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Raising Awareness For Safety’s Sake. Hackers Are Keeping Us Alive.

Today’s topic is all about raising awareness for safety’s sake—and we are harkening back to a Black Hat and DEFCON recap conversation we had with one of the original organizers for the Car Hacking Village, Kirsten Renner. While we didn’t get a chance to talk to her in-depth during DEFCON, we were fortunate enough to find some time after the conference to connect with her. And, as with most of our podcasts, we cover a lot of ground. In today’s episode, Kirsten shares the experience she had...


No One Should Suffer From Email Impersonation | A Their Story Chat With Alexander Garcia-Tobar

In Part 3 of this "Their Story" podcast, Valimail's Alexander Garcia-Tobar chats with ITSPmagazine's John Dasher about some of the challenges organizations face as they make a move toward a world of email authentication along with some tips for how they can make forward progress against those challenges. The common fear? That good email will get blocked when an enforcement solution is implemented. During the conversation, Alexander discusses this fear and others, along with some of the...


The Most Important Thing For Any Business Is To Stay In Business

Given today’s topic is all about SMB cybersecurity awareness, we are thrilled to have Daniel Eliot on today's show. Why? Because Daniel is the director of small business education at the National Cyber Security Alliance. This episode is the second of 3 in a series. And, in today’s conversation, Daniel shares with us some of the misconceptions small and medium sized businesses might have when it comes to protecting their systems, information, and even their capital from cyber crime and...


Their Story Chats At Black Hat Conference 2018 | Willy Leichter From Virsec

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher sat down at Black Hat 2018 with Willy Leichter, Vice President of Marketing at Virsec to talk about how Virsec protects enterprises from advanced memory-based attacks at near 100% accuracy with a novel approach. Virsec takes a unique approach to security – they’re trying to secure applications from the inside out, as opposed to the traditional “outside in” security model where you’re trying to catch all the bad stuff that could potentially make its way in. They...


Should we just roll the dice or plan our AI-embedded future? A conversation with Dr. Ayesha Khanna

You are about to listen to a podcast recorded in Singapore during RSA Conference APJ. I invited Dr. Khanna to talk about what the future of AI is. She is Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI and was named one of South East Asia’s groundbreaking female entrepreneurs by Forbes in 2018. She is also Founder of 21C GIRLS, a charity that delivers free coding and artificial intelligence classes to girls in Singapore. I had a few thoughts while editing the podcast. Where do we stand with artificial...


Why Do We Have a National Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

As you likely know, the team at ITSPmagazine cares immensely about raising awareness for cybersecurity, privacy and safety all year long, but we are also honored to be an official champion for the National Cyber Security Alliance’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In today’s episode, Sean Martin is joined by co-host Marco Ciappelli, and these ITSPmagazine co-founders have the distinct pleasure of having Daniel Elliot on the show. Daniel is the director of small business education at...


From Liberal Arts To InfoSec, How A Diverse Background Helps In Cybersecurity

Theresa Abbamondi, Director of Product Management for Arbor Cloud and Services at NETSCOUT, chats with ITSPmagazine's Selena Templeton about how having a diverse background — in this case, liberal arts — has helped her tremendously at Arbor Networks, the security division of NETSCOUT. This podcast is all about diversity, and the hot topics in that context are generally gender and race. But, of course, diversity is so much more than that. And that includes different backgrounds, different...


Bsides Las Vegas #10 - Flip That Vinyl One More Time | A conversation with Jack Daniel

BSides Las Vegas Number Ten Flip That Vinyl One More Time A conversation with Jack Daniel, Sean Martin, and Marco Ciappelli Recorded at BsidesLV 2018 ________________________________ As you can tell we were not in a hurry to publish the large amount of content created during our Las Vegas coverage. Instead, we decided to pace ourselves and give you the time to appreciate all the conversations we had. This one was recorded by me and Sean Martin after we went to see what was going on at...


Their Story: A Dialogue with Dena Haritos Tsamitis From Carnegie Mellon University

ITSPmagazine's Selena Templeton sat down with Dena Haritos Tsamitis of Carnegie Mellon University to capture CMU’s story, which was among the first institutions in the world to create a degree program for cybersecurity. Dena has been at CMU for 18 years in many facets inspiring students and colleagues, driving initiatives, spearheading student organizations, leading new efforts, and contributing to CMU’s international expansion. Currently she is Director of the Information Networking...


Their Story Chats At Black Hat Conference 2018 | Dana Tamir From Silverfort

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher chats with Dana Tamir, VP Market Strategy, Silverfort, at Black Hat 2018 about multi-factor authentication, how it’s changed with the shift to the cloud, hybrid environments, and disappearing perimeters, and how Silverfort enables strong MFA across the entire network without modifications to endpoints and servers. The problem with authentication – which is not new; it’s been available for a long time – is that phone credentials are used for 81% of the breaches we...


Their Story Chats At Black Hat Conference 2018 | Jonathan Sander From STEALTHbits

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher sat down at Black Hat 2018 with Jonathan Sander of STEALTHbits to chat about unstructured data, protecting credentials, ransomware, machine learning – and Sylvester Stallone. Plus, he explains how STEALTHbits can help protect an organization’s sensitive data from insider threats and automate security and compliance tasks. The number one move in the world of unstructured data and active directory is: delete. Jonathan puts this into perspective by mentioning the...


Their Story Chats At Black Hat Conference 2018 | Tal Guest From Bomgar

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher sat down at Black Hat 2018 with Tal Guest of Bomgar to talk about privileged access management. Bomgar specializes in privileged access management (PAM) and has products that help support these types of use cases. Their recent acquisition of Avecto, an endpoint privilege management company is the perfect complement to Bomgar’s existing PAM solutions. You need privileges to move around in the environment and with Avecto’s additional layer of defense at the...


Their Story Chats At Black Hat Conference 2018 | Nick Bilgorskiy From Juniper Networks

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher sat down at Black Hat 2018 with Nick Bilgorskiy from Juniper Networks to chat about malware, ransomware, new cryptocurrency attacks (“crypto jacking”) and how Juniper can help protect you by keeping your network clean and clear. Nick is a cybersecurity strategist and his specialty is malware — and now cryptocurrency attacks like ransomware and crypto jacking. While ransomware attacks take your data hostage and make you pay with bitcoins to get it back, crypto...


When it comes to fraud, forget the tech for a moment and follow the money

At The Edge host Sean Martin is joined by Laz, founder of Blue Lava, and Andy Chandler, Senior Vice President of Barcelona-based Blueliv. The three of them had the chance to connect during Black Hat USA 2018 in Las Vegas to talk about business email compromise and the fraud that results from these phishing-based social engineering attacks. Laz and Andy share their views from both the CISO perspective and from the underground research and law enforcement perspective, respectively. The...


Learning about Hire Ground at Bsides Las Vegas 2018 | A conversation with Kathleen Smith

Learning about Hire Ground at Bsides Las Vegas 2018 A conversation with Kathleen Smith | HIRE Ground Director By Marco Ciappelli, host of The Cyber Society During Hacker Summer Camp back In August, Sean Martin and I spoke with HIRE GROUND’s Director Kathleen Smith at BSIDES Las Vegas to learn what makes this cybersecurity community event so special and so effective. When you’re at a conference, sometimes you need to get the interview done when possible, even if it’s in front of a service...


We All Have A Role To Play In Risk Management. What's Your Role?

In today’s episode, Sean Martin is joined by 3 students that completed the Pepperdine Cyber Risk Certification Program and received their certification in the program: - Lea Claveran, from Pecabar Holdings - Karen Mendoza from Nintendo of America - Randy Jackson, from the NFL As part of the advisory board for the program, Sean has had a chance to meet some of the students throughout the various courses both online and on campus. However, he had yet to connect with a team that had completed...


Are You Gonna Walk That Talk Or Just Sit There? | An Unusual Gathering Talk Show By ITSPmagazine

Aren't you tired of hearing about the lack of diversity in cybersecurity? Because we have had enough. Watch and listen to this episode of ITSPmagazine’s Unusual Gathering to hear how things are changing for the better and where we still have work to do if we want to truly experience the benefits of managing a diverse and inclusive business. GUESTS Deidre Diamond (Founder & CEO, CyberSN) Julian Waits (GM Cyber Business Unit, Devo) HOSTS Selena Templeton and Marco Ciappelli Here are some of...


R00TZ ASYLUM at DefCon 26 - The future of cybersecurity is looking good

No adults without kids Supervision, at r00tz Asylum The future of cybersecurity is looking good. A podcast recorded at r00tz Asylum | DefCon 26 with John Johnson, Nico Sell, Sean Martin, and Marco Ciappelli _________________________________ Introducing our sponsor: As you probably know, ITSPmagazine is, and will always be a free publication. Our mission is to raise awareness for cybersecurity by making it understandable, accessible, and part of everyone’s everyday life. Because of this “Free...


Making CAPTCHAs Easy, Secure And Available For People With Disabilities

Welcome to Diverse IT on ITSPmagazine. I’m Selena Templeton and I’m here with my co-host Sean Martin. Today we’re talking with Kevin Gosschalk, founder and CEO of FunCaptcha, the most sophisticated CAPTCHA technology. CAPTCHA is an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" and “is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human.” I’m sure you’ve come across these little squiggly words that you...


Their Story A Dialogue With Keenan Skelly From Circadence

ITSPmagazine's John Dasher had a chance to sit down with Keenan Skelly, VP Global Partnerships & Security Evangelist at Circadence, at this year's Black Hat to chat about gamification and security, AI, cyber ranges and women in tech and cyber. Circadence uses gamification (and was actually among the first to use the phrase "massively multiplayer online game (MMOG)"), artificial intelligence and cybersecurity training to help address the skills shortage this industry is currently seeing....