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Exploring the Hobby in Every Direction

Exploring the Hobby in Every Direction
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Exploring the Hobby in Every Direction




Ham Radio 360: ADS-B with Nick, KK6LHR

In this episode of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast, I'm joined by Nick, KK6LHR to discuss ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast). Known around here as "Tracking Airplanes with a SDR"...there's a lot more to it than that, and Nick helps me understand the ins and outs plus getting started in ADS-B. Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS–B) is a surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation and periodically broadcasts it,...


Ham Radio 360: Wrapping up Hamvention with a New Hams Perspective

We've talked a great deal about Hamvention over the last few weeks, and we're gonna wrap it up here today! Chris Purdy and I have been friends for years and he surprised me a few months ago when he volunteered to tag along on the drive to Xenia. Chris is a Shiny New Ham Radio Operator, and he'd never been to a hamfest before...so why not Hamvention! Maybe a little overwhelmed at the onset, he quickly came around and is now making plans to go back next year! Give the show a listen for a...


Hamvention 2017: Day 2 Review

Day 2 was another Great Day at Hamvention and we're going to bring it to you right here! Blenheim Ginger-Ale Linux In the Ham Shack Podcast CommsToGo Signal Stuff (HR360 coupon code) HamStudy.org Alpha Antenna VideosbyMike more links to come


Hamvention 2017: Day 1 Review

Day one is officially in the books for Hamvention 2017. A new look with a familiar feel in an all new Venue...and it was really a good day! Vendors were swamped and so were we. The Workbench Project Boards are a Hit, and our booth was very busy all day long! We hope you enjoy the interviews we snagged today during the show! We love the opportunity to see our listeners and friends face to face and today was AWESOME! Thanks for making today the best first day of Hamvention for the HR360...


Ham Radio 360: Hamvention 2017 – Ham Radio Unhinged

Yes, this week is #Hamvention; and Yes, it really is that big of a deal! It's the Largest Ham Radio Event-Worldwide and we're gonna be there! Unless you've been living under a rock, you are well aware of the yearly event in Ohio hosted by DARA and it's new venue! The upcoming 2017 Hamvention will be held in Xenia Ohio this year at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center. *Special Announcement: Hamvention Parking Hacks!!!! Talk-in and Info Bulletin Parking/Shuttle Service The fellas...


Ham Radio 360: Julian, OH8STN- Max Capability – Minimal Gear

Julian, OH8STN, is just like most of us; he loved radios and electronic toys when he was a kid! (Are you seeing a pattern here?) While Julian isn't a kid anymore, he spends all of his free time 'playing radio' out in the Frigid North of Finland! Wanting to share his experiences and ideas for portable/emergency comms he set off to create content for the Amateur Radio Community. Known around the globe as the Survival Tech Nord, Julian takes his viewers on all sorts of excursions where they...


Ham Radio 360: A New Ham Surprise, Our Community and a SK

In this, the 75th installment of Ham Radio 360 Podcast we talk Community. You hear me harp on community almost daily. It's real to me, and I hope this program helps it continue to grow. While there are tons of negatives in our hobby, I always stretch to find the high points. One of those highs came to me a few months back. A gracious listener charged me with finding a New Ham that needed some help getting started with quality equipment. I assumed this would be an easy task with so many new...


Ham Radio 360: Eric Guth 4Z1UG QSO Today, All-star, Israel Ops

A lifetime ham, now living in Jerusalem, Eric Guth (4Z1UG) wanted to give back to the hobby that had given so much to him through the years; so in July of 2014 Eric launched the QSOToday Podcast as a way to connect yesterdays elmers with todays amateur radio operators and the results have been spectacular! Join Eric and I as we chat Podcasting for Hams, Living as a Ham Radio Op in Israel, All-star nodes and more in this 74th Episode of the Ham Radio 360 podcast! For more information on...


Ham Radio 360: APRS Follow-up (Listener Q&A)

A few weeks back, on our first APRS show Kenneth Finnegan (W6KWF) helped explain the APRS Protocol. Since that time, we've asked for and received a number of listener questions. In this episode of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast we delve into those questions to further understand this 'thing' called APRS! (4:00) Paths? What do they mean, and What do I use? 2. (28:00) My APRS won't show on aprs.fi when using my 5w HT? Why won't my APRS messaging work? RF Gate, I-Gate or both? 3rd Party Traffic...


Ham Radio 360: W.W.F.F. aka Parks On The Air

Recently a listener asked us to investigate the W.W.F.F. or Parks on the air. I had some questions too, so off went an email to the UK which directed me back to Jason Johnston (W3AAX). Jason came on the show to fill us in on the in's and out's of the Parks On The Air. 3,400+ National Parks, State Parks and more are available to activate or hunt in the US via WWFF/POTA. Parks On The Air/WWFF is a World Wide Organization with an award system and more! Interested in participating? Visit the...


Ham Radio 360: SOTA with K6ABM (new guys perspective)

Austin Munger just wanted a C.B. Radio to give him an alternate means of communicating when out hunting or camping. Little did he know that a random trip to HRO would turn into a full-bore hobby! When I began this podcast, it was for me, the 'new guy' and while both the show and I have grown; I still feel new-ish and love learning about someones first time experience. Adventure radio is on my list for the upcoming Spring, and this Episode may be what pushes me up the hill! Not content with...


Ham Radio 360: All about APRS with W6KWF

APRS; oh the questions you've raised! It's been about 2+ years since I decided I wanted to give APRS a go. I purchased a TNC2 and set off. It was only a day or so later that I determined there were No Digipeater/iGates in my county, and not too many outside those bounds. I was encouraged by some fellow hams that were too interested in APRS and we lightly began to try to understand the in and outs of the mode. None of us had any experience in Packet and what we could find online was a...


Ham Radio 360: NPOTA recap with Stuart KB1HQS

Stuart Thomas, KB1HQS, joined me back in February to chat about the NPOTA (National Parks on the Air) ARRL Event. This time he's back to share with us an entire years worth of Portable Operation from NPOTA. Hear Stuarts Lessons Learned, Funny Stories, Favorite Parks and more in this episode of Ham Radio 360. Additionally this event brought Stuart to the forefront of US Ham Portable Operations. ARRL Calendar inserts, QST Reviews near viral tweets and more were just a taste of the fame the...


Ham Radio 360: Winter Field Day

The annual Winter Field Day event is held the last full weekend of January (28-29 2017). Much like it's Summer-time cousin, Winter Field Day (WFD) is focused on ham radio operations in less than ideal emergent conditions. Emergencies happen everyday, and usually when the weather isn't cooperating! WFD like the ARRL Field Day gives Amateur Radio Operators a chance to hone their skills in those challenging environments while enjoying the camaraderie of the hobby. Open to ALL Amateur Radio...


Ham Radio 360: A.R.E.D.N. Amateur Radio Emer Data Network

Ham Radio Mesh Networking has been one of those things that I've wanted to learn about. After a quick peek around and a few questions asked, I stumbled into AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network). Join me as I learn about Mesh Networking over Ham Radio with Randy (WU2S) and Darryl (K5DLQ) in this latest installment of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast. We also announce the Winners of our Annual Christmas Prize Giveaway. *Antenna Analyzer Boards, Run3 available for pre-order later this week...


Ham Radio 360: Workbench-12 Building the Antenna Analyzer

This week on the Workbench George and Jeremy breakdown what it takes to build the new HR360/K6BEZ Antenna Analyzer and where to find all the information you'll need to make it happen! News: Antenna Analyzer Antenna analyzer boards sold out in less than one day. Shipping started last week. Next batch has been ordered and should arrive by Christmas. Maybe we can ship them out before Christmas. - board New web page with files www.360workbench.com Docs are posted: Schematic in .bmp Eagle...


Ham Radio 360: NVIS Near Vertical Incidence Skywave with Ed Fong WB6IQN

What is N.V.I.S? I hear it all the time; but for whatever reason, like most, I have a hard time putting it to words. So I found us someone that could explain the theory behind the propagation, and his name is Edison (Ed) Fong-WB6IQN. Ed helps lay out the theory of N.V.I.S in ways that even I can understand! We discuss N.V.I.S and it's practical applications for everyday use as well as in an EMCOMM Situ. As we continue our antenna chat with Ed we begin to learn about his wildly popular...


Ham Radio 360: WorkBench – 11 Shop for your Workbench/Shack

This week George and Jeremy enjoy a fireside chat about shopping for your Workbench and Shack. News Antenna Analyzer Build http://hamradio360.com/community/partsmaterials-list/build-project-parts-listlinks/ Podcast shout out… Curtis Mohr K5CLM - http://www.everythinghamradio.com/ Eric Guth 4Z1UG - http://www.qsotoday.com/podcasts/4z1ug Workbench Jeremy Holiday project - 3D Printed Trees - Here or Here George New PackTenna linked dipole feedpoint prototype board arrived -...


Ham Radio 360: Shopping Show v3.0

It's that time of year again! With Black Friday in sight and our mailboxes full of catalogs, it's time to talk Ham Radio Shopping! George and Jeremy join us to discuss New(er) Ham Radio items you may be considering for your Shack this year. We cover the entire spectrum, from High-End HF rigs to SDR Dongles. If you are looking to find that new rig for the upcoming years operating, this show is for you! Links to our previous Shopping Shows Episode #21 Episode #39 Call Main Trading Company...


Ham Radio 360: WorkBench – 10 Intro to PCB Design

This week, we announce the details of the Antenna Analyzer project! George teaches Jeremy about all the facets of DIY printed circuit board (PCB) design using CadSoft Eagle (Show Sponsor, download for free at http://www.cadsoft.io). George discusses Schematic Capture, Board Layout, and an overview of PCB fabrication. News Antenna Analyzer BOM, designs, directions, and software available in the new HamRadio360 forums! Forums to provide support 5 sources for parts to keep costs low Digikey...