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Your home for Heard on The Hoosier, the official podcast of TheHoosier.com.

Your home for Heard on The Hoosier, the official podcast of TheHoosier.com.
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Your home for Heard on The Hoosier, the official podcast of TheHoosier.com.




CrimsonCast Ep 624 - Recapping the Maryland Game

Indiana is at the 5 win mark and we're still 11 days shy of Halloween! Lots to talk about in the aftermath of yesterday's 34-28 win over Maryland. Scott is back from Florida, and we take a close look at the key elements of IU's victory. Early offense, late defense, a lack of turnovers, some effective bullpen innings from Peyton Ramsey, and some key defensive stops helped the Hoosiers in this one. We talk about all those items, discuss the things IU needs to tighten up as they move forward,...


CrimsonCast Ep 623 - Maryland Preview

IU Football embarks on a two-game road trip this weekend, with their first date away from home taking them to College Park to battle the Maryland Terrapins. A lot is riding on this game for both teams, but for IU especially, it feels like a must-win in order to keep building positive momentum and increase their chances at bowl eligibility. DoctorGC talks with Taylor Lehman of TheHoosier.com during the first segment of the podcast, and we cover a variety of items going on with IU football,...


IBR with Steve Risley: 11-man rotations, making the jump and non-conference thoughts

TheHoosier.com beat reporter Taylor Lehman sits down with Steve Risley and Cole Hanna to discuss what Indiana Basketball is doing in mid-to-late October, how easy the non-conference schedule could be, who could make that next jump for the Hoosiers and what an 11-man rotation would look like at Indiana.


CrimsonCast Ep 622 - Basketball tip-off show with IU Artifacts

It's the first CrimsonCast basketball podcast of the new season! DoctorGC is joined by special guest IU Artifacts as we talk about the emerging storylines from Media Week and Hoosier Hysteria, and what we anticipate will be the dominant storylines of the upcoming season. We then introduce a special new segment for CrimsonCast, where we have listeners call in some questions and we respond to them. Our excellent audience comes up with some good ones, including questions about this year's...


CrimsonCast Ep 621 - The Halfway Point, or is it?

Indiana stands at 4-2 at the halfway point of the 2019 football season, and the Hoosiers completely shut down lowly Rutgers en route to a 35-0 victory on Saturday. On this episode, Galen is first joined by the Indy Star's Zach Osterman for a discussion on the level of satisfaction that we took out of the game, and what more you could have reasonably expected out of IU. We also talk about the updated expecations for this season, and whether this is a more confident group than previous...


CrimsonCast Ep 620 - Rutgers Preview

We're back after an extended bye week. Taylor joins Galen as we talk a bit about Indiana and Rutgers through the lens of S&P, then proceed to a variety of questions being asked by the kindly folks on Twitter. We discuss what the Rutgers game could mean to the momentum of IU football, why Galen still isn't optimistic about the season as a whole, and who IU may be looking at in recruiting.


Indiana Basketball Report: Hoosier Hysteria, starting fives and a statue in Detroit

Indiana Basketball alumnus Steve Risley, TheHoosier.com contributor Cole Hanna and TheHoosier.com basketball beat reporter Taylor Lehman discuss Hoosier Hysteria, potential starting fives, improvements on defense and the Detroit Pistons' plan to build a statue for former Hoosier Isiah Thomas.


Hoosier Basketball Report: Post-Media Day and preseason thoughts

For the first episode of the Hoosier Basketball Report with Steve Risley, Taylor Lehman, Cole Hanna and Steve delve into the outlook of the Indiana Basketball program in the 2019-20 season, including thoughts on the offense, newcomers and Archie Miller's progress.


CrimsonCast Ep 619 - Michigan State recap

Scott and Galen dive in to a content-rich Michigan State-IU game for recap purposes. The Hoosiers fought valiantly, got close, but came up short against a ranked opponent. If it feels like we've done this podcast before...well, yes, we have. Many times. We talk about the positives from the game, including the continued emergence of Michael Penix and the delightful performances of Whop Philyor and Donovan Hale. We also talk about the maddening frustrations surrounding yet another...


CrimsonCast Ep 618 - Solo Spartan Preview

It's a rare solo CrimsonCast. With everyone else gone, GC holds down the fort and answers questions about the upcoming game vs Michigan State. Questions from the audience include the quarterback situation, the offensive line, how the playcalling will look against the Spartans, and what exactly this game can and will teach us about this year's edition of IU football.


CrimsonCast Ep 617 - UConn recap

IU knocks off UConn in expected fashion, so we take stock of the first four weeks of the season by taking some audience Twitter comments and chatting about how people are feeling now that the non-conference portion of the schedule is officially over. We talk about the information surrounding the quarterback position, the loss of Coy Cronk and what that means for the O-line, and the factors going into the betting line for the Michigan State game. We also talk about Michigan's surprisingly bad...


CrimsonCast Ep 616 - Sort of a UConn preview, sort of not

Taylor joins GC as we kinda sorta preview the IU - UConn game, although truth be told we mostly talk about the aftermath of the Ohio State game, the questions that still surround the various facets of IU's 2019 edition, and the likely lack of clear resolution to these questions during this weekend. We also consider the Penix question, converse about UConn's personnel, and talk about the aspirational elements of this weekend for the Hoosiers.


CrimsonCast Ep 615 - Ohio State recap

Well, you all saw the game. Let's talk about it. Editor's note: This was taped on Sunday night.


CrimsonCast Ep 614 - Ohio State with Taylor Lehman

What's the roadmap to an Indiana victory? Why the vagueness around the Michael Penix situation? What did we really learn last week about the Hoosiers in their obliteration of EIU? How will Ryan Day Ohio State differ from Urban Meyer Ohio State? This and much more, as GC teams up with Taylor Lehman for a pre-game analysis podcast of Indiana vs Ohio State.


CrimsonCast Ep 613 - Scott in Person! OSU Preview 1

Scott makes a rare appearance at CrimsonCast South Studios, and we talk about the impending Ohio State matchup, the mystery surrounding the Penix injury, the potential roadmap to IU success in this game, and whether a victory warrants a trip to Showalter Fountain.


CrimsonCast Ep 612 - EIU Recap

We tackle the post-game recap of Eastern Illinois, talking about the gameday atmosphere, the ease of IU's victory, and the limited things we can take from the individual statistical performances while still lauding the overall team effort. We then chat about Indiana's standing in the SP+ rankings, their bowl eligibility chances, and then preliminarily evaluate the Ohio State matchup.


CrimsonCast Ep 611 - EIU Pregame with Taylor Lehman

Taylor Lehman is back! He joins us on this episode of CrimsonCast as we reflect on the Ball State game and the lessons we think we learned. We then chat about the impending Eastern Illinois game. Spoiler alert, we're not expecting this to be much of a contest, but we do talk about what kind of contest it needs to be for IU to feel good going into next week.


CrimsonCast Ep 610 - Ball State Recap

Indiana won their first game of 2019, and it was a decidedly mixed bag. Lots of interesting possibilities, but also some concerning issues. Scott and Galen break down some of the more interesting storylines, including the debut of Michael Penix as starter, the issues in the running game, the stellar performance of special teams, and the questionable tackling on defense.


CrimsonCast Ep 608 - Taylor Lehman is back

Taylor Lehman has rejoined TheHoosier.com as lead football beat writer, and we're happy to welcome him to CrimsonCast and talk about the upcoming season. We chat about IU's offseason, Michael Penix's ability to lead, the areas of the team that we're excited to watch this year, and how IU football's recruiting efforts continue to be important.


CrimsonCast Ep 607 - The Day Before 2019

Another FOOTBALL WEEK podcast as Scott and Galen evaluate the offseason and talk about the expectations of 2019. We chat about most of the key storylines that have popped up throughout the week, answer a couple of questions from the Twitterverse, and muse about the ceiling and floor of the Hoosiers this year. Happy football season!