overreaching" occurs. Nothing will help besides rest and recovery. In the case of "overtraining", the more serious form of overreaching, it might take months for even the most elite athletes to bounce...


Facebook Bans Millions of Keto Followers (Banting 7-Day Meal Plans) · #115 ft. Rita Venter

On May 14th, 2019, close to two million people on the ketogenic diet found themselves without a support system, no new meal recipes to add to their week, and really...no home. Banting 7-Day Meal Plans, a popular Facebook low-carb group with over 1.6 million members, was banned by the platform without warning. Many were in uproar and disbelief. Heated discussions around censorship, targeted attacks, and even anti-low-carb conspiracies ran amuck. Notable figures such as Professor Tim...


Hi, Fat: Challenging Carbs, Brain-body Connection, & Reversing Diabetes || #114 ft. Prof. Tim Noakes

Even as the fear of fat declines within the public eye, you've still probably experienced disbelief & bewilderment from co-workers, friends, or family when talking about your ketogenic lifestyle. Imagine being a high-fat, low-carbohydrate proponent as an esteemed scientist nearly two decades ago. With more than 750 published scientific articles & 70 marathons under his belt, Prof Tim Noakes is well-known for his many contributions to nutrition & exercise science. At the beginning of his...


Keto Diet for Heart Health: Preventing Cardiovascular Disease || Ep. 113 ft. Dr. Ethan Weiss (Keyto)

How do you know if you’re following the ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting properly? You might feel the subjective benefits of ketosis, but quantitatively measuring ketone levels is always the most accurate (via breath, blood, or urine). Blood testing has been the standard for academic literature. However, practically speaking, many people aren’t going to be pricking their finger for blood to check if they’re in ketosis. Keyto is aiming to make the ketogenic diet more accessible...


Can Ketones Reduce Anxiety? || Current Research, Mechanisms of Actions, & More

Before an important talk or a podcast, Dr. Rhonda Patrick drinks exogenous ketone esters. Why? With Dr. Patrick describing the benefit as feeling "less anxious and more in the present", there's something worth unpacking here. Can ketones help with anxiety? What's the state of current research & potential mechanisms of action? HVMN co-founder, Geoffrey Woo, details it all in this video. References: 1. Inflammation study: https://www.nature.com/articles/nm.3804?foxtrotcallback=true 2....


Restoring Brain Function with Fat: An N=1 Ketones & Alzheimer's Case || #112 ft. Dr. Mary Newport

Fat is fuel. It’s a common saying within the keto community. Let’s focus on this in regards to the brain. Fat cannot directly be used by the brain, but the ketones that become converted from a fat source can. If a brain can no longer effectively use glucose, which is an observation of many neurodegenerative diseases, can we look at ketones as an alternative fuel source? This is the genesis of Dr. Mary Newport’s story. Dr. Newport’s husband, Steve Newport, battled with Alzheimer’s disease...


Eat a High-Fat, Low-Carb Breakfast to Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels THROUGHOUT the Entire Day || Research Roundup

The broad field of nutrition and health is rife with myths, misconceptions and frequently posed yet seemingly fundamental questions that we intuitively feel should have simple answers. Is a calorie a calorie? Is obesity due to eating too much or doing too little? Is breakfast actually the most important meal of the day? When looking through the lens of insulin resistance, breakfast has often been seen as a "problem" meal that leads to the largest blood sugar spikes...especially for Type 2...


Metabolic Fitness: Considerations of Fasted Cardio & Muscle Growth || #111 ft. Dr. Brad Schoenfeld

Dr. Brad Schoenfeld is a natural bodybuilder turned researcher whose work focuses on the mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy. Simply put...muscle growth! Unlike most of our other guests, he’s more cautious on the applications of the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, which we wholeheartedly welcomed. This is an evidence-based conversation that unpacks various nuances around the interconnected network of metabolism and physicality. In this discussion, you'll...


Road to Boston: How I Ran a Sub-3-Hour Marathon || #110 ft. Michael Brandt

Michael Brandt, who co-founded HVMN along with our main host Geoffrey Woo, just came back from running the 2019 Boston Marathon. Especially with Boston being Michael’s second ever marathon, everyone on the HVMN team was impressed & extremely happy to hear of his 2:48 finish time. A sub 3-hour marathon is not an easy feat. On average, Michael was completing each mile in 6 minutes and 24 minutes...for 26 miles straight. Dr. Brianna Stubbs sits down with Michael to delve into his training...


mTor Signaling & Cell Growth: Targeting via Ketogenic Diet & Intermittent Fasting || #109 ft. Dr. Keith Baar

mTor…mechanistic target of rapamycin. What is it? We reference mTor frequently on our podcast, particularly when we discuss fasting or keto and their potential for extending health & lifespan. mTor is a pathway that helps controls cell growth. In the most simplest terms: When you have high mTor activation, you promote growth in the body. When you have low mTor activation, you promote repair and maintenance. mTor is sensitive to the nutrients we consume (especially protein and...


New Study Claims Ketones INCREASE Inflammation - Why the Results Are Misleading || Research Roundup

Wait...hasn't ketones been shown to reduce inflammation in prior studies? When a new study researched the effects ketones have on inflammation, the results were opposite to what everyone expected...including the researchers themselves. The paper was published in the Journal of Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, and the research group that carried out the work were led by Dr Jonathan Little at the University of British Columbia. Rather than inhibiting the inflammatory response through...


Metabolic Syndrome: Criteria, Causes, & How to REVERSE IT || #108 ft. Ivor Cummins

Metabolic syndrome. It’s a term we throw out all the time on this podcast. It’s about time we have an episode to specifically define metabolic syndrome, why we should care, and what we can do about it. To help do this, we have none other than Ivor Cummins, aka The Fat Emperor, on the podcast today. Cut from a similar cloth as folks like Dave Feldman and host Geoffrey Woo, Ivor comes from a professional background in engineering, therefore applying an engineers mindset and problem solving to...