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#116 Seek Out Likeminded People and Nurture Your Creative Side with Ruth John

GUEST BIO: Ruth is an award-nominated digital artist, web consultant, keynote speaker and writer with 15 years of experience in the digital industry. Ruth is a Google Development Expert, having worked for companies such as O2 and BSkyB and with clients including the BBC, NBC and Heineken. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Ruth John is Phil’s guest on today’s I.T. Energizer show. For the past 15 years, she has worked in the digital design and development field. Ruth has worked for start-ups, creative...


#115 Become a Motivated Self Learner and a Good Listener to Uncover the Future Direction of Tech with David Linthicum

GUEST BIO: David Linthicum is the Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte Consulting and was recently named the #1 cloud influencer in a report by Apollo Research. David is an experienced CTO and CEO as well as an author of multiple books on computing. He has also presented at more than 500 conferences, has published more than 5,000 articles and has a weekly podcast on cloud computing. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Today’s guest on the IT Career Energizer podcast is David Linthicum. In 2016, he...


#114 Learn to Use Empathy to Become a More Effective IT Professional with Dan Billing

GUEST BIO: Dan is a software test engineer and founder of The Test Doctor. Dan enjoys running workshops and speaking, especially in the technical testing and security space and likes to help others to become better testers by attending events, blogging and giving training. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Phil’s guest today is Dan Billing. He has been involved in the IT testing sector, for much of his career, specialising in security. Dan is the founder of The Test Doctor and a leading member of the...


#113 Learn to Lead and Develop a Successful Development Team with Cal Evans

GUEST BIO: Cal has worked with PHP and MySQL on Linux, OSX and Windows. He has worked on a variety of projects ranging in size from simple web pages to multi-million dollar web applications. Cal is also a conference speaker as well as the author of several books including “Culture of Respect” and “Uncle Cal’s Career Advice To Developers”. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Phil’s guest on today’s show is Cal Evans. Cal has had a long and successful IT career. He started by working as a developer and...


#112 Learn About UX Engineering And Why Good Communication is an Essential Skill with Emma Wedekind

GUEST BIO: - My guest on today’s show is Emma Wedekind. She is a Software Engineer working on GoToMeeting. In February this year Emma quit her job as a Front-End Developer at IBM, sold everything, and moved from Austin, Texas to Karlsruhe, Germany. Emma enjoys blogging about her career and technology and is an avid reader. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Phil’s guest today is Emma Wedekind. She got her B.S. in computer science at Siena College and also studied at City University, London. Emma is a...


#111 Keep an Open-Mind And Learn to Communicate Empathetically And Effectively With Katrina Clokie

GUEST BIO: My guest on today’s show is Katrina Clokie.Katrina leads a team of around 100 testers as a Test Practice Manager in Wellington, New Zealand. Katrina is also an active contributor to the international testing community as the author of “A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps”, an international keynote speaker, a co-founder of the WeTest New Zealand Testing community, the founder of Testing Trapeze magazine as well as being a frequent blogger and tweeter. EPISODE...


#110 See The Big Picture And Look For The Overlap to Become a Better Developer With Lee Byron

GUEST BIO: Lee Byron is helping to lead web engineering at Robinhood having previously worked for Facebook for nearly ten years. He is also an open source contributor and was a co-creator of GraphQL whilst at Facebook, which is an open source data query and manipulation language for APIs. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Phil’s guest on today’s show is Lee Byron. He spent the first 10 years of his career working at Facebook. While there he developed several new tools, mainly for mobile. His work at...


#109 Learn to Ask Questions And When to Say No with Simon Maple

GUEST BIO: Simon Maple is the Director of Developer Relations at Snyk, a Java Champion since 2014 and was a JavaOneRockstar speaker in 2014 and 2017. Simon is also a Duke’s Choice award winner, the founder and organizer of Virtual JUG, co-leader of the London Java Community and a regular conference speaker. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Phil’s guest on today’s show is Simon Maple. He is a developer advocate who spent 20 years working with IBM and is now involved with start-ups. Simon is well known...


#108 Share Your Knowledge And be Your Own Advocate to Succeed within The IT Industry With Lisa Crispin

GUEST BIO: Lisa is a software tester who enjoys sharing her experiences and learning from others. She is also the co-author of “More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team” and “Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Agile Testers and Agile Teams”. And in 2012 Lisa was voted the most influential agile testing professional person. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Phil’s guest on today’s show is Lisa Crispin. She has spent much of her career working within the testing sphere. Today, she is...


#107 Share What You Know to Help Other Developers And Progress Your IT Career Faster With Bruno Souza

GUEST BIO: Bruno is a Java Developer and Open Source Evangelist at Summa Technologies and a Cloud Expert at Tools Cloud. He is the creator of Code 4 Life, helping Java developers to improve their careers and work on cool projects with great people. Bruno is also founder and organizer of SouJava, the Brazilian Java Users Society, which is one of the world’s largest Java User Groups, as well as a founder of the Worldwide Java User Groups Community where he has helped in the creation of...


#106 Seize Opportunities, Stretch Yourself and Learn new IT Technologies to Fulfil Your Potential with Eric Vanderburg

GUEST BIO: Eric Vanderburg is a cybersecurity leader, consultant, author and thought leader. He is Vice President of Cybersecurity at TCDI and Vice Chairman of the board of directors for the Technology Ministry Network. Eris is a continual learner who has earned more than 40 technology and security certifications and he has a strong desire to share technology insights with the community. He also the author of several books, a frequent writer of articles a regular presenter at conferences,...


#105 How Simplifying Your Coding Can Solve Big Business Problems And Grow Your Career Fast With Adam Bien

GUEST BIO: Adam Bien is a freelance architect and developer with a focus on Java. He has written several books including “Real World Java EE Patterns – Rethinking Best Practices”. Adam is also a Java Champion and was Java Developer of the Year in 2010. He is also a regular conference speaker and three times a year he organizes Java related workshops at Munich Airport. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Phil’s guest on today’s show is Adam Bien. Having worked with JDK 1.0, EJB, JavaFX, J2EE, and Java EE...


#104 Share Your IT Knowledge And Simplify Software Development to Change the World With Dave Thomas

GUEST BIO: Dave is a computer programmer and was an original signatory and author of The Manifesto For Agile Software Development. He has also co-authored several books, including “The Pragmatic Programmer”, and was a co-founder of the Pragmatic Bookshelf. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Dave Thomas is Phil’s guest on today’s show. He is a well-known programmer who works in numerous programming languages, in particular, Elixir, Ruby and agility. Dave is one of the original signatories and author of...


#103 Learn to Work Smarter to Become a More Effective Developer With Trisha Gee

GUEST BIO: Trisha Gee is a developer advocate at JetBrains, where she gets to share all the interesting things she’s constantly discovering. Trisha has developed Java applications for a range of industries and for companies of all sizes. Trisha has expertise in Java high-performance systems, is passionate about enabling developer productivity and dabbles with open source development. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Phil’s guest today is Trisha Gee. She works as a developer advocate for Jet Brains....


#102 Find Your Tribe And Learn to Love What You Do with Jess Dodson

GUEST BIO: Jess Dodson is a Windows Administrator living in Queensland, Australia. Jess describes herself as a Microsoft fan girl and for the past couple of years she has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. Jess is also keen to pass on information to others that is technically relevant, as well as other useful information for those in system administration. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Jess Dodson is Phil’s guest on today’s show. She has been supporting, managing and administering Active...


#101 Trade Your Freedoms Wisely to Create The Perfect IT Career For Yourself With Rob Lambert

GUEST BIO: Rob Lambert began his career as a tester, creating The Social Tester blog before moving into Engineering Management. He likes to share his experiences and the lessons he has learned in the hope that others won’t repeat common errors. Rob is also an occasional speaker, an author and a podcaster. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Phil’s guest on his show, today, is Rob Lambert. He began his IT career working in the field of testing. He spent years building an agile team and coming up with a...


#100 Move Your IT Career Forward And Play Your Part in Changing The World with Phil Burgess

GUEST BIO: Phil Burgess is an independent consultant who helps companies to implement software applications and systems that support their business objectives. Phil has worked for independent software houses as well as large corporate companies across industry sectors including finance, utilities, legal and fine art. In 2017, Phil launched the I.T. Career Energizer podcast with the goal of helping others to start, develop and grow successful careers in tech. PRESENTER BIO: John Sonmez is...


#099 Learn to be an Effective Communicator And Diversify Your IT Skillset With Lorna Mitchell

GUEST BIO: Lorna is on the Developer Relations team for Nextmo. Before that, she was a developer advocate for IBM Cloud Data Services which meant that she got paid to play with and talk about open source database technologies. Lorna is also the author of the books “PHP Web Services” and “PHP Master” as well as being a regular conference speaker and writer. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Phil’s guest today is Lorna Mitchell. She has a software engineering background and has worked as a developer...


#098 Get Involved With Open Source Projects to Improve Your Skill Set And Help The Community With Vicky Brasseur

GUEST BIO: Vicky Brasseur has spent most of her 20 years in the tech industry leading software development departments and teams, and providing technical management and leadership consulting to small and medium-sized businesses. Vicky is also a Vice President of the Open Source Initiative, a winner of open source awards for contribution and a regular speaker at open source conferences. This year, has seen the publication of Vicky’s book “Forge Your Future with Open Source”, which I’m sure...


#097 Share Your IT Skills with Others And Watch Your Career Grow with Annyce Davis

GUEST BIO: Annyce Davis is a software developer and an Android Google Developer Expert which means she spends a lot of time developing videos, blog posts and conference talks. She has also created several courses for Caster, O’Reilly and LinkedIn Learning. Annyce is currently the software lead for mobile development at Off Grid Electric, a social impact startup. EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Phil’s guest on today’s show is Annyce Davis. She has already had a varied career. Annyce spent 7 years...