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#079 Focus In On The Needs Of The Business with Spencer Schneidenbach

In today’s episode Phil chats with Spencer Schneidenbach. Spencer is a software engineer and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, specialising in ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript and Angular JS. Spencer is passionate about software engineering, sharing his knowledge within the community and is a regular speaker at conferences and user groups. Spencer tells us why it’s important to be able to experiment and why we should not undervalue the value of networking. Spencer also shares his worst career...


#078 It’s All About Learning and Communication with Andy Hunt

In today’s episode, Phil chats with Andy Hunt. Andy is a programmer turned consultant, author and publisher. He’s authored a dozen books including the best-selling “The Pragmatic Programmer,” and was one of the 17 authors of the Agile Manifesto and founders of the Agile Alliance. He also co-founded the pragmatic bookshelf, publishing award-winning and critically acclaimed books for software developers. Andy shares his story about why he chose I.T as his career and reveals his best and worst...


#077 Own Your Writing and Speaking Skills with Jeff Atwood

Guest Bio: Jeff Atwood is an experienced software developer with a particular interest in the human side of software development. In 2004 Jeff started the blog “Coding Horror” which led to him founding Stack Overflow and subsequently the Stack Exchange network, now one of the 150 largest sites on the internet. Episode Description: In this episode, Phil chats with Stack Overflow Founder and writer of the blog “Coding Horror”, Jeff Atwood. Jeff shares his career journey from starting his...


#076 Make Time To Try Something New with Mitchell Hashimoto

DESCRIPTION Welcome to episode 76 of the I.T. Career Energizer, a weekly podcast where your host Phil Burgess chats with inspiring I.T. professionals, consultants and experts from around the world. On today's episode Phil interviews founder of HashiCorp, creator of Vagrant, Packer, Serf, Consul, Terraform, Vault, and Nomad, Mitchell Hashimoto. Mitchell is a passionate engineer and professional speaker whose goal is to make the best DevOps tools in the world. Mitchell is also an O’Reilly...


#075 Your Code Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect with Sam Jarman

Guest Bio: Sam is a software developer who lives in Wellington, New Zealand. He started his software development journey with C and later Objective-C creating Apps for iOS. Sam is also a keen blogger and writes a blog series called “Junior Dev Diaries” where he talks about what he’s learnt in the first few years of his career. In addition to blogging, Sam is an improv actor, public speaker, writer and future thinker. Episode Description: In this episode, Phil talks with software...


#074 What Matters Is Who Knows You with Emily Freeman

Welcome to the I.T. Career Energizer Podcast. In today’s episode, your host Phil Burgess interviews curator of JavaScript January, vice president of developer relations and product marketing for Kickbox and developer advocate Emily Freeman. After many years of ghostwriting Emily made the choice to switch careers to software engineering. Learn more about her journey on today's episode. KEY TAKEAWAYS from Phil Burgess (05.53) It’s all about branding and positioning and it’s similar to...


#073 Find Joy in Your Work with Gojko Adzic

Guest Bio: Gojko is a partner at Neuri Consulting. He is the winner of several awards, including the 2016 European Software Testing Outstanding Achievement Award and the Jolt Award for his book, Specification by Example. Gojko is also a frequent speaker at software development conferences. Episode Description: In this episode, Phil chats with Gojko Adzic about experiencing the joy of coding and programming, but also recognizing the importance of seeing the big picture when it comes to...


#072 Be Authentic and Make Your Background Your Advantage with Chloe Condon

Guest Bio: Chloe Condon is a former musical theater actress and Hackbright Academy graduate. She is now a developer evangelist for Sentry. She’s passionate about bring people from non-traditional backgrounds into the world of tech, and in February of this year, Chloe was named one of the “200+ Thought Leaders in Crypto and Blockchain.” And yet, she claims to know absolutely nothing about them. Episode Description: In this episode, Phil interviews Chloe Condon, an engineer who has...


#071 Learn to Value Your Skills and Focus on Your Personal Growth with Jennifer Wadella

Guest Bio: Jennifer is a JavaScript developer, international speaker, foodie, fitness geek and community organiser, most well known for her work creating innovative and highly sought-after programs for women in technology. Jennifer is also the founder of Kansas City Women in Technology, an organisation aimed at growing the number of women in technology careers in Kansas City. And, amongst other things, Jennifer is Missouri’s Coolest Woman, according to Pure Wow. Episode Description: In...


#070 Find a Problem You Care About and Think Differently About Solving It with Dylan Beattie

Guest Bio: Dylan is a software architect, conference speaker, and musician. He designs APIs and distributed systems based on Microsoft .Net and he also helps to run the London .Net User Group. Episode Description: In this episode, Phil talks with software architect Dylan Beattie about everything from understanding that software is not always the solution to a problem, avoiding getting burnt out, how writing websites can eventually get you speaking at conferences halfway around the...


#069 Build Strong Work Relationships and Keep Moving Forward With Ben Stopford

Guest Bio: Ben is a technologist working in the Office of the CTO at Confluent Inc (the company behind Apache Kafka), where he has worked on a wide range of projects, from implementing the latest version of Kafka’s replication protocol through to developing strategies for streaming applications. Before Confluent, Ben led the design and build of a company-wide data platform for a large financial institution, as well as working on a number of early service-oriented systems, both in finance...


#068 You Need To Experiment With Your Skillset With Daniel Bryant

Guest Bio: Daniel Bryant is a technology specialist with expertise in the design, development, and deployment of enterprise-grade software applications and platforms. Daniel also excels in leading teams that build these systems, and regularly shares his knowledge by presenting at international conferences and writing for well-known technology websites. Episode Description: In this episode, Phil talks with Daniel Bryant about the benefits of working in a variety of areas across IT and...


#067 Get Excited About The Future Of IT With Dan North

Guest Bio: Dan North is the originator of Behaviour-Driven Development and Deliberate Discovery. He has been coaching, coding, and consulting for over 25 years and uses his knowledge to help CIOs, businesses, and software teams to deliver quickly and successfully. Dan is also a frequent speaker at conferences and has contributed to a number of books, including 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. Episode Description: In this episode, Dan shares his excitement on how wide open the...


#066 Stay Creative and Step Outside Your Comfort Zone with Shawn Rakowski

Guest Bio: Shawn Rakowski is a seasoned software developer with Gullview Technologies out of Brainerd Minnesota, where he specializes in delivering full stack .NET solutions. Shawn is also a husband, father, conference speaker, blogger, former podcaster, aspiring entrepreneur, and game dev hobbyist. Episode Description: In this episode, Shawn explains the value of taking time for personal creative projects to challenge yourself and create a more diverse portfolio and skills set. Shawn...


#065 Learn Foundational Concepts & Principles First with Nicki Watt

Welcome to episode #065 of the I.T. Career Energiser, a weekly podcast where your host Phil Burgess chats with inspiring I.T. professionals, consultants and experts from around the world. To find out more about the podcast visit itcareerenergizer.com And remember to Subscribe to get new episodes automatically downloaded to your device. In today’s episode, Phil chats with featured guest, Nicki Watt. Nicki is an experienced software engineer and consultant and is currently the Chief...


#064 Embrace Change and New Challenges with Gualtiero Bazzana

In today’s episode, Phil chats with featured guest, Gualtiero Bazzana. Gualtiero is past president of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, more commonly known as the ISTQB(r). He is also president of the ITA-STQB, the Italian chapter of ISTQB(r) and Southern Europe regional director of Alten, which is a technology and engineering group operating world-wide. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS (13:58) The Reveal...


#063 You Need To Understand Values with Phil Lew

Welcome to the I.T. Career Energizer Podcast In this episode Phil Burgess talks to Phil Lew who is C.E.O and President of XBOSoft, a leading provider of software quality engineering services. Phil has 25 years of experience in the software industry and has an interesting and solid view of how you should conduct yourself in pursuit of finding the correct career. During those 25 years he has experienced frustration at his own progress before finding his own career path. KEY TAKEAWAYS from...


#062 Identify Your Core Values with April Wensel

DESCRIPTION Welcome to The IT Career Energizer. Phil Burgess introduces his guest April Wensel by telling us April is an international speaker and the founder of Compassionate Coding a social enterprise bringing emotional intelligence and social consciousness to the software industry. April is also a mentor and a keen advocate of diversity and inclusiveness in the industry. KEY TAKEAWAYS Phil Burgess starts the interview with April Wensel by asking her to expand on his summery and...


#061 Be In Control Of Your Career With Sandro Mancuso

DESCRIPTION Welcome to the I.T. Career Energizer Podcast. In this episode Phil Burgess has Sandro Mancuso as his guest. Sandro is an international and inspiring I.T. consultant, a speaker who is the co- founder of Codurance and the founder of The London Craftmanship Community. Sandro is the author of The Software Craftsman. It can be appreciated that Sandro Mancuso with 22 years experience in software gives sound advice to all who are looking to succeed in whatever field they work...


#060 Learn How To Sell Yourself With Jeremy Likness

Today’s episode should be very interesting not only for I.T. enthusiasts but also for everyone else who wants to upscale their game in their career. Our guest today is Jeremy Likness, a cloud developer advocate for Microsoft and he has one great piece of advice for you – be comfortable selling yourself! Jeremy’s career has spanned over 20 years which he says has mostly focused on communicating with clients and customers. And, he proves that it really made a difference in his career when he...