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013 - Halloween Show & National Haunters Convention

This episode is a recap with highlights and show floor interviews from the Halloween Show & National Haunters Convention Boardwalk Empire. Topics discussed include: http://halloweenshow.com https://www.easternstate.org/halloween http://www.fatherevil.com https://www.audiozombiesound.com http://darkforest.com


012 - DMX Control for Haunts

DMX, aka Digital multiplex, is a very powerful control system for stage lighting and effects. With the Mobile DJ industry embracing this technology, it is now in reach of home and pro haunters both financially, and in scaled-down applications perfect for single scenes or small home haunts. In this episode, we explain what DMX is, how it works, and how it can add infinite flexibility and capabilities to your show.


011 - Fire Alarms & Suppression Systems 101

This episode is an awareness level primer on the basics of fire alarm systems, suppression systems, their components, and how not to be ripped off by your alarm company. This is critical to take into consideration while looking for commercial venues. While the majority of this is tailored toward pro haunters, the key takeaways for home haunters are to include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your venue if possible, CO detectors only last 5-7 years, and smoke detectors need to be...


010 - TransWorld Show Floor 2018

This Episode was recorded at the Haunted Attraction Associations TransWorld show. For those new to the industry, this is the BIG show of the year for haunt owners and operators. TransWorld is hosted at the Americas Center in St. Louis and is host to nearly 300 vendors catering to the haunted attraction, escape room, and themed entertainment industries. We spoke with a few vendors of interest, and highlight a few others. Clue Control - Wireless control and automation for your Escape...


009 - Fiverr, Affordable Professional Graphics Design & More!

Fiverr is an awesome web service that safely and securely connects creators with business owners who require graphics design, video, voiceover, editing, web authoring, writing, and other creative work. Jobs start at a low price of $5 and go up depending on complexity and quality. Check out our demo reel of logos, intro videos, and promo videos we had created all on Fiverr. Everything in the reel collectively cost well less than $100. Fiverr Demo Reel Try Fiverr today and support us by...


008 - Uninterruptible Power for Haunts

Uninterruptible power supplies are normally seen in server rooms and for mission-critical government and public safety equipment. They also have several uses in keeping your haunted attraction up and running with 0 downtime in the event of a quick power failure or brownout. They will only run a limited amount of electronics for a limited time but can keep your registers, credit card machines, security cameras, media players, phones, and controllers up and running in the event of a power...


006 - Cat5 is Cheap

Cat5 twisted pair cable is typically used for computer networking. What most people don’t know is that it also has countless applications for audio, video, security cameras, sensors, triggers, controllers and more. Best of all, compared to most other types of cables haunters use, Cat5 is cheaper when bought in bulk! In this episode, we review various uses and applications for Cat5 wire and how they can benefit your haunt. Cat5 EZ Tool with EZ RJ45 ends mentioned in the podcast:...


005 - Haunt Audio Basics

Audio is paramount to immersing your guests into the scenes in your haunt. Low-quality audio on the other hand, with clipping, underpowered, static-filled, or blown speakers, is all too common among haunts. In this episode, we review different types of audio systems and the appropriate applications for them. Let us know if you need help with audio for your haunt! Products mentioned in this episode Bluetooth...


004 - Selling your Merch online for free

Teespring is a surprisingly easy and free way to set up an online store for your merchandise. The service hosts your store, handles sales transactions, creates, and ships the product for you. All you have to do is upload your designs, advertise, and collect your payment. www.TeeSpring.com Check out our storefront: https://teespring.com/stores/haunttechtips