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58: It’s Not All About You with Adda Birnir

Adda Birnir is founder and CEO of Skillcrush, an online tech education company that helps students make a career change into tech. Prior to founding Skillcrush, Adda worked as a developer, building web applications for companies such as the New York Times and ProPublica. In this episode Adda Birnir tells us why we must always be thinking about our customer’s problems and how we can solve them. Adda also talks about her transition into a tech career from a liberal arts degree and how it...


57: You Should Always Be Learning with Hadi Hariri

Hadi Hariri leads the Developer Advocacy team at Jet Brains and spends as much time as he can writing code. He has authored a couple of books, a few courses and has been speaking at regular events for over 15 years. In this episode Hadi tells us why we should always dedicate time to continue to learning new things and why persistence and consistency can pay off. Hadi also talks about our self-imposed limitations and his thoughts about the future of machine learning. To find out more...


56: You Must Take Care of Yourself with Dave Fancher

Dave Fancher has been building software for more than a decade. He is the owner of Achiiv Solutions as well as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, a Pluralsight author and author of “The Book of F#”. Dave is also active within the software development community and has spoken at numerous events throughout the United States. In this episode Dave Fancher tells us why we need to keep our own best interests in mind and that you need to be cognizant of potential burnout. Dave also talks...


55: Make The Most of Your Opportunities with Monica Beckwith

Monica Beckwith is an independent performance consultant and trainer optimizing customer applications and systems running the Java Virtual Machine. Monica is also a regular speaker at conferences and is co-author of the ‘Java Performance Companion’. In this episode Monica Beckwith tells us why we need to be proactive when opportunities present themselves and how you can avoid getting lost in large organisations. Monica also talks about challenges in her own career and why you should never...


54: Learn, Learn, Learn with Dan Wahlin

Dan Wahlin is founder of the Wahlin Group which provides consulting and training services on Web technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery and SharePoint. He is also one of the top authors at Pluralsight and has published several courses covering a range of technologies. As well as being a Microsoft Regional Director and a regular speaker at conferences and user groups. In this episode Dan Wahlin tells us why we need to be honest and respectful of others and why those that continue to learn...


53: Find Your Incredible Peer Group with Gene Kim

Gene Kim has been researching high-performing technology organizations since 1999. He’s a multiple award-winning CTO, Tripwire founder, co-author of The DevOps Handbook, The Phoenix Project, and Visible Ops. Gene is also a DevOps Researcher and is passionate about IT operations, security and compliance, and how IT organizations successfully transform from "good to great”. In this episode Gene Kim tells us why we need to surround ourselves with the best people in our field and why he...


52: You Need To Be A Problem Solver with Jeff Patton

Jeff Patton is an independent consultant, providing training, coaching and consulting services. He has designed and developed software for the past 20 years on a wide variety of projects from on-line aircraft parts ordering to electronic medical records. Jeff has also authored numerous articles, essays and, most recently, a book, “User Story Mapping”. In this episode Jeff Patton tells us why we need to spend time with the people who will use the software we deliver. Jeff also talks about...


51: You Must Always Ask Questions with David McGimpsey

David McGimpsey is UK-born and Australian raised. David has been in Information Technology since 1992, when he started working as an IT assistant, crawling around on the floor fixing hardware. Shortly afterward, following a literal stroke; and a stroke of luck; David got the opportunity to travel the world, managing the IT systems of a marketing firm. Today, David is a communication skills trainer, based in Japan, and has just released his first book. In this episode David McGimpsey tells...


50: Strive To Be The Dumbest Person In The Room with Phil Japikse

Phil Japikse is an international speaker, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and a passionate member of the developer community. He has been developing software for over 30 years and has been heavily involved in the Agile community since 2005. Phil is also a published author with LinkedIn learning as well as co-author of the book “C# and the .NET 4.6 Framework”. In this episode Phil Japikse tells us why we should seek out situations where we are the least knowledgeable person in the...


49: Find The People You Want To Be Like with Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter is a Software Architect based in Brisbane Australia. He spends most of his time building enterprise web applications on top of Angular and ASP.NET. Duncan is also a mentor at firebootcamp.com helping developers get up to speed with Angular and frontend best practices. In this episode Duncan tells us why it’s important to find the people you want to be like and how knowing what you’re passionate about makes it easier to say “No” to things that aren’t of interest to you. To...


48: The Power Of Your Online Identity with Troy Hunt

Troy lives on the Gold Coast in Australia. He is a Microsoft Regional Director, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and a Pluralsight author on web security and other technologies. Troy also travels the world speaking at events and training technology professionals on how to build more secure software. In this episode Troy Hunt tells us why it’s important for us to have an online brand or profile and how you should start if you don’t have one. Troy also talks about independence and why...


47: What People Really Need with Chuck Wood

Chuck Wood is a developer, podcaster, speaker and the CEO of Devchat.tv. He’s host of several popular tech podcasts including Javascript Jabber and Ruby Rogues as well as being an independent software consultant with a focus on Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JQuery, Prototype.js and other web technologies. In this episode Chuck Wood talks about working freelance within the I.T. industry and why relationships are key to the success of projects and teams. Chuck also tells us that we need to be true...


46: The Importance Of Difficult Conversations with Phil Haack

Phil Haack works at GitHub bringing the power of social coding to .NET and Windows developers. Prior to GitHub Phil worked at Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager shipping software such as ASP.NET MVC and NuGet. Phil is also a co-author of the ASP.NET MVC series of books as well as a regular speaker at conferences around the world. In this episode Phil Haack tells us why we need to be prepared to have difficult conversations and why this can help your career. Phil also talks about the...


45: You Need The Ability To Learn with Christian Posta

Christian is a Chief Architect of cloud applications at Red Hat and is well known in the community for being an author, frequent blogger, speaker, open-source enthusiast and committer on various open-source projects. Christian has spent time at web-scale companies and now helps companies create and deploy large-scale, resilient, distributed architectures - many of what we now call Microservices. He enjoys mentoring, training and leading teams to be successful with distributed systems...


44: Have The Integrity To Be Honest with Barbara Carkenord

Barbara Carkenord has designed, written and taught hundreds of classes in software design, project management, business analysis, software testing and communications skills. As an early member of the International Institute of Business Analysis, Barbara worked on the development of a worldwide standard for business analysis, the BABOK Guide. Barbara is also an author of several books including “Seven Steps To Mastering Business Analysis”. In this episode Barbara Carkenord tells us why we...


43: From Computer To Analyst with Suzanne Robertson

Suzanne Robertson is a principal and founder of the Atlantic Systems Guild. She is co-author of Mastering the Requirements Process, a guide for practitioners on finding requirements and writing them so that all stakeholders understand them. Suzanne is also a member of the IEEE and the British Computer Society as well as a regular speaker at conferences and universities. In this episode Suzanne Robertson explains why you should not expect people to tell you what they need from a software...


42: It’s Interesting, Inspiring & Scary with Rex Black

Rex Black is president of RBCS. He is a testing leader, providing consulting, training and expert services. Rex has helped clients, from small start-ups to Fortune 20 global enterprises, apply testing best practice in a wide variety of development lifecycles. Rex is also a prolific author having written fourteen books and dozens of articles over the past 20 years as well as being a past president of both the ISTQB and the ASTQB. In this episode Rex Black tells us why Software Testers are...


41: You Need Mastery, Autonomy & Purpose with David J Anderson

David J Anderson is the Chairman of Lean Kanban Inc, a management training, events and publishing business which licenses its brand and franchises its events and training classes globally. David began his career as a games developer in the early 1980s and has worked at companies including IBM, Sprint, Motorola and Microsoft. He is also author of several books including the best-selling Kanban - Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business. In this episode David tells us why...


40: Why You Can’t Afford To Stop Learning with Simon Brown

Simon Brown is an independent consultant specialising in software architecture. He is author of the book “Software Architecture for Developers” and creator of the C4 software architecture model. Simon is also an award winning speaker, presenting at conferences, meetups and organisations around the world. In this episode Simon Brown tells us why we can’t afford to stop learning and what we need to be doing to ensure that we don’t. Simon also explains why we need to be selective in what we...


39: Software Development Is About People with Brian P Hogan

Brian P Hogan is a web developer, teacher, book editor and musician. He is also author of several books including, “Exercises For Programmers”. Brian is currently a Technical Editor at Digital Ocean and is also a development editor at the Pragmatic Programmers as well as a panellist on the Ruby Rogues podcast. In this episode Brian tells us why software development is mostly about people and that it’s about solving problems. Brian also talks about making the most of opportunities to...


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