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On How I Built It, you’ll get insight from tech savvy small business owners and developers on how they built their products, from idea to execution. You'll get actionable advice to leverage tech and help your business grow.

On How I Built It, you’ll get insight from tech savvy small business owners and developers on how they built their products, from idea to execution. You'll get actionable advice to leverage tech and help your business grow.


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On How I Built It, you’ll get insight from tech savvy small business owners and developers on how they built their products, from idea to execution. You'll get actionable advice to leverage tech and help your business grow.






Pivoting an Events Plugin During a Global Pandemic with Hazel Quimpo and Zach Tirell

When you run a company focused on software for live events, you have no choice but to pivot when live events cease basically overnight. Hazel and Zach tell their fantastic story of how they were able to pivot a team of 50 people to focus their live events software on virtual events (spoiler alert: it’s not easy). In Build Something More, we talk all about Liquid Web’s acquisition of The Events Calendar in late 2020. (more…) View on separate page Transcript Transcript Coming...


Automating Paperwork with Anvil and Mang-git Ng

I LOVE automation, so when Mang-Git Ng reached out and wanted to talk about what he learned by launching a start-up fully focused on digitizing paper processes, I was hooked. If you’ve bought a house, done taxes, or any other document-heavy task, you know what a pain it can be. Mang-Git’s company aims to solve that problem, and he tells us everything he’s learned. In Build Something More, we answer the question, “Are big cities like San Francisco and NYC dead?” (more…) View on separate page...


How to Make Your eCommerce Store Even Better with Patrick Garman

One thing the global pandemic taught us is we need to have a great online presence. This is especially true if you need to sell online – and let’s face it, we all do now. Well Patrick Garman of Mindsize has the knowledge and experience to help anyone launch and improve their eCommerce store. And he gives us some of his best stuff in today’s episode. Plus, Mindsize went through a bit of a rebrand, and we talk all about it in Build Something More. (more…) View on separate page...


Why Having a Personal Brand is SO Important to Your Success with Michelle Knight

Have you ever wondered why your product or service didn’t get much traction on social media even though you post all the time? According to Michelle Knight, it’s all about your personal brand (or lack thereof). Maybe you’ve heard the term before, but what does “personal brand” really mean? Luckily, Michelle has us covered! She’ll tell us all about why you need a personal brand and how to craft one. In Build Something More, we talk Star Wars in the pre-show and social media dos/don’ts,...


Using Amazon Fulfillment to Grow Your eCommerce Business with Michael Begg

Starting an eCommerce just a few years ago was a hard task. You needed to set up a website, figure out how to accept payments, manage inventory, figure out shipping and fulfillment, and so much more. Thanks to Amazon and other tools, things have gotten a lot easier. Michael Begg tells us all about how using Fulfillment By Amazon and grow your business. Be sure to check out Build Something More this week – we talk negative review, review scams, and more! (more…) View on separate page...


How to Hire a VA That Actually Helps You with Matthew Yahes

In my experience, starting out, hiring a Virtual Assistant(VA) can take up more time than you’re saving. While this is true for any employee, part of the reason to hire a VA is to make more time in your schedule to focus on your business. So how do you do it right? Matthew Yahes answers this question, plus where to find good people, and how to properly onboard VAs. In Build Something More, we talk about how to let go of those tasks you’re holding on to! (more…) View on separate page...


How to be an Effective Podcast Guest with Kristin Molenaar

Going on podcasts can be a great opportunity for small business owners. You’re getting in front of a new audience to tell your story and show your expertise. But did you know there’s a whole other avenue you can explore? Kristin Molenaar does, and she tell us all about it! Plus, in Build Something More, she walks us through forming your podcast pitch. (more…) View on separate page Transcript Joe: Hey everybody, and welcome to Episode 207 of How I Build It, the podcast that asks, How did...


How to Build a Podcast Membership: Looking at the Build Something Club

There are a lot of aspects to consider when creating a membership site. Aside from the tech stack, you need to determine what you’re going to offer and why it’s compelling. In some cases, like a monthly subscription box or access to education resources, the offer is clear. But what about for content creators? Well, I just rolled out my membership and here’s everything I put into it. Plus, in Build Something More, I tell you how I evaluated membership plugins, and what further benefits can...


Full Site Editing and the Future of Theme Development

The biggest question for many is with Full Site Editing, what does the future of theme development look like? Will there still be a market for premium themes? How will it work? We’ll explore all of that in this final episode for WordPress: Year in Review 2020. (more…) Source


My Failed Patreon Experiment

Back in 2017, I tried launching a Patreon for this very show, after hitting 50,000 downloads in 9 months. It was an epic failure! As a relaunch memberships for this site 4 years later, I reflect on the Patreon: how I overpromised, how I underdelivered, and what lessons I carried into my new membership, Build Something Club. (more…) View on separate page Transcript Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Outgrow. We always talk about great tools on How I Built It, and one great tool is...


How the Pandemic Changed the WordPress Community

The global pandemic accelerated a lot of trends, and caused a lot of landscapes to change in 2020. In-person events barely existed. Most people worked from home. Spending and budgets were scrutinized. Processes changed. In this episode we’ll take a look at how those changes affected the greater WordPress community. (more…) Source


Making Your Website Accessible with Amber Hinds

Accessibility is an important of often overlooked aspect of web development. While some view it as an added expense, many don’t even know they’re doing anything wrong. Well today’s guest, Amber Hinds, aims to change that by making accessibility less daunting through her agency and their new plugin, Accessibility Checker. (more…) View on separate page Transcript NOTE: Around 4:30, Amber saidSection 508 of the Telecommunications Act. She has relayed to me it should have been Section 508 of...


Changes to WooCommerce and the Future of eCommerce

2020 was been a banner year for eCommerce, even if it’s due to an awful global pandemic. In fact, the number of eCommerce sites grew more in the first 8 weeks of the pandemic here in the United States than in the last 10 years. WooCommerce makes up 26% of those sites! So in this episode, we’re talking WooCommerce, and what eCommerce is going to look like in 2021 and beyond. (more…) Source


How to Win Virtual Pitches with Alex Price

The global pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to change their processes and practices. One major drawback of not being able to meet in person is when we pitch new clients or customers, it has to be done digitally. That is a big change from being in the same room as you and your potential clients. Luckily Alex Price, owner of the 93digital WordPress agency, has some great tips for us. (more…) View on separate page Transcript Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Outgrow....


Buying and Selling Blogs with Chelsea Clarke

We’ve heard about flipping houses, but what about flipping blogs? Chelsea Clarke has built an entire business on just that. She teaches us what to look for when buying a blog, and the steps we need to take in order to sell. Listen in for an interesting and unique way to generate income for your business! (more…) View on separate page Transcript Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Outgrow. Are you looking to grow your online business with a tool that’s used by Salesforce, Nike, and...


Building and Evolving Profitable Project Plan with Jennifer Bourn

Jennifer Bourn has been successfully running Profitable Project Plan, her training program for freelancers and small business owners, for several years. But it wasn’t something that instantly made her a ton or money, and it’s evolved over time. We’re getting back to basics here in 2021, so Jennifer and I talk about what you’ll learn in Profitable Project Plan, but we’ll also talk about how she built it, and how she evolved it to make it the perfect program for anyone who wants to build a...


2021: The Year of Opportunity

One of my favorite things to do at the end of each year is plan my Yearly Theme. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition and I’ve even got my wife in on the action this year. I find it’s better to have a guiding set of principles than a number of promises I may or may not1complete. 2020 caused many people to change how they do things, and I was no different. that’s why for 2021, my yearly theme is going to be The Year of Opportunity. (more…) View on separate page Transcript Joe: Real quick...


2020 State of the Word Thoughts

Matt Mullenweg gave his annual State of the Word, an update on all things WordPress, . He focused on a few key areas, like how WordPress grew in a pandemic year, an update on each major release of WordPress, and where Gutenberg is going. There was also a big focus in the Q&A on virtual events, multilingual WordPress, and performance. (more…) Source


Favorites of 2020

It’s that time of year again! I round up my favorite media and tech picks of 2020 – but this year I’m doing it a little differently. Over on, I’ve written blog posts for the past several years, but I’ve never recorded my thoughts. So this year, along with a blog post, I decided to do a podcast episode too – this lets me ramble a little more and add some thoughts on 2021. I hope you enjoy! (more…) View on separate page Transcript Joe: Hey everybody. Real quick before we get...


WordPress 5.6 is Out!

WordPress 5.6 “Simone” is out now! It’s the last major update of 2020 and it’s packed with lots of changes. We’ll get an overview of what’s changed, as well as demos of auto-updates, Block Patterns, Column improvements, a walk through the new default theme Twenty Twenty One, and more. (more…) Source