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Ryan Christiani

Ryan is a self taught developer, author and teacher. He was most recently the CTO of HackerYou, a coding school dedicated to helping people realize their potential and changing their lives through hands-on learning. He is passionate about learning new things and helping make tech education as accessible and exciting to others as it is to him. Ryan has published a book called Let’s Learn ES6, and a series of code-along videos on his YouTube channel, in addition to various other mentoring and...


Vlad Filippov

Vlad Filippov is as a software engineer on the Firefox team at Mozilla. He is also a contributor to various open source projects, such as Grunt, the Intern, Freight and others. Vlad’s work has roamed widely: from desktop web development (client and server), to mobile, Android and 3D games. He loves software testing, automation and reverse engineering. His current focus is the Rust programming language and its ecosystem. In the brief moments he is not coding, Vlad enjoys playing tennis and...


Augusto Rosa

Augusto is a Solution Principal at Slalom Consulting, where he works with clients in Canada and US advising Cloud, DevOps, and Security architectures. Before Slalom, Augusto lead and architected many Digital products and transformations through DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering while working closely with Development, testers and many product teams. Augusto has a passion for building great teams, and even better architectures. Augusto loves to speak about the tech community and...


Jory Burson

Jory stumbled into web development from humble roots in rural Oklahoma and has never found her way out. She began her career working on an early open source CMS platform for colleges and universities with her friends (and future partner) while at Oklahoma State University. After earning a degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Communication, she developed and taught courses about web development and communication for undergraduate Journalism students. In 2011, Jory moved to Boston...


Matteo Collina

Matteo is a code pirate and mad scientist. He spends most of his days programming in Node.js, but in the past he worked with Ruby, Java and Objective-C. In 2014, he defended his Ph.D. thesis titled “Application Platforms for the Internet of Things”. Now he is a Principal Architect at nearForm, where he consults for the top brands of the world. Matteo is also the author of the Node.js MQTT Broker, Mosca, the fast logger Pino and of the Fastify web framework. Matteo is a member of the Node.js...


Kyle Hodgson

Kyle Hodgson is a Principal Architect at ThoughtWorks, where he advises clients from C-level to developer on technology strategy and best practice. With ThoughtWorks he’s led successful re-platform and digital transformation efforts for Fortune 50 enterprises in the retail and telco industry. Formerly a serial CTO, he has architected, designed and built several distributed systems and digital products. Kyle is passionate about several topics in software development, including the .NET open...


Sara Soueidan

Sara is a two-times award-winning freelance front-end UI/UX developer, trainer, author and speaker based in Lebanon, working with companies across the globe. she partners with design teams to execute and build beautiful, progressive Web user interfaces and design systems, with a strong focus on responsive design, performance, and accessibility, using the latest front-end design techniques.


Frédéric Harper

As a Senior Developer Evangelist at Fitbit, Frédéric Harper is sharing his passion for technology and helping developers being successful. Former Microsoft and Mozilla Technical Evangelist he has had the pleasure to meet, share with, and learn from many of the tech world’s thought leaders. A passionate public speaker who has cracked the code of personal branding, Frédéric also published “Success in programming” to international acclaim. Behind this extrovert who lives by the no bullshit...


Dan Shaw

Dan has dedicated his career to growing the Node.js Ecosystem. he was instrumental in the formation of the Node.js Foundation, was a founding member. he served on the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors as Director and Secretary. he has been referred to as “The Godfather of Node.js” for his tireless efforts to build community and unite the needs of developers and business leaders. Dan is a keynote speaker and speaks about Technology, Leadership, Node.js, JavaScript and Digital...