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Friday June 1: How To Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky) — Invisible Asymptotes — 4 Thoughts about Better MVPs

How To Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky) — Invisible Asymptotes — 4 Thoughts about Better MVPs


Friday May 25th—Suhail Doshi & CEO Advice, Mental Models, Privacy & Tech

Today we do a reading of Suhail Doshi's CEO advice tweet storm, discuss the concept of mental models and examine the tech industry's perception of privacy issues


Friday May 18th—John Carmack & Steve Jobs, Getting Catfished by a Candidate

Today we dive deep into John Carmack's stories about Steve Jobs, and "I Got Catfished by a Candidate"


Friday May 11th—Google's AI assistant, stop using ad blockers!, behind the music

This is Hacker Daily, for Friday, May 11th. Today we're talking about Google's new voice AI making restaurant reservations for you Why you shouldn't use ad-blockers A meta conversation about Hacker Daily Subscription Hell


Friday May 4th—Stripe's million-dollar political donation, NPR acquires Pocket Casts, fixing impostor syndrome

Today we're talking about Stripe's million-dollar political donation NPR acquires pocket casts Is there a fix for impostor syndrome? Twitter wants you to change your password AT&T is blocking Cloudflare's new DNS service And finally, making AI as easy as drag-and-drop


Thursday May 3rd—Amazon threatens to suspend Signal, Facebook's new dating feature, new product launches

Today we're talking about Amazon threatens to suspend Signal's AWS account Facebook announces a dating service and a feature to clear your history Jupyter receives the ACM software system award DigitalOcean has a new kubernetes product In product news, a new native email client from a solo developer, and Google launches a new top-level domain


Wednesday 5/2 - Whatsapp founder quits Facebook, the revival of Detroit, and more

Today we're talking about The co-founder of WhatsApp quits Facebook The revival of Detroit California decides what makes someone a full time employee GET requests and garage doors a new experimental video architecture Travel as a benefit and a new app to declutter your browser


Tuesday 5/1 - GDPR kills a startup, stop thinking you're an insomniac, AI winter

Today we're talking about streetlend.com (http://streetlend.com/) shuts down in response to GDPR Why thinking you're an insomniac is part of the problem Watson, Tesla and another AI winter Stripe launches an easy way to start an LLC And finally, Podswap - a tool to grow your podcast audience, for free


Monday 4/30 - Bulldoze the business schools, fake your Insta-life, save the bees, literal gum-shoes

Today we're talking about Should we bulldoze all business schools? Faking perfection, made easy Intel's 10nm chips are delayed The EU bans pesticides that harm bees France seizes france.com (http://france.com/) Antibiotics can reduce infant deaths in Africa And in product launches, A new shoe made out of recycled chewing gum And a new version of NetHack


Friday April 27th—Fake student loan experts, Square acquires Weebly, illegal loot boxes, and more

Today we're talking about A trusted, and totally fake, student loan expert Kazhakstan changes its alphabet BigCommerce raises a huge growth round Belgium makes “loot boxes” illegal Square acquires Weebly “Manipulated” blog posts on the Wayback Machine Snapchat launches a new version of Spectacles A new app to help you work on multiple monitors And finally, losing faith in p-values


Thursday April 26th—New product launches from google, a giant ocean cleanup machine, and free AI classes

Today we're talking about Two new product launches from Google A giant ocean cleanup machine is about to set sail Why an e-waste recycler is heading to jail Medicare requires hospitals to post prices online Microsoft is giving away AI courses Apple starts paying $21 billion dollars in back taxes How electric buses are hurting the oil industry


Wednesday 4/25 - AI for fake news, dumbing down your smartphone, and leveling up at tech co's

Today we're talking about AI for fake news Dumbing down your smartphone Leveling up at tech companies How one engineer hated interviewing for jobs so much, he made an app An attack on Amazon's DNS service Patent review “death squads” Intercom launches an app platform And finally, a new app to watch Stanford lectures with strangers


Tuesday April 24th—A device that can control your dreams, the RSS renaissance, what are blockchains good for?

This is Hacker Daily, for Tuesday, April 24th, 2018. Today we're covering, A device that can control your dreams Is now the perfect time for an RSS renaissance? Blockchain: what is it good for? The evolution of windmills Is Google the next company in the privacy hot seat? How Artificial intelligence is helping scientists discover new materials A homemade barcode scanner for your pantry And finally, Did you know that 2018 is already 30% over? If you had this app, you would.


Monday April 23rd-HD video without battery, Stripe Home, Flickr acquisition, and more

This is Hacker Daily, for Monday, April 23rd, 2018. Today we're covering, Streaming HD video on a battery-free device Stripe Home and when to build vs. buy A journalism student finds out she won the top prize in her field, while she was in class Is your Gmail account sending automated spam? The designer of Mac fonts and icons wins the top award in her field Flickr gets acquired, again To test or not to test And finally, in product launch news, Github releases a tutorial bot, and a there's...


Friday April 20th—Facebook social login abuse, the perils of growth at all costs, and a new coding app for beginners

This is Hacker Daily, for Friday, April 20th, 2018— Third-party trackers are abusing Facebook social login A former Reddit employee says he made the xworld a worse place The quest for the next billion-dollar color Google releases an app to teach people how to code The unpaid work that's part of job interviews And finally, Apple open-sources a NoSQL database. Just a quick reminder, the episode notes include links to every story we discuss today


Thursday April 19th—Mozilla walls off Facebook, faux leather from mushroom roots, the Javascript trademark, $89 laptops

In this episode: Mozilla releases a browser extension to wall off Facebook A new leather-like material made out of mushroom roots Oracle forces the takedown of an app for using the word “Javascript” An amateur mathematician tackles a decades-old graph theory problem Are open offices better than closed offices? Get ready for your $89 laptop Forget “sunglasses”, here come Ever heard of “sun-lenses” And finally, the BBC released over 16,000 sound effects under a free license


Wednesday, April 18, 2018—Canadian teenager in jail for GETting public data, 10-year old Windows freeware makes a comeback, Russia blocks over 16 million IP addresses

t's Wednesday, April 17th, 2018, and here's your update: A canadian teenager is facing prison for downloading unsecured files from a Nova Scotia government website 10-year old Windows freeware makes a comeback Facebook explains what data they collect on other websites Europe's data protection authorities have their sights on the WHOIS database Why Microsoft built its own custom Linux kernel Russia blocks over 16 million IP addresses And finally, Why New York City Stopped Building Subways...


Tuesday April 17th — Amazon warehouse conditions; Is it time to rebuild the web?; much more

Amazon warehouse workers are allegedly 'peeing in bottles' fearing punishment for taking breaks (http://www.pulse.ng/bi/tech/undercover-author-finds-amazon-warehouse-workers-in-uk-peed-in-bottles-over-fears-of-being-punished-for-taking-a-break-amzn-id8258070.html) Bloggers ask, is it time to rebuild the web? (https://www.oreilly.com/ideas/its-time-to-rebuild-the-web) Ketamine has been found to have 'fast-acting benefits' for depression (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-43753073) A developer...


Monday April 16th 2018—Right to be forgotten, why entrepreneurs start companies, SpaceX funding, and more

Google loses a “right to be forgotten” case in the UK An Apple memo warning employees not to leak information was... leaked Mozilla, Apple, Microsoft, and Google all object to a new Web specification, Apple Sued an iPhone Repair Shop Owner in Norway... and Lost Steve Blank discusses Why Entrepreneurs Start Companies Rather Than Join Them with a new funding round, SpaceX's Valuation is now $25B...


Friday, April 13th — How to Decide What to Build, a new $300 Hep C cure, and the mystery behind how birds navigate might now be solved

Today we're covering A $300 hepatitis C cure The New York Times' new text editor for their newsroom Y Combinator partner Daniel Gross on “How to Decide What to Build” Duolingo, the language learning company, released lots of new material And finally, The mystery behind how birds navigate might now be solved